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PDF Content Summary: Installation Instruction / EDID Setting /Firmware Update 4K HDMI 2.0 Splitter 1x2 Scaler mini (EZ-SP12H2) A. Installation Instruction: 1. Connect HDMI source to HDMI splitter INPUT, connect two displays to splitter OUTPUT. 2. Please TURN OFF Scaler if play 4K HDR Dolby Vision. ENSURE TV supports 4K HDR Dolby Vision. Connect 4K TV to Splitter OUT 1. 3. Using the Micro USB cable as power supply. (Power adapter is NOT included in box) 4. Please make sure all HDMI 2.0 cables are qualified. 5. Please check EDID setting, HDMI connection way as followings. Please set EDID to 4K position. Default COPY 1 mode, EDID copy OUT 1 prior, the highest audio & visual format is depending on your highest device which is connecting to HDMI OUT1. 5. If your HDMI source, display devices support both HDR Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos, then HDMI Splitter can support both accordingly. 6. Firmware upgradeable splitter supports PC control, Android mobile phone control via micro-usb port. 7.Old version HDMI splitter (2019) need upgrade firmware to ensure TV, Receiver play Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision in sync. New version HDMI splitter (2020) can get this application without firmware updating. Please upgrade firmware at easycoolav.com/4k60-hdmi-splitter-1x2-dolby-vision-hdr-scaler-output-from-4k-to-1080p-edid- setting-mini-size-p0027-p0027.html For more steps, please refer to below section Firmware updating by PC control: 8. Editable EDID (HDMI audio & video channel) management via PC control. The splitter EDID No. 29 provides 4K 60Hz HDR and 7.1ch sound, so TV can play 4K HDR video & soundbar play 7.1ch audio simultaneously. The other brands splitter only support copy TV video and audio signal, but not audio system channel. 9. About HDR, please connect HDMI source to TV directly without splitter, test if TV can support HDMI source HDR. When TV cannot display HDMI source HDR info correctly, that means TV issue, not splitter issue. 10. Please ensure HDMI 2.0 cable be qualified. HDMI Input cable: HDMI2.0 standard cable, <5m AWG26; HDMI Output cable: HDMI2.0 standard cable, <10m AWG26 When Output 4K60Hz 4:4:4 signal, output cable <3m AWG26 Fiber HDMI cable, please pay attention at HDMI cable SOURCE/ DISPLAY port description, plug correct port to correct HDMI device. 11. If HDMI signal issue, please change HDMI cable; Check if TV HDMI input port is consistent with TV output channel; Check if Fiber HDMI cable SOURCE/ DISPLAY port plug to correct HDMI source, display device; Please upgrade firmware based on below instruction. If picture flash or black screen, please press and hold the UPDATE button for 3 seconds until LED indicator blink 3 times for resetting. HDMI splitter does not extend screen, only copy screen. 12. Does not down-scale HDR Dolby Vision 4K 60Hz 4:2:2. If screen wash out, due to buyer down-scale 4K HDR Dolby Vision. Please turn off Scaler. Without down-scaling, when play 4K HDR Dolby Vision, please ensure TV supports 4K HDR Dolby Vision. Because of Splitter copy TV`s EDID, that means TV supports 4K HDR Dolby Vision, then splitter can copy that EDID, pass 4K HDR Dolby Vision signal to TV. We suggest buyer to get technical support from seller, we can find the real problem for buyer. Sometime, just change HDMI source Video and Audio setting to solve using issue. But buyers do not realize this. 13. How to get DTS/Dolby sound when using PS4 PRO, XBOX ONE? Please set HDMI source to Bitstream audio out, different source has different setting. PS4 PRO: Settings----Sound and Screen----Audio Output Settings XBox ONE: Settings----Audio output ----Speaker audio---HDMI audio---Bitstream out Bitstream format has three options for digital sound 14. How to get HDR (HDR 10 & HDR Dolby Version) picture? 1.Please connect HDMI source to TV directly without splitter, test if TV can support HDMI source HDR/HDR10/HDR Dolby Version. When TV cannot display HDMI source HDR info correctly, that means TV issue, not splitter issue. 2.Please connect 4K HDR display to HDMI splitter OUT 1, splitter copy OUT 1 EDID prior. PS4 PRO: Settings----Sound and Screen----Video Output Settings XBox ONE: Settings----Video output ----Display Advanced----Video modes B. Set EDID by PC control: 1. Running the “Port Helper” easycoolav.com/4k60-hdmi-splitter-1x2-dolby-vision-hdr-scaler-output-from-4k-to-1080p-edid- setting-mini-size-p0027-p0027.html All the program and tool is available here. Step 1 Select “USB Debug” Step 2 Select the chipset mode “STM32 Custom” Step 3 Find the USB Port Step 4 Open the USB Port Step 5 Send command “EZH” to get all command list ( If you have one 4K60Hz 2CH TV and one 1080P 7CH AV receiver, want to get 4K 60Hz TV Video, 7.1CH AVR Audio, then, you need send “EZS IN 1 EDID 29” ) Step 6 Click button“send”. 2. Command list: Systems HELP ============================================================ == System Address = 00 F/W Version : 1.20 == ==--------------------------------------------------------== == System Control Setup Commands: == == EZH : Help == == EZSTA : Show Global System Status == == EZS ADDR xx : Set System Address to xx == == {xx=[00~99](00=Single)} == == EZS RST : Reset to Factory Defaults == == EZS CAS EN/DIS : Set Cascade Mode Enable/Disable == == EZG CAS : Get Cascade Mode Status == == EZG ADDR : Get System Address == == EZG INx SIG STA : Get Input x Signal Status{x=[1]}== ==--------------------------------------------------------== == Input Setup Command: (Note:input number(x)=HDMI(x),x=1)== == EZS IN x EDID y : Set Input x EDID{x=[1], y=[0~29]== == 0: 1080P_2CH(PCM) 1: 1080P_6CH 2: 1080P_8CH == == 3: 1080P_3D_2CH(PCM) 4: 1080P_3D_6CH 5: 1080P_3D_8CH == == 6: 4K30Hz_3D_2CH(PCM) 7: 4K30HZ_3D_6CH 8: 4K30HZ_3D_8CH== == 9: 4K60Hz(Y420)_3D_2CH(PCM) 10: 4K60Hz(Y420)_3D_6CH == == 11: 4K60Hz(Y420)_3D_8CH 12: 4K60HZ_3D_2CH == == 13: 4K60HZ_3D_6CH 14: 4K60HZ_3D_8CH == == 15: 1080P_2CH_HDR 16:1080P_6CH_HDR 17: 1080P_8CH_HDR == == 18: 1080P_3D_2CH(PCM)_HDR 19: 1080P_3D_6CH_HDR == == 20: 1080P_3D_8CH_HDR 21: 4K30Hz_3D_2CH(PCM)_HDR== == 22: 4K30Hz_3D_6CH_HDR 23: 4K30Hz_3D_8CH_HDR == == 24: 4K60Hz(Y420)_3D_2CH_HDR 25: 4K60Hz(Y420)_3D_6CH_HDR == == 26: 4K60Hz(Y420)_3D_8CH_HDR 27: 4K60Hz_3D_2CH(PCM)_HDR == == 28:4K60Hz_3D_6CH_HDR 29: 4K60Hz_3D_8CH_HDR == == EZG INx EDID : Get Input x EDID Index{x=[1]} == C. Update Firmware by PC control : Please download firmware updating documents and tool here. easycoolav.com/4k60-hdmi-splitter-1x2-dolby-vision-hdr-scaler-output-from-4k-to-1080p-edid- setting-mini-size-p0027-p0027.html 1 Install the program -- DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.6_Setup.exe 2 Press and hold down the UPDATE button, connect Mirco USB cable to power on. 3 Open the DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.6, it will find the splitter automatically. 4 Click the “choose” button, load the firmware “EX_SP12HH_MAIN_DFU_V1.7.dfu” 5 Click “upgrade” and continue Please check User Manual in box carefully when you need the fastest assistance, efficient service.







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