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PDF Content Summary: EN QUICK STARTGUIDE ENG Dear customer, thank you for choosing an EVOLVEO mobile phone. Here are some recommendations related to its safe use: ■ EVOLVEO StrongPhone Q5 is designed to be a lot more durable than a regular cellphone, however, it is not completely indestructible. ■ EVOLVEO StrongPhone Q5 complies with IP68 certification. However, even this compliance doesn't assure it's complete waterproofness. ■ The phone is waterproof and dustproof subject to the following conditions: all covers are closed, phone do not sink deeper than 1 meter for more than 40 minutes; Water must be regular. Occasional use in chlorinated pools can is allowed, but the phone have to be washed with clean water. Do not use in sea water or salt water. ■ It is crucial to keep the headphone jack as well as the microUSB port clean, as well as to keep all screws on the back side firmly tightened, in order to maintain the water and dust resistance of the phone. ■ Display of the phone can break upon hitting hard surface, when exposed to a strong impact, or when the screen is being bent or otherwise deformed. In case the screen is damaged, do not attempt to repair it. Glass broken as a result of a misuse or abuse is not a subject to warranty. ■ Clean the cellphone immediately if it gets in contact with products which can cause stains, such as ink, color, makeup, food, oil, etc. Disconnect all cables, turn the phone off and use a soft cloth. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaning products, aerosol sprays canisters, solvents, alcohol, amoniac or abrasives. ■ This phone is a complex electronic device, therefore it should be protected against impact and Electromagnetic field effects, it is not resistant to metal dust or other metal particles. ■ In case your phone falls in water, brush it with a dry cloth, and let it dry before turning it back on again. Do not attempt to dry using external heat source, such Insert 1 4 the microSDHC card 2 Install the battery Put the cover on and tighten the screws by turning them clockwise. On/Off StrongPhone Q5 Loosen the screws Camera Turn the screws on battery cover Insert the microSDHC card into the phone counter clockwise. WATERPROOF O U T D O O R Volume +/- Camera button 3 Insert the SIM card WATERPROOF O U T D O O R QUAD CORE Open the 5 QUAD CORE ANDROID SMARTPHONE Lift the battery cover off. ANDROID SMARTPHONE 4GLTE 4GLTE 6 as microwave or a hairdryer. ■ EVOLVEO StrongPhone Q5 is intended for use in operating temperatures from 0°C to 40°C and can be stored in a temperature range from -20°C to 45°C. Lower or higher temperatures can affect the cellphone operation or battery life. ■ Do not use outside during storm, we hold no responsibility for eventual device damage or injury caused by such operation. ■ Do not puncture the speaker, do not insert any objects in ports. Do not paint the phone with color as all of operations listed above affect the phone functionality and waterproofness. ■ Use a forceps to remove the microSIM/nanoSIM card with the reducing adapter to avoid bending it. This way you prevent the SIM slot from damage. ■ EVOLVEO StrongPhone Q5 was tested in compliance to EU radio waves, WiFi and Bluetooth standards. In case you want to limit the effects of highfrequency energy, limit the duration of your direct exposition to the electromagnetic emissions, e.g. by using a Bluetooth hands-free set, or keep a greater distance between your body and the cellphone. ■ Never attempt to repair the phone by yourself, any disassembly, including removing of outer screws and back cover, can lead to a damage of the device, which is not covered by the warranty. ■ Manufacturers, resellers and vendors hold no responsibility for any data loss and direct or indirect damage, related to the use of this phone, no matter how exactly it is caused. ■ Repair and maintenance can only be handled at an authorized service center for EVOLVEO phones (more at evolveo.com), otherwise the phone can be damaged and warranty could be void. Flash with the card contacts facing downwards. battery cover Seal the charging/PC connection input and the headphone output carefully, otherwise the waterproofness of the phone can not be guaranteed. Options Back Home Troubleshooting Phone cannot be turned on Hold the Power ON/OFF button for at least 20 seconds. * Charge the battery, first charge for about half an hour, then disconnect the charger, reconnect it again and finish the charging * Check or replace the SIM card No sound can be heard Make sure the volume isn't on minimum * Make sure the phone isn't in „Airplane mode“. PIN error Contact your operator Mobile phone turns off automatically, freezes or restarts * Make sure the auto-turn off feature is turned off * Hold the ON/OFF button for at least 15 seconds or more * Return to Factory settings (Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone) Phone is "freezed" and unresponsive to touch 1. Hold the On/Off button until the phone restarts (for up to 20 seconds). The phone behaves unexpectedly, some required actions can't be carried RECOVERY MODE (revert to factory defaults) Settings > Back up and Reset > Factory data reset Erase all data on phone Warning! The phone will be reverted to default factory settings, all passwords will be lost, as well as installed apps, etc. Quick access to phone settings Android OS was designed by Google and therefore it's possible to find some of its applications in phone (such as Google Gmail, Google Maps and more). Other apps can be installed using Google Play, in order to do so it's necessary to set up a Google account (Settings > Accounts > Add account > Google). Drag the top information bar in main screen down with your finger in order to show information such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or Data transfer status, Audio profiles, Brightness, Phone settings, etc. The guarantee does not apply to: • installation a different firmware then the original EVOLVEO factory firmware or ROOT of Android OS • electromechanical or mechanical damage to the phone caused by improper use by the user (such as cracked screen or touch screen, cracked the front or back cover of the phone, damaged microUSB connector, slot for a SIM cards, microSD card slot, headphone jack, etc.). • damage to the speaker and headphone caused by metal particles • damage caused by natural causes such as fire, water, static electricity, high or low temperature etc. • defects caused by normal usage of phone • unauthorized repair damage • phone firmware if that requires updating because of changes in the parameters of mobile networks • defects of mobile phone operator network • battery, if after 6 months of usage has not adhere to its original capacity (warranty for the battery capacity is six months) • willful damage Customer service Repairs and service may only be performed by an authorized service location for phones EVOLVEO (more informations: evolveo.com), otherwise you can damage your mobile phone and lose your warranty. Headphones Charging / PC connection (microUSB port) Disposal The symbol of crossed out container on the product, in the literature or on the wrapping means that in the European Union all the electric and electronic products, batteries and accumulators must be placed into the separate salvage after finishing their lifetime. Do not throw these products into the unsorted municipal waste. 0700 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, the company Abacus Electric s.r.o. declares that GSM phone EVOLVEO StrongPhone Q5 (EAN: 8594161337256) is in compliance with the requirements of the norms and regulations, relevant for the given type of device. The complete text of Declaration of Conformity can be found on ftp://ftp.evolveo.com/ce Copyright © Abacus Electric s.r.o. All rights reserved. Design and specification can be changed without prior notice. evolveo.com







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