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PDF Content Summary: Accordion Fold ETEKCITY Thank you for purchasing the Lasergrip 1022 Infrared Thermometer by Etekcity. This easy-to-use device lets you conveniently and accurately measure surface temperatures from a distance without the need of any direct contact. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our helpful customer support team toll-free at 855.686.3835 or by email at inimo WIN NOTE: The Lasergrip LCD will display 'OH' when the measured temperature is above the measurable range, and will display 'OL' when the measured temperature is below the measurable range. components. Doing so will void any warranty. • DO NOT touch the lens or wipe it using anything other than a soft cloth or cotton swab. • Keep the thermometer away from electromagnetic fields produced by objects such as arc welders and induction heaters. • DO NOT expose the thermometer to direct sources of heat for extended periods of time. • The thermometer measures surface temperature, not internal temperature. Do not use the Lasergrip as a reliable source to measure body temperatures. 1. Low Battery 2. Laser On Back-light On Continue Scanning 5. °C/°F Temperature Result 7. Max Temperature / Emissivity Result 8. Max Temperature Sign 9. Adjustable Emissivity Sign SCAN HOLDA N NON OF 000.0°C -MAX 8988 CAUTION Unit Conversion To switch between units of temperature measurement, press the °C/°F button at any time while the Lasergrip is on. AVOID EXPOSURE EHS TRXX LASER RADIATION IS EMITTED FROM THIS APERATURE LASER RADIATION -- DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM WAVELENGTH 630-670nm MAXIMUM OUTPUT<1mW CLASS II LASER PRODUCT Operation Surface Temperature Measurement NOTE: The Lasergrip cannot measure the temperature of objects behind glass. Inaccuracy may also occur when exposed to steam, dust or any other contaminants in the air. WARNING: THIS DEVICE PRODUCES CLASS 2 LASER RADIATION. THE LASER LIGHT IS INVISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE. USE EXTREME CAUTION AT ALL TIMES WHEN LASER IS IN USE. DO NOT LOOK INTO DIRECT OR REFLECTED LASER-LIGHT BEAM OR VIEW BEAM WITH OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. DO NOT AIM LASER-LIGHT AT ANOTHER PERSON OR ANIMAL, LASER RADIATION MAY DAMAGE YOUR EYE. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE DEVICE. LASERGRIP1022 Infrared Thermometer Laser Activation To activate and deactivate the laser, press the laser pointer On/Off button at any time while the Lasergrip is on. Features & Specifications • Laser guided targeting for aiming precision • Narrow distance-spot ratio for accurate results at greater distances • Safely measure hazardous or inaccessible objects • Standard 9V battery powers up to 12 hours of cumulative use • Auto-off after 15 seconds of inactivity • Measurement Range: -58°F ~1022°F (-50°C ~ 550°C) • Accuracy: + 2% / + 2°C • Resolution: 0.1°F/°C • Maximum Output: <1mW • Wavelength: 630 - 670nm • Distance-Spot Ratio: 12:1 • Response Time: <500ms • Emissivity (Adjustable): 0.1 - 1.0 • Battery: DC 9V IMPORTANT: Read all the instructions in this manual. Failure to comply with the instructions in this manual or use of the device, in ways other than the ones mentioned in this manual, may result in hazardous radiation exposure. 1. Once the battery is properly installed, press the measurement trigger to activate the device. 2. Point the Lasergrip towards the surface of measurement. 3. Press and hold the measurement trigger and the laser will activate for aiming guidance. 4. Keep holding the trigger as you move the Lasergrip if you wish to live scan the surface area for temperature measurement. 5. Once the laser is pointed to the desired point of measurement, release the trigger and the LCD display will lock the calculated temperature. 6. Press the measurement trigger once again to make another measurement. Display Backlight Operation To activate and deactivate the display backlight, press the display backlight On/Off button at any time while the Lasergrip is on. User Manual Questions or Concerns? Please contact us Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST at (855) 686-3835 or email Safety Use & Care • DO NOT point the laser-light at another person or animal. • DO NOT attempt to point laser-light at an aircraft. • Avoid direct/indirect eye contact with the laser-beam. Laser radiation may cause damage to eyes. • DO NOT view the beam with optical instruments. • In the vicinity of use, make any bystanders aware of the dangers of looking directly into the laser pointer. • DO NOT allow children to operate the device • Use a 9V battery when replacing the battery within the device. Make sure to insert the battery in accordance with the correct polarities indicated. • ALWAYS remove the batteries when cleaning the device. • DO NOT use leaking batteries or dispose old batteries in fire. • Remove the battery for storage if the device is not being used for a prolonged period of time. • DO NOT disassemble the device or tamper with internal 2000 6 Function Diagram 1. LCD Display 2. Display Backlight On/Off 3. Laser Pointer / UP 4. Unit (°C/°F) / DOWN 5. Emissivity Adjustment / Max Temperatures 6. Laser Hole 7. IR Sensor 8. Measurement Trigger 9. Battery Compartment Emissivity Adjustment Mode To adjust the emissivity value before measurement, press the emissivity adjustment mode button, then use the UPA and DOWN V buttons to navigate to the desired value. You may refer to the emissivity reference chart for correct surface emissivity values. HOLD for continuous temperature reading RELEASE to lock the temperature result THIS PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11. -1 - 2 - - 4 Battery Replacement Distance (D) to Spot (S) size D:S = 12:1 ETEKCITY LASERORP10722 The device certification information is labeled directly on the device. The sticker is located on the left side of the Lasergrip. D Material Emissivity Of Articles Feature Emissivity Material Oxidized 0.3 Human skin Polished 0.02-0.04 Graphite Feature Emlselvity INFRARED THERMOMETER (-'F-1022*F/4-60*c-350 THIS PUTOVA1914*W6T. Aluminium 0:00 in) =(1-18 in $ 11.81 in 14.17 in recommended 0.98 Oxidized 0,20-0, 60 non Oxidized 0.5 Plastic A low battery icon will appear on the LCD display when the Lasergrip's battery power is running low. Immediately replace the battery when the icon appears. 1. Open the battery compartment and remove the used battery. Dispose the used battery properly. 2. Connect a new DC 9V battery, making sure it's under the correct polarity. 3. Insert the battery into the compartment and close the compartment lid, making sure the wiring is not being pinched by the compartment lid. transparent 0.95 Brass Polished 0.02-0.05 Rubber 0.95 The device warning and aperture safety information are also labeled directly on the device; the sticker is located on the right side of the Lasergrip. Gold 0.85-0.95 Dbtaneet put = 121 Iron 0.01-0. 10 Plastic cement Oxidized 0.7 Concrete 0.70-0.90 Cement 0.95 Steel 0.96 M. .17 ded ETERSITY SAPORATION * கலாக HWOO NWALD CAUTION Asbestos 0.95 Soil 0.90-0.98 Any updates to the product information (date of manufacturing and manufacturer address) will be added as adhesive overlays. Plaster 0.89-0.91 Emissivity The emissivity of a material is its efficiency in emitting thermal energy. Non-reflective surfaces have a higher emissivity (closer to 1) than reflective surfaces (closer to O). Inaccurate results may occur when measuring reflective surfaces such as glass, polished wood, and granite. 0.80-0.90 Mortar 0.95 Brick DETEKCITY Asphalt 9V 6F22 or 6LR61 Battery 0.90-0.96 Rock 0.7 Marble Wiring is not bulging out of the compartment 0.94 0.90 a simpler life starts here. Wood 0.90-0.95 Textile powdered 0.96 Paper 0.95 PAIR Polarity facing upward Charcoal Carbon 0.85 Sand 0.90 0.92-0.96 To take accurate temperature measurement of reflective surfaces with low emissivity, place a strip of black masking tape over the surface and allow for it to adjust to the temperature of the surface for approximately 30 minutes. Measure the surface, scanning the taped section, eliminating the issue of inaccuracy. (See Page 7 for details) 0.9 0.85-0.92 Lacquerwork lackluster 0.97 Clay Carbon Cement 0.90 Sand Soap Bubble 0.75-0.80 Glass Water 0.93 Textile Snow 0.83-0.90 Heated food Ice 0.96-0. 98 Plastic Frozen Foods 0.95 0.95 0.95 Distance-Spot Ratio The Lasergrip 1022 measures surface temperature on the basis of distance to spot diameter ratio (D:S). As the distance between the thermometer and the surface increases, the total surface area measured will also increase. With a distance to spot ratio of 12:1 the surface area measured has a diameter of roughly 1/12 the distance. 0.95 Oil 0.94 FCC Declaration This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received. Including interference that may cause undesired operation. Ceramics O. 95 Steel and iron 0.80 Limestone 0.98 Wool Natural 10.94 Oxidized 0.5 Paint 0.93 Lead For the most accurate results, make sure the target has a surface area of twice the corresponding spot diameter. Insufficient surface area will result in inaccurate results. The recommended distance to hold the Lasergrip from the surface of measurement is 14.17in (36 cm). This creates a spot measurement area of 1.18 inches (3 cm) in diameter. Questions or Concerns? Please contact us Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST at (855) 686-3835 or email visit for more products. - 5 - -6 -7 -8







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