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PDF Content Summary: Owner’s Manual SMART AUTOMATIC 12/24 VOLT PWM SOLAR CONTROLLER 4 STAGE CHARGING EN43020 - 20A EN43030 - 30A SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS Please Keep This Manual For Future Reference For safe and optimum performance, the Enerdrive ePOWER Solar Charge Controller must be used properly. Carefully read and follow all instructions and guidelines in this manual and give special attention to the CAUTION and WARNING statements. Disclaimer While every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this guide, Enerdrive assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Note as well that specifications and product functionality may change without notice. Important Please be sure to read and save the entire manual before using your Enerdrive ePOWER Solar Charge Controller. Misuse may result in damage to the unit and/or cause harm or serious injury. Read manual in its entirety before using the unit and save manual for future reference. Notice of Copyright Enerdrive ePOWER Solar Charge Controller’s owner’s manual ©2018 Enerdrive. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or disclosed to third parties without the express written permission of Enerdrive Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 9159, Wynnum Plaza, Queensland, Australia 4178. Enerdrive reserves the right to revise this document and to periodically make changes to the content hereof without obligation or organisation of such revisions or changes, unless required to do so by prior arrangement. Exclusions For Documentation And Product Usage Unless specifically agreed to in writing, Enerdrive Pty Ltd: makes no warranty as to the accuracy, sufficiency or suitability of any technical or other information provided in its manuals or other documentation. Assumes no responsibility or liability for losses, damages, costs or expenses, whether special, direct, indirect, consequential or incidental, which might arise out of the use of such information. The use of any such information will be entirely at the user’s risk. Reminds you that if this manual is in any language other than English although steps have been taken to maintain the accuracy of the translation, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, regarding these Enerdrive products and makes such Enerdrive products available solely on an “as is” basis. Shall in no event be liable to anyone for special, collateral, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of purchase or use of these Enerdrive products. The sole and exclusive liability to Enerdrive, regardless of the form of action, shall not exceed the purchase price of the Enerdrive products described here. enerdrive.com.au Page 2 Introduction The ePOWER 20 & 30 Amp Solar Charge Controllers are common positive PWM charge controllers with built in LCD display and USB ports. The multiple load control modes enable them to be widely used on caravans, camper trailers, boats, portable solar panels, commercial street signs etc. The ePOWER Solar Charge Controller range is built for the toughest Australian conditions using professional level components which have resulted in efficiency, increased reliability and performance. Standard features of the ePOWER include automatic overload, low battery, overheating and built-in short circuit protection. The ePOWER Solar Charge Controller is well equipped to give you lasting trouble-free operation. ePOWER Solar Charge Controller Features enerdrive.com.au Page 3 SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION This section contains important safety information for the Enerdrive ePOWER Solar Charge Controller. Each time, before using the Enerdrive ePOWER Solar Charge Controller, READ ALL instructions and cautionary markings on or provided with the controller, and all appropriate sections of this guide. The Enerdrive ePOWER Solar Charge Controller contains no user serviceable parts. Opening up the controller will void product warranty. See Warranty section for how to handle product issues. Failure To Follow These Instructions May Result In Death Or Serious Injury! controller SHOCK HAZARD. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! Solar Charge Controller enerdrive.com.au Page 4 FIRE AND/OR CHEMICAL BURN HAZARD enerdrive.com.au Page 5 SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS Mounting the Device The Solar Controller is best mounted on a vertical surface for maximum cooling efficiency. To mount the unit, use self-tapping screws and mount the unit via the four screw holes supplied and affix to a flat surface. 145mm 70mm EN43020 175mm 80mm EN43030

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Wiring Connections 1. Connect components to the charge controller in the sequence as shown above (1,2,3) and pay particular attention to the “+” and “-”. Please don’t insert the fuse or turn on the breaker during the installation. When disconnecting the system, the order will be reversed, (3,2,1). 2. The battery fuse should be installed as close to the battery as possible. The suggested distance is within 150mm. 3. Always connect the battery first, in order to allow the controller to recognize the system voltage. 4. Power up the controller and confirm that the LCD screen turns on. If the screen does not power up, refer to page 14 TROUBLESHOOTING. 5. The ePOWER Solar Charge Controller is a common Positive Controller. NOTE: If using an inverter, or have a load larger than the load output of the solar controller, connect the inverter and/or large load/s directly to the battery. enerdrive.com.au Page 7

3 Inverter Solar Breaker Solar Controller USB Charging Cable FuseBattery Bank 12V/24V 1 1 Phone or Tablet Load2 Load2

SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS Features • 4 Stage charging ensures the battery is charged to the optimum level (Bulk, Absorption, Equalisation and Float) • Advanced MCU control pulse width modulated (PWM) technology • Programmable for Gel, AGM and Conventional Flooded batteries • Built in regulator to prevent your battery from being overcharged. Overcharging occurs when the charge voltage is unregulated. This can result in premature battery failure • In built regulator prevents your battery from being under charged. In the solar energy field, battery undercharging often occurs, especially on some conventional Lead Acid batteries. This unit provides an automatic equalization feature for deeply drained conventional Lead Acid and AGM batteries, as well as providing a cycling automatic equalizing feature every 28 days • The Solar Controller can be connected to the battery permanently to keep the battery fully charged by using a process called “floating”. This means the controller will stop charging when the battery is full and will automatically start charging the battery as required. This process will also reduce water loss and help prevent the battery from ‘drying out’ • Protects the battery from discharge at night. Under low light or no light conditions the solar panel voltage could be less than the battery voltage. The unit contains a special circuit which prevents current flowing back from the battery and into the solar panel • LCD display design, dynamically displays device’s operating data and working condition including solar/battery/load information • Dual USB ports (5VDC/2.4A combined Max output) allow power supply charge for electronic equipment • Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) port built-in. Optional sensor probe available PN# EN43-TEMP (Temp compensation will be fixed at 25°c without the RTS installed). • Multiple protections against reverse polarity, short circuit, over temperature, over voltage, etc. • IP Rating: IP30 enerdrive.com.au Page 8

Operation: Battery Function Button MENU Button SET Button Function Browse through screens Setting parameter Load ON/OFF Clear error Enter into SET Mode Save data Status Display

enerdrive.com.au Page 9 SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS Browse Interface NOTE 1. When the unit is powered up with no solar input, the screen will automatically cycle, but the following two screens will not display. 2. Accumulative power zero clearing: Under the PV power screen, press the SET button and hold for 5 seconds and the value will blink. Press the SET button again to clear the value. 3. Setting temperature on the controller: Under the battery temperature screen, press the SET button and hold on for 5 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Page 10 enerdrive.com.au Fault Indication Status Battery over discharge Battery over voltage Battery overheating Load failure Icon Description Battery level shows empty, battery frame blink, fault icon blink Battery level shows full, battery frame blink, fault icon blink Battery level shows current value, battery frame blink, fault icon blink

1. When the load current reaches 1.02–1.05 times 1.05–1.25 times, 1.25–1.35 times and 1.35–1.5 times more than the nominal value, the controller will automatically turn off the loads in 50s, 30s,10s and 2s respectively.

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SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS LOAD MODE SETTING Operating Steps: Under the load mode setting screen, press the SET button and hold on for 5 seconds until the number begins flashing, then press the MENU button to set the parameter, then press the SET button to confirm. NOTE: Please set the Light ON/OFF, Test mode and Manual mode via Timer 1. Timer 2 will be disabled and display “2 n”. BATTERY TYPE Operating Steps: Under the Battery Voltage screen, press the SET button and hold for 5 seconds to enter the Battery Type Menu. Choose the battery type by pressing the MENU button, and then press the SET button to select the chosen battery type. NOTE: Please refer to the battery voltage parameters table for the different battery type.

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Protection Protection Conditions Status PV Reverse Polarity When the battery is connected correctly, the PV Polarity can be reversed. The controller is not damaged Battery Reverse Polarity When the battery is not connecting, the Battery Polarity can be reversed. The controller is not damaged Battery Over Voltage The battery voltage is above the OVD Stop charging Battery Over Discharge The battery voltage is below the LVD Stop discharging Battery Over Heating Temperature sensor is higher than 65 ̊C Output is OFF Temperature sensor is higher than 55 ̊C Output is ON Controller Over Heating Temperature sensor is higher than 85 ̊C Temperature sensor is higher than 75 ̊C Output is OFF Output is ON Load Short Circuit Load current 2.5 times the rated current one short circuit, the output is OFF 5s; Two short circuit, the output is OFF 10s; Three short circuit, the output is OFF 15s; Output is OFF. Clear the fault: RESTART the controller or wait for Four short circuit, the output is OFF 20s; one night-cycle Five short circuit, the output is OFF 25s; (night time>3 hours) Six short circuit, the output is OFF Load Overload Load current 2.5 times rated current 1.02-1.05 times, 50s, 1.05-1.25 times, 30s, 1.25-1.35 times, 10s, 1.35-1.5 times 2s Output is OFF. Clear the fault: RESTART the controller or wait for one night-cycle Damaged RTS (Temp Sensor) If the RTS is either short circuited or Controller will operate at damaged a standard 25 ̊C Page 13 enerdrive.com.au

SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS Troubleshooting Faults Cable connection is correct, LCD Screen not displayed Icon blinking Icon blinking Icon blinking Icon blinking Page 14 enerdrive.com.au Possible Reasons Troubleshooting PV array disconnection 1). Battery voltage is lower than 9V 1). Please check the voltage of battery At least 9V is required to activate the controller 2). Check the PV input voltage which should be higher than the battery voltage Check if the battery voltage is Battery over voltage higher than the OVD (over voltage disconnect voltage) point, and disconnect the PV When the battery voltage is restored to Battery over discharged or above LVR (low voltage reconnect voltage) point, the load will recover Battery over heating Over load or short circuit Reduce the output loads and/or check load terminal connections

SpecificationsItem EN43020 EN43030 Nominal system voltage Battery input voltage range 12/24 VDC 12/24 VDC 9V ~ 32V 9V ~ 32V Rated charge/discharge current 20A@55 ̊C 30A@55 ̊C Max. PV open circuit voltage 12V - 25VOC/24V - 50VOC Battery type Sealed (Default) / Gel/ Flooded Bulk/Absorption Charging Voltage Sealed: 14.4V/ Gel:14.2V/ Flooded 14.6V Equalize Charging Voltage Sealed: 14.4V/ Gel:14.2V/ Flooded 14.8V Float Charging Voltage Sealed/ Gel/ Flooded: 13.8V Low Voltage Reconnect Sealed/ Gel/ Flooded:12.6V Low Voltage Disconnect Sealed/ Gel/ Flooded:11.1V Self consumption 12V; 18mA/24V; 14.5mA -18mV/°C >25°C@12V / -36mV/°C >25°C@24V Charge circuit voltage drop 0.29V Discharge circuit voltage drop 0.16V LCD temperature range -20 ̊C+70 ̊C Working environment temperature (Controller will produce 100% output at 55 ̊C) -25 ̊C+55 ̊C Relative humidity 95% N.C. Enclosure IP30 Grounding Common Positive USB output 5VDC/2.4A (Total) Overall dimension 160 x 95 x 50mm 181 x 101 x 60mm Mounting dimension 148 x 70mm 172 x 80mm Mounting hole size Ø4.5mm Ø5.0mm Terminals Net weight 0.35kg 0.55kg Page 15 enerdrive.com.au

SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS Warranty Statement 2 Year Limited Warranty Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The limited warranty program is the warranty that applies to all Enerdrive products, and it sets forth all the responsibilities of Enerdrive. There is no other warranty, other than those described herein. Any implied warranty of merchantability of of this warranty. This Enerdrive product is warranted, to the original purchaser only (proof of purchase is required), to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase* without additional charge. The warranty does not extend to subsequent purchasers or users other than OEM applications. This Enerdrive product is not intended for commercial use. This warranty does not apply to damage to units from misuse or incorrect installation/connection. Misuse includes wiring or connecting to improper polarity power sources. 3 Year Pro Rata Support Program years of support with our pro-rata service program. In the event of an out of warranty product issue we can upgrade you with a new product for a fraction of the new price. With repair on many products becoming harder and harder these days, this program provides our customers with the greatest peace of mind possible. Return and/or Repair Policy If you are experiencing any problems with your unit, please contact our customer service department at support@enerdrive.com.au or Phone 1300 851 535 before returning product to retail store. After speaking to a customer service representative, if products are deemed non-working or malfunctioning, the product may be returned to the purchasing store within 30 days of original purchase. Any defective unit that is returned to Enerdrive within 30 days of the date of purchase will be replaced free of charge.

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If such a unit is returned more than 30 days but less than two years from the purchase date, Enerdrive will repair the unit or, at its option, replace it, free of charge. If the unit is repaired, new or reconditioned replacement parts may be used, at manufacturer’s option. A unit may be replaced with a new or reconditioned unit of the same or c omparable design. The repaired or replaced unit will then be warranted under these terms for the remainder of the warranty period. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges on all returned items back to Enerdrive. Limitations This warranty does not cover accessories, such as adapters and batteries, damage or defects result from normal wear and tear (including chips, scratches, abrasions, discolouration or fading due to usage or exposure to sunlight), accidents, damage during shipping to our service facility, alterations, unauthorized use or repair, neglect, misuse, abuse, failure to If your problem is not covered by this warranty, contact our Support Team at support@enerdrive.com.au or phone 1300 851 535 for general information if applicable. Service Contact Information ENERDRIVE PTY LTD P.O. Box 9159 Wynnum Plaza, Queensland Australia 4178 Ph: 1300 851 535 Fax: 07 3390 6911 Email: support@enerdrive.com.au enerdrive.com.au

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ENERDRIVE PTY LTD P.O. Box 9159, Wynnum Plaza, Queensland, Australia 4178 Ph: 1300 851 535 / Fax: 07 3390 6911 Email: sales@enerdrive.com.au Web: enerdrive.com.au







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