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****** Page 1 ****** elvid FIELDVISION 7″ MONITOR USER MANUAL FOR: CM7-C511 / CM7-CE6 CM7-NEL3 / CM7-SML

****** Page 3 ****** elvid INTRODUCTION Thank you for choosing the Elvid FieldVision 7″ Monitor. This product will provide you with a crisp, clear full-color view on a screen that’s large enough to exhibit the finer details that may be missed on small built-in LCD camera screens. Whether you’re using the Elvid FieldVision 7″ Monitor for filmmaking or professional photography, the vibrant 7′ display allows you to comfortably preview and review your work both on location and in the studio, and most importantly, will help you obtain an accurate focus at all times With its large monitor screen.

****** Page 4 ****** KEY FEATURES Compatible With HDSLR Cameras 8 Camcorders Bright 800 x 480 Pixe Screen Assists Framing Supports Signal Resolution Up To 1920 X 1440 Dual A/V, HDMI 8 VGA Connectivity Dual AC 8 Battery Power Built-ln Audio Speaker

****** Page 5 ****** PRODUCT CONTENTS 7″ Field Monitor 3′ Mini-HDMI To HDMI Cable 5′ Standard HDMI Cable Dual A/V Cable AC Power Adapter Car Power Adapter Bat ery 8 Battery P ate Battery Charger Wireless Infrared Remote Hot Shoe To 1/4 20 Adapter Storage Case NOTE: Additional battery plates and/or battery adapters compatible with ather papular brands can be purchased by visiting vvwvv,elvidcinemmcom

****** Page 6 ****** MONITOR DIAGRAM The monitor can be used in a variety of settings and configurations to provide the viewer With access to images appearing on actual camera screen. 00000 0000000 ooooooooo ooaa 00000 000000000 ooooooooo 000000000 0000000 00000 A/V Input Jack VGA Input Jack HDMI Input Jack DC 12V Input Jack Battery Mounting Plate Built-In Speaker

****** Page 7 ****** Input – To Switch Between VGA, AVI, AV2 8 HDMI Input elvid FieldVision Power on/0ff ndicator Light Infrared Receiving Area T Field Monitor 00 Lower Volume; Scroll In 8 Out Of Menus Raise Volume; Scroll In 8 Out Of Menus Activate Menu Scroll Downwards In Menu Mode Rapidly Adjust Brightness; Scroll Upwards In Menu Mode

****** Page 8 ****** WIRELESS REMOTE The wireless remote can be used to turn the monitor’s power on and off, adjust volume, and access and adjust all the menu settings. Power On/Off Mute Activate Menu Lower Volume; Scroll In 8 Out Of Menus Scroll Downwards In Menu Mode Up/Down To Rotate Monitor Upside Down Right/Left To Flip Monitor Horizontal y MUTE Rapidly Adjust Brightness; Scroll Upwards In Menu Mode Raise Volume; Scroll In Out Of Menus Aspect Ratio To Switch Between 16:g AV/PC To Select The Connection: AVI, AV2 8 HDMI

****** Page 9 ****** DUALA/V CABLE The Dual A/V Cab e allows the user to connect the Elvid Field/ision T Monitor to two separate devices at the same time and easi y switching between them. Jack For A/V Input White RCA Jack For Audio Input Yellow RCA Jack For Video 1 Input Yellow RCA Jack For Video 2 input

****** Page 10 ****** POWERING ON 8 OFF The Elvid FieldVision T Monitor can be powered in one of three ways: via the included lithium battery; included AC adapter; or included car adapter. Connect monitor to battery by sliding into battery plate on rear of device. The power port found on rear of monitor connects direct y to the AC power adapter, car power adapter, or battery. Depending on which power source is being utilized at the time, be sure that the appropriate cord is connected direct y to power port. Upon connecting unit to power source, unit wil display a red indicator light and be placed in standby mode. Press power button found on unit or on wireless remote to activate power mode. To place unit in standby mode, press power button again. Press Input found on unit or AV/PC found on wireless remote to select appropriate connection and switch between VGA, AVI, AV2 8 HDMI inputs. NOTE: When using monitor device an an HDSLR camera vvhile in Camera Made, be sure to switch camera setting to Live View for best results 10

****** Page 11 ****** MOUNTING MONITOR When connecting cables from the Elvid FieldVision 7″ Monitor to a camera device, ensure that the camera remains off during the entire linking process. If mounting directly on camera, connect device with Mini-HDMI Cable to provide adequate signal by inserting HDMI connector into HDMI input port found on monitor. When connecting monitor to other devices that accept standard HDMI connections, then connect device by utilizing the Standard HDMI Cable. When using the Dual A/V cable, insert A/V input jack into the monitor unit. Insert remaining three prong connectors into appropriate video (yellow jacks) and audio (white jack) inputs. When mounting monitor directly on camera or rig, attach device to included hot shoe 1/4 20 adapter and fasten device tightly

****** Page 12 ****** MENU SELECTION The Elvid FieldVision 7″ Monitor offers multiple customizable options via the device menu. You can adjust the display brightness, contrast, picture scale, values, sound settings and more. To access menu options, begin by pressing Menu button. Then press the A and V buttons to cyc e through the menu features found on side tab; press menu button at any time during this sequence to exit. Once in the side tab area, enter into the sub-menu to 12 adjust settings by pressing the < and buttons; then scroll up or down by pressing the A and v buttons. You can press < and to adjust numbers lower or higher, or press < and to open or select options from drop down menu. Press Menu button when completed to return to side tab area; press Menu button again to exit. NOTE: These options can only be accessed while monitor device is connected to a camera. ****** Page 13 ****** MAIN MENU COLOR Brightness – TO adjust the monitor brightness values Contrast – To adjust contrast of Image on screen Hue – To adjust the color hues disp ayed on screen OSD Language Options English Simplified Chinese French Italian German Spanish Traditional Chinese Japanese Saturation – To adjust the Korean screen co or saturation Russian Color temperature – ad'ust the contrast of color temperature (Not accessible in A/V mode) 13 ****** Page 14 ****** Adjust OSD Horizontal Position – To adjust menu screen position in horizontal format Adjust OSD Vertical Position – To adjust menu screen pos tion in vertical format Adjust OSD Timeout To turn off disp ay setting menu; tirn'ng format is in seconds Adjust Transparency Level -To adjust the evels of transparency of the menu screen FUNCTION Reset – To reset device 14 back to original factory default settings Aspect Ratio – switch screen mode between 16:9 / (Default mode is 4:3) Left/Right Rotation – To flip screen image horizontally Up/Down Rotation – To flip screen image vertically SOUND Adjust Volume – Adjusts the sound higher or lower ****** Page 15 ****** BRIGHTNESS 8 VOLUME To instantly adjust screen brightness without entering into Menu mode, simply press the A button to cycle through sequence of brightness levels; upon sequencing through all levels, default brightness setting will reappear and sequence can be performed again. Note that this feature will not work when display is in Menu mode. To instantly adjust device volume without entering into Menu mode, simp y press the < and buttons to rapidly ower or raise volume levels. Note that this feature Will not work when display is in Menu mode. 15 ****** Page 16 ****** TROUBLE SHOOTING Issue: Image appears to be displayed only in black 8 white Solution: Ensure the color saturation and brightness levels are set properly Issue: Power is on but no picture is displayed on screen Solution: Ensure the proper cables are connected secure y to output connectors; verify that correct power adapter is being used to power unit; make sure the Elvid FieldVision 7' Monitor is set to accept the correct connection via the Input button. Issue: Abnormal or erroneous colors appear on monitor screen 16 Solution: Ensure that all cab es are securely connected and verify that there are no broken or loose pins In cable connector that may be interfering with quality of connection; reset the device to the original factory default settings, which can be accessed In the main menu Issue: Remote control device is not operating properly Solution: Ensure that batteries are instal ed properly in remote control and possess an adequate charge; verify that infrared signal from remote control has a direct line of sight with infrared receiving area on monitor ****** Page 17 ****** SAFETY WARNINGS Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or perform any unauthorized modifications on device Do not handle with wet hands, immerse in liquids or expose to water and rain; failure to do so may result in fire or electric shock Device contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard; keep out of reach of chi dren Do not operate device in presence of flammable gas or vapors Observe caution when handling batteries; on y use batteries approved by the manufacturer of this product Batteries are prone to leakage when fully discharged; to avoid damaging product be sure to remove batteries when leaving product unattended Do not use or leave device in conditions of extreme heat, severe cold or high humidity Turn off power of camera and monitor before connecting or disconnecting cables Please dispose of used batteries, packaging and o d devices in accordance with appropriate environmental regulat'ons ****** Page 18 ****** elvid MONITOR Disp ay Resolution SPECIFICATIONS Max Input Resolution Brightness Contrast Viewing Ang e Video Signal Input VGA Signal Input Speaker Color System vo tage Signal Input Power Consumption 18 7" LCD 1920*1440 250 cd 500:1 700/700,500/600 (L/R,U/D) O T14Vp-p/75Q H:30-60kHz V:60-75Hz 2.5W/8Q PAL-4.43; NTSC-3.58 DC12V±lO PC (VGA). AVI AV2.HDM ****** Page 19 ****** BATTERY CHARGER Input: Max Output: AC ADAPTER Input: Max CAR CHARGER Input: Output: AC 100-2401/ 50-60Hz 150mA DC 4.2V/8.4V 600mA 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.60A Max 121/ 1200mA 12-241/ DC DC 19 ****** Page 20 ****** elvid LIMITED ONE-YEAR WARRANTY Elvid provides a mited warranty that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship to the origina purchaser under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date or thirty (30) days after replacement, whichever occurs later (the "Warranty Period"). Our responsibility with respect to this limited warranty shal be limited solely to repair or replacement, at its option, of any product which fails during normal consumer use. To obtain warranty coverage during the Warranty Period, contact your place of purchase (Sel erH) to obtain a return merchandise authorizat•on ('RMA") number, and return to Seller the defective product along with proof of purchase and the RMA number. This warranty does not extend to damage or failure which results from misuse, neglect, accident, alteration, abuset improper installation or maintenance. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, ELVID MAKES NEITHER ANY EXPRESS WARRANTIES NOR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This warranty provides you with specific egal rights, and you may also have additional rights which vary from state to state. O Copyright 2012 Gradus Group








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