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****** Page 1 ****** 11 1? x LS&S Model 221105 @ 000 @ 000 000 PCM RECORDING REC/II INDEX STOP/DEL LIST MENU eltrinex

****** Page 2 ****** Instruction Manual Thank you for choosing Eltrinex V12Pro. Before you start using this product, please read the instruction manual carefully. Please pay attention to the following information. This Voice Recorder includes a Voice Guide, which has been specially developed for visually impaired users. If you like to switch the product to the version for sighted users, please contact your seller to get the proper firmware. This product is ready for Firmware Upgrade. We recommend you to check for firmware updates from time to time. New firmware versions bring new functions and better user experience. Warning: we strongly recommend to backup your recordings regularly. Please backup all important data to your computer or a cloud service using a USB cable. Otherwise you can loose all your recordings if an error occures, or if your voice recorder is lost or stolen. 2

****** Page 3 ****** Content Content Accessories Power source How to change batteries Product description Basic operations Turn on / turn off Lock buttons Changing mic. mode (meeting / interview) Recording Divide file during recording How to add bookmarks (indexes) Change of information about recording Playback of recorded files Selecting the file Bookmarks (indexes) Setting of playback filters Playback pause and rewind Append and Overwrite Slow / fast playback Loop playback Connecting with PC Outdoor recording LCD display .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .11 .11 .11 .12 .12 .12 .13

****** Page 4 ****** Main Menu Context menu 13 18 Music 21 FM Radio 22 Bookmarks 23 Settings 23 Recording 23 Playback 27 Interface 28 Informations 30 More settings 30 Additional informations 33 Filename structure of recorded file 33 Technical parameters 34

****** Page 5 ****** Accessories @ 000 000 000 PC M RECORDING REC;II STOP/DEL O.Menu LIST MENU 2 x AAA Earphones Line-in USB Manual Microphone covers Eltrinex V12Pro Power source Please use 2 AAA batteries — Alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-CD. How to change batteries 1. Press the battery cover on the back side and slide down. (see picture 1). 2. Insert two AAA batteries (take care of the orientation of the batteries!) Close the battery cover (picture 2). 5

****** Page 6 ****** Product description 18 16 000 @ 000 00 P C tyl RECORDING INDEX STOP,’CEL — Q.Menu RECAI 11 13 — MENU

****** Page 7 ****** 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Earphones Line-in Built-in microphones MENU button STOP button Speaker RECORD button INDEX button LCD Recording and playback indicator Volume up / move cursor up PLAY button Move forward Volume down / move cursor down Move backward MicroSD card Battery cover USB connector Hole for belt Changing the mode Buttons lock Tripod mounting (1.4″ standard ISO 1222) 7

****** Page 8 ****** Basic operations Turn on / turn off Press and hold the PLAY button until the LCD start displaying starting logo. After that release the PLAY button and wait for the voice recorder to warm up. For turning off, use also the long press of PLAY button as well. Lock buttons To avoid the unwanted press of buttons while carying the voice recorder in your pocket, please use the Buttons Lock slide which is located on the left side. If your voice recorder refuses to turn on, please check this slide if it is not set to „Locked” position. Changing mic. mode (meeting / interview) Using the slide on right side (20), you can switch between two modes: — recording of the whole room or wider space Meeting without any fOCUS. Interview — targeted recording with focus on the person who is speaking directly to the microphones. 8

****** Page 9 ****** Recording Switch to the main mode and press the REC button. If the voice recorder is not powered on at that time, just press and hold the REC button. It will turn on and start recording autimatically. The beginning of the recording is announced by the double beep. To pause the recording please press REC button again. The display shows PAUSE and the recording is temporarly stopped. To continue the recording, please press the REC button again. To end the recording, please press the STOP button and wait until the file is saved and the voice recorder beeps as a sign of operation finised. If you press PLAY button instead of STOP button while recording, it stops recording, saves the file and plays the currently recorded file immediately. Divide file during recording Using short press of right arrow saves the recording and starts automatically recording of a new file. This function is suitable to create more small files of recording according to the situation. 9

****** Page 10 ****** How to add bookmarks (indexes) Press the INDEX button stortly while recording or playback of the file. The bookmark appears at that position and allows you to find this position very easily in the future. Change of information about recording Use short press of M button while recording to see all important informations abou the length of recording, remaining time of recording, etc. Playback of recorded files Selecting the file Use left and right arrow to find the requested file and press PLAY button to confirm your selection. Use short press of M button to list all recorded files. Bookmarks (indexes) For skipping to next or previous bookmark, please press the right or left arrow during playback. Setting of playback filters Press the REC button shortly while playback to change the sound filter applied on currently played file. You can choose 10

****** Page 11 ****** between LCF (low frequency cut), VOC or NORMAL (no filter applied) Playback pause and rewind Press PLAY button shortly to pause the playback. To resume the playback, please press the PLAY button once again. Please press and hold the right or left arrow to rewind the actual position inside the file to a new one and release the button to continue playback. Append and Overwrite Press the PLAY button shortly while playback to switch to pause mode. Next, press the REC button shortly. The voice recorder start to rewrite the recording from the paused position, or to append the recording to the end of the file. To choose which operation will occure, please open the Menu using long press of M button, choose settings, recording, edit and set the prefered option. Slow / fast playback Press and hold INDEX button during playback to switch between slow and fast playback modes. The actually selected mode is indicated by a message in top left corner of display. 11

****** Page 12 ****** Loop playback Press M button shortly during playback to choose the starting point of the loop recording. Press the M button shortly again to choose the end point of loop recording. The loop automatically start to repeat. To reset this function, please press the M button again. Connecting with PC Connect the voice recorder with PC using the USB cable and wait for automatic drivers installation to finish. The internal memory of the voice recorder appears in PC as a new drive. If the SD card is inserted, it appear as another drive. Your recordings can be found in the VOICE folder, in subfolders Before disconnecting the USB cable, please always use the „remove hardware” function, which is indicated by icon in the system tray of windows (bottom right). Warning: Disconnecting the voice recorder without using this function may cause damage or loss of data. Outdoor recording The voice recorder is equipped with two soft foam microphone shields. Please put these shields on while recording in windy environments. 12

****** Page 13 ****** LCD display Indicator Current folder Remaining time VOR mode Main Menu Line-in Lock Alarm Recording mode Battery life 00:01 Recording format Ct,15 Locked file -29 -l? -E 003/003 0922 .A003 SD card File File name Total Files Press M button for approx 2 seconds to open the main menu. Use arrows to move the cursor and PLAY button to confirm your selection. The change of curently selected item can be done by +/- button, the selection by left and right arrow. 13

****** Page 14 ****** Recording Music FM Radio Bookmarks Settings -5 A folder B folder C folder D foder Recording —Y —Y —Y Show content of A folder Show content of B folder Show content of C folder Show content of D folder List the Music folder Activate the FM radio List files with bookmarks Quality Input Mic. Sens. -..> SLP SHQ 44/16b M 44/16b S 44/24b S 48/16b S 48/24b S -5 Microphone Line-in …+ Lowest Low Middle

****** Page 15 ****** …5 VOR -..> Hidden rec. …5 Timer …> Auto. Divide -..> Edit -.5 Auto. Gain …> pause indi. 15 High Highest -.5 Off Auto Lowest Low High Highest -5 cancel 0K -.5 5 presets for timer rec. …> Off 10 min 30 min 60 min -5 Append Overwrite -.5 Off On …> Off On

****** Page 16 ****** -.5 playback …+ Interface -..> Hidden -..> Timer play. …> Repeat M. -..> Skip Forw. -..> Skip Back. -..> sound -..> Backlight 16 -5 cancel 0K -.5 Disabled One file All files -.5 Off 5, 10, 30s 5 minutes -.5 Off 5, 10, 30s 5 minutes -.5 Off Buttons Guide -.5 Off 2 Sec. 5 Sec. 10 Sek. Always

****** Page 17 ****** -.5 Info. …+ More set. Language -.5 voice G. Volume -..> Memory -..> Information -.5 Format More settings -..> power Off …> Set Default 17 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 Language of menu Set the volume of VoiceGuide Internal SD Card Product information Cancel 0K Off 5 min 15 min Set the date Cancel 0K

****** Page 18 ****** -..> USB Power …5 Hear. Aid …..> Batteries -..> Remote ctl. Context menu -.5 Off On -.5 cancel 0K ……> Batteries -.5 Off On -..> cancel 0K In the main mode you can use the advantage of the context menu, which contains functions handling the currently selected file. Please open the context menu by long press of the STOP button. The context menu contains following options Delete -……> File -..> Bookmark -..> Folder Delete of a recoded file Delete bookmarks (indexes) Delete content of folder 18

****** Page 19 ****** Protect Undelete Split Label Copy Move Paste -.5 Files …….> Cancel -..> 0K …….> Cancel -.5 0K -.5 cancel -..> 0K …….> Cancel -..> 0K -.5 cancel -..> 0K -.5 cancel -..> 0K Select file to be protected against delete RetUrn back Recovers the last deleted file Returns back -5 Split actually selected file into two parts Returns back Allows to record short note which will be added to the beginning of file. Returns back Copy file to clipboard Returns back Move file to clipboard Returns back Paste file from clipboard Delete — Choosing this option you can delete the selected file, bookmarks of the selected file, or all files in the folder. 19

****** Page 20 ****** Protect — Mark the file as protected if you like to avoid a delete by mistake. The protected file cannot be deleted in the voice recorder. Undelete — the mistakenly deleted file in internal memory can be recovered. This function is only available immediately after delete and only in the internal memory. Please be careful while deleting files. Split — split the actually selected file into two parts. The file will be deleted exactly at the position where the playback was stopped by pressing of the STOP button. Warning: It is not possible to split the files recorded in SLP quality. Label — After confirming this selection, the voice recorder starts recording. Please talk to the microphones and say the name of the currently selected recording. After that, press the STOP button. The voice recorder will join this new recording at the beginning of selected file. This function is very useful to find the requested file in the future. Copy — the selected file will be placed into a clipboard and ready for copy. This feature is similar to a Copy selection used in Windows operating system. Move — the selected file will be placed into a clipboard and ready for move. This feature is similar to a Move selection used in Windows operating system. Warning: Using this 20

****** Page 21 ****** option will remove the original file after moving to the destination location. Paste — The file previously marked as copy or move will be placed into the currently seleted position. To change the folder simply escape the context menu and change the folder by short press of INDEX button. To switch the memory between internal memory and SD card, please press shortly the INDEX buttin while context menu is opened. Music The Music seletion from the main menu of the voice recorder shows the content of the MUSIC folder. Into this folder you can load any music or sound file which is supported by the machine. You can also create new folders and subfolders using the file commander in your PC. The music folder is ready not only for music files, but also for audio books. For easier orientation in the folders and files, the voice guide is spelling the name of the actually selected item. The playback of a music file or audio book can be stopped at any time. The voice recorder remembers the last position and next time continues exactly at that place. This function is called as RESUME. 21

****** Page 22 ****** FM Radio For a good quality of radio playback we recommend to connect earphones. The wire of the earphones is used as an antenae. Turn on the radio by long press of M button and choosing the FM Radio item in the main menu. Confirm by PLAY button. Short press of M button will open the context menu of FM Radio, where you can choose from Auto search and Output settings option. Auto search — choose this option to activate automatic tuning of strongest available radio channels. The voice recorder beeps at every time it saves a new channel. After tuning is finished, it starts to play the first preset. Output — Choose if you prefer to use the earphones or internal speaker as a source of the FM Radio sound output. The INDEX button switches between manual mode and preset mode. Long press of INDEX button switches to Recording mode. Press STOP button shortly to turn off the radio. Long press of STOP button in the manual mode switches between MONO and STEREO. 22

****** Page 23 ****** Long press of STOP button in the preset mode deletes the actually selected preset. The short press of PLAY button saves the actually tuned frequency. Bookmarks Choosing this option show a list of all available bookmarks. Select the bookmark and confirm using the PLAY button. To move between bookmarks use the left and right arrow. Settings This option allows to configure all settings of the voice recorder. Use + and — buttons to move the cursor up and down and PLAY button or right arrow to confirm your selection. Left arrow can be used to move one level back. Recording Quality Set the preferred format of recording. For a high quality recording we recommend to use the PCM formats. SLP SHQ mp3 / mono mp3 / stereo mp3 / stereo mp3 / stereo mp3 / stereo Very low recording quality Middle quality, MP3 format recording 23

****** Page 24 ****** PCM M 44/ 16b PCM S 44/ 16b PCM S 44124b PCM S 48/16b PCM S 48/24b Input wav / mono wav / stereo wav / stereo wav / stereo wav / stereo Higher quality(mono) Highest quality (stereo) If external sound input is connected, you can set the type. Microphone — the external microphone is connected Line-in — external audio source with stronger output connected by a line cable. Mic. Sens. Setting of microphone sensitivity for optimal recording level. Lowest, low — low microphone sensitivity, optimal for recording of very loud sound sources Middle — the standard sensitivity of microphones. High, Highest— recording of very silent sound source 24

****** Page 25 ****** Voice Operated Recording (VOR) Turn this function on to activate the voice operated recording. If this function is set to ON, the voice recorder pauses recording when the silence is detected. When any sound occures it resumes recording again. This function is good for very long recordings and its main benefits are saving the memory space and removing unneeded silent parts in the recording. Hidden recording When recording is activated, the voice recorder behaves like it is turned off. This feature is recommended for use in places such as cinema, church etc., and all other places where you like to respect the darkness and silence. To activate this function please set Hidden rec. In menu and confirm by PLAY button. The voice recorder starts recording and simulates the OFF mode. To end the recording, please press STOP button. To show hiddenly recorded files, please open the Menu, choose Settings, Playback and Hidden option. 25

****** Page 26 ****** Timer Set up to 5 presets of the recording at the requested time. First of all, choose the preset using the +/- buttons and confirm by right arrow. Then choose the source of recording. You can choose beween FM Radio or Microphone. The FM Radio choice is only available if there are FM Radio presets tuned already. Next step select the day in week or every day recording. After that set the beginning time of the recording and length of recording. The last item to be set is the folder for recording. If you set recording from FM radio, please choose also the preset which you prefer to be recorded. Auto divide Automatically divides every recording into smaller parts. You can turn this function off or you can choose between 10, 30 and 60 minutes for each part. If this option is set to OFF, the voice recorder can still divide the file if it is needed because of the file system. Edit Set the behaviour of edit function activated by REC button in Recording Pause mode. If you set to Overwrite, the voice 26

****** Page 27 ****** recorder starts to write new recording exactly at the paused position and previous recording is overwritten. If you set this to Append, the previous rerding is kept and new recording will be appended at the end of previous recording. Please be carefull while setting the Overwrite option. Automatic Gain Control The voice recorder is equipped with the automatic control of the sound input level. This function avoids the sound distortion caused by high volume sound sources. If you wish to deactivate this funcion, please set to OFF. Playback Hidden Choose this option to open the H folder, which contains recordings recorded using the Hidden recording function. Timer Setting of 5 presets for playback activated at selected time. Off— the preset is disabled. File — Play specified time at the selected time. Beep — Make a beep sound at the selected time. The setting of this function is similar to Timer Recording settings. 27

****** Page 28 ****** Repeat Set the repeat mode for playback of files. Skip forward and backward For playing long files it can be very useful to set the Skip forward and Skip backward function. Please choose the value of the distance which will be skipped by press of right or left arrow during playback. Standard behaviour of the right and left arrow when this function is disabled is skipping to next or previous file. Interface Setting of the audio guide, LCD backlight and other parts of the voice recorder interface. Sound Setting of the sound interface of the voice recorder. Off— all sounds off. Buttons — beep sound activated on press of button. Guide — the sound of the voice guide which is important for visually impaired users. If you mistakenly turn this setting off , please just restart your voice recorder and the voice guide will start speaking again. 28

****** Page 29 ****** Backlight Set the value for how long the LCD backlight will be activated after every button press. The setting of higher values causes lower battery life. Off— the backlight is off . — backlight activated for 1 second after every button 1 Sec press. . — backlight activated for 2 second after every button 2 Sec press. . — backlight activated for 5 second after every button 5 Sec press. 10 Sec. backlight activated for 10 second after every button press. Always on — the backlight is always on. Language Change of the menu language. This option only affects the text menu which is shown on the display. It does not have effect on the voice guide. Voice Guide Volume Setting of the volume of voice guide. This volume setting only works with voice guide on. 29

****** Page 30 ****** Information Memory Switch between the internal memory and external memory (SD Memory card) Information Shows the informations about the hardware and firmware of the voice recorder. Format Formatting of the currently selected memory. Warning: All your data will be deleted using this function. More settings Power Off Automatically power off the voice recorder after some time of non-activity. Off— Power off function is disabled. Stay always on. 5 min — the voice recorder shuts down after 5 minutes. 15 min — the voice recorder shuts down after 15 minutes. 30

****** Page 31 ****** Date/ Time For correct behaviour of the voice recorder i tis needed to set date and time correctly. Please open this menu and set the current values according to your time zone. Set Default All settings will be changed back to default values. This function has no effect on the data (recorded files will not be deleted). USB Power This voice recorder can be powered not only from batteries but also from the USB port (cable connected to PC or USB adaptor from electric socket). If you like to power by USB, please set this function to ON. Otherwise the voice recorder switches to „transfer data” mode after USB is connected. Warning: If your voice recorder is not connecting with PC, please check if this swtting is not set to ON. Hearing aid You can check realtime the quality and level of the recorded sound. To activate this feature, please turn on the Hearing aid function. All recorded sounds can be checked realtime by the earphones connected to the earphone socket. 31

****** Page 32 ****** Batteries Please set the type of batteries which are currently inserted in the voice recorder. The correct setting will bring the optimal battery performance. You can choose between alkaline for non-rechargable and rechargable batteries. Remote control After connecting the remote control (for example a foot switch), please set this option to ON to activate the remote control function. Firmware Upgrade Use this option to update the firmware version of the firmware. Before you start, check if the batteries are fully charged. The blackout during firmware upgrade proces can cause the damage of the voice recorder. help.talking- Check for latest updates at web: Download the .zip archive and extract the file with BIN extension. Copy this file to the root folder of the internal memory of the voice recorder. This is the folder where you can see VOICE and MUSIC folders. Please copy this BIN file to the same place. Turn on the voice recorder and activate Firmware Upgrade by selecting Settings — More — Firmware Upgrade. Please wait for upgrade to settings 32

****** Page 33 ****** finish. The end of process is indicated by a beep. Please take out batteries for a few seconds and return back. Turn on the voice recorder, open the menu and set Settings — More Settings — Set defaults. Now the firmware upgrade process is finished. Additional information Filename structure of recorded file The name of the file consist of following parts: E.g..: VR 080701_A0001.MP3 VR — the mark for „recording” 080701 — date of recording in format YYMMDD A — folder of recording 0001 — order number of the file MP3 — file format 33

****** Page 34 ****** Technical parameters Supported formats Display Recording format Playback format Memory Microphone Distortion Frequency range Earphone output Speaker FM radio USB version Memory card Batteries USB powering Temperature range Humidity range Dimensions(in) Weight (ounces) Supported Operating systems MPEG 1/2/2.5 LAYER3/WMA/Linear PCM graphical, with backlight, 1.4″ MP3, WAV (4 kbps/5 kHz 2304kbps / 48.1 kHz) MP3 (8-320 kbps), WMA (23-192) without DRM 12 GB (8 GB int. +4 GB SD) stereo 0.40/0±0.2 20Hz 25KHz (-6dB) jack 3.5 mm, 5.5mW 300mW 87.5 108MHz, 2 microSD (up to 32GB) 2 x AAA, LR03 – R03 DC 5V/ 500 mA 400N1100 F 1.4″ x .7″ x 4″ 1.5 ounces Windows ME , Windows 2000 , Windows xp, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 34








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