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****** Page 1 ****** ENLZS8WS IG ELKAY Enhanced INSTALLATION & USE MANUAL LZTM Series Bottle Filling Stations & Coolers ELKAY ezH20 Page 1 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19)

****** Page 2 ****** m O 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) ENLZS8WS IG Fig. 1 Page 2 z: 5 ozo “—I-LEE e u æ>zy-cno lLoLU 11 11 * O ± < m OOLUU- ****** Page 3 ****** ENLZS8WS IG HANGER BRACKET INSTALLATION 1) Remove hanger bracket fastened to back of cooler by removing one (1 ) screw 2) Mount the hanger bracket as shown in Figure 1 (Pg. 2) NOTE: Hanger Bracket MUST be supported securely. Add fixture support carrier if wall will not provide adequate support. Anchor hanger securely to wall using all six (6) 1/4 in. dia. mounting holes. IMPORTANT 5-7/8 in. (150mm) dimension from wall to centerline of trap must be maintained for proper fit. INSTALLATION OF COOLER 3) Hang the cooler on the hanger bracket Be certain hanger bracket is engaged properly in the slots on the cooler back as shown in Figure 1 (Pg. 2). 4) Remove the four (4) screws holding the lower front panel at the bottom of the cooler (See Fig 7, Pg.5). Remove the front panel by pulling straight down and set aside 5) Secure cooler frame to wall by installing (2) screws and washers (not supplied)- (See Fig. 2, Pg. 4). Make sure the screws engage in a structural member 6) Connect the supply water to the filter inlet tube. 7) Install trap. Remove the slip nut and gasket from the trap and install them on the cooler waste line making sure that the end of the waste line fits into the trap. Assemble the slip nut and gasket to the trap and tighten securely IMPORTANT If it is necessary to cut the draim loosen the screw at the black rubber boot and remove tube, check for leaks after re-assembly. BOTTLE FILLER INSTALLATION 8) Remove two (2) mounting screws with 5/32" Allen wrench holding bottle filler to wall mounting plate (See Fig-8i Pg. 5). Note do not discard mounting screws, they will be needed to secure bottle filler to wall mounting plate 9) Remove wall mounting plate from Bottle Filler (see Fig 8, Pg. 5). Place wall mounting plate against wall on top of basin. Center the wall mounting plate side to side with the basin. Mark the six (6) mounting holes with a pencil. Place tape over wiring harnes conection on top of cooler to prevent debris from falling into Connectiom 1 0) Remove wall mounting plate from wall. NOTE: Mounting plate MUST be supported securely. Add fixture support carrier if wall will not provide adequate support 11) Install wall mounting plate to wall using six (6) 7/16" obround mounting holes (mounting bolts not included) (See Fig.8, Pg- 5)- Use appropriate fasteners for your wall type. 12) Install gasket on bottom of bottle filler tower with gasket support bracket & (2) screws. (See Fig. 4., Pg. 5) 13) Route 3/8'7 tubing through the opening in the bottle filler gasket and plug into bulkhead fitting in basim Route the wiring harness through the gasket and plug into the connector on the top of the basin 14) Place bottle filler on four (4) hooks on the mounting plate installed on wall. Make sure round boss in gasket fits in hole of basin. (See Fig. 87 Pg. 5). 15) Plug electrical cord into outlet on wall 1 6) Remove filter from carton, remove protective cap, attach filter to filter head by firmly inserting into head and rotating filter clockwise. Ensure that blue label can be read when filter is installed. (Fig. 12, Pg. T) 1 7) Turn water supply on and inspect for leaks. In both cooler and bottle filler- Fix all leaks before continuing 1 8) Once cooler and bottle filter has been inspected for leaks and any leaks found corrected. 19) Reinstall two mounting screws from first step (See Fig- 8, Pg. 5). Caution, do not over tighten screws. 20) Once power is applied to the cooler the GREEN LED light will illuminate on the bottle filler showing good filter status along with the LCD Bottle Counter. 21) Verify proper dispensing by placing cup, hand, or any opaque object in front of sensor area and verify water dispenses. Note: the first initial dispenses might have air in line which may cause a sputter- This will be eliminated once all air is purged from the line. 22) Once unit tests out, install Lower Panel back on water cooler(s). Units are now ready for use. Instructions For Replacing Filters 1) Remove lower cover on cooler by removing (4) screws (See Fig.7, Pg. 5). 2) Turn off water supply; dispense water to relieve pressure. 3) Remove power by unplugging cooler. 4) Turn used filter counterclockwise 1/4 turn to remove from filter head. 5) Remove cap from new filter and use to seal used filter 6) Insert new filter into existing filter head and turn fully clockwise. Make sure you can read the label on the front of the filter once it is installed. (See Fig. 12 on Pg. 7) 7) Plug in unit to restore power. 8) Turn on water supply and run a minimum of two gallons of water through the filter to purge air any fine carbon particles from filter. Also run water through bottle filler Note: Filter status light will automatically reset once new filter is installed. Programming Button FIG. A Instructions To Access Programming Button 1) Remove lower cover on refrigerated unit by removing (4) screws (See Fig 7, Page 5. 2) Button is located in lower right corner of unit (See Fig. A, Pg. 3). Page 3 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) ****** Page 4 ****** ENLZS8WS IG Secure cooler frame to wall by installing (2) screws and washers (not supplied). FIG. 2 FIG. 3 Lay gasket along back of bottle filler mounting plate. Align BF and lay on cooler basin. 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) Fig. 4 Attach the 3/8 water line into the bulkhead fitting. (Gasket removed from bottle filler for clarity) Fig. 5 Page 4 ****** Page 5 ****** ENLZS8WS IG Connect the bottle filler electrical harness. (Gasket removed from bottle filler for clarity) Fig. 6 MOUNTING BOLT HOLES (6) WALL MOUNTING PLATE BOTTLE FILLING UNIT Fig. 8 Page 5 Fig. 7 32 31 33 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) ****** Page 6 ****** Enhanced Bottle Filling LEO Station Electrical Diagram 33 IR Board 36 Filter NFC Board ENLZS8WS IG 115V Refrigerated Wiring Diagram with Alpha/Numeric Display REtum 34 Suit:hEd Control Board Assembly eottl•: Filler caaler Connector Energy Save Relay 28 Cald Control camgzsor control Bubbler Solenoid Grau nd Switch 1 zavac 25 Fan Bubbler Switches %ck- awvmc Fig • 9 31 Bottle Filler Solenoid 35 27 120VAC — ch•ssis Ground Superseal Fitting Assembly Note: Screw the locknut hand tight to seal Fig. 10 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) OPERATION OF QUICK CONNECT FITTINGS SIMPLY PUSH IN TUBE TO ATTACH TUBE IS SECURED IN POSITION c Fig. 11 PUSH IN COLLET TO RELEASE TUBE Page 6 ****** Page 7 ****** ENLZS8WS Filter Label Back of Filter Location Fig. 12 11 Basin Locknut BUBBLER DETAIL Fig. 13 NOTE: When installing replacement bubbler and pedesta17 tighten nut only to hold parts snug in position. Do Not Overtightem Fig. 14 WATERSENTRY@ Filter Detail WATERSENTRY@ FILTER PARTS LIST ITEM NO. PART NO. 51300C 1000005214 1000004409 DESCRIPTION – 3000 Gal. Kit – Filter Head Fittings includes John Guest Fittings & 3/8" Elbow Filter BrackeVScrews Kit – NFC Board/Cover Page 7 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) ****** Page 8 ****** ENLZS8WS IG Service Instructions Lower and Upper Shroud To access the refrigeration system and plumbing connections, remove four screws from bottom of cooler to remove the lower shroud. To remove the upper shroud for access to the pushbars, regulator, solenoid valve or other components located in the top of the unit, remove lower shroud, disconnect drain, remove four screws from tabs along lower edge of upper shroud7 unplug two wires and water tube. Bubbler To remove the bubbler, first disconnect the power supply. The underside of the bubbler can be reached through the access panel on the underside of the upper shroud. Remove the access panel by removing the retaining screw. To remove the bubbler, loosen locknut from the underside of the bubbler and remove the tubing from the quick connect fitting per the Operation Of Quick Connect Fittings section in the General Instructions. After servicing, replace the access panel and retaining screw. Switches Behind the Push Bar The regulator in an EZ cooler is always held fully open by the use of a single regulator nut (See Item 9, Fig. 15). Water is not dispensed until the pushbar is depressed to activate a switch which then opens a solenoid valve. To remove sidebars, from the inside compress the flared tabs and pull out carefully. To reinstall side pushbars, the front of the pushbar is inserted first. While keeping the switch depressed, snap the rear of the pushbar into position. Cleaning Stainless Steel • General cleaning: use an ordinary mild detergent and soft cloth, rinse and towel dry • Steel soap pads should never be used; particles can adhere to a stainless steel basin sufface and will eventually rust. • Light scratches are normal for stainless steel basins; over time they will blend into the uniform finish pattern. Plastic Components • General cleaning: use an ordinary mild detergent and soft cloth, rinse and towel dry • Wiping the sufface clean to remove debris or build up will not hurt the antimicrobial propelties. 6 12, 13 Temperature Control • Factory set at 500F (+1- 5'F) under normal conditions. For temperature adjustments, refer to 11 22 2 22 11 8 19 sticker on left side of top ban Stream Height Adjustment VIEW OF UNDERSIDE OF BASIN SHROUD 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) 9 Fig. 15 12 RECULATOR ASSEMBLY SNAP ALICNMENT NOTCH SNAP ALIGNMENT PEC Stream Height Adjustment Location Page 8 ****** Page 9 ****** ENLZS8WS IG Page 9 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) ****** Page 10 ****** ENLZS8WS IG Enhanced EZH20 Error Codes Error Code E013 E013& E014 Error Description Bottle filler area obstructed Missing or Incomplatible Filter Missing NFC Board 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) Corrective Action Remove obstruction. Clean lens on IR sensor Unplug unit for at least 30 seconds and restart If error repeats, replace IR sensor Check that filter is Installed correctly (label facing fonuard, white tag fac- ing back) Unplug unit for at least 30 seconds and restart Replace filter Replace filter head assembly with repair kit If error repeats, contact certified service professional Unplug unit for at least 30 seconds and restart Verify cable connector is plugged into NFC board on filter head assembly Replace filter head assembly with repair kit If error repeats, contact certified service professional Page 10 ****** Page 11 ****** Uses HFC-134A refrigerant Filter Location 12 or 13 See Fig. 15 12 19 29 10 18 30 20 19 ENLZS8WS IG Pictured is unit only without bottle filler. Note: Danger! Electrical shock hazard. Disconnect power before serviceing unit. •e-t'l 14 17 Fig. 18 Page 11 21 15 23 26 See Fig. 15 12 16 21, 24 19 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) ****** Page 12 ****** ITEM NO. 1 2 3 *4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 NS NS ITEM NO. NS 30 31 NS 32 33 34 NS 35 36 PART NO. 28401 c 0000001337 36216C 36322C 56092C 56229C 66703C 1000001877 1000004564 1000004572 56073C 98734C 1000001600 1000004568 98775C 98776C 98777C 98778C 98898C 0000000238 98724C 1000001812 56237C 1000001602 1000004559 56213C 1000004547 1000004550 98773C 27416C 27413C NS = Not Shown 115V PARTS LIST DESCRIPTION Hanger Bracket Basin – Stainless Steel Wiring – Front/Side Push Bar Compr – Service Pak 115V EMIS70HHR Tube – Poly (72") Assy – Shroud – Upper (Front Side Push) Drier ENLZS8WS IG ATTENTION: If the product serial number is before 190424189, please refer to archived documents section of for the most accurate parts list. ( Kit – Drain Replacement (Bottle Filler) (Bracket, Tube, Fitting, Clamp) Kit – Regular/Holder/Nut Kit – Solenoid Valve/Regulator Assembly Kit – Flexi Bubbler/"C-Ring/Nut Kit – Pushbar (Front'Side) EZS TL Kit – Pushbar (Front Only) Power Cord Kit – Fan Motor/Blade/Screws/Nut Kit – Condenser/Drier/Wire Ties Kit – Compr Mtg Hdwe/Grommets/Clips/Studs Kit – Heatx/Drier Kit – Hardware Kit- 115V Electricals (Relay, Overload, Cover) Kit – Evap. Replacement Kit- Bottle Filler Drain Shroud Kit – 75583C Elbow 5/16" x 1/4" (3 Pack) Wire Assy – Jumper Access Panel Harness – Cooler Wire – 6" Jumper Kit – Cold Control Wrapper Stainless Steel Wrapper Light Grey *INCLUDES RELAY & OVERLOAD. IF UNDER WARRANTY, REPLACE WITH SAME COMPRESSOR USED IN ORIGINAL ASSEMBLY. NOTE: All correspondence pertaining to any of the above water coolers or orders for repair parts MUST include Model No and Serial No. of cooler, name and part number of replacement part. BOTTLE FILLER REPLACEMENT PART KITS PART NO. 98546C 98549C 1000004573 1000005077 1000002433 1000005219 1000004544 1000004436 1000004546 1000004549 NS = Not Shown DESCRIPTION Kit – Aerator Replacement Kit – Hardware & Waterway (BF) Kit – Solenoid 120V (BE) Nameplate – Elkay Filtered Kit – Top Cover Assy (BF) Kit – IR Sensor K+ Kit -Alpha Numeric LED Board Kit – Tower/Basin Gasket Harness – Bottle Filler Harness – LED/IR Board FCC COMPLIANCE STATEMENT CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved could void your authority to use this equipment This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation to the following buo conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation INDUSTRY CANADA STATEMENT This device complies with Industry Canada license-exempt RSS standard(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1 ) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. Le présent appareil est conforme aux CNR d'lndustrie Canada applicables aux appareils radio exempts de license. L'exploitation est autorisée aux deux conditions suivantes : (1) l'appareil ne doit pas produire de brouillage, et (2) l'utilisateur de l'appareil doit accepter tout brouillage radioélectrique subi, méme si le brouillage est susceptible d'en compromettre le fonctionnement. FOR PARTS, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR OR CALL 1.800.834.4816 PRINTED IN U.S.A. REPAIR SERVICE INFORMATION TOLL FREE NUMBER 1.800.260.6640 ELKAY MANUFACTURING COMPANY • 2222 CAMDEN COURT • OAK BROOK, IL 60523 • 630.574.8484 • 1000004538 (Rev. C – 07/19) Page 12








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