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****** Page 1 ****** How to use Connect the data logger to a computer to set configuration parameters XXXpdf Open the data report in the newly created removable disk of your computer and view the data. You can also view the data by operating the data management software. Timing start mode: the data logger starts recording at scheduled time after disconnecting with the computer. @ Directly connect the data logger to the computer with no need to stop it, you may view the temporary report. The logger stops automatically when the set run time elapses, Data Report ALAR q Page 1 Note: This is only a sample report. O Page 2 I Press and hold the left key for 5 seconds to start recording Quickly click the right key twice to mark the current time and temperature Press and hold the right key for 5 seconds to stop recording Note: o Default setting: Run time: 30 days Log interval: 2min Trip IDI 0000001 Time zone: UTC +0:00 Start mode: press button Alarm setting: no Start delay: O min Cyclic record: disabled Temporary report: enable Multi-start/stop: enabled Calibration: ±OOC Alarm setting: no Trip description: Temperatrue recording Stop mode: press button, via software In the following two cases, the data logger can also be turned on with the left key not pressed. Immediate start mode: The data logger is turned on immediately after disconnecting with the computer. I. Basic information 2. Trip information 3. Configuration information 4. Alarm thresholds and related data 5. Statistics 6. Temperature graph 7. Detailed data A. File creation time(Record stop time) B. Alarm indication (The icon indicates alarm has been triggered) C. The set stop mode D. Alarm status of the alarm zones E. Total times of out-of-limits alarms F. Total duration of out-of-limits alarms G. Alarm types H. Alarm threshold and alarm interval division l. Stop time (Actual stop mode) J. Temperature unit K. Alarm threshold lines (Correspond to item L) L. Alarm threshold M. Data curve Note: Red – above upper temperature Blue – below lower temperature Black – within temperature limits N. File name(serial number + trip ID) O. Record time rang within the current page P. The record for two days.(date + temperature) Q. The record for one day.(time + temperature)

****** Page 2 ****** Product Schematic or-cor-l.r-lE Right key function Operation Press and hold 5s Press once Press twice LCD Display Function Stop recording Return to main menu Mark the event 3 2 1 8 9 v MAX 0 @ USB protective cover @ Key (right) Replace the battery with a coin as follows: O. Turn the battery cover counterclockwise to open it. Put in a new CR2032 button battery, with the negative inward. Turn the battery cover clockwise to close it. I @ Power indicator @ Stop status @ Record status @ Computer connection O Alarm: above upper limit @ Alarm: below lower limit C) Current readings LCD Menu 4 6 Lo @ No alarm/Marked @ Date – month @ Maximum temperature O Minimum temperature @ Alarm/Mark failed O Alarm/Mark failed 1.Current temperature 3.Current time: hour:minute 5,Maximum temperature Application 2,Number of readings 4.Current date: 6.Minimum temperature I @ LCD screen @ Key (left) Note: I Left key function Operation Press and hold 5s Press once O Battery cover Function Start recording Light the screen, turn pages Press the left key to view the content of each page. Press the right key in any page to return to the first page. The data logger is mainly used to monitor the temperature of food, medicine, chemicals and other products in storage and transport. It can be widely applied to all links of warehousing and cold-chain logistics, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, cooler boxes, cold storage, laboratories, etc. Precautions Please read the manual carefully before using the logger. To synchronize system time, it is recommended to connect the logger to a computer for parameter configuration before it is used for the first time. • The LCD screen will be off after 15 seconds of inactivity. Press the left key to lighten it. Never dismantle the battery. Do not remove it if the logger is running. • Replace the battery in time for long distance transport if its power remains half. Replace old battery with a new CR2032 button cell iwth the negative inward. Jiangsu Jingchuang Electronics Co., Ltd URL: Email: Download Elitech@ User’s Manual RC-5+ PDF Temperature Data Logger








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