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PDF Content Summary: Elicto Instruction Manual MODEL NO. ES-530 Instruction Manual 1 / 12 Contents ◆ Safety Attentions.................................................. ......3 ◆ Name of components and structure........................7 ◆ Item installation methods......................................8 ◆ Application instruction.................................... .....8 ◆ Correct installation methods of cleaning..................11 ◆ Washing attentions of cleaning pads.......................11 ◆ Please confirm before claiming against the problems.......................................................12 ◆ Product specification............................................12 2 / 12 Safety Attentions In order to avoid the danger and injury, please follow the matters as below: ● Please use the product according to the instruction manual ● This product is only for the inside cleaning, not for other application. Attentions of the power Warning The wrong application will cause the injury and death, please follow! ➢ Power cord, in order to avoid the adanger, please don`t use the product is the power cord is damaged, and please contact. Installation and storage attentions When charging, don`t start the product. -when using, please ensure that the charging has been finished. -When the three LED blue charging indicator is always light and no longer flashes, the power is full. -In order to ensure the product performance, please charge in time. 3 / 12 Warning: The wrong application will cause the injury and death, please follow! Application Attentions 4 / 12 Warning: The wrong application will cause the injury and death, please follow! 5 / 12 ➢ The instructions for appliances with a ilquid dispensing system shall specify the amount and type of the liquid to be used. ➢ The instructions for appliances with rotating brushes shall state that a hazard may occur if the appliance runs over the supply cord. ➢ The instructions shall state that the plug must be removed from the socket-outlet before cleaning or maintaining the appliance. ➢ If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agentor similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. ➢ This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision orinstruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children withoutsupervision. 6 / 12 Name of components and structure

➢ The instructions for appliances incorporating batteries that are intended to be replaced by theuser shall include the following: – the type reference of the battery; – the orientation of the battery with regard to polarity; – the method of replacing batteries; – details regarding safe disposal of used batteries; – warning against using non-rechargeable batteries; – how to deal with leaking batteries. 7 / 12 ➢ The instructions for appliances incorporating a battery that contains materials that are hazardous to the environment shall give details on how to remove the battery and shall state that – the battery must be removed from the appliance before it is scrapped. – the appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains when removing the battery. – the battery is to be disposed of safely.

Item installation methods ➢ When installing,please connect with power,may cause the product barrier or electric shock. 1. Please take the handle and the major body from the packing box. 2. Slide the bottom end of Telescopic pipe onto the polisher head until pipe button clicks into place. When fixing well, you will hear “clicking” sound, After connecting, please pull tightly to ensure Whether the installation is good. 3. -Open the battery cover in the back part of handle, put in 2*3AAA, 1.5v battery,close the battery cover。 -Connect handle with telescopic pipe, Insert handle into pipe until pipe button clicks into place. When fixing well, you will hear “clicking” sound, After connecting, please pull tightly to ensure Whether the installation is good. Application Instruction

➢ Please follow the below instruction 1.When cleaning,please absorb the Water completely, and then twist all water out. 2.Fix the cloth pads on rotating plates. 8 / 12 3.When the center of pads and rotating plate match well, fix the pads 4. Before cleaning, please confirm there is no foreign objects on the floor.(the foreign objects may cause the barrier or accidents of product. 5.Connecting power, step the button on the main body, LED will be bright. 7. When using, press the water spray button for water spraying.(with full water inside) 6. Hold the handle, press the button. (The battery must be inserted into the handle) 8.When there is no water spraying out, please power off and refill into water.

9. Please use the adaptor of this product for charging (The charging time is around 3 hours, When the three LED blue charging indicator is always light and no longer flashes, the power is full.

-In order to ensure the pr After matching the center of pad A and rotating place B, presspads slightly to fix.(as fig) 9 / 12

Relevant safety attentions For your safety,please follow the attentions as below -Once the batter has the visible bulging problem that is very dangerous, please contact with the manufacturer or distributor immediately. -Please use the correct and pointed adaptor for charging. -Please don`t be close to fire or flammable objects(Don`t put into microwave oven) -Please don`t put into the cars in summer. -Please don`t use or store at the places of high temperature,such as Sauna room. -Please don`t touch the connector of battery with coin,necklace,keys,etc. -Please use the NI-MH Battery that is pointed by the manufacturer. -Please don`t uninstall, press, beat, etc. -Please don`t do the unnormal colliding action, such as falling down from the high places. -Please don`t put into the high temperature above 60°C. (avoid the direct sunshine) -should be far from the wet. -If the battery has leakage, don`t touch the skin with liquid. If touched carelessly, please clean with water and see the doctor. -Please recognize the correct using of two electric poles(+) (-). -Please keep the battery far from the places that the children can reach. -If swallowed the battery, please see the doctor immediately. -If stored the battery separately, please put it at the dry and clean place. -Please clean the dirty on the battery with clean and dry cloth. -Please follow the correct instruction of manufacturer for charging. -After long time storage,in order to achieve at the best performance, please charge and discharge repeatedly for several times. -When using the battery under the normal temperature (20±5°C) the performance is the best. -Please use the battery correctly according to its application. -Please handle the scrapped battery correctly. 10 / 12 Correct installation of cloth pads ➢ The cloth pads and the rotating plate should be pasted well. ➢ The center of pads and rotating plate should match well. Washing attentions of cleaning pads 11 / 12 Please confirm before cleaning against the problems ➢ When using the products, there is the after-sale claims without any problems. Please confirm the below subjects. ➢ Which can solve the simple problems and comfirm whether these is the real problems, also can reduce the unnecessary troubles. Barriers’ Appearances Confirmed subjects Can`t start - Please ensure whether the product has been charged - please ensure whether the switch has been started. - Please ensure whether the hand of product has the battery and the battery capacity enough. -The normal running time us 20 minutes, there will be the difference for different environment. -Please ensure whether the product is overtime used, After 2 hours, please restart. Much water left on floor Please ensure whether the pads are wet

The machine body shocks seriously Please ensure whether the pads are installed well There is the foreign noise when cleaning -there is the light “buzz” noise, which is normal. -Please ensure whether the is foreign objects. 12 / 12







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