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****** Page 1 ****** 2-Way Siren Module Module Sirene 2-Way Modulo per sirena radio bidirezionale 2-Weg Sirenenmodul Model EL-4262 Modéle EL-4262 Modello EL-4262 Modell EL-4262 EN Introduction UPGRADING EVERYDAY SECURITY Contacting Electronics Line Electronics Line is committed to customer service and product support. You can contact us through our website ( or at the following telephone and fax numbers; International Headquarters: Electronics Line 14 1 lachoma St., 75655, Rishon Le Zion, Israel Tel: (+972-3) 9634777, Fax: (+972-3) 9614,584 The 2-Way Siren Module EL-4262 is an add-on module that is used to pair Electronics Line’s range of 2-way Sirens (EL4726 and EL4723) to the CommPact and Prime I-way control panels. Control Panel Settings For CommPact Panel (from version 401.37 and higher): Electronics Line 3000 Ltd. Limited Warranty — EL and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Seller”) warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for 24 months from the date of production. Because Seller does not install or connect the product and because the product may be used in conjunction with products not manufactured by the Seller, Seller cannot guarantee the performance of the secunty system which uses this product. Sellers’ obligation and liability under this warranty is expressly limited to repairing and replacing, al Sellers option, within a reasonable lime after the dale of delivery, any product not meeting the specifications. Seller make; no other warranty, expressed or implied, and makes no warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose. In no case shall seller be liable for any consequential or incidental damages for breach of this or any other warranty, expressed or implied, or upon any other basis of liability whatsoever. Sellers obligation under this warranty shall not include any transportation charges or costs of installation or any liability for direct, indirect, or not be compromised or circumvented; that the product will prevent any persona; injury or property by intruder, robbery, fire or otherwise; or that the product will in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. Buyer understands Ihal a properly installed and maintained alarm may only reducæ the risk of intruder, robbery or fire without warning, but is not insurance or a guarantee that such will not occur or that there will be no personal injury or property loss as a result. Consequently seller shall have no liability for any personal injury, property damage or loss based on a claim that the product fails to give warning. However, if seller is held liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage arising from under this limited warranty or otherwise, regardle*s of cause or origin, sellers maximum liability shall nol exceed lhe purchase price of lhe product, which shall be complete and exclusive remedy against seller. No employee or representative of Seller is authorized to change this warranty in any way or grant any other warranty, CAUTION: This product should be tested at least once a week. WARNING: Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used balleries according 10 local regulations. DIP Switch Settin s (default *) Switch State 1. 2. Input event — Set PGM Output as ‘SIREN MODULE’ Output event — Set Zone #33 ‘LOOP TYPE’ as Normally Closed 1 2 3 4 ON OFF * ON OFF * ON ON Description Tam er on Tamper off Low battery on Low batte off Communication trouble on Communication trouble off For Prime For CommPact For Prime Panel: Input event — Set PCM Output as ‘SIREN’ Terminal Wiring and PCB Layout MODULE slo sls s Ols slo OPGUC. NOTE: for best performance of the product it is recommended to install the module outside the control panel. Registering and Testing the 2-Way Siren Power-up the module. Once the Red and Green LEDs are flashing consecutively, send a signal from the siren by inserting the batteries. If the LED continues flashing Red and Green, press the tamper on the siren.. Once registered, press the Test button. The Green LED begins to flash according to the transmission quality (4 flashes — best, 1 flash — poor). Close the module housing cover to complete registration. LED Dis la LED Yellow Green Red Red & Green State Flashin Flashin Intermittent flashin Flashin (consecutivel ) Descri •on Siren Low batte Normal O eration Testin mode Communication trouble Siren tam er activated Module tam er activated Re •stration/ deletion mode O Antenna O Test Button O Dip Switch O LED Indicator CONTROL PANEL Tamper Switch Wiring Knockout 00 olo Terminal Block PCB Release Tab NOTE: A combination of troubles is indicated by a 3 second steady Red LED followed by a 3 second blinking Yellow LED. NOTE: If switches (1-3) are set to ON the output of the module will trigger the wired zone on the panel and create an alarm according to the panel’s configuration. Deleting a Siren Open the 2-Way Siren Module and press the Test button for approximately 7 seconds until the Red and Green LEDs flash consecutively. This confirms the deletion. Technical Specifications Frequency – 868 MHz, 433 MHz, Power -12VDC Operating Temperature — -10 — 550C R TTE Compliance Statement: Hereby, Electronics Line 3000 Ltd. declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. The declaration of conformity may be consulted at All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the publisher Electronics Line 3000 Ltd. 11/2014 51N2138 D

****** Page 2 ****** e des commutateurs ( ar default * ) Affichage LED Introduction Le Mod ule bid irectionnel EL-4262 est un mod ule complémentaire qui est utilisé pour coupler Ia gamme des Sir&nes Electronics Line (EL4726 et EL4723) avec les centrales CommPact et Infinite Prime. Paramétres de la centrale Pour la Commpact ( å partir de la version 401.37 et supérieure): En entrée-Régler la sortie PGM en Siréne 1. En sortie-Régler Ia zone 33 en ( NF ) 2. Pour I’linfinite Prime – En entrée-Régler Ia sortie PGM en SiTbne ooo (reportez-vous å NOTE. pour une meilleure performance du produit, il estrecommandé d’installer le module en dehors de la centrale. O Cåblage terminal et Coté Composants (reportez-vous Switch 1 2 3 4 Etat ON OFF * ON OFF ON OFF ON Descri fion Auto rotection Active Auto rotection Inactive Batterie baKse Active Bellerie basse Inactive Trouble communication Aclive Trouble communication Inactive Pour Infinite Prime Pour Comm acl LED Jaune Vert Rouge Rouge Vert Etat Cli olanl Clignotant Clignotant ar-intermittance & Clignotant- Continu Description Batterie Faible Mode Normal Mode Tesl Touble communication Autoprotection Sirene Autoprotection Module Enregistrement Effacement o Antenne Bouton Test Introduzione o Commutateurs Indicaleur LED e Bornier Cåblage Autoprotection Passage de Cable Circuil NOTE: Si les commutateun (1-3) sont réglés sur ON la sortie du module va déclencher la mne filaire de la centrale et de créer une alarme en fonction de la configuration de la centrale. Enregistrement et Test de la Siréne Bidirectionnelle Mettez sous tension. Une fois que les LEDs rouge et verte clignotent consécutivement, envoyer un signal de la sir&ne en insérant les batteries. Si la LED continue å clignoter en rouge et vert, appuyez sur l’ autoprotection de Ia sirbne. Une fois enregistré, appuyez sur Ie bouton de test. La LED verte clignote selon la force de signal (4 clignotements – excellent, 1 clignotement faible). Fermez le couvercle pour terminer l’enregistrement. Impostazione dei microinterruttori (default * ) Microinterruttore Posizione Descrizione NOTE: Une combinaison de Défaut est indiquée par l’allumage de la LED en rouge fixe pendant 3s suivie de la LED iaune clignotant pendant 3s. Suppression d’une siréne Ouvrez le module Siréne et appuyez sur le bouton de test pendant environ 7 secondes jusqu’å ce que la LED rouge et verte clignotent consécutivement. Ceci confirme la suppression. Technical Specifications – Frequence- 868 Mllz, 433 Mllz, Power 12VDC, Temperature de fonctionnement -10 — 550C LED Display II Modulo Per Sirena Radio Bidirezionale EL-4262 un modulo aggiuntivo il cui scopo consentire di utilizzare la sirena radio bidirezionale EL4726 con la centrale CommPact monodirezionale. Programmazione della centrale Utilizzabile dalla versione 401.37 e successive della centrale CommPact: 1. Programmazione PGM — Programmare il Tipo di associazione della PGM come ESTERNA”. 2. Programmazione Zona — Programmare il LOOP della Zona 33 come “N.C. ooo (fare riferimento a NOT A: Per ottenere prestazioni migliori consigliabile installare il modulo esternamente alla centrale. Cablaggio Terminal e Scheda elettronica (fare riferimento a 1 2 3 4 ON OFF * ON OFF * ON ON OFF * Tam er attivo Tam non attivo Basso livello batterie attivo Basso livello batterie non attivo Anomalia di comunicazione attivo Anomalia di comunicazione non attivo Per utilizzo con centrali Prime Per utilizzo con centrali CommPact LED Giallo Verde Rosso Rosso & Verde Stato Acceso Acceso Lam Acceso Lam ante ante Descrizione Basso livello batteria Modoo erativo normale Modalitå Test Anomalia comunicazione Tam sirenaa erto Lam gio inlermillenle Tam modulo a 10 “SIRENA Lampeggio (Consecutivamente) Modalilå re -strazione/cancellazione O Antenna O Pulsante di test Einführung O O Microinterrullori Tamper Morselliera O LED O Ingresso cavo Blocco scheda elettronica NOTA: Se i microinterruttori 1-3 sono impostati su ON liuscita del modulo, al presentarsi delle attiverä la zona cablata delta centrale generando allarme contestualmente a come la zona Stata programmata. Memorizzazione e Test del Modulo per Sirena Radio Bidirezionale Alimentare il modulo. Quando il LED lampeggia ciclicamente di colore Rosso e Verde inviare un segnale dalla sirena radio alimentandola. Se il LED continua a lampeggiare premere il tamper a bordo della srrena per trasmettere nuovamente il segnale. Completata la registrazione premere il pulsante di Test, il LED lampeggierå di colore Verde indicando Ia qualitå della trasmissione (4 lampeggi — ottimo, I lampeggio — scarso). Chiudere il modulo per completare la registrazione. Einstellun en des DIP-Schalters (Standardeinstellun NOTA: Piü anomalie presenti contemporaneamente vengono indicate tramite l’accensione per 3 secondi del LED Rosso seguito dal lampeggio intermittente del LED Giallo per 3 secondi. Cancellazione della sirena Aprire il Modulo Per Sirena Radio Bidirezionale e premere il pulsante di Test per circa 7 secondi fino a Che il LED lampeggerå consecutivamente di colore Rosso e Verde. Questa indicazione conferma la cancellazione della sirena. Specifiche Tecniche – Frequenza-868 MHz, 433 MHz, Alimenlazione — 12Vcc, Temperatura di funzionamenlo — da -100C a 550C LED Display Das 2-Weg Sirenenmodul EL-4262 ist ein Zusatzmodul, das genutzt wird, um die Reihe der 2-Weg Sirenen von Electronics Line (EL4726 und EL4723) mit den Steuertafeln von CommPact und Prime I-Weg zu paaren. Einstellungen der Steuertafel Für die Tafel von CommPact (ab Version 401.37 und höher): Eingabe-Event – Stellen Sie die PGM Ausgabe als ‘SIREN MODULE’ ein. 1. 2. Ausgabe-Event — Stellen Sie die Zone #33 ‘LOOP TYPE’ als Normalerweise geschlossen ein. Für Prime Panel – Eingabe-Event — Stellen Sie die PGM Ausgabe als ‘SIREN’ ein. ooo o (gelten flir ANMERKUNG: Fiir eine maximale Leistung des Produktes Wird empfohlen, das Modul außerhalb der Steuertafel zu montieren EN Klemmenbelegung und PCB Anordnung (gelten für Schalter 1 2 3 4 Status ON ON OFF * ON OFF ON OFF * Beschreibun Sabota ekontakt an Sabota ekontakt aus Niedri er Ladestand der Batterie an Niedri er Ladestand der Batterie aus Kommunikations roblem an Kommunikalions roblem aus Für Prime Für CommPact LED Gelb Griin Rot Rot& Grün Status An An Blinkt An Blinkt Intermittierendes Blinken Blinkt (hintereinander) Beschreibun Niedriger Ladestand der Batterie der Sirene Normaler Belrieb Testmodus Störung der Kommunikation Der Sabotagekontakt der Sirene ist aktiviert Der Sabotagekontakt des Moduls ist aktiviert Modus der Registrierung / Löschung Antenne Testkno Dip-Switch LED Indikator Sabotagekontakt Klemmleiste Kabeldurchführung PCB Entriegelun lasche ANMERKUNG: Wenn die Schalter (1-3) auf ON gestellt Sind, Wird die Ausgabe des Moduls die verdrahtete Zone auf der Steuertafel auslösen und im Einklang mit der Konfiguration der Tafel einen Alarm einleiten Registrierung und Testen der 2-Weg Sirene Schalten Sie das Modul ein. Sobald die LED-Leuchte hintereinander rot und grün aufleuchtet, senden Sie dutch das Einlegen der Batterien ein Signal von der Sirene. Wenn die LED-Leuchte auch weiterhin abwechselnd rot und grün aufleuchtet, drücken Sie auf den Sabotagekontakt an der Sirene. Nach der Registrierung drücken Sie auf den Testknopf. Die grüne LED Leuchte beginnt im Einklang mit der Übertragungsqualität aufzuleuchten (4 Mal Blinken — am besten, I Mal blinken — schlechte Qualität). Schließen Sie das Gehäuse des Moduls, um die Registrierung abzuschließen. ANMERKUNG: Eine Kombination von Problemen Wird durch 3 Sekunden dauerhaft rot angezeigt LED bei einer 3 Sekunden blinkende gelbe LED gefolgt- Das Löschen einer Sirene Öffnen Sie das Modul der 2-Weg Sirene, und drücken Sie etwa 7 Sekunden lang auf den Testknopf, bis die roten und grünen LED- Leuchten hintereinander aufblinken. Dies bestätigt die Löschung. Technische Spezifikationen – Frequenz – 868 MHz, MHz, Slromzufuhr — 12V, Gleichslrom, Belriebslemperalur –10-550C








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