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****** Page 1 ****** Use & Care Guide Dryer MKR62GWTWB I MKR62FWTWB XKR72GWTWB I XKR72FWTWB

****** Page 2 ****** important safety information! read all instructions before use warning: for your own safety, we recommend you read all of the information in this manual and follow the safety measures included herein in order to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or misuse of the product. • Do not store flammable substances such as gasoline or other solvents in or near this appliance. • This product must be installed by a qualified technician. Poor installation can cause risks to your safety and that of your material goods. Do not allow anyone, especially children, use this appliance as a toy, to climb on, hang on, stand on, play on, in or on the appliance. When the appliance is used near children, adult supervision is required. A This appliance is not designed for use by persons (including children) with different or reduced physical, sensory, or mental capacities or those who lack experience or knowledge of how to use it, unless said persons are supervised or taught by someone responsible for their safety. recommendation: for proper functioning of the product, the lint trap filter must be cleaned before and after every dry cycle. doing so will allow the clothes to dry faster and you will save in energy . benefits of keeping your lint trap filter clean: • The clothes come out dryer. • The clothes dry faster. Less energy use. Tumble dryer must not be used if chemicals have been used for cleaning. When operating the tumble dryer, there has to be adequate ventilation to avoid the back flow of gases into the room from appliances burning other fuels, including open fires. Do not dry Items that have been soiled with substances such as cooking oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, spot removers, turpentine, waxes and wax removers should be washed in hot water with an extra amount of detergent before being dried in the tumble dryer. Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps, waterproof textiles, rubber backed articles and clothes or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be dried in the tumble dryer. Fabric softeners, or similar products, should be used as specified by the fabric softener instructions. 2

****** Page 3 ****** The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat (cool down cycle) to ensure that the items are left at a temperature that ensures that the items will not be damaged. Remove all objects from pockets such as lighters and matches. Awarning: Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated. Exhaust air must not be discharged into a flue which is used for exhausting fumes from appliances burning gas or other fuels. The appliance must not be installed behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side to that of the tumble dryer, in such a way that a full opening of the tumble dryer door is restricted. Disconnect the electric power supply before servicing. Certain internal parts are intentionally not grounded and may present a risk of electric shock during servicing. Service personnel – do not contact the following part while the appliance is energized. Outlet thermistor (some models) and outlet thermostat installed in the blower housing. Front shield deflector (some models). A clothes dryer produces combustible lint, the dryer must be connected to an exhaust duct to the outdoors. Regularly inspect the outdoor exhaust opening and remove any accumulation of lint around the outdoor exhaust opening and in the surrounding area. Means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the local wiring rules. safety recommendations when using the dryer Never insert your hands or load or unload clothing when your dryer is in operation or when the drum is turning. • Clean the dryer’s lint trap filter after each cycle in order for the dryer to per- form better and avoid lint around the area where the dryer is installed. Never operate the dryer without the lint trap filter. • Do not dry clothing or articles that are stained with combustible or explosive substances (such as wax, oil, paint, gasoline, degreasers, dry cleaning solvents, kerosene, etc.) applied on cleaning cloths, sackcloth, towels used in beauty salons, restaurants, barber shops, etc., because they could catch on fire or cause an explosion. • The washing and drying process can reduce the retardant capacity of the fabrics. To avoid this result, carefully follow the instructions found on the manufacturer’s tag on the clothing item. For example, padded bras, tennis shoes, rubber shoes, bath mats, rugs, bibs, rubber underpants for babies, plastic balls, pillows, etc.) which could melt or burn. Some rubber materials, when heated, under certain circumstances can cause fire. • Do not dry articles marked with the phrases “Dry away from heat” or “Do not tumble dry” such as life jackets, sleeping bags, etc. made with Kapok. • Do not dry articles or objects that have fiberglass as it could rub off onto other articles and cause irritation. 3

****** Page 4 ****** • To minimize the possibility ofelectric shock during maintenance or cleaning, disco- nnect the appliance from the power source. note: moving the dial or cycle to the off position does not disconnect the appliance from the power. • Never try to use this appliance if it is partially disassembled or if it has broken or missing pieces, including a damaged power cord or plug. If you want to soften washed fabrics or reduce their static using an antistatic liquid for fabric in the wash cycle, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this kind of product. These products are the responsibility of their manufacturer and are not covered by this appliance’s warranty. safety recommendations when not using your dryer for an extended period of time Disconnect the dryer from the power when your dryer will not be used for an extended period, for instance during vacation or the hot season. To do so, we recommend that you disconnect the plug using both hands and never by pulling on the cord. characteristics table model MKR62FWTWB XKR72FWTWB XKR72GWTWB MKR62GWTWB electrical characteristics 220V/240V/60Hz 220V/240V/60Hz 220V/240V/50Hz 220V/240V/50Hz energy type ELEC. ELEC. ELEC. ELEC. maximum dry load (kg) 10 10 4

****** Page 5 ****** operating instructions about the control panel of the dryer You can locate the model number on the label located in front of the left side of the door opening Extended Tumble Cool Cotlon timed Dry A uto:motic Pro Z” Caswls coa ore Casuals ory Temperatu so Automatic Programs Temperature Signal important: clean the lint filter every time you use the dryer. a. temperature (Not all of the models have all of these characteristics) high (cottons) Recommended for heavy cotton items such as jeans or comforters medium (permanent press garments) Recommended for synthetic fabrics, items marked with “permanent press”. delicates In some models. For delicate articles of synthetic fabric and labeled as tumble dry low. just air (no heat) To fluff articles without using heat. Use the timed dry cycle. The automatic cycles automatically detect the dryness level of the fabrics. Select Less Dry if you want your garments to remain slightly damp at the end of the dry cycle. Select More Dry if you want them to feel dryer. The timed cycles run for a specified period of time. 5

****** Page 6 ****** b. drying cycles (Notall ofthemodels have allofthesecharacteristics) cottons For cotton fabrics and the majority of woven fabrics. For the majority of loads, select Optimum. (in some models). permanent press For articles that do not wrinkle, permanent press and delicates, as well as some knit articles. delicates For delicate articles, special care fabrics, and knit items. timed dry This option allows you to select the time based on the moisture or water content of the clothing. dewrinkle This option helps to reduce wrinkles to a minimum in garments that have very little moisture. air fluff To fluff or refresh garments, woven fabrics and pillows that are already dry This option adds 10 minutes of drying without heat. c. start button Close the dryer door and press the Start button. If you open the door during operation, the drum will stop rotating and the dryer will stop. To restart the dryer, close the door and select Start to complete the cycle. note: Drying times vary according to load size, type of fabric of each garment, clothing moisture level, and cleanliness of the exhaust ducts and filter. d. option for prolonged anti-wrinkle dry (insomemodels) Use this option to minimize wrinkles in clothing. It provides approximately 15 minutes of tumbling without heat after the clothing is dry. This option can only be used with the “cottons” and “permanent press” cycles. If you are using the end of cycle alarm knob and select the option for prolonged anti-wrinkle dry, you will hear a sound at the end of the cycle and various times during the prolonged anti-wrinkle dry cycle. This will remind you that it is time to remove the garments. If the prolonged anti-wrinkle dry option is not lit, the dryer will stop when the timer gets to the prolonged anti-wrinkle dry mark on the cycle dial. e. end of cycle alarm (insomemodels) This signal will sound just before the end of the cycle to remind you to remove the garments. In some models, you cannot regulate the sound level of the signal. note: • Remove the garments in a timely manner once the signal sounds. • Use this option when drying knitted fabrics, polyester, and permanent press items. These fabrics must be removed to avoid wrinkles. automatic cycle signal (in some models) At the end of each cycle, there are approximately 15 min. of tumbling without heat after the clothing is dry. A reminder signal will sound periodically during this lapse of time to remind you to remove the garments. 6

****** Page 7 ****** loading and using the dryer Always follow the manufacturer care tag for the fabric when you wash and dry clothing. advice for sorting and loading clothing • As a general rule, if the clothing is appropriately sorted for the washer, it is appropriately sorted for the dryer as well. Do not add fabric softener sheets once the load of clothing has begun to warm. They can cause stains. • Do not overload the dryer. This will waste energy and cause wrinkles. Do not dry the following articles: Articles made of fiberglass, wool, those covered in rubber, plastics, with plastic trims or parts, or those filled with foam. models with sensor dry This function is activated only in the automatic cycles (COTTONS, PERMANENT PRESS and DELICATES). The Dryness Sensor provides greater accuracy in the drying process than in standard machines, resulting in shorter dry times and better care of the garments. While the clothing spins in the drum, it touches the Dryness Sensor. The sensor stops the heat cycle as soon as the clothing has reached the dryness level; it will stop regardless of the cycle and/or time selected, thereby saving energy. models with led lights The drum light is LED. It must be replaced by a qualified technician. models with light bulb Before replacing the bulb of the rotating drum, make sure to disconnect the dryer from the power outlet or to disconnect the dryer from your house’s power distribution panel, removing the fuse or breaking the electrical circuit. Place your hand on the top of the dryer opening from inside the drum. Remove the bulb and replace it with another of the same size. 7

****** Page 8 ****** dryer care and cleaning • the exterior. Clean or dust off splatters or cleaning compounds using a damp cloth. The dryer control panel and the finishing can be damaged by some stain removers and grime treatments. Apply these products to the cloth away from the dryer. The cleaning cloth can then be washed and dried normally. • Damage to your dryer caused by these products is not covered by warranty. • the lint trap filter Clean the lint trap filter after every use. Remove it by pulling it in a straight line upward. Run your fingers across the filter. You can get a waxy buildup on the lint trap filter from using fabric softener sheets for the dryer. To remove this buildup, clean the filter screen in warm soapy water. • Let it dry completely and return it to its place. Do not operate the dryer without the lint trap filter in its place. Have a qualified technician vacuum the lint from the dryer once a year. • the exhaust duct. Inspect and clean the exhaust duct at least once a year to prevent obstruction. A partially obstructed exhaust duct can lengthen dry time. 1 . Turn off the power supply, disconnecting the plug from the wall outlet. 2. Disconnect the duct from the dryer. 3. Vacuum the duct with the vacuum hose and reconnect the duct. • the exhaust vent hood Check with a mirror that the interior flaps of the hood move freely during operation. • stainless steel surfaces To clean the stainless steel surfaces, use a damp cloth with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser appropriate for stainless steel surfaces. Remove the cleaner residue and then dry with a clean cloth. 8

****** Page 9 ****** dryer ventilation Correct venting Incorrect venting drying labels tumble dry cycle For better performance of your dryer, it must be properly ventilated. The dryer will waste more energy and operate for longer amounts of time if it is not ventilated according to the following specifications: • Only use a metallic, rigid, or flexible duct. Do not use a plastic duct or a duct made of any other flammable material. Install the duct along the shortest possible path to the outside. Do not smash or fold the duct. • Avoid leaning the duct against sharp objects. Dry Normal Delicates No Heat Dry flat Do not tumble dry 8 Do not dry Permanent press heat special instructions High Hang dry Medium Drip dry Low Dry in the shade 9

****** Page 10 ****** troubleshooting Save time and money! First review this troubleshooting pages and maybe you you won’t need to call for service. problem The dryer won’t turn on The dryer does not generate heat The dryer shakes or makes noise Greasy stains on the clothing possible causes The dryer is disconnected Blown fuse / circuit breaker tripped Blown fuse / circuit breaker tripped Some shaking and noise is normal. The dryer may be seated unevenly Inappropiate use of fabric softener You are drying dirty articles together with clean ones The clothing was not completely clean what to do Make sure the dryer plug is completely in the outlet. Check the fuse box or circuit breaker of the house and replace the fuse or restart the breakers. note: Most of the electric dryers use two fuses or breakers. Check the fuse box or circuit breaker of the house and replace the fuse or restart the breakers. Move the dryer to an even surface, or adjust the leveling feet as necessary until even Follow the instructions on the fabric softener packaging Only use your dryer to dry clean articles. Dirty articles can stain your clean ones or the dryer itself Sometimes stains that you cannot see when the clothes are wet show up after drying. Use the appropiate wash procedures before drying 10

****** Page 11 ****** before calling for service problem Lint on the clothing There’s static electricity Inconsistent dry times The clothing takes too long to dry possible causes The lint trap filter is full Inappropiate sorting Static electricity can attract lint Overloading Paper tissues, etc. in the pockets of clothing You didn’t use fabric softener The clothing came out too dry Synthetics, permanent press and mixtures can cause static Type of load, dampness and venting Incorrect sorting Large loads of heavy fabrics (such as beach towels) Controls put in the wrong positions The lint trap filter is full Wrong or obstructed duct Blown fuses or tripped circuit breaker what to do Clean the filter screen before each load Separate items that shed (like chenille) from those that collect lint (like corduroy) See the suggestions in this section under the subtitle Static Divide large loads into small ones Empty all pockets, before washing and drying clothers Try a fabric softener Try a fabric softener Adjust the controls to dry less Try a fabric softener The automatic dry times vary according to the type of the load, type of fabrics, the dampness of the clothing and the state of the exhaust ducts Separate heavy articles from light ones (generally a load that is well sorted for the washing machine is also well sorted for the dryer) Large and heavy fabrics retain more moisture and require a longer time to dry. Divide large and heavy fabrics into smaller loads to shorten the dry time Adjust the controls to the right settings for the load to be dried Clean the lint trap filter before every load Review the installation instructions to achieve appropiate ventilation Make sure that the duct is clean and free on kinks and obstructions Check to make sure that the vent damper is working freely Review installation instructions to make sure that dryer’s ventilation is correct Replace the fuses or restart the circuit breakers. Since the majority of dryers use two fuses or breakers, make sure that both are working. 11

****** Page 12 ****** before calling for service problem Clothing takes too long to dry Clothing is wrinkled Clothing shrinks Clothing is always damp. Clothing takes a long time to dry possible causes You are loading less clothing than you should You are over drying You are leaving the garments in the dryer after the end of the cycle Some fabrics naturally shrink when washed. Others can be washed safely but will shrink in the dryer Filter full of lint what to do If you are only going to dry one or two garments, add a few more items to make sure that it tumble dries properly Select a shorter dry time Remove garments when they are still slightly damp Remove garments when the cycle ends and fold or hang them immediately To avoid shrinking, follow care instructions on the garment to the letter Some garments should me ironed so they return to their correct shape after drying If you are worried about one item in particular shrinking, do not wash it in the washing machine or dry it on the dryer Clean the filter after every cycle for: – better performance – less energy consumption – better care of the clothing your dryer’s technical specifications Supply voltage or nominal voltage Operating frequency or nominal frequency Nominal current Supply voltage or nominal voltage Operating frequency or nominal frequency Nominal current electric dryer 220 v- 60 Hz 24 A electric dryer 220 v- 50 Hz 240 A MKR62FWTWB / XKR72FWTWB MKR62GWTWB / XKR72GWTWB 12

****** Page 14 ****** .å,..i.e ‘.93.11..4 •1..€…..>..11 Jl.é….>..ll ‘i 4.4 ‘-…Å.* JS 14

****** Page 15 ****** •-.L.Zli J..z.Å.3 ‘i JJ.Z _jl+*..ll • i_l.ß ‘i ; $.11 e.iÅ*.dl 15

****** Page 16 ****** 10 11 11 10 220 MKR62FWTWB 220 XKR72FWTWB 220 XKR72GWTWB 50/LJ,Å 240/Ll,å 220 MKR62GWTWB 16

****** Page 17 ****** Cotton orr timed Ory Eitetided Tumble e…i.Å.*.dl M ore Casuals LOW Off OFF Automatic Pro g runs Automatic Programs 1>11 Temperature Tetnperature Sgt’lal 17

****** Page 18 ****** (u..4.jL..Äjl Y) i QI.I.L.A.I! 13.1*…a.l! v..lll G..Å G 93.3-4 u.] start Js.] e.s-.s-l 18

****** Page 19 ****** 01….A 15 .1a.öolÅJJ el..i.Z.uI . cw..D…4.jJ e….a..uß élO-Så* ül..x . (C.D+,..J 4*.Z é.lS.s ; 034.11 ; Ou 15 Js 19

****** Page 20 ****** ‘…ÅÅ*dl 13.5 . J.A.S.: • LUa.dU J J &l…4Sl…4.ll.+ •e LED 20

****** Page 21 ****** •….ii..>…a.ll e ax..u.L.ll.4 j ‘ 0.4 e..a.l • 40.34 d O.S.Z 21

****** Page 22 ****** 4 i„is.e…i e.] 13) J S.Li II 0.3.] (_J.A.*-.ÆS Gl.L..ll :uu.ll e.•.la..d Rc.s.i.,..a..4 ;I.E . l-e.L ‘i c c.k.g c 22

****** Page 23 ****** El..z.x.s 1-4 ‘i ‘.9…4..0.11 ‘i ‘.9…4..0.11 G.Åx.JJ

****** Page 24 ****** e.s.*.s.ll .k.’.zl .L.GI v.Å G Y….ZY t;s.z.z.jl

****** Page 25 ****** DJed l? ui-,z iéJé •.Jzi MKR62FWTWB / XKR72FWTWB MKR62GWTWB / XKR72GWTWB ‘…i’….ieeJj 220 24,0 c…i’..ieeJl 220 “.29 50 24,0

****** Page 26 ****** INTERNATIONAL LIMITED WARRANTY EN AUTOMATIC WASHERS – AUTOMATIC DRYERS – WASTE DISPOSERS – COOK TOPS COOKER HOODS – OVENS – RANGES – DISHWASHERS – MICROWAVES TO BE APPLIED TO ALL PRODUCTS BUILT AFTER JANUARY 1, 2015 THIS WARRANTY APPLIES OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA. For your protection as the original purchaser, for home use, this appliance is warranted as set forth below. IMPORTANT: This Warranty shall not apply if the appliance has been subject to any accident, abuse or misuse, or damage by fire, flood or other acts of God. 2 YEAR MANUFACTURE & MATERIAL: Through the 2nd year from the date of purchase, we will, through our Authorized Service Agency, repair or replace (at our option) FOB factory any part that be- comes inoperable due to defects in manufacture or material under normal domestic use and service. CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITES: 1. Record the model and serial number on this War- ranty and keep it with your sales slip or invoice as a record of your installation date. 2. Provide proper connection to utilities, installation, setting of controls, and maintenance in accordance with instructions in the user’s manual for the appli- ance. 3. Pay charges for pick-up and delivery of the appli- ance, labor, transportation, local duties or taxes associated with warranty service including any charge to analyze the condition of the appliance. During the 2 Year Warranty, such charges are the responsibility of the dealer from whom the appli- ance was purchased, or as specified at the time of the purchase of the appliance. 4. Replacement of glass and light bulbs. HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE: Contact the dealer where the appliance was pur- chased. The dealer will make the necessary arrange- ments or refer you to our Authorized Service Agency if available. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES EX- PRESSED OR IMPLIED COVERING THIS APPLI- ANCE, EXCEPT THIS WARRANTY, WHICH IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ANY IM- PLIED WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WE BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, IN- DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR FOR ANY DELAY IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS WARRANTY DUE TO CAUSES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY UNDER THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE REPLACEMENT OF PARTS AS HEREINBEFORE PROVIDED. ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA; USA

****** Page 27 ****** GARANTIE INTERNATIONALE LIMITÉE LAVE-LINGE – SECHOIRS AUTOMATIQUES – BROYEURS DE DECHETS TABLES DE CUISSON – HOTTES DE CUISINE – FOURS – CUISINIÉRES LAVE-VAISSELLE – FOURS MICRO-ONDES ÅAPPLIQUER POUR TOUS LES PRODI-JITS FABRIQUÉS APRÉS LE IER JAWIER 2015 CETTE GARANTIE S’APPLIQUE EN DEHORS DE L’AMÉRIQUE DU NORO. Afin de vous protéger en tant quiacheteur diorigine, cet appareil est garanti tel qu’indiqué ci-dessous pour un usage domestique. IMPORTANT : la présente garantie ne s’applique pas si l’appareil est accidenté, stil a fait l’objet d’une mauvaise utilisation ou d’une utilisation abusive ou Sil est endommagé par un incendie, une inondation ou toute autre catas- trophe naturelle. GARANTIE DE 2 ANS POUR LA FABRICATION ET LES MATÉRIAUX : Au cours de la 2e année suivant la date diinstallation, nous, par Ifintermédiaire de notre Service d’entretien agréé, réparerons ou remplacerons (å notre discré- tion) gratuitement l’usine toute piéce devenue inutili- sable en raison de défauts de fabrication ou de maté- riaux dans des conditions d’entretien et diutilisation normales. RESPONSABILITÉS DU CLIENT : 1. Consigner le modéle et le numéro de Série sur la présente garantie et conserver ce document avec son ticket de caisse, ou sa facture, afin de pouvoir prouver la date diinstallation. 2. S’assurer que le raccordement aux services pu- blics, l’installation, le réglage des commandes et l’entretien sont conformes aux consignes stipulées dans le manuel d’utilisation de l’appareil. 3. Payer des frais pour la récupération et la livraison de rappareil, la main-d’oeuvre, le transport, les droits de douane ou taxes locales associés au ser- vice de garantie, y compris les frais nécessaires l’analyse de l’état de l’appareil. Durant la période de garantie de 2 ans, ces frais sont la charge du re- vendeur auprés duquel l’appareil a été acheté, ou å la charge de la personne mentionnée au moment de l’achat de l’appareil. 4. Remplacer le verre des ampoules. COMMENT ORGANISER L’ENTRETIEN : Contactez le revendeur auprés duquel l’appareil a été acheté. Le revendeur prendra les dispositions néces- saires ou vous orientera vers le Service d’entretien agréé, si possible. IL N’EXISTE AUCUNE AUTRE GARANTIE EX- PRESSE OU IMPLICITE POUR CET APPAREL, L’EXCEPTION DE LA PRÉSENTE GARANTIE, QUI REMPLACE TOUTES LES AUTRES GARAN- TIES, Y COMPRIS, DANS LA MESURE PERMISE PAR LA LOI, TOUTE GARANTIE IMPLICITE OU QUALITÉ MARCHANDE OU ADAPTABILITÉ UN USAGE PARTICULIER. NOUS NE SAURIONS EN AUCUN CAS ÉTRE TENUS RESPONSABLES EN CAS DE DOMMAGES SPÉCIAUX, INDIRECTS OU CONSÉCUTIFS OU EN CAS DE RETARD DANS L’APPLICATION DE LA PRÉSENTE GARANTIE IMPUTABLE DES CAUSES INDÉPENDANTES DE NOTRE VOLONTÉ. LE SEUL ET UNIQUE RECOURS DANS LE CADRE DE LA PRÉSENTE GARANTIE SE LIMITE AU REMPLACEMENT DES PIÉCES SELON LES MODALITÉS PRÉCITÉES. ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL J 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA, ETATS-UNI

****** Page 28 ****** INTERNATIONALE BEGRENZTE GARANTIE AUTOMATIK-WASCHMASCHINEN – AUTOMATIK-TROCKNER KÜCHENABFALLZERKLEINERER KOCHFELDER – DUNSTABZUGSHAUBEN BACKÖFEN – HERDE – GESCHIRRSPÜLER – MIKROWELLEN GÜLTIG FUR ALLE PRODUKTE AB HERSTELLUNGSDATUM 1. JANUAR 2015 DIESE GARANTIE 1ST AUSSERHALB VON NORDAMERIKA GÜLTIG. Für Ihren Schutz als Erstkäufer und für den Heimge- brauch, besitzt dieses Gerät die unten aufgeführte Garantie. WICHTIG: Diese Gerätegarantie verliert ihre Gültigkeit bei jedwe- den Unfällen, missbräuchlicher Venuendung, Fahr- lässigkeit, Beschädigung durch Feuer, Uberschwem- mung Oder jeglicher anderen höheren Gewalt. 2-JÄHRIGE HERSTELLER- UND MATERIALGARANTIE: Während des 2. Jahres ab Installationsdatum Wird je- des defekte Bauteil aufgrund von Herstellungs- Oder Materialfehlern, bei einer Venrvendung und Wartung im Haushalt, von unserer autorisierten Kundendienst- stelle, exklusive Fracht und Versicherung, repariert Oder ausgetauscht (nach unserer Wahl). VERANTWORTUNG DES KUNDEN: 1. Schreiben Sie Modell und Seriennummer auf diese Garantiekarte und heben Sie sie zusammen mit dem Kaufbeleg bZM. der Rechnung als Nachweis des Installationsdatums auf. 2. Halten Sie das korrekte Verfahren und die Anlei- tungen dieser Gebrauchsanleitung zum Anschluss bru. zur Montage, Bedienung und Wartung von diesem Gerät ein. 3. Übernahme der Kosten fürAbholung und Lieferung des Geräts, Arbeitsstunden, Transport, Örtliche mit dem Garantieservice verknüpfie Abgaben Oder Steuern, inkl. der Kosten, die bei der Überprü- fung des Gerätezustands anfallen. Während der 2-jährigen Garantie übernimmt solche anfallenden Kosten der Händler, bei dem das Gerät eruorben wurde, Oder es gelten die Vereinbarungen, die zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs getroffen wurden. 4. Austausch von Glas Oder Glühlampen. VORGEHENSWEISE: Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit dem Händler auf, bei dem das Gerät enworben wurde. Der Händler Wird alles Notuendige in die Wege leiten Oder Sie an unsere autorisierte Kundendienststelle venueisen, falls ver- fügbar. ES BESTEHEN AUSDRUCKLICH KEINE WE-ITE- REN STILLSCHWEIGENDEN GERÄTEGARANTI- EN, AUSSER DIESE SPEZIELLE GARANTIE, DIE ANSTELLE ALLER ANDEREN GARANTIEREN TRITT, EINSCHLIESSLICH, SOWEIT ES DER GESETZLICHE RAHMEN ERLAIJBT, DER STILL- SCHWEIGENDEN GARANTIE FUR GEBRAUCHS- TAUGLICHKEIT UND EIGNUNG FUR EINEN BE- SONDEREN ZWECK. IN KEINSTER WEISE SIND WIR FUR KONKRETE, INDIREKTE, BEILÄUFIGE BZW. FOLGESCHÄDEN ODER FUR JEGLICHE VERZÖGERUNG IN DER ERFÜLLUNG DIESER GARANTIE HAFTBAR, AUS GRUNDEN, DIE AUS- SERHALB UNSERER ANGEMESSENEN KONT- ROLLE LIEGEN. GEMÄSS DIESER BEGRENZTEN GARANTIE BESTEHT DIE EINZIGE UND AUS- SCHLIEßLlCHE ABHILFE 1M AUSTAUSCH DER HIER BEREITS BENANNTEN BAUTEILE. ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA; USA

****** Page 29 ****** AIE@NHE nEPlOPlEMENH Err YHEH AYTOMATA nAYNTHPlA – AYTOMATA ETErNQTHPlA – EKOynlAO@ArOl EETIEE – AnOPPO@HTHPEE – @OYPNOI – KOYZINEE – IIAYNTHPIA IIIATQN @OYPNOI MIKPOKYMATQN rlA EOAPMOrH EE OAA TA nPOTONTA noy EXOYN KATAZKEYAZTEI META THN 1 H IANOYAPIOY, 2015 H ErrYHEH AYTH IEXYEI EKTOE THE BO- PEIAE AMEPIKHE. na TOV npocnaaia cag o apXlK6g ayopaoThg, Yla OIKlCIKfl xphon, n ouatcuh aum cpép€l €yyönon öTTwg opiCETctl TTapaKåTw. EHMANTIKO: H Trapoöoa Ewönon öEV av n OUOK€Uh éx€l UTTOCTEi anjxnpa, tocpaÅpévn h Kat<h xphon, h ßÅåßn alTö TTI.JPKaYld, TTÅnppüpa h dÅÅeg ITEPITTTGJOEIS avu- Tépag ßia;. 2 ETH rlA KATAEKEYH KAI YINKA: KaTd TQ ÖldPKEla 2 ETGJV C(TTÖ npepopnvia tyrxaTå0Taong, péow TOU E<0U010ÖOTOPéVOU KévTpou Eépßlg, ea ETTIOKEUåOOUPt ri avTIKaTa0Tfiooupe (KaTd KPion wag) WE ITapdöoan OTO EPY00Tå010 OTTOIO- ÖflTTOTE E<åpTnpa TTOU ötv ÅElTOUPYEi Åéyw eÅCITTU)Pd- KaTaOKEUh h Ta uÅlKd KavoVlKh OIKlaKh xphon Kai ETTIOKEUh. EY@YNEE TOY IIEAATH: 1. inpu00TE TO POVTéÅO Kai TOV apepö OEIPdg auThv Tnv Eyyünon Kai CPUÅå€TE TOV pa<i Tnv anÖÖEl€n ri TO TipoÅéY10 ayopdg cog aTTööEl€n Tng npepopnviag EYKaTå0Taong. 2. npéTTEl va TrapéXETt OWOTh oüvöeon OTO ptüpa Kal TO vepö, EYKaTå0Taon, pt.'J9plon TWV KEP10Tnpiwv Kal ouvTfipnon oüpcpwva pt TIC oönyieg OTO EYXElpi- ö10 xph0Tn Yla TQ OUOKEUh. 3. npéTTEl va TTÅnpd.)0ETE TIC xped.)0Elg Yla Tnv ITapa- Åaßfl Kal TTapdöoan Tng OUOKturig, TOV tpyaoia, TO PETacpopd, Ta TOTTIKå TéÅn h cpöpoug ITOU OXETi<OVTal pt Tnv UTTnpEOia eyyünong ouvTTtp1Åapßavopévng Tuxöv xpéwong Yla TIIV avdÅuon Tng KaTd0Taong Tng CUCKEUfig. KaTå Tn ÖlåPl<tla Tng Eyyüncn; 2 ETGJV, 01 xptc0atlg auTég ßaPÖVOUV TOV aVTlTTPéOW- ITO aTTö TOV OTTOiO ayopå0TOKE n OUOKEUh, h öTTwg opi0TlKE KdTå Tnv ayopå Tng OUOKEUhg. 4. AvTlKaTd0Taon TOJV T<apüv Kai ÅapTTThpwv. AHVH ynHPEElQN EEPBIE: ETTIKOlVWVhOTE TOV aVTITTP60WTTO arr6 6TTOU ayo- pd0TrlKE n OUOKWh. O C(VTIITPÖOWTTOS ea •npoßei OTIS anapaiTnT€; EVéPYElES ea oas napaTTéPIVEl OTO E<ou010ö0Tnpévo KévTpo iépßlg, av UTTdPXEl. KAMIAAMH ErrYHZH, PHTH "H ZIQIIHPH, AEN KAAYIITEI AYTH TH EYEKEYH, EKTOi Ano THN nAPOYäA ErrYHäH, H onOlA ANTIKAOläTA KAOE AMH ErrYHEH, ZYMnEPlAAMBANOME- NHZ, ETON BAOMO noy EnlTPEnETAl Ano TH NOMO@EEIA, onolAiAHr10TE ilQnHPHi Erry- 'H ErrYHiHE IIEPI EMnOPEYilMOTHTAZ "H KATAMHAOTHTAZ rlA xyrKEKPlMENO EKO- no. AEN OEPOYME KAMIA EYOYNH rlA ElAlKEi, OETIKEZ 'H AIIOOETIKEZ ZHMIEZ 'H rlA onolA- AHIIOTE KA@YZTEPHiH ETHN rlAPOXH AYTHZ THE ErrYHiHE AOrQ AITIQN IIEPA Ano TON EAErxo MAX. H MONAAIKH KAI AnOKAEläTlKH AnOZHMlQiH noy AIKAIOYETE ETA nMlElAAY- THZ THZ ErrYHiHZ nEPlOPlZETAl ETHN ANTI- KATAiTAiH TON EEAPTHMATQN OllQE ANA@E- PETAI ANQTEPQ. ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA; USA ****** Page 30 ****** GARANTIA LIMITADA INTERNACIONAL MAQUINAS DE LAVAR AUTOMATICAS – SECADORES DE ROUPA AUTOMATICOS ELIMINADORES DE RESiDUOS PLACAS DE FOGÄO – EXAUSTORES – FORNOS GAMAS – MÅQUINAS DE LAVAR LOICA MICROONDAS PARAAPLICARATODOS OS PRODUTOS FABRICADOS APÖs 1 DE JANEIRO DE 2015 ESTA GARANTIAAPLICA-SE FORA DA AMÉRICA DO NORTE. Para sua protecqäo como comprador inicial de um produto para uso doméstico, este aparelho possui a garantia descrita em baixo. IMPORTANTE: Esta garantia näo se aplicarå se o aparelho tiver Sido sujeito a qualquer acidente, abuso, utilizaqäo indevida ou dano provocado por incéndio, inundaqäo ou outra catåstrofe. 2 ANOS – FABRICO E MATERIAIS: Durante o segundo ano apås a data de instalaqäo, repararemos ou substituiremos, consoante a nossa opqäo, através de um representante de assisténcia autorizado e com transportes pagos pelo cliente, qualquer pega que näo funcione em ambiente de uti- lizaqäo doméstica normal devido a algum defeito de fabrico ou material. RESPONSABILIDADES DO CLIENTE: 1. Registar o modelo e o nümero de Série no cartäo de garantia e guardå-lo juntamente com o taläo ou a factura de compra, que servirå de comprovativo da data de compra. 2. Executar as ligaqöes correctas aos fornecimentos de electricidade, ågua ou gås, conforme apropria- do, a instalaqäo correcta, a configuraqäo correcta dos controlos e a manutenqäo correcta, de acordo com as instruqöes fornecidas no manual de utiliza- $0 do aparelho. 3. Pagar os custos da recolha e da entrega do apa- relho, da mäo-de-obra e do transporte, os im- postos locais associados ao serviqo de garantia e qualquer eventual custo pela anålise do estado de funcionamento do aparelho. Durante o periodo de garantia de 2 anos, estes custos säo suporta- dos pelo concessionårio que vendeu o aparelho ou por outra entidade que tenha Sido indicada no momento da compra do aparelho. 4. Substituir vidros e låmpadas. COMO OBTER O SERVICO: Contacte o concessionårio que vendeu o aparelho. O concessionårio tomarå as medidas necessårias ou remeterå o assunto para um representante de assis- téncia autorizado caso exista um disponivel. NÄo EXISTE QUALQUER OUTRA GARANTIA, EX- PLiClTA OU IMPLiClTA, PARA ESTE APARELHO EXCEPTO ESTA GARANTIA QUE SUBSTITUI TO- DAS AS OUTRAS GARANTIAS, INCLUINDQ NA MEDIDA EM QUE A LEI PERMITA, QUALQUER GARANTIA IMPLiClTA DE COMERCIABILIDADE OU ADEQUACÄO PARAUM FIM ESPECiFlCO. EM NENHUMA CIRCUNSTÄNCIA PODEREMOS SER RESPONSABILIZADOS POR QUAISQUER DA- NOS ESPECIAIS, INDIRECTOS OU CONSEQUEN- CIAIS, NEM POR QUALQUER ATRASO NA EXE- CUCÄO DO SERVICO DE GARANTIA QUE SEJA CAUSADO POR CIRCUNSTÄNCIAS QUE ESTE- JAM FORA DO NOSSO CONTROLO. O UNICO E EXCLUSIVO RECURSO DO CLIENTE NO ÄMBITO DESTA GARANTIA ESTÅ LIMITADO SUBSTITUI- qÄo DAS PEGAS CONFORME AQUI DESCRITO. ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA; USA ****** Page 31 ****** GARANTiA INTERNACIONAL LIMITADA LAVADORAS AUTOMÅTICAS – SECADORAS AUTOMÅTICAS – TRITURADORAS DE BASURA PLACAS DE COCINA – CAMPANAS – HORNOS – HORNILLOS – LAVAVAJILLAS – MICROONDAS APLICABLE A TODOS LOS PRODUCTOS FABRICADOS DESPUÉS DEL 1 DE ENERO DE 2015 ESTA GARANTiA SE APLICA FUERA DE NORTEAMÉRICA. A continuaciön se indican las condiciones de garantia de este electrodoméstico de uso doméstico para su protecci6n como comprador original. ATENCIÖN: esta garantia no se aplicarå si el electrodoméstico ha sufrido un accidente, un uso indebido o dafios por in- cendio, inundaci6n u Otros desastres naturales. GARANTiA DE 2 CONTRA DEFEC- TOS DE FABRICACIÖN Y MATERIALES: Durante dos afios a partir de la fecha de instalacién, procederemos a la reparaciån o sustituciån (a nuestra elecci6n) de cualquier pieza inoperativa debido a de- fectos en la fabricacién o en los materiales utilizada en condiciones de servicio y uso doméstico; dicha reparaciån o sustituciön se realizarå a través de un agente de servicio oficial. RESPONSABILIDADES DEL CLIENTE: 1 . Registrar el modelo y el nümero de serie que figu- ran en esta garantia y guardarla junto con el ticket o la factura de compra como prueba de la fecha de instalaciön. 2. Proporcionar una conexiån adecuada para los electrodomésticos y garantizar una buena insta- laci6n, configuraciån y mantenimiento acorde con las instrucciones del manual de usuario del elec- trodoméstico. 3. Pagar los gastos derivados de la recogida y entre- ga del electrodoméstico, mano de obra, transporte, impuestos o tasas nacionales asociados al servicio de la garantia, incluido cualquier importe incurrido para evaluar el estado del electrodoméstico. Du- rante el periodo de garantia de dos afios, dichos gastos corren por cuenta del distribuidor al que se adquiri6 el electrodoméstico, o segün 10 estableci- do en el momento de la adquisiciån del electrodo- méstico. 4. Sustitucién de vidrios y bombillas. COMO OBTENER ASISTENCIA: Contacte con el distribuidor al que le adquiri6 el elec- trodoméstico. El distribuidor realizarå las disposicio- nes necesarias o le dirigirå a nuestro agente de servi- cio oficial, si estå disponible. NO SE OFRECE NINGUNA OTRA GARANTiA EX- PRESA O IMPLICITA EN RELACIÖN CON ESTE ELECTRODOMÉSTICO, SALVO LA PRESENTE, QUE SUSTITUYE AL RESTO DE LAS GARAN- TiAS, INCLUYENDO, EN LA MEDIDA PERMITIDA POR LA LEY, CUALQUIER GARANTiA IMPLiClTA, DE COMERCIALIZACIÖN O DE ADECUACIÖN A UN FIN CONCRETO. RENUNCIAMOS A TODA RESPONSABILIDAD POR DANOS Y PERJUICIOS ESPECIALES, INDIRECTOS O EMERGENTES, Asi COMO POR CUALQUIER DEMORA EN LA EJECU- CIÖN DE ESTA GARANTiA POR CAUSAS AJENAS A NUESTRO CONTROL. EL (JNICO REMEDIO EN VIRTUD DE ESTA GARANTiA SE LIMITARÅ A LA SUSTITUCIÖN DE PIEZAS EN LOS TÉRMINOS ESPECIFICADOS CON ANTERIORIDAD. ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE, CAROLINA DEL NORTE; EE. UU. ****** Page 32 ****** nLnn•n nr-tnN •o'71i7 – – D'UN•n – 'nnp'n •-t•e.nn – •n•-rn – o•-uan – o•-uan – 2015 1 -mnNL7 nnau •yn '7) 'W '7111' n'np PIN ÄN7i 1711vnn .ÄYlnn nnntu 1711k.jnn OY ny nrvw nn)lOL7 D)nN IN ,cre.rrnn .10 nnnp ON ,rnnN nnn IN runnN nol)n nr 7'U)n nyoane.J runnNL7 ,nynnvn IN neri15n ON nnrunn nvna – nnnL7 ,nnnN nnn nyynm nnte,D'7 IN ,nntnoL7 nynnvn – Pin '5 pnL7 npnr1NÄ NY nnpn Olen .nnqon nnunL7 Ninu IN ,onnNXlJ'l IN Djnmnn nNXlJ1) IT YIXt:n J72Äln nr-y-IN rnaona Tryn -won .nr nnon:i nsYnnL7 .np•nnN •mnn'7 Yinn IT nr-tnN nr 1UU)n e,nnnu'7 ,0i'Älpnn .1YnL7 0-uon) nr-nnN2 nol)n :xwn nnpva YÄ5) itunn Yinn NY IT nitnnN nnpnz IN Vinu IN ,nyny enn•v Ninu -nr-IN YÄ9n IN ,nsnuun nNYlTD .llhy nD nL71Y9 'IY nr-trtN mpnn Olin Ynn nyun -frnrn n9Ynn IN 1117'n ,rvw-un nrve.J nlYXj2NÄ Wine L7L7)n '1) (nn-vnz '9 '7Y) IN Dimon lonny -w nL721na ni9Ynn .npltnnl ennu .(BOF factory) poon rtllln JÄ17ton noonn omn -rnl IJ"IIN -tine.hl nr nitnr'lN .mpnnn -TYIn -TlYtn) nnnwnn IN nyapn ,mpnn'7 *nun nn•nL7 nlNÄlnL7 DNnn:i ni71rnn nm-•n nrj-rnnL7 .7'W)n'7 unnun'7 nn-rnz ruo-u•nu ,n-rny np50Nl I'm 0'Äl'n JnnuL7 0•-uvpn ,nnmpn nLnjn '7M D'il'n nnnL7 n-nona nmrnnn nvnn,yn nojpn 12,xn pnunn runnN2 on n'7N rn nya rnnN ON NL7N nte.nnn nnnuu .-ve.J)nn .nl'%nwn '17%n ns%nn ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA; USA .2 .3 .4 ****** Page 33 ****** AR 31..4…* – ü..*i – 41-i.i*dl – CNI-G.II u…E Jya.s.ll .4.1. 44 "2,113 Öl…ü.ll iél.*.'.4.ll' v.Å ±..I..L..Ä.II : 41%d$'y….a.a .2 .3 .4 ELECTROLUX MAJOR APPLIANCES INTERNATIONAL | 10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE, CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA; USA ****** Page 34 ****** Electrolux Major Appliances International 10200 David Taylor Drive Charlotte, North Carolina 28262 | USA I II I I I I I I II 111 II I I I I Ill I I II 234D2556P008








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