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****** Page 1 ****** Installation guide Built-in ovens WARNING The appliance must not be installed behind a decorative door in order to avoid overheating. To avoid any potential hazard, you must follow our instructions when you install your appliance. Failure to install the appliance correctly could invalidate any warranty or liability claims and lead to prosecution. Use an authorised person As stated in the local municipal building codes and other relevant statutory regulations: Wiring connections must be in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules and any particular conditions of the local authority. Refer to data plate for rating information. The data plate is positioned behind the bottom of the oven door. For appliances with open cooking surfaces, a disconnect functional switch should be provided near the appliance in an accessible position. Refer to AS/NZS 3000 clause 471 Wiring should be protected against mechanical failure. Refer to AS/ NZS3000 clauses 3396, 30, 310 A means of disconnection with a contact separation of at least 3mm must be supplied in the fixed wiring. This appliance must be connected with cable of 750C rating minimum. This product has passed the insulation resistance test after manufacture, If the resistance reading is low at installation, it is probably caused by moisture from the atmosphere being absorbed by the elements after the appliance has been produced. (pass at OOIMO AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules Clause 8362). WARNING This appliance must be properly earthed. Do not lift the appliance by the door handles. Prepare the cupboard opening to match your appliance measurements. (See diagrams) Slide appliance into the cupboard, ensuring that the supply cable (where fitted) does not kink To prevent tipping, use the screws supplied to secure your appliance into the cupboard by fastening through the 4 holes to the front panel. Where the appliance is built into a cabinet, the cabinet must be capable of withstanding 700C. Installation into low temperature tolerant cabinetry (e.g. vinyl coated) may result in deterioration of the low temperature coating by discolouring or bubbling If the appliance is to be installed adjacent to vinyl wrapped surfaces, Use an installation kit available from the vinyl-wrap supplier. Electrolux Home Products cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by installation into low temperature tolerant cabinets. After installation, test and ensure that the appliance operates correctly before handing it over to the customer. NOTE: If a powerpoint is fitted it must be accessible with the appliance installed, as the plug must be accessible after installation. Cabinet construction for your appliance For the best integration within a kitchen, install this appliance in a standard 600mm wide cupboard that gives a flush fit (Figure A) with the surrounding cupboard fronts. Non-pyrolytic appliances can also be installed Using a proud fit (Figure B). Electrolux IMPORTANT For all Pyrolytic clean models, the oven must be installed as a flush fit (Figure A) to the surrounding cupboards and the “infill panel” MUST not exceed 100mm in length. This ensures a 16mm gap is maintained between the cabinet and side of the appliance to prevent the cupboard overheating. Figure A Flush Fit 16Mm 568mm Infill panel 100mm max for pyrolytic oven 20mm Cupboard door Figure B — Proud Fit Cupboard door Oven 16mm 600mm 568mm Infill panel Oven 600mm NOTE: Your appliance must be mounted on a flat horizontal surface for the full width and depth of the product Levelling oven Place a level in the oven as below making wre the level sits on the front and rear forms. The level needs to be correct to prevent slides from moving in or out with gravity, To access your detailed user manual simply scan the QR code on your smart phone or visit support/manuals/ @ 2020 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. ABN 51 004 762 341 A20803501 Rev B

****** Page 2 ****** Electrolux Installation guide Built-in ovens Underbench oven Pyrolytic underbench cut-OUt dimensions Your underbench oven looks best when the control panel is directly under the benchtop. An upper infill panel may be added if the cooktop placed above the benchtop is too deep. Refer to cooktop installation instructions for required clearance between cooktop and oven. 1 IMPORTANT! Note: Dimension’D’* A requirement for all EVEPxxxx pyrolytic clean ovens and all Duo ovens for proper ventilation there MUST be a gap at the bottom rear of the cabinet. This can be a full width opening 20mm deep. Refer to dimension “D” in relevant diagram. Power point connection for the oven must be accessible with the appliance fully installed. If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified qb Type of fit Flush fit (mm) Type of fit Flush fit (mm) 650mm mirm A (width) 600 o c B (height) 600 C (depth) 581 min. 561mm persons in order to avoid a hazard 596mm C (depth) 581 min. D* 20 mounting holes 582mm D* 20 CUt-OUt dimensions Type of ht Flush fit (mm) Proud fit (mm) o DUO oven cut-out dimensions A (width) 600 568 B (height) 600 590 561mm 596mm B (height) 1086 1078 56 mm C (depth) 581 min. 560 min. mounting holes 582mrn. Fit black screws provided. C (depth) 581 min. 560 min. mounting holes 582mm. Fit black screws provided (width) 600 B (height) 893 56 mm electrical connection 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz 230-240V/50Hz o mount ng ho es 582mm. Fit black screws provided mounting holes, Fit black screws with plastic spacers provided Double oven cut-out dimensions Technical specifications Type of fit Flush fit (mm) Proud fit (mm) 450mm min, A (width) 600 568 o max min fuse Model EVE602 C-VE614 EVE616 EVEP614 C-VEP616 EVEP618 EVE626 C-VEP626 EVE636 dimension (HxWxD)mm 597 x 596 x 568 597 x 596 x 568 597 x 596 x 568 597 x 596 x 572 597 x 596 x 572 597 x 596 x 572 890 x 596 x 568 890 x 596 x 572 1083 x 596 x 568 rating 16A 16 A 16A 16 A 25A 25A 32A power rating 3M<W 3.1kW 3U<W 3.1kW 53kW 5 3kW 62kW max current rating 120A 12.9A 129A 120A 12.9A 129A 2mA 221A 25 8A Hard wiring details mounting holes. Flt black screws with plastic spacers provided I 2 3, 4 Remove terminal cover plate from rear panel of appliance. Fit wires through hole in cover plate and make connections to terminals. Engage wires into plastic clip. Secure plastic clip with two long silver screws (supplied in separate bag), Replace cover plate onto rear panel. Plast c clips Plastic clip securing points o








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