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****** Page 1 ****** SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response, 10 Feet on Axis, Swept V3-Octave, Half-Space Anechoic Environment (see Figure 1): 48-250 Hz Low-Frequency 3-dB-Down Point: 48 Hz Usable Low-Frequency Limit (10-d3-down point): 35 Hz Half-Space Reference Efficiency: Long-Term Average Power Handling Capacity per EJA Standard RS-426A (see Power Handling Capacity section): 400 waits Maximum Woofer Acoustic Output: 25 watts Sound Pressure Level at I Meter, Watt Input. Anechoic Environment, Band-Limited Pink Noise Signal, 50-200 Hz: Dispersion Angle Included by 6-dB-Down Points on Polar Responses: Essentially omnidirectionai Distortion, 0.1 Full Power Input Second Harmonic. 100 Hz: Third Harmonic, 100 Hz: 0.60/0 Distortion, 0.01 Full Power Input Second Harmonic, 100 Hz: Third Harmonic, 100 Hz: Transducer Complement: EVW Pro-Line Recommended Crossover Frequency: 250 Hz Impedance, Nominal: 8 ohms Minimum: 6.6 afirns input Connections: Parallel 1/4 On phone jacks (allows of multiple speakers) Enclosure Materials and Colors: BCack carpet covered •vain, void-free p;ywwod Dimensions: 83 high 63 cm (24,0 •n.) deep 63 cm (24,8 •n ) Wide Net Weight: 46 kc (102 ‘b) Shipping Weight: kg (1 12 lb) DESCRIPTION The Electrovace SH•1 800 IS a 40C•watt. hornuoaded, subwoofer sepaker system. It features a highAual]ty EVtvM8B pro•lne woofer in a unque SubScorop-s•’ cabinet con- fiq;nration that combines the attributes 01 nori-loaded and ventedbox designs. Horn- type behavtctr produces solid output over most ot the operating range, without the lime delay oroblemg and excesswe weight of or rear-loaded bass horns, Additionally. at the very lowest octave; vented-box vrwctples asstst lc provide more low-bass output than conventional desgns of comparab’e Size. The result IS punchy. high. •nnpact bas Irorn an unusually compact package company FIGURE Response SilbWOOfgr The SH-I BOC was designed pnmaaly for use as a subwoofer In component scund ran- forcement systems and 10 supplement low- frequency output ot the Electro-Votce SH-1810 and SHM810S systems in the bi-amp mode. The 31+1800 may also be used with any of the Electro-Voice Stage Systems line when bi-amped with appropriate active crossover and power amplifiers USE IN MULTIPLES SHM800s may he used In multiples to increase acoustic output, A 6d8 increase tn maximum acoustic output occurs when two speaker systems are located side by side For operation at very-low-frequencies, the woofer cones mutually coup4e, acting as one system With twice the eflectjve cone area and powerhandllng capacity ct a Single system. Efficiency doubled by the Increas- ed cone area to provide more output, while the doubled power capacity provides the potenttal for an additional gain Tl maximum acoustic output Mvutual coupling occurs when the center distance hetwen woofers is less than one-hall wavelength, the woofers are spaced greater than one-half waveiength, as would occur [wc SH- were widely spaced, the levu Increase ts limned to the •nput power tncrease. CROSSOVERS AND AMPLIFIERS TO achieve optimuml performance. the SH•1800 should he used With an act;ve crossover having a crossover frequency of 100 to 250 Hz With a minimum slope of

****** Page 2 ****** 12•dBver-octave, The output of the crossover IS then connected to a power amplifier which drives the speaker system A power amplifier With a rated output between 400 and 800 watts RMS is recommended for optimum performance While it acceptable to use amplifiers With less ou7put. manmum acoustic output will not be achieved. SUBPASSBAND SPEAKER PROTECTION Below the enciosure tuning frequency, cone excursion ‘ncreases rapidly, Since acoustic output also failing rapidly. there ts no advantage in driving the system with signals much below lhe tuning frequency. While such signals may be the program material. thev are often extraneous — such as from record surface irregularities or a dropped microphone. High-outpul subwoofer systems such as the SH-180C should be pro- tected with a 32 Hz high•pass filter having 12-d3-per•octave rolloff Subpassband filters are found tn many commercialiy available crossovers and equalizers, such as the Electro-Vace XEQ•3, FREQUENCY RESPONSE The SH-1800 frequency response was measured at ten feet using a tour-volt Input in an anechoic chamber. and was measured using a swept 1/3-octave pink noise Signal. No external equalization was used. POWER HANDLING CAPACITY TO our knowledge. Electro-Voice was the first- U.S. manufacturer to develop and publish a power test related to real-life conditions. first, we use a random noise input Signal because It contains many frequencies simultaneously. Just Ilke real votce or instrument program, Second, our signal contains more energy at extrernely high and IOW freql.uefiCl$S than typical actual program. adding an extra measure of reliability. Thirdl the test signal includes not only the overall i’long-term average/’ cr ‘*continuous” level — which our ears nterpret as loudness but also short• term peaks which are many times higher than the average. just like the actual program. The Ong-term average level lhe (heat) The Instantaneous peaks test mechanical reliability (cone and diaphragm excursion). Note that the. sine wave test signals sometimes used have a much less demand, tng peak value relative tc thetr average level, in actual use, long-term average levels enst from several seconds or greater. but vve apply the long-terrn average tor several hours, addno another extra measure of reliability. Specifically. the Sl+l got) IS desgned to withstand the power test described the ElA Standard RS426A. The ElA lest spectrum ts applied for eight hours, To obtain the spectrum. the output of a while nase generator (white noise IS a particular type of random noise with equal energy per bandwidth In Hz) IS fed to a shaping filter wth 6-d3-per-octave Sopes below 40 Hz and above 318 Hz. When measured With the usual constant-percentage bandwidth anaiyzer this shapng fiiter produces a spectrum whose points are at 100 Hz and 1,200 Hz With a 3dBpeructave slope above 1 ,20C Hz. Thus shaped sqnal IS sent to ‘he power arnpilter with the continuous power set at €400 watts into the 6 q ohms ElA equivalent impedance. (52 5 volte true FtMS) Amplifier clipping sets Instantaneous peaks at 6 dB above the con- unuous power, or 1,600 watts peak (105 volts peak) This procedure provides a rigorous test of both thermal and mechanical failure modes, ENCLOSURE CONSTRUCTION Intended to be used as a portable speaker system, the SH-1800 is ruggedly constructed of 3/ench vocifree plywood. All JOInts are dado cut and the cat)inet finished a densely-woven, abuse-resistant carpet that is both attractive and highly durable. Large, heavy•duty metai corner protectors, firmly secured rubber feet, and recessed handles complete the picture and ensure thet lhe SH-1800 speaker system IdeaiEy suited for a long and reliable life •on the road. o cornpany WARRANTY (Limited) Speakers and Speaker Systems (excludno active electronics) are Guaranteed for five years trom date of ortgtnai purchase against malfunction due to defects •n workmanship and matertals. If such malfunc- tian occurs. unn Will be repaired or replaced (at our opton) wthout charge for materials or labor if delivered prepaid to the proper Electro-Vo•ce service facility Unit will be returned prevad. Warranty does not extend to finish, appearance items, burned coils. or malfunction due 10 abuse or operation under Other than spec’fied conditions, including cone and/or coel damage resulting from Improperly destgned enclosures. nor does It extend to incidental or consequential damages. Some states dc not allow tne exclusion or hmitaton Of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you, Repat by other than Flectro-Votce or its authorized service agencies will void this guarantee A list ot authorvzed warranty service agencies is available from Electro-Voice, Inc. 600 Cecil Street. Buchanan. MI 49107 (At;616Oä031). Electro Moice, lnc . 3810 Vteth Avenue N,E.. Redmond, WA 98052 (AC1206881-9555): and/or Electro-Voice West. 8234 Doe Avenue. Visalia. CA warranty gives you specfic legal rights. and you may also have other rtghts Which vary from state to state, Service and repair address for this product: Eiectro•Voice, Inc. 600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, Michigan 49107- Specthcattons subject to change wthout notice.








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