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****** Page 1 ****** USER MANUAL EAP500HCUV-WlFl Thank you for choosing electriQ Please read this user manual before using this innovative Air Purifier and keep it safe for future reference. Visit our page for our entire range of Intelligent Electricals


****** Page 3 ****** SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Important! Carefully read the instructions before operating the unit. This appliance is for indoor use only. This unit must only be connected to a 220-240V / 50Hz earthed outlet. Installation must be in accordance with regulations of the country where the unit is used. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your electrical supply, have it checked and, if necessary, modified by a qualified electrician. This air purifier has been tested and is safe to use. However, as with any electrical appliance use it with care. Disconnect the air purifier from the socket when changing the filters or cleaning the unit. Avoid touching any moving parts within the appliance. Never insert fingers, pencils or any other objects through the guard. This device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. It is also not intended for use by those with a lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Do not leave children unsupervised with this device. Do not clean the unit by spraying it or immersing it in water. Use a damp cloth only. Never allow water or vapours to enter the unit. Do not clean with strong chemical agents or other abrasive materials. Never connect the unit to an electrical outlet using an extension cord. If a power outlet is not available, one should be installed by a qualified electrician. Never operate this appliance if the cord or power supply are damaged. Ensure the power cord is not stretched or exposed to sharp objects/edges. A damaged power supply should be replaced by the manufacturer. Never extend or attempt to change the power supply lead. Any service other than regular cleaning or filter replacement should be performed by an authorised service representative. Failure to comply could result in a voided warranty. Do not use the appliance for any purpose other than its intended use. Avoid removing the power cord from the socket whilst the unit is still in operation. This could cause electrical damage. Never use the power supply as a switch to start and turn off the air purifier. Use the provided ON/OFF button located on the control panel. Always place the unit on a dry and stable surface. 3

****** Page 4 ****** The use of accessory attachments that have not been approved by the appliance manufacturer is not recommended, as this may result in fire, cause an electric shock and/or cause personal injury. Ensure hands are fully dried before plugging or unplugging the appliance. The appliance should not be installed in laundry or wet rooms. Only use essential oils specifically designed for use with an aroma diffuser, following the manufacturers safety instructions. The use of unsuitable substances may result in toxic gas or present a risk of fire. Only place essential oils within the diffuser unit. Allowing the oils to come into contact with other parts of the appliance may result in damage. Energy Saving and Unit Safety Protection Tips Do not cover or restrict the airflow from the outlet or inlet grills. For maximum performance and safety the minimum distance from a wall or objects should be 30cm. Keep away from other electrical appliances. Keep the filters clean. Under normal conditions, filters should only need cleaning once every two weeks (approximately). Since the filters remove airborne particles, more frequent cleaning may be necessary, depending on the air quality. 4

****** Page 5 ****** AIR PURIFIER DIAGRAM Control Pan e I Handle Filter Cover Air Inlet Filter Cover Air Outlet Data Label Power Cord HEPA Filter Activated Carbon and Photo Catalyst Filter 5 Activated Carbon and Photo Catalyst Filter HEPA Filter Filter Cover Pictures for reference only Product design may vary from images.

****** Page 6 ****** ABOUT YOUR AIR PURIFIER The EAP500HCUV-WlFl provides multiple stages of air purification using professional air filtration and intelligent sterilisation technologies. This unit features advanced HEPA and photocatalytic and activated carbon filters for improved air filtration. • Primary filter, made of non-woven materials, are used for removing large particles like hair and dust. Elementary filter removes large particles like dust and hair. Antibacterial HEPA filter to remove 99.9% of airborne particles of 0.25 micrometres or larger. Activated carbon filter removes unpleasant odours and absorbs harmful substances such as formaldehydes and benzenes. Molecular sieve absorption layer removes smaller particles Photocatalytic filter further decomposes pollutants. Plasma Ioniser sterilises the air further and removes mould spores and allergens from the air. The EAP500HCUV-WlFl also features an air quality indicator that will provide a visual indication of the current air quality. In addition the appliance can be connected to your home network, allowing settings to be changed and the device to be monitored through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. The app also provides the ability to program the air purifier for even smarter operation. Applications: Personal use in domestic and office space to improve air quality Helps smokers to reduce contaminants within the air Can help improve the symptoms of asthma and pollen allergies. • Great for children’s rooms and small offices NOTE: This air purifier is not a substitute for proper ventilation, regular vacuum cleaning or for use in place of a cooker hood whilst cooking. If the relative humidity is above 60% we recommend using a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity. 6

****** Page 7 ****** INFORMATION ON INDOOR POLLUTANTS VOC (Volatile Organic Compound): VOCs come from motor vehicle exhausts, gasoline vapour, pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia and many other common and chemical solvents such as paints and glues, or can be a by-product of mould growth. VOCs cause irritation to the eyes and or nose as well as causing headaches, nausea and even potential damage to the central nervous system. Pressed wood furniture, newly decorated rooms, paint and cleaning solvents are common sources of VOCs. Mould / Fungus: These can affect our respiratory system and cause allergic reactions, like a runny nose, eye and throat irritation, headaches, fatigue and aggravation of asthma. Other indoor pollutants include bacteria, viruses, dust mites and pollen. Emissions from electronic office equipment: Many studies, including those from EPA and the University of California Berkley, have reported that emissions from office equipment such as computers and printers, include VOCs, ultra-fine particles and ozone. These emissions have been proven to have a negative effect on the health of many people which can be reduced by using an air purifier. Using HEPA filters, Activated Carbon filters and Plasma Ionisation: An effective HEPA filter is absolutely necessary to remove particles, even at a microscopic level; it ensures that the particles are not spread. Plasma Ionisers will sterilise the air and reduce bacterial growth. The antibacterial activated carbon on the EAP500HCUV is a natural material biosynthesized from walnut shell, the absorption area of activated carbon is very large at up to 300,000 square meters. The activated carbon filter will absorb unpleasant odours and reduce the VOC content in the air. The Plasma Ioniser will sterilise the air and reduce bacterial growth. 7

****** Page 8 ****** OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS USING THE TOUCH CONTROLS The controls respond to touch, so you don’t need to apply any pressure. Use the ball of your finger, not its tip. Make sure the controls are always clean, dry, and that there is no objects covering them. BEFORE FIRST USE: 1) Unpack the appliance and remove the filter cover from the side of the unit by unclipping at the base of the cover. 2) Remove the filters from the plastic protective packaging x 3) 4) Install the activated Carbon and Photo Catalyst filter into the side of the unit. Install the HEPA filter into the side of the unit. 5) Replace the filter cover on the side of the appliance, ensuring it clicks into place. 6) Repeat to install the filters in the opposite side of the appliance. 7) Connect the plug to an earthed socket 8

****** Page 9 ****** HOW TO USE: Filter Replacement Indicators Timer Button Timer Ioniser Indicator UVC Indicator Digital Display Air Quality Indicator Reset Button Reset Auto Button Auto Power Button O Settings Plip A 9 Fan Fan Speed Button Settings Button POWER SETTINGS BUTTON FAN SPEED BUTTON TIMER BUTTON RESET Fan Speed Indicator WIFI Indicator Press to turn the appliance on and off. Allows the Ioniser and UVC light functions to be turned on and off. When activated the relevant indicator will be displayed on the control panel. Press to change between the three fan speeds. The current fan speed will be indicated by the length of the fan speed bar. With the unit turned on, Press and hold the Timer button to activate the timer. Repeatedly press the timer button to select in how many hours it should turn off. The duration can be set between 1 and 12 hours in 1 hour increments. To turn off the timer, press and hold the timer button again. Press when the filter replacement lights are illuminated to reset the counter for the filter life monitor after changing the filter. 9

****** Page 10 ****** AUTO BUTTON AIR QUALITY DISPLAY FILTER REPLACEMENT INDICATORS ADJUSTMENT OF THE PM 2.5 READING Press to activate auto mode, the fan speed will be automatically adjusted based on the air quality. Please note: The extra features (Ioniser and UV light cannot be used in auto mode. After selecting Auto mode the unit will take approx. 3 minutes to monitor the air before the mode becomes active. The unit utilises a PM2.5 sensor to measure the air quality. When turning on the unit will take around 90 seconds before showing the air quality on the screen. The display will show when the filters require replacement. Replace the filters then press the Reset button to reset the filter life monitor If the reading for the air quality is abnormal, this may be caused by particles attached to the sensor. To correct the reading press and hold the Settings button until a bleep is heard. Then use the Auto and Settings buttons as Up and Down to adjust the value. DIGITAL DISPLAY During use the display panel will automatically cycle through showing the Temperature, Humidity, Timer Duration and Air quality (PM) figures. TEMPERATURE TIMER DURATION 10 HUMIDITY AIR QUALITY

****** Page 11 ****** ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER The air purifier also contains an essential oil diffuser. To use the diffuser, slide the diffuser tray out of the rear of the unit, and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Close the diffuser box, and the unit will gently diffuse the aroma during operation. 11

****** Page 12 ****** CONNECTING THE APPLIANCE TO WIFI DOWNLOAD THE APP TO YOUR PHONE Download the “TUYA SMART” app, from your chosen app store, using the QR codes below, or by searching for the app in your chosen store. i Android 1 IOS CONNECTION METHODS AVAILABLE FOR SETUP The air purifier has two different setup modes, Quick Connection and AP (Access Point). The quick connection is a quick and simple way to set the unit up. The AP connection uses a direct local wifi connection between your phone and the air purifier to upload the network details. Before starting the setup, with the air purifier plugged in, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds (until you hear a bleep) to enter the wifi connection mode. This can be done in standby or when the unit is powered on. Please ensure your device is in the correct wifi connection mode for the connection type you are attempting, the flashing of the wifi light on your air purifier will indicate this. Connection Type Quick Connection AP (Access Point) Frequency of Flashes Flashes twice per second Flashes once per three seconds CHANGING BETWEEN CONNECTION TYPES To change the unit between the two wifi connection modes, press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds. 12

****** Page 13 ****** 1. 4. REGISTER THE APP Press on the register button at the bottom of the screen. tuyo• Register Log in A verification code will be sent by the method selected in step 3. Enter the code into the app. Verification Code Verification code has been sent to: 2. 5. Read the Privacy policy and press the Agree Button. Privacy Policy Privacy Policy of Tuya Smart Platform Update date: 2018.4 Come into force date: 2018.5 So you have purchased our TuyaSmart device hardware and are starting to use the TuyaSmart device software and all its functionalities! Any information you share with us (e.g. for creating a Tuya Account) will help us to provide you with services related to TuyaSmart device and to improve them to make them even better. We explain here our ways of collecting and using infor nd how we protect your privacy. In thi policy, “personal data* means info that can be used to identify an indi* either from that information alon that information and other informati 3. Enter your email address or phone number and press continue to register. Register United Kingdom +44 plobile number/EmaiI Continue no 2 3 hi 5 6 4 f 7 u j n so 8 9 k s z x g v h b Disagree Agree a 4 ?123 Type in the password you would like to create. This needs to be 6-20 characters, with letters and numbers. Set Password Password must contain 6•20 letters and numbers Resend(57s) 1 4 7 no 2 3 1 Done hi s 6 2 5 8 3 6 9 4 f 7 u j n so 8 9 k p a 4 ?123 s z x g v 13 h b 6. The app is now registered. It will automatically log you in following registration. Enjoy your smart life Add Home Log out

****** Page 14 ****** SETTING UP YOUR HOME WITHIN THE APP TUYA is designed so it can work with a large number of compatible smart devices within your home. It can also be set up to work with multiple devices within different houses As such during the setup process, the app requires that different areas are created and named to allow easy management of all your devices. When new devices are added, they are assigned to one of the rooms you have created. CREATING ROOMS 1. Press on the ADD HOME button. 7. Type in a name for your home, 8. Press on the location button to select the location of your home. (See SETTING YOUR LOCATION below) 9. New rooms can be added by pressing the ADD ANOTHER ROOM option at the bottom. (See ADD ANOTHER ROOM below) 10. Untick any rooms that are not required on the app. 11. Press DONE in the top right corner. Name Location Add Home Enter your home name Set geographic location Enjoy your Add Home ife Smart devices in: Living Room Bedroom Second Bedroom Dining Room Kitchen Study Room SETTING YOUR LOCATION Use your finger to CANCEL ADD ANOTHER ROOM Done e Done move the orange HOME symbol. When the symbol is in the approximate location of your home, press the confirm button in the top right corner. CONFIRM Poundstretcher DC 9 Type in the name of the room, and press Done in the top right corner Room Name Recommended Living Room no 2 3 q Add a Room Bedroom OZ Huddersf Neptune Way O Appliances Direct Laptops Direct mart of Huddersfield hi 5 6 so 8 9 4 f 7 u j Go gle a ?123 s z x g v h b 14

****** Page 15 ****** CONNECTING USING QUICK CONNECTION Before initiating the connection, make sure the unit is in standby mode, with the WIFI light flashing twice per second. If not follow the instructions for changing the connection mode. Also ensure your phone is connected to the wifi network. (We advise turning mobile data off during setup) 1. Open app and press “+” to add device, or use the add device button my home v 2. Select the type of device as “Air Purifier” within the Home Appliance tab. Add Device 3. Ensure the wifi light on the air purifier is flashing twice per second, then press on the orange button at the bottom of the screen to confirm. Add Manually Search Oev•ce 19.3 Outdoor Temp All Devices My Horne Outdoor AQI Living Room Medi… Outdoor Hu.„ Bed roorn ADD DEVICE AP Mode Electrical Smart Lighting Acme Applianc… Home Applianc„, Kitchen Robot Vm:uum Oil bleater No L. Add Device Smart Scenes o Prome Security Sensor Sport & Health Ooc;w Others Cutta•no “eater Electric Oehurnidif•er Cottams Heater Air Punner Air thermostat Power on the device and confirm that indicator light rapidly blinks HOW to make indicator rapidly blink Confirm indicator rapidly blink 4. Enter your wifi password and press confirm. Cancel Enter Wi-Fi password Change network Confirm This app is supported only on 2.4GHz WiFi channels 5. This will then transfer the settings to the air purifier. Wait for this to complete. If this fails, retry. If still unsuccessful please review the troubleshooting section for further help. Connecting Now Make sure your phone and device are as close to your router as possible. 0 Searching for Device o Registering device to the cloud 0 Initializing your Device 15

****** Page 16 ****** CONNECTING USING AP MODE (ALTERNATIVE METHOD) Before initiating the connection, make sure the unit is in standby mode, with the wifi light flashing once per second. If not follow the instructions for changing the wifi connection mode. Also ensure your phone is connected to the wifi network. (We advise turning mobile data off during setup) 1. Open app and press “+” to add device, or use the add device button my home v 2. Select the type of device as “Air Purifier” within the Home Appliance tab. Add Device 3. Press on the AP mode button in the top right of the screen. ADD DEVICE AP Mode Add Manually Search Oev•ce 19.3 Outdoor Tenp All Devices My Horne Outdo« AQI Living Roorn No v. Medi… Outdoor Hu.„ Bedroon•l Electrical Smart Lighting Home Applianc… Hc•me Applianc.., Kitchen Roben Vacuum Oil Heater Putif•et Add Device Smart Scenes o Security Sensor Sport Health 000$ Others Curta•na i•ieater Electric Ola,nket Oehumidif•er Cottains Heater (bluetooth} Ait Punr•er AR lhermostat 4. Ensure the wifi light on the air purifier is slowly flashing (once per three seconds), then press on the orange button at the bottom of the screen to confirm ADD DEVICE Power on the device and confirm that indicator light slowly blinks 5. Enter your wifi password and press confirm. Cancel Enter Wi-Fi password Change network Confirm This app is supported only on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels Power on the device and confirm that indicator light rapidly blinks How to make indicator ra idl blink Confirm indicator rapidly blink 6. Go to network settings in your phone and connect to the “SmartLife xxx” connection. There is no password to enter. Then return back to the app to complete setup. Wi-Fi SKYED58D Conneted SmartLife.38C9 tarkus Virgin Media This will then transfer the settings to the air purifier. Once the connection process has completed, go back to the network settings on your phone to ensure your phone has reconnected to your wifi router. 16

****** Page 17 ****** CONTROLLING YOUR APPLIANCE THROUGH THE APP THE HOME SCREEN Change Home: If you have a number of units at different houses, you can change between them Environmental information: Provides outdoor temperature and humidity based on the location details entered Rooms: Use to view the units set up within each room Smart Scene: Allows you to program intelligent behaviour based on the internal and external environment y home v 19.3 •c Outdoor Temp All Devices My Horne Outdoor AQI Living Room Medi… Outdoor Hu.. Bedroom No devices yet Add Device Smart Scenes Add Device: Add a device to the app, and go through the setup process. Room Management: Allows rooms to be added, removed or renamed. Add Device: Add a device to the app, and go through the setup process. Profile: Provides the option for changing settings, and adding devices using a QR code provided by a friend. o Profile Each device has its own entry on the home screen to allow the user to either quickly turn the unit on or off, or to enter the device screen to make other changes. DEVICE SCREEN All Devices Name of Air Purifier: Press to enter the Device Screen -Light Electriq Turned on 17 -Plug -Camera POWER Button: Use to quickly turn the unit on or off.

****** Page 18 ****** DEVICE SCREEN The device screen is the main control screen for the air purifier, providing access to the controls to amend the functions and settings Back: Returns to the Home Screen Current Air Quality: Displays the current PM 2.5 air quality reading and a description of the air quality. Power Button: Use to turn the unit on or off. SPEED: Use to change the Fan speed between Low, Medium and High NOTES: e Air Purifier 4.9 Power FUNCTION 1 SETTINGS: Use to activate the Ioniser and UV light. Edit Name: Use to change the name of the air purifier. Functions I Settings: Displays the features currently active TIMER: Use to add an off timer while the unit is running, or an on timer while the unit is turned off Due to continuous development of the app, the layout and available features may be subject to change. 18

****** Page 19 ****** SMART SCENES Smart Scenes is a powerful tool providing the option to customise the operation of the air purifier based both on conditions within the room and outside influences. This gives the user the option of specifying much more intelligent actions. These are split into two catagories Scene and Automation. SCENE Scene allows for a one touch button to be added to the Home screen. The button can be used to change a number of settings in one go, and can change all the settings within the unit. A number of scenes can easily be setup, allowing the user to easily change between a number of preset configurations. Below is an example of how to set up a scene: 1. Press on the Smart Scene tab at the bottom of the Home screen 2. Press on the Plus in the top right corner to add a smart 3. my home v 19.3 T emp All Medi OutdO Profile PROFILE TAB The profile tab gives you the option to edit both your detail, and use the added features of the unit. CHANGING THE NAME OF YOUR DEVICE When in any of the device screens further settings for the device can be accessed, by pressing on the three dots in the top right hand corner. The top option within this allows you to change the name of the device to something relevant to the use of the product, such as “Living Room Air Purifier”. Within the menu, you also have the option of setting up a pattern lock or change your password. DEVICE SHARING This allows you to share access to the controls of your air purifier with friends and family. INTEGRATION This allows the unit to be integrated with your favourite home automation hardware such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo. CONNECTION TROUBLESHOOTING 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Check whether the device is powered on and is in the correct wifi connection mode, if not please refer to the CHANGING BETWEEN CONNECTION MODES section. Ensure the wifi password has been entered into the app correctly (Case sensitive) Check that the phone is connected to the wifi you are connecting the device to. Ensure the network you are connecting it to is 2.4Ghz (5Ghz wifi networks are not supported), and that there is a strong wifi signal to the item. If your router is dual band, ensure that the 2.4ghz network has a different network name (SSID). Further advice on changing router settings will be available from your Internet service provider / Router manufacturer. Check the settings on the router. Encryption should be WPA2-PSK and authorisation type should be set to AES Try using the alternative connection method. i.e. If connection is failing when attempting to connect through CF mode, try AP mode. 21

****** Page 22 ****** CARE AND MAINTENANCE • Always shut off the unit and unplug from the mains before cleaning or performing any maintenance. When the unit is not in use for long periods, it is advisable to remove the plug from the power socket. • Do not use chemical solvents (such as benzene, alcohol or gasoline) as they may cause irreversible damage to the unit. • Do not assemble the unit and power it on before all the parts are completely dry. Any other maintenance than what is described in this user manual must be only performed by the service centre. CHANGING THE FILTER Open the filter covers by pressing in the retaining tabs and pulling the side covers free. Remove the old filters by simply pulling on the tabs to release them. Replace the filters with a new/clean ones before replacing the filter covers. Press the reset button to reset the filter timer once it has been replaced. CLEANING THE CASE • Only use tepid water and a mild detergent on a soft cloth. • Do not use bleach or abrasives. • Do not splash water directly onto the main unit. • Avoid wetting the power connection port, doing so may cause an electric shock and can lead to the insulation deteriorating or unit to rust. CLEANING THE FILTERS AND FILTER HOLDING AREA • Hoover the filter gently every 2-3 weeks or more often if used in dusty environments. • Ensure the filter is not damaged during the cleaning process and replace if it shows signs of damage. Wipe the filter holding area with a dry cloth if necessary. CLEANING THE FILTER COVER AND CLEAN AIR OUTLET • Use water and a mild detergent. • Do not use bleach or abrasives. • Do not spray water inside the unit. • If the clean air outlet grilles get soiled easily, use a vacuum attachment or soft brush to clean. • If the filter cover is dirty, hoover it. If it is heavily soiled, wash it with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before reinserting it in the unit. 22

****** Page 23 ****** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION In ut ower Power Rating Weight Dimensions Fan s eeds Airflow ISSUE Not working 220-240 / 50Hz 45W 6.3Kg 360 x 206 x 536mm Low / Medium / Hi h 280 m3/h HEPA Filter Activated carbon and hoto catal st 6W UV Lam 254nm Approx. Lifetime 12 Months 6 Months 8000 Hours TROUBLESHOOTING Abnormal Smells Pollutants not removed and loud noise when running Abnormally high Air Quality (PM2.5) reading for prolonged period. Auto and Timer Buttons flashing and unit bleeping CHECK Check that the power adapter is connected and is the correct rating. Ensure the front panel is correctly fitted and that the peg on the rear of the panel is undamaged. Check if the filter is clean. Replace the filter. Check if the filter is clean. Replace the filter Clean the sensor Replace the filter and reset the appliance following the care and maintenance section. 23

****** Page 24 ****** electriQ UK SUPPORT Please, for your own convenience, check the troubleshooting guide before calling the service line. If the unit still fails to operate call: 0871 620 1057 or complete the online form Office hours: 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday Unit J6, Lowfields Way Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DA DISPOSAL Disposal: Do not dispose this product as unsorted waste. Collection of such waste must be handled separately as special treatment is necessary. Recycling facilities are now available for all customers at which you can deposit your old electrical products. Customers will be able to take any old electrical equipment to participating sites run by their local councils. Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the recycling process, so please be considerate when depositing your equipment. Please contact the local council for details of your local household waste recycling centres. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, electriQ declares that this Portable air conditioner is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: 24 VI 90402








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