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****** Page 1 ****** Bizz MODEL S Drain Cleaning Machine Operator’s Manual Purchase Serial FOR you/ Before ‘tou operate rzntenance eguipmont+ this catetUiIy and cornpletelyl ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING INC. sot West Leffe’ Lan% Springfield, Ohio 45501-9935 Call 323-4644 FAX: (937) 323-3767 FNM.electriceelÆor•n Proudly Made in The USA Since

****** Page 2 ****** Safety Instructions The following safety rules for operating ELECTRIC EEL’s Model S Drain Cleaning equipment MUST be read carefully before opera:ing this equipment. A DANGER TO PREVENT SERIOUS BODILY INJURY AND AVOID DANGER FROM ROTATING CABLES AND EQUIPMENT: General Safety ALWAYS wear heavy reinforced leather gloves and safety glasses when operating this equipment 2. Piece this machine with*n 2 feet of inlet between drain opening and machine. Keep one hand on the (cors pistol gnp handle and the other on the red hand guard at the Ot the 1001 BEHIND the chuck. 3. NEVER HANDLE ANY CABLE UNDER TENSION* ALWAYS relieve all tension build- up before attempting to “handle cable, by releas- ing the trigger switch and turning off the power by UNPLUGGING the cord, 4. Keep good footing end balance at ail times, DO NOT OVERREACH! S, DO NOT WEAR toose clothing or jewelry while operating this machine. 6, Tho Model “S” Drain Cleaning Machine should be OPERATED BY ONE PERSON ONLY. Additional personnel in the work area should observe all safety instructions, rubber.soled NON.SLIP SHOES, t Wear HEAVY LEATHER gloves, and EYE protection. g. ALWAYS AVOID direct contact of drain water with skin, facial area and especially the EYES Chemical compounds used in drains can result in serious tums and other injuries. 9, REPLACE fittings, cables, and any rotating parts as soon as ‘they become visibly worn. REPLACE any cables which become fractured. bent. kinked. or otherwise damaged, 10, NEVER attempt to service equipment beyond lhe recommendations of the operating instruc- lions. All other servicing Should be referred to qualffied Electric Eel service personnel 1 1 To maintain sale operation, USE ONLY identical replacement parts and cables from Electric Eel, aii tensi•n t’.andi• General Safety (cont.) 12. ALWAYS KEEP CLEAR of parts. 13, DO NOT continue to operate tool when it tmomes stuck in an obstruction- EXCESS TWISTING AND TORQUE ON A CABLE COULD CAUSE IT TO FRACTURE. FRAC- TUNES CAN CAUSE INJURIES, 14. Feverse rotation if necessary to prevent unnec- essary twisting or of torque on a cable. Keep machine under contral at all times, 15NEVER force e tool and cable into pipelino uockage- This may overload the cable or tool and cause to either Ot both, 16. Use CORRECTTOOL the job or application. Check the tool Chart and use the proper tool the Size Ot the line being cleaned, 17, To maintain safe and efficient operation CLEAN THOROUGHLY all cattles end tools with fresh water after use. Chemicals in the drain and sewer lines can attack and deteriorate the metal of the cables and tools, Deterioration can cause premature fracture ot breakage in tools or caBe„ DANGER A TO AVOID SERIOUS BODILY INJURY ANO TO AVOID DANGER FROM ELECTRICAL SHOCK: ALWAYS use a ground fault interrupted circuit with a properly younded outlet for all e ectrical cards connections, and parts as installed ty factory. DO NOT make any afterations. NEVER use machine in damp or wet conditions, 00 stand in water or on wet floors g. NEVER expose machine to rain. THE USER SHOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO SERVICE THE ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS. Fat safety reasons al electrical replacement components should be linstalled by a qualified electrician, 5. Before making adjustments changes to power units. unplug and disconnect from elec- trical READ SAFETY INFORMATION THOROUGHLY!

****** Page 3 ****** Description/Specjfications NOTE: Always refer to Operating and Safety Instructions before aperaiing any drain and sewer cleaning equipment. DESCRIPTION The ELECTRIC EEL Model S Drain Cleaning Machine has an excellent reputation for handling Sman Drain Prouems. This machine is specifically designed for cleaning 1-1/4 to 2•1/2 inch diameter drain lines, using cable diameters of 5/16, or 3/8 inches, 25 to 35 feet long. SPECIFICATIONS • Expanded end cables, are available to open kitchen and bath drains or go down vents in 1/4″, 5/16′, and diameters • EÄpanded end inner core cables. are specifically designed to break through tough clogs wtlie resisting kinks, and s available in 5/16′ and 318* diameters. Special tools can be easily attached to 5/16′ and 3/0″ inner core cables$ {ICL using a DH-4 swivel fitting. torop Head), to enable the clearling tools to follow lhe contour of the drain. Operating Instructions OPERATOR musr BE THOROUGHLY FAMILIAR WITH ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE OPERATING THIS EQUIPMENT The McCel S Drain Cleaner is designed to clean drain pipes that are between 1-1/4′ and 2-1!? in diameter, A variety of accessaty cables and heads are listed on the t)llowing pages of this manual. The fotlawing chart shows the recommended cable dimensions tor cleaning the various size drains. Line Cepacity. Kit Weight. Power…..v….. Cable Chuck Cable Drum, Cables 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches 35 lbs (with 35 feet of Framer. Iii open space framework of welded tube Variable speed O to 120 VAC, 60 Hertz, 3.2 AMPS, Type 4, 1/2 reversing drill wi:h double bÄll bearng gear head longer lite. Oouble Insulated motor tor ineteased operator protection and smooth, quiet performance, ,hcabs type easy-to-tighten. made of new composite mate- rial with hardened steel liner and Jaws, fits securely in place and resists rust for longer life, Made of lightweight Stainless steel providing excellent dura- bil’ty and is corrosion resistant when exposed to the harsh liquids used in cleaning drains. The red Cast hand guard is designed for safety and ease-of-use, Constructed of certified music wire. Inner corev (tC) cables have a genuine galvanized aircraft wire v•nner core for corrosion resistance and long-lasting operation, DRAIN SIZE 1-1/4′ 2-1/2 CABLE SIZE 1/4 or 5/16′ 5/16 5/16 ot 00 NOT use cable in a larger drain than mended: damage to the cable, tooll ot personal iinjury could result. DRAIN CLEANER CHUCK The Drain Cleaner is equipped with a KEYLESS type chuck. To operate chuck, grasp the outer body of the chuck with your hand and twist it counter. clockwise to OPEN: twist clockwise to CLOSE- {see Fig. 1).

****** Page 4 ****** Figure 1 INSTALL CABLE INTO DRUM CAUTION: UNPLUG AND DISCON- NECT DRAIN CLEANER FROM POWER SOURCE. 1. z Figure 3 Squeeze TRIGGER SWITCH to rnotor Reease trigger switch to stop motor. The motor speed will increase the more the trigger switch is squeezed. The REVERSING SWITCH is ‘located above and in front ot the trigget switch. (see Fig, and changes tn. direction ot rotation of the cable. 1. 3. 4, Use avise or pair ot piers to make a bend in the tail end of the cabo. Thib bend should be approximately 30 degrees, and tocatod about Irorn the tagl end of the cable, {see Frg. 2). Turn Drain Cleaner chuck counterclockwise to open. Figure 2 Insert tail cr.d of through chuck and into drum. use short 00″ to ‘2″ at a time}, thrusts to feed remainder the cable into drum. Turn chuck body clgcRwt50 to cb05@ chuck securing the cable in the drum. FORM/ARO rotation is used when feeding the cable into the drain and when removing caffe from drain. REVERSE rozation is ONLY used to free up the cable it it gets hung up. FOR CLOCKWISE ROTATION release trigger switch drum to Stop rotating. push the reversing switch to the lett side of the DTain Cleaner. FOR COUNTERCLOCKWISE ROTATION release trigger and drum to Stop totaling, push the reversing switch toward lhe right side 01 the Drain Cleaner, CAUTION: Allow drum to stop rotaeing before changing direcljon of rctalion„ NOTE; Never attempt to change director. of rota. tion while switch is ON. You may damage the switch interlock HOW TO HOLD THE DRAIN CLEANER Ptaoe one hand on the pistol grip handleat the rear ot the tool and keep the other hand on the red hand guard at the front of the tool BEHINO the chuck, (see Fig. KEEP CLEAÄ ot the rotating drum *’hile ‘tool is in operation, TO START AND STOP DRAIN CLEANER CAUTION; Make sure TRIGGER SWITCH on tool is OFF. (see Fig. Make sure that you are plugging into a household 120 Volt ground tault interrupter circuit. Make sure cable is futly retracted into dfUmr Connect Drain Clcnnor to pOwor circuit.

****** Page 5 ****** Figure 4 INSERTING CABLE INTO DRAIN 2, 3, 4. Make certain that the reversing switch is set FORWARD rotation. and that the power source malehes The voltage on the toolS specifica!ion plate. Connect Drain Cleaner to ground fault interrupted power sourcm Opon chuck and cut approximately one foot ot cable. Close chock lightly- Operate Drain Cleaner at low Speed white ly feeding cable ‘into drain. NOTE: cable binds: STOP the tool immediately, Set switch for rovorso rotation. Operate motor slow• ly whiie pulling back lightly on the Drain Cleaner to tree the cable. DO NOT operate the tool in reverse for extended periods. Extended reerse operation can damage the caue- Continue to operate tool at low speed whi’e repeating sleps 2 through 4 to teed addi:ional caue into drain witil the obstruction is cleared. TOILET GUIDE (OPTIONAL) A Guide and Haidar ago optionally supplied with the Drain Cleaner kit, This accessory provides a guide to help start the drain cleaner cable into a toilet boy” (see Fig. Figure 6 STORAGE Tho cable should always be thoroughly cleaned with fresh water end oiled prior to storing tho Orain Cleaner. CAUTIONi UNPLUG ANO OISCONNECT ORA]N CLEANER FROM POWER SOURCE. 1. Open the and temme ‘he entire cade from the drom. 2i Wash cable thoroughly and allow to dry. 3, Use ancily rag to coat cable With oil. 4. Reinstall the cable into the MAINTENANCE KEEP TOOL CLEAN Pericdical}y blow out all ait passages with dry com- pressed air. All plastic parts shou5d be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. NEVER use solvents to clean plastic parts. They could possible dissolve ot other• wise damage the CAUTION: Wear Safety Glasses while using corn, pressed ait. FAILURE TO START Should your tool to check to make sure the prongs of the plug on the ce«d plug ore making good wntact in the outlet, Also, chock tot fuses or open circuit breekets in thc linen

****** Page 6 ****** SERVICE AND REPAIRS All quality tools will e•æntually require servicing or replacement ot parts due to wear from notrna use, These operations, including brush inspection and replacement should only be performed by either an AUTHORIZED SKIL ELECTRIC Semco Center. All repairs made by these agencies are tu ly guaranteed against defective material and workmanship, We cannot guarantee repairs made or attempted by anyone othet Ihan these agencies, Should you have any questions about your tool. feel free to Wtiite us at anytime, In arty communica- lions, please give all infotmation shown on the nameplate of your tool (model number, type serial number. etc.). OPTIONAL DROP HEAD TOOLS MODEL S DRAIN CLEANING MACHINE .1 a Figure a ITEM NUMBER 3 6 8 10 12 13 18 Note: PART RPI*12 I-Y S 103278 LW34E S-JC S-PC S-TRSW (Sce 3) OESCRIPTION Replacerrtenl Drill . Sthinless Steel Drum Ormu Cover Stainless Sheet Metal Screw Spacer Spirul Pin S-7. . Lock Cotluf Hand Thread Serew collar. Retaining Rin? Extetttii] ‘Loekwasher. Nut . . ‘Masher. Jacohs Chuck, Plug In Cord Trigger Switch. . Elastic O-rum Band AMT Includes Item 7 2 SSA Includes Items 10 through IS No, Part SMRSWO April








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