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****** Page 1 ****** Elechumes Model: CHS2003 High Speed Blender User Manual

****** Page 2 ****** Product Introduction This kitchen high-speed blender uses high-speed motor to provide power for rotating stainless steel blade assembly to achieve the purpose of chopping ingredients. Featuring refined motor with adjustable rotating speed as well as unique blade and PC jar structure, it can achieve a variety of blending effect. 1. Bearing imported from Japan, the rotating speed of this motor reaches up to 30000r/min with little noise. With fan cooling device, the blender can run for a long time to meet the commercial premises requirements. Motor has designed with overheat protection device to prevent burning. 2. The machine is equipped with circuit system to control the rotating speed, stabilize current, protect the motor and reduce external interference. 3. The machine is equipped with over-current protector which can protect the device when current or voltage fluctuates. 4. The machine has a speed tuning switch and momentary switch, hence can provide a variety of mixing effects. 5. The rotating connector of the machine is a pair of upper and lower stainless steel parts, so it will not be damaged. 6. The waterproof glue on the bearing is made of special wear resistant material which is hard to wear for a long time. 7. The specially processed blade assembly is hard enough to chop or grind herbs, beans and other ingredients. 8. Its PC jar is made of imported PC material and undergone high temperature processing, wear resistant and crash resistant. 9. If the power cord is damaged, it can only be replaced or repaired by manufacturer’s service department staff or equivalent personnel in order to avoid danger. Product Illustration Stir Bar Speed Tuning Knob Power Switch Motor Refill Cover Jar Lid Tritan Jar Blade Assembly Securing Plate Instantaneous Rotation Switch Body Cover Stand Base

****** Page 3 ****** Safety Precautions Place the high-speed blender on a flat platform due to its high power motor. Make sure the jar is completely attached to the stand base before power the device on. Please be careful not to touch the power switch before or after startup. Please hold the device during working time so as to avoid the dumping caused by vibration. Do not use the stir bar in the rotation of motor to avoid danger. Make sure to cover the jar with refill cover to avoid food spillage when using the stir bar. Keep your kids away from the running device to avoid accidental danger. Pour the ingredients out of jar after shutting the device down and its blade assembly stops working. Do not insert your hands into the jar unless the blade assembly has been removed. 10. Be sure to unplug the plug after each use. Operation Instruction Blade Category 1. Professional combo cutter for smoothie / fruit and vegetable juice 2. Crush ice blocks and stir smoothie For Dry or Wet Use 1. Dry use Chinese herbal medicines, coffee beans, cereals, stone fruit and so on 2. Wet use- -fruits and vegetables, wheatgrass, pasture, fruit juice and so on Adjustable Rotating Speed Use as a mixer in slow rotating state User as a crusher in high rotating state Note: Stop use the device for 1 min after continuous 3 min working in high- speed state. It can be operated continuously for over 10 times. Using the Stir Bar First remove the refill cover and then insert the stir bar into its hole Note: Do not put metal objects into the jar such as knives, forks, spoons etc. How to Use 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Place the jar firmly on the stand base. Check that the power switch is pushed down to the “OFF” position. Pour ingredients into the jar. Inject some fluid(water, milk, honey, fruit juice etc.) into jar too if you want to crush solid ingredients. Cover the rubber jar lid and/or place in the stir bar, and last place back refill cover. Plug the power plug to power socket, hold the jar and then push the power switch to “ON” position. Set the rotating speed by rotating the speed tuning knob according to ingred•ents as below. Push the power switch to the “OFF” position to turn off the device. Make Icy Fruit Juice Place into ice blocks, fruits and water. All of them are indispensable. 1. 2. After pouring the ingredients into the jar, cover the jar lid and refill cover. If you want to make thick drink, insert the stir bar into refill cover. Tune the rotating speed into a higher or the maximum speed. 3. 4. Push the power switch to ON position to start crush ingredients. Please stir the ingredients via stir bar if you injected a small amount of water. 5. When the collision sound of ice blocks •s reduced suddenly, all the ingredients have been crushed. Immediately shut down the device to prevent ice blocks from becoming water due to excessive mixing. Make Fruit/Vegetable Juice Place in clean fruits or vegetables and inject a small amount of water. 1. Set the rotating speed to a medium or high speed position. 2. 3. Push the power switch to ON position to start crush ingredients. About 4-6s later, the ingredients in the jar are rolling up and down, indicating 4. that all ingredients have been chopped. Stop use at once to prevent over chopping from damaging their vitamins.

****** Page 4 ****** 4. Please stir the ingredients via stir bar or inject some water if there is a small amount of water in the jar. Note: High-speed rotation is used to test machine performance and crush special ingredients, but do not use this mode frequently. Do not let the blade assembly rotate without liquid for more than 2 minutes, because it generates ultra-high temperature to burn bearings. Clean and Maintenance 1. Add 750ml water and 1-2 slices of lemon into the jar, then switch on the device to run for 2 minutes. 2. Drain the water and repeat step 1 again. 3. Drain the water and lemon, and use a sponge or dry cloth to carefully clean the jar and jar lid. 4. Horizontally place the jar or place it upside down after clean and let it air dry. If the jar has been put upside down for air dry, please wipe the bottom of the jar and keep it away from stand base to prevent accidental drip back to its bottom, resulting in bearing rust or damaging the jar. 5. Use a dry cloth to wipe the rotating shaft and the motor base (remember do not rinse them with water). If it’s hard to wipe clean somewhere, do it with neutral detergent first and then wipe clean with a dry cloth. Note: • Be sure to disconnect the power and the power switch must be in the OFF position before cleaning and maintenance. • Be sure to wait until the blade assembly stops rotating completely before opening the lid. Do not put the jar into dishwasher for cleaning, and do not soak it in water. • Do not insert your hands into the jar for cleaning unless the blade assembly has been removed. • Be sure to separately dealing with base and jar cleaning. Wipe the stand base with a clean soft cloth instead of rinsing it under water. Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe the surface of the jar, however the measuring cup on the jar lid and seal ring can be rinsed under water. FAQ and Solution There is no reaction after powering on. 1. 2. 3. 4. Check if the over-current protection is off(control button locates at the bottom of base). Try to press the button again. Check if the plug is connected. Check whether the fuse or automatic switch is •n closed circuit. Please check whether there is power failure. If there is no problem about above conditions, please contact our customer service team or send it for professional repair. Specifications Input: 110N125V 60Hz Power: 1200W Max. Rotating Speed: 28000 r/min








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