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****** Page 1 ****** O smartblNK SmartLlNK Gateway EilOOOG Installation Manual Read and retain carefully for as long as the product is being used. It contains vital information on the operation and installation. The leaflet should be regarded as part of the product. If you are just installing the unit, the leaflet MUST be given to the householder. The leaflet is to be given to any subsequent user.

****** Page 3 ****** 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Contents Introduction Overview Gateway Installation Locating your Gateway SmartLlNK App installation process App download and setup App and system login Property information Scan gateway Add a device What if i don’t have a OR code on my device? Seal and upload the system Additional Features Gateway signal check View system data Add device function Remove / replace device function Remove only device function Send report 3 Page 4 4 7 8 10 10 10 11 12 13 15 16 18 19 22 23 24

****** Page 4 ****** 1. Introduction The following information is aimed at providing guidance on how to correctly install Ei Electronics Alarms in a Gateway System via the SmartLlNK installation App. It is necessary to use the app to push the correct installation data to the ‘SmartLlNK Cloud Portal’. 2. Overview The SmartLlNK Gateway and Cloud portal service is another new and exciting innovation from Ei Electronics. The Cloud portal allows clients to view and manage their installed stock of Alarms, it also facilitates fault monitoring and maintenance of installed Alarms enabling clients to manage the maintenance, repair and replacement of systems more efficiently and effectively. Features include: • Real-time alarm status • Fault status • Text alert and e-mail notification capability for both Fire/C0 and fault events. • Installation reports e Replacement and fault reports Alert capability is provided via the Cloud portal setting which allows alert contacts to be created and assigned to each property for both Alarm and service events. A Gateway is necessary in the installation to push events from the Alarms to the SmartLlNK Cloud portal as they happen. The Gateway is a roaming 2G GSM based device which ensures the maximum connectivity possible without the need for local broadband or Wi-Fi services. 4

****** Page 5 ****** Panel / Icon Overview 5 Ccx:ie Test 5 O On / Off battery switch Antenna GSM LED RF LED House Code button Test button Power LED Reset button

****** Page 6 ****** Smart Add in SmartLlNK compatible devices for a fully cloud connected system i) o Simply plug in Ei3000MRF SmartLlNK modules for wireless interconnection between Alarms and communication with the Eil 000G SmartLlNK Gateway Install the Gateway to provide communication to the SmartLlNK Cloud Portal 6 Setup the Cloud portal to deliver – Live monitoring of connected SmartLlNK Alarm systems – Details of system installations – Notifications of Alarm acüvations and system events via alert, text message or e-mail

****** Page 7 ****** 3. Gateway Installation GSM Signal Strength Test: Prior to installing your Gateway, we recommend that you perform a short GSM survey with the Gateway to ensure the location you plan to mount the Gateway in is suitable. You can do this without applying mains power to the Gateway, simply turn on the Battery Switch located at the top of the Gateway (see figure 1) and attach the supplied Antenna, (located at the back of the unit) by rotating the gold nut clockwise and ensuring it is tightened fully in place by hand. Warning: Do not leave your Gateway on battery power for longer than 24 Hours. Antenna Battery Switch O The Gateway GSM signal strength can be checked by pressing and holding the Test button on the Gateway and counting the yellow flashes. When checking the signal strength its important that you hold the Gateway with the Antenna in the vertical orientation. O Number of Flashes 4 3 2 Signal Strength Excellent Good Average Poor If your Gateway is indicating a poor signal strength we recommended you move to a location that provides you with the best signal strength. Also please note the advice in the next section on “Locating your Gateway”. 7

****** Page 8 ****** 4. Locating Your Gateway Please mount your Gateway in a suitable location. We recommend your Gateway is mounted on a wall, in a hallway, or another suitable area provided you have sufficient GSM signal strength. Please ensure your Gateway is mounted with the Antenna in the vertical orientation. It is best to mount the Gateway at least 2 meters from the ground level to avoid unnecessary interaction with the Gateway once installed. Before you mount your Gateway please ensure you carry out our simple GSM signal strength test. * frnportant * Note plate Do not mount your Gateway in a steel box or close to large metal objects such as boilers, as this will reduce your GSM signal range. The mounting bracket can be detached from the Gateway and secured to the wall with the screws provided (see figure 2). Important Make sure the mounting plate is positioned ‘THIS WAY UP on the wall before fixing. Slide the Gateway onto the mounting plate. Your Gateway comes pre-wired with a 2 core cable and strain relief grommet, this allows you to easily wire your Gateway directly into an un-switched Flex spur. 8

****** Page 9 ****** Warning: Wiring must be installed in compliance with local regulations. Warning: This product should only be installed in a location where an all-pole mains switch in accordance with Annex L of EN62368-1 is incorporated in the electrical installation of the building. As the device is permanently connected to mains supply, the appropriate disconnect device shall be provided as part of the building installation. Warning: Please ensure you turn on the battery backup switch to its ON position as per figure 1. (If you have not done so already during the GSM signal strength check). Failure to carry out this step will result in no battery backup capability if power is lost to the Gateway. Now you can energize the mains supply to the Gateway, the green LED will illuminate, at the same time the blue LED will flash for 30-40s (see Panel / Icon Overview on page 5). This indicates that the Gateway is powering up and connecting to the SmartLlNK server. Please do not start the installation procedure until the Blue LED has stopped flashing. Action Energise mains supply Hold Test button (4s) Hold House Code button until blue LED lights Hold House Code button until blue LED lights Hold House Code button until blue LED flashes Gateway LED Indicator Table Operation Power up Button Test / Signal Strength Test Enter House Code mode Exit House Code mode Factory reset 9 Green LED On On On On ()n Blue LED Flashing (30-40s) Flashing Flashing On (Is) On (Is) Yellow LED on (2s) Flashing Off Off Off

****** Page 10 ****** 5. SmartLlNK App Installation Process Install and wire your Alarms as normal following the relevant instruction manuals. App Download and Set up Download the SmartLlNK app from the Google Play or iTunes app store. Scan the relevent OR code on the back of this booklet to download the App. Step 1: App and System Login Download on the App Store GET IT ON Google Play In order to log into the App you will need to be set up on the SmartLlNK Cloud Portal as an official installer linked to the Client you are undertaking the work for. Please contact your local client administrator to arrange a username and password. Son •n version 10 SmartLlNK *Note, the following screen images are representative only, app screens may differ slightly depending on your device operating system, age and model. Sign In 10

****** Page 11 ****** Step 2: Property information Once logged select ‘Add Installation’ from the main menu and proceed to input the property details. If you use UPRNs you should input the relevant UPRN IID for this property. The app uses an auto lookup address feature. Type in the post code for the property and press ‘Search’. You will be presented with the actual address or a list of addresses related to that post code. Select the correct address and the App will automatically fill in the rest of the address info. Lastly please select your client name, if you are approved to work for multiple clients on the SmartLlNK system you will be presented with this list to choose from. Installations Sign Out 1.0 S0153CH Find Address Cru rd —y Great Britain Search SmartLlNK Add Installation @ View Installations LIFFORD ST Address Line 2 SOUTHAMPTON Add Gateway 11 Finu Address an Address Mx2. THE SQUARE. ST SOUTHAMPTON. sot S 3CH No.3. THE SQUARE LIFE-ORD ST SCNTHAMPTON sol S 3CH No,4. THE SQJAÄE. UFFOQD ST SOUTHAMPTON sol S 3GH NOS. THE SQUARE. UFFORD ST SOUTHAMPTON SOI S 3CH THE SQUARE. UFFORD ST SCUTHAMPTON sol S 3CH THE SQUARE. LIFFORD ST SOJTHAMPTON. sol 53CH Add Gateway

****** Page 12 ****** Scan Add Gateway Serial Number Next Scan CICICICI æclraom 2 Next 48 Enter HOIJ5e Code Hold the House Code button until the blue liéht Ilü”‘ünates. theri release. The LEO should then flash ra;pödl’i’, Next Confirm Flash Count Check gateway flash count Count Confirmed X Count Invalid Step 3: Scan Gateway Once you start the installation process the first step is to scan the Gateway prior to scanning or installing any other device, this can be done by scanning the QR code label located on the side of the Gateway. Press ‘Scan’ and move the phone over the OR code until the serial and model is captured. Once captured, enter its location from the drop down list, place the Gateway into House Code mode and confirm the Gateway flash count indicated on the App. * Note the Gateway and other compatible Accessories will have only one OR code label, scanning this will input the RF serial number, model number and replace by date of this device. All other Alarms require you to scan both the RF module OR code label and the Alarm OR code label. 12

****** Page 13 ****** Step 4: Add a device To add the next device simply click the ‘Add Unit’ button and follow the on screens instructions. If your Alarm and RF module have a valid OR code label you can press the ‘Scan’ button and scan firstly the RF module label followed secondly by the Alarm / device model label. This captures the RF serial number, the device model and the replace by date of the Alarm. Edit System EilOOOG – Bedroom 2 Serial: CICICICI Add Unit Finish Iz:aa PM Scan Barcode Module senes Scan Skip Add unit Ei3016 43171165 Dining rcom Next Once the RF Serial number and Alarm model is captured select the location from the dropdown list. Place the device into House Code mode and confirm both the Gateway and device flash count as indicated on the App. *Note its critical that you check the device and Gateway flash count match. 13

****** Page 14 ****** 50 0M Enter House Hold House Code butTan until the illuminates, then release. The LEO shculd then flash rapicny. Next Confirm Flash Count Check unit and gateway flash 2 Models Ei 160e Series Ei21 IOe Ei208 Series Eil OOOG Gateway Ei3014, 3016, 3018, 3024 Ei3028 Number of flashes per device 1 1 1 2 X Count Confirmed Count Invalid Repeat Step 4 for each device you want to add to the system. Each unit’s LED should flash once for every unit in House Code, including the Gateway, with the exception of the Ei3028, which will cause two flashes, due to its ability to detect both Carbon Monoxide and Fire. Please refer to the table above to indicate the number of flashes by device.

****** Page 15 ****** Step 4A: What if I don’t have a QR code on my device? Even if your device does not have a OR code label you can still use the installation app to set up your Gateway system. Just click on the ‘Skip’ button to take you to the next page. Here you will be asked to fill in the device location along with the device ‘Model’ and ‘Replace by Date’ both of which are located on the side of the Alarm. Again as above place the device into House Code mode and confirm both the Gateway and device flash count. Scan Barcode Scan Add Unit ‘tea’ 2031 Skip Dhirtg Next Enter House Hold the House light illurninates, then reease. The should then flash Next 15 Confirm Flash Count Check unit and gateway flash count Count Confirmed X Count Invalid

****** Page 16 ****** Step 5: Seal the system Once you have added all the necessary devices to the system and you have confirmed both the Gateway and device flash count is correct you can click on the ‘Finish’ button. This will bring you to the ‘House Code Exit’ screen. Follow the on-screen instruction and then click ‘Next’. The Gateway and App will now push the installation data up to the SmartLlNK Cloud Portal. A summary of the installation and the Gateway to device signal strength data will be presented. Ecfit System EilOOOG – Kitchen Serial: CICICICI units Ei450 – study Serja’: 43171165 Ei650i • Serial; 43354070 Ei650i • Serial: 4335407t Add Unit Finish Exit House Code the House Code button on the button presseo until the blue on solid and then retease. fot the GSM LEO to light g:ycseeciing to the next step Next Exit House Code pushed to cloud Complete Éi Electronics E.I. ELECTRONICS, BAY uao-d7 SHANNON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SHANNON LIMERICK EilOOOG – Gateway Kitchen Ei450 – Accessory study Ei3016. Optical Garage Ei650i Optical Dining room Edt 16

****** Page 17 ****** Note: In the case of an RF communication error it may sometimes be necessary to factory reset the units in a system, and House Code the units again. To factory reset the Gateway, hold the House Code button until the blue LED begins to flash, and then release. Alarm heads can also be reset in this way. Once all units have been reset, the House Coding can be started again as normal. 6. Additional Features Gateway Signal Check The signal check is a guide on the RF link between the Gateway and each device, direct range is indicated by a signal strength graph showing the relative strength of the communication path between the device and Gateway. Ll indicates the device is not in direct range to the Gateway and can only communicate to the Gateway via another device. While this is not ideal this will still suffice for critical messages. Family Ei3000 Series Ei 160e Series Ei207 / 208 Series Ei650 / 603 Accessories Direct Range Good at all levels Good >I bar Good > I bar Good > I bar Good >1 bar Good 0K limited messages 0K limited messages 0K limited messages 0K limited messages * Poor *3000 series devices repeat all messages, all other ranges repeat limited messages. In all cases once the units are House Coded correctly Fire and CO alarm activation events are repeated.

****** Page 18 ****** View System data In order to access a property’s system data, you can select ‘View Installations’ from the main menu. Select the property from the Recent install list or Search for the property via the search function bar. Once you have selected the property you can click on any device and drill into the device data and device event history. 4 View Installations Search Ei Electronics E.I. ELECTRONICS. BAV ESTATE, LIVER’CK EilOOOG – Gateway Ei450 • Accessory Ei650i Optical Onng EilCiOOG Status Locatön; Kitchen Date installed: 26/07/2019 Replace 0k History: 2 past Serial CICICICI Events search Recent THE SQUARE. LIFF.OROST 02/08/2019 Ei Electronics 25/07/2019 e EilOOOG Events Gateway Check”t No. 1 154534 Gateway NO. Of 1 18

****** Page 19 ****** Add device function To add a device to a system simply select the system from the Recent installations list or use the search function as advised overleaf. Once you select the relevant property click on the ‘Edit’ button at the top right-hand corner then select ‘Add Unit’. Scan the OR codes on the device or use the Skip function if no QR codes are available. Enter the device details such as location etc and select Next. Place the device in House Code mode. Éi Electronics ELECTRONICS, BAY uao-47 SHANNON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SHANNON LIMERICK EilOOOG • Gateway Ei450 – Accessory Ei3016. Optical Garage Ei650i • Optical Oning Ecft Systen• e Gateways EilOOOG – Kitchen serja’: CICICICI Ei450 – study Serial: 43171165 Ei650i – Garage Serial: Ei650i • Dining Serial: A3354071 Add Unit Finish Scan Barcode Scan Skip 19 Add unit 43171163 Dining Next

****** Page 20 ****** You will now need to put all other devices in to House Code mode. You can do this via the ‘Remote House Coding’ function. Follow the on-screen instruction in the app. Some older devices are not compatible with this function. The App is intelligent and will advise on devices that are required to be placed into House Code mode manually. Remote House Code Press and Hold the House COde button until see all colours flashing IRed, Blue, Green), then release, put the device you’re adding into House Code. Next nernoto House Cc:xde Press and Bold the Hoose Code button until you see all colours flashing (Red. Blue, Greenl then release. Now put the device you’re adding into House Code. The following units ere not Learn All Entry ccvnpatible. Please put these units into House Code rnanually: 41550614 – Ei412 (Bedroom 2) oaj52252 Ei407 (Garage) Next confirm Flash count Check unit and gateway flash count Count Confirmed X Count Invalid Again, it is critical that you confirm both the device and Gateway flash count is accurate as per the App. Once you are finished click ‘Finish’ and place the device into ‘House Code Exit’ and allow the system to submit the new installation data to the SmartLlNK Cloud Portal. 20

****** Page 21 ****** Ecfit Systenm EilOOOG – Kitchen serja’: CICICICI units Ei450 study Serial; 43171165 Éi650i – Serial: 43354070 Ei650i • Dining Serial: 43354071 Add unit Finish Exit House Code O Press the House code button on thecateevay. Keep the buten pressed until the blue cornes “‘lid and tren vvait for the yellovv GSM tc l•ghlt procæding to the next step Next 21 Exit House Code htstallation pushed to cloud Complete E.I. ELECTRONICS, BAY uao-d7 SHANNON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SHANNON LIMERICK EilOOOG – Gateway Edt e Ei3016. Optical Dining room Kitchen Ei450- study Garage Ei650i. Accessory Optical

****** Page 22 ****** Edit System Ei100,CX3 – Kitchen Ei450 3 Ei450 study • Garage • room Remove units X Unselect units House Code Cof Hutt*” ‘.fitil thn light Thr Next Edit system Ei-10000 – Kitchen Ei450 • Bedroom 3 Eie Ei650i – Dining room 4335.4031 X EilOOOG – Kitchen Ei450 • Bedroom 3 the and EGSG • Dining room Remove units X Unselect units the C.rx•ie nr’ urel Peceat Next Remove Units Unselect Units Confirm Flash Count Check and gateway flash Count Confirmed X Count Invalid Remove / Replace device function In order to replace a unit (the assumption is you are removing one device and replace it with a new device) you must first ‘Remove’ the device from the system. Navigate your way to the relevant property, click on the Edit button at the top right-hand corner then select the device you want to remove. The App will ask if you are sure you want to delete this device. Press Yes and follow the on screen advice to factory reset all devices in the system and re-House Code all devices. This is a critical step as the system needs to forget the device that is been removed and re-learn each device again. 22

****** Page 23 ****** Once you have confirmed the flash count on the Gateway and devices is accurate as per the app you can now proceed to add a replacement unit by following the ‘Add Unit’ function. This includes sealing the system and ensuring the app pushes its new installation set up with the new device to the SmartLlNK Cloud Portal. Edit System Cit 0000 – Kitchen Servat CICtCIC1 Ei450 – study Send: 43171165 Ei650i • Garage 4335aoro Ei650i • room Serial: 43354071 Add Unit Finish Remove only device function Oit Hoose Code the Ctxie theCateway Reep the buttM pressed until the LEO comes en SOIj:d Wait for the GS”/ to light before Pfeceæ•tiing to Step Next < Back Exit House Code Ei Electronics tktCTRONlCS. BAY SHANNON EilOOOG Gateway K'tChen 8450 • Accessory Ei3016- GU age Ei650i – Optical Oning rcorn Send e pushed to cloud Complete Click on 'Finish' on the Edit System screen, if you only intend on removing a device without replacing it then you can follow the 'Remove Device Function' steps and seal the system. 23 ****** Page 24 ****** Send Report Once you have completed an installation you can send the summary installation report via email to a client or back to the office as a record of the installation for further administration. Simply click "Send Report" in the system view and type in the email address. For your convenience the app can store the last used email address. Ei Electronics E 1. ELECTRONICS. BAY 040-47 94ANNON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SHANNON LIMERICK VlåH020 EilOOOG – Gateway Ei450 • Accessory Ei3016-Optical Garage Ei650i – Optical C#ting room Ei E A. ELECTRONICS, 040-47 SHANNON INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SHANNON LIMERICK VIAH020 e Ki s 24 Enter an email to a report about this installation. Ltnail Addtoss O Email Address ****** Page 25 ****** Hereby, Ei Electronics declares that this Eil OOOG Gateway is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU. The Declaration of Conformity may be consulted at 25 ****** Page 26 ****** The crossed out wheelie bin symbol that is on your product indicates that this product should not be disposed of via the normal household waste stream. Proper disposal will prevent possible harm to the environment or to human health. When disposing of this product please separate it from other waste streams to ensure that it can be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. For more details on collection and proper disposal, please contact your local govemment office or the retailer where you purchased this product. 26 ****** Page 27 ****** 27 ****** Page 28 ****** Contact Us Alco Ltd Maesbury Road Oswestry Shropshire SY 10 8NR Telephone: 01691 664100 Download on the AppStore @ Ei Electronics 2019 Ej Electronics Shannon Industrial Estate, Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. Telephone: +353 (0)61 471277 GET ON Google Play 28 PIN B19839 Revo








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