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Important safety instructions Read before proceeding further. Retain for future use. Warning All electrical installation and repair work should be carried out by a qualified electrician or Dyson Service Engineer in accordance with current local codes or regulations. Filter change should be carried out by a qualified person. Warning Risk of electric shock! If casing is removed or handled improperly the internal components of the unit may cause harm or become permanently damaged. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY TO PERSONS, OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING: Before installation Before beginning any installation work you must confirm the following. Wiring • Check that the electrical supply corresponds to that shown on the rating plate. If the unit is connected to any electrical supply other than stated on the rating plate of the unit, permanant damage or improper/unsafe operation of the hand dryer may result. • A means for all-pole disconnection must be incorporated into fixed wiring, in accordance with local wiring regulations. • The unit must be earthed. • When connecting the unit to the electricity supply use cable in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and applicable codes and standards, including fire-rated construction. • Ensure that the conduit and wires are long enough to connect to the backplate and the terminal block. Safety • Isolate the power before installation or service. Installation • Make sure that the unit is installed in compliance with all building codes and/or regulations. • The unit must be mounted on a flat vertical wall capable of supporting the full weight of the unit. • Use fixings as specified in this installation guide. • Ensure no pipe work (gas, water, air) or electrical cables, wires or ductwork are located directly behind the drilling/mounting area. • If you are installing this tap hand dryer in a food handling or food manufacturing environment, please contact the Dyson Helpline for the specialist installation guide that supports this. • Dyson recommends the use of protective clothing, eyeware and materials when installing/repairing as necessary. • To avoid damage to the fascia surface during installation, store the fascia in the original packaging until it is needed. LOCATION • The unit is designed for dry, internal location only. • Consult local and national accessibility codes and regulations for relevant installation guidelines. Conformity and compliance is the responsibility of the installer. • Ensure the required electrical supply is available for later connection. • If you are installing this tap hand dryer in a food handling or food manufacturing environment, please contact the Dyson Helpline for the specialist installation guide that supports this. Important • Please refer to the Dyson Owners Manual for details of the guarantee.

2 3 1 2 In this box. Remove fascia. Selecting the height. Rear view Cable entry

Main unit x 1 Wall bracket x 1 point 990mm adult male height. 915mm adult female height. 235mm

Service tool x1 Fixings To install this unit you will need (6) screws, toggle or masonry bolts and appropriate fittings for the wall type and weight of the unit (recommended minimum size of 7mm). WARNING Use caution when removing the fascia. The fascia may have sharp edges/corners which may cut or cause harm. 1. Remove the (4) tamper-proof screws from the unit with the service tool provided. Store safely. 2. Note: Some models have a small door at the base of the machine. Remove the (1) tamper proof screw with the service tool. 3. Remove the fascia as shown. 815mm child/wheelchair user height UK 840mm child/wheelchair user height ANZ Height measurements are from the floor. 1. Select a location that will allow accessibility to the unit and proper clearance from surroundings and floor. Allow at least 200mm clearance under the unit. 2. Recommended heights are shown, but may need to be adjusted for each individual installation. Cable Connect the electrical supply using approved flexible or solid conduit and electrical fittings. Ensure that the flexible or solid conduit and wires are of sufficient length to make the necessary connection to the backplate and the terminal block. Cable entry: The cable entry point is on the rear of the backplate. The exterior route to the cable entry point can be either: 1. From the wall: directly into the cable entry point. 2. From the base: via the exterior cable channel in the backplate and into the cable entry point. Ensure the cable is not trapped between the backplate and the wall.

4 3 4 5 6 Mount bracket to wall. Secure backplate to wall. Connect to terminal. Attach fascia. L N

1. Secure the bracket to the wall using the appropriate fixings for the wall type and the weight of the main unit. Ensure the bracket is level. 1. Hook the backplate onto the wall bracket. Use the backplate to mark the locations for the four fixing points. Remove the backplate from the bracket and drill the four holes. NOTE: For easier access to the lower fixing screw, temporarily remove the filter. CAUTION: Do not use the backplate as a guide when drilling. 2. Hook the backplate onto the wall bracket. 3. Install the electrical cable via the cable gland. 4. Ensure the cable sits in the pre-formed channel. in the exterior of the backplate. 5. Secure the backplate to the wall using the appropriate fixings. WARNING: Risk of electric shock! 1. Secure the live, neutral and earth wires into the correct terminal block locations as indicated on the terminal block casing. 2. Verify the connections are correct before proceeding. 3. Tighten the cable gland. 1. Carefully replace the fascia as illustrated. 2. Do not trap the cable when attaching the fascia. 3. Make sure that the fascia is mounted flush before tightening the screws. 4. Insert the anti-tamper screws into the fascia as illustrated – top screws first, hand-tight, followed by the lower screws. Then secure all screws. 5. Test the unit for correct operation. NOTE: Do not use sealant when fixing the unit to the wall.

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