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PDF Content Summary: 866-731-8378 support@DreamLine.com DreamLine.com TOOLS YOU WILL NEED FOR THIS INSTALL • Exploded View drawing of shower door • 3/16” Masonry drill bit (use 9/64” drill bit for fiberglass) • 1/8” drill bit • Drill • 4’ Level • Saw (Electric Chop saw or Hacksaw) • Side cutting pliers • #2 Phillips drill bit • #2 Phillips screwdriver • Tape Measure • Pencil or Pen • Caulking Gun • 1-Tube of 100% Clear Silicone (no latex!) • Vacuum Cleaner or Brush for clean up • Glass Cleaner and Paper Towels • Rubber Mallet • File 1 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Model INSTALLATION Alliance Pro LT INSTRUCTIONS # Des 1 W Model Alliance Pro LT 2 Sc 3 #8X1 4 # 1 Description Wall Jamb Qty Part # Picture 2 ZTE-1203 4A Bott 2 Screw Anchor 6 ZV-935 5 #6/32 3 #8X 1 1/4 Pan Head Screw 6 - 6 4 Bumper 2 ZV-924 7 4A Bottom Bumper 1 ZV-926 8 5 #6/32 x 1/2 Machine Screw 2 6 Curb 1 ZTE-1222 7 Center Guide 1 ZV920-3 9 8 Header 1 ZTE-6201 10 Glass with 7/8” Holes 9 Towel Bar 1 ASD24R 10 Pull Handle 1 ASD1R 11 # 6 x 3/8 Pan Head Screw 2 12 Curb Vinyl 1 ZV-918 13 Full Top Rail 1/4” 2 ZTE-3214 14 Roller Wheel 4 ZA-99 15 # 8/32 x 3/8 CH 4 Part# Picture TE-1203 TE-1203 ZV-935 ZV-935 ZV-935 CeZV-924 ZV-924 ZV-924 ZV-926 ZV-926 Gla TP 11 #6X3 12 C Full T 13 Full T 14 Rol 15 #8/3 ZV-926 8 TE-1222 -----------------, To install your Shower Enclosure you will need TE-1222 TE-1222 V920-3 V920-3 V920-3 TE-6201 7 7 /8" /8" Holes Holes ASD24R ASD24R ASD1R ASD1R ZV-918 ZV-918 ZV-918 -=fl -=fl -=fl To Install your Shower Enclosure you will need the following -Level -1/6” and 9/64” Drill Bits TE-3208 TE-3208 TE-3214 TE-3214 ZA-99 ZA-99 ZA-99 When Ordering replacement parts, please provide the following information: 1. Part Number 2. Part Name 3. Model Number 4. Specify design (if any) -(Tile) 3/16” Masonry Bit -Phillips Screwdriver -Sealant --c: --c: a --c: a a a � � -Hacksaw 2 1) Find the centerline of where the unit will be installed. This will usually be the center of the ledge of the bath tub or the curb of the shower pan. Place a centerline mark at each end of the tub ledge or curb where it meets the wall. This mark will also represent the center of the ZTE1203 wall jamb (item #1 in exploded view). Place the wall jamb against the wall and on top of the ledge or curb aligning centerline marks (A). If your shower is fiberglass you might have to file the backside corner of the ZTE1203 to a radius so the jamb sits as flush as possible on the ledge or curb. Use a level to position the jamb plumb, then mark the installation holes with a pen or pencil (B). Repeat this procedure for the other jamb. Now drill the 6 holes with a 3/16” masonry bit (9/64” for fiberglass, & with-out anchors). Then insert the 6)-ZV935 screw anchors (#9) in the holes. Fasten the ZTE1203 wall jambs in place using the #8X1- 1/4 Phillips Pan Head screws provided (#3) (C). Important Note: The ZV926 Bottom Bumper (#4A) needs to be installed with the bottom screw on the jamb, on the showerhead side of the unit, with the angled side of the bumper going to the inside of the shower (D). Refer to the exploded view. Attach the ZV924 Bumpers (#4) using the 2-#6/32X1/2 Machine screws (#5) keeping in mind that the inside panel will be on the showerhead side of the shower. Note: These instructions will refer to the item #’s in the Exploded View drawing. For example, #1, #2, #3 etc... Please read through all of the instructions to get an over-view before you install the door. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Model Alliance Pro LT the oles ure th a ith- rew 203 llips tant eds the ith in- ded A BD C 3 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Model Alliance Pro LT hat the 2) Measure the distance between the inside of side of the wall jambs (just above the tub ledge or curb). Measure tight and deduct 1/16” cut size of the ZTE1222 Curb size. Apply silicone where wall or curb. Then run a bead along of the ZTE1222 Curb (F). Slide between the wall jambs and shower. Make sure the curb is solid (#6) jambs to the the onto 1/8”to underneath and (E). curb meet the doesn’t get Cut down tub/ tub the to l to dge side 6) ng jambs 1/8” (E). the or of rock back and forth. If it is not solid se-cure it with two of the #6X3/8” Pan Head Screws (#13) provided by drilling with a 1/8” drill bit through the outside leg of the wall jamb at the bottom, into the face of the curb and in- serting the screws (G). 3) Measure the distance from wall to wall across the top of the jambs. Cut the ZTE6201 Header (#8) to that dimension minus -1/16”. Slide the header down over the top of the wall jambs. The header does not need to be secured with screws (H). 4) Setting of the glass. The inside panel will be set first. This will be done as you stand on the outside of the shower. Grip one of the panels on each side so that the rollers are facing away from you. Lift the panel so that the bottom edge of the glass clears the top of the ZTE1222 Curb as you lower it into the shower. Do not set the glass down on its edge. Be very careful to not hit the edge on anything. will be on the panels g away bottom TE1222 not set reful to lower- until the top rollers can be guided up into the E F and ead se- F2 G1/8” amb d in- wall 201 16”. wall ured ll be G2 H e 4 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Model Alliance Pro LT

Continue lowering the panel down inside roller track of the header. Lift up glass then slowly lower the rollers into the inside roller track and let the panel hang in its vertical position. The outside panel will be installed the same way. Make sure the rollers are facing toward you. A helper would be valuable at this point to hold the inside panel on an angle toward the inside so that the outside panel can be lowered and positioned to be installed into the outside roller track. The inside panel will be positioned at the showerhead side of the shower while the outside panel will be positioned opposite the showerhead. This is to ensure that no water escapes through the overlap (I). 5) Adjust Rollers. (J) The roller wheels are mounted to angled slots in the top rail on the glass. Lowering the roller in the slot raises the glass. Raising the roller in the slot lowers the glass. Start out with the rollers mounted in the middle of the angled slot. If the panel needs to be adjusted you can remove the panel, adjust with a screwdriver then, reset the panel. This might be done one or two times until you achieve proper alignment. The end result should be that the vertical edge of the panel is parallel to your wall jamb to achieve maximum coverage. 6) Attach the ZV920 Center Guide (#7). Slide both panels to one end. The front lip of the guide slips into the slot on the inside of the IJ I J I J I J 5 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Model Alliance Pro LT front edge of the ZTE1222 Curb. Position the guide just to the side of the panels, slip the front lip in, then snap the guide down over the inside of the curb. Slide the guide over carefully. When the doors are in a closed position the center guide should be centered in the overlap of the glass (K). For added security you can attach the guide after it is snapped in place by drilling with a 1/8” drill bit through the snap in leg into the curb (from the inside of the shower) then running a #6X3/8 screw into the hole. 7) *please see attached before proceeding Attach the ASD-1 (#10) Knob Pull (L) by insert- ing the threaded bolt with grommet through the hole. This will be the inside panel with one hole which will be on the showerhead side of the opening. The knob should be on the inside. Also make sure the plastic washers provided are on each side of the glass. Use the small Allen wrench provided to insert into the small hole on the bolt head. Turn and tighten the bolt until the knob is secure. Over tightening can cause the glass to blow up. 8) Attach the towel bar (M) on the outside panel with two holes using the same method as the knob in step 7. 9) Run a bead of silicone on the gap between the metal and the shower surface inside and out. Fill all joints and gaps where metal meets metal and fill with a fine bead (N). KNL & M 6 Left showerhead Assembly Right showerhead Assembly

The placement of the roller wheels is determined by the location of the showerhead. The inside panel (with the knob) needs to be installed on the showerhead side of the opening. Use the diagram above to install the roller wheels with orientation appropriate to the location of your showerhead. When installing the roller wheels a padded surface is needed beneath the glass to prevent accidental breakage. CAUTION: Ensure each roller wheel assembly has been fully tightened before hanging your panels! 7







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