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PDF Content Summary: HDMI KVM Extender over IP Manual DS-55202 Important Safety Instruction 1. Do not mix up the transmitter and receiver before instruction. 2. Do not unplug the device, when it is in using; keep distance from inflammable and explosive devices. 3. Power Supply: DC 5V, Use only the supplied power supply unit, do not use the power supply if it is damaged. Product Introduction This is a HDMI KVM EXTENDER, is made up of a transmitter unit (local site) and a receiver unit (remote site). The HDMI signal can be extended up to 120 meters via network cable, and the resolution supported is up to 1080p@60Hz. It allows access to a computer system from a remote console by USB connectors (USB keyboard and mouse). It is perfect for factory and construction sites, or any type of installation where the console needs to be in a conveniently accessible location. It is also useful for control and security purposes. Therefore it is wildly used in command center, data control center, operation rooms in military, bank, government, enterprise etc. Features 1. Extend HDMI signal up to 120 meters via a single network cable 2. Over IP connection through network switch 3. High resolution supported is up to 1080p@60Hz 4. LED indicators, know the status of power and USB connection easily 5. Support KVM function, remote control conveniently 6. Support LAN standard 802.3 Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps 7. Compliant STP and UTP CAT5/5E/6 network cables 8. Aluminum alloy housing design, stable and durable Package Content • HDMI KVM EXTENDER TX x1pcs • HDMI KVM EXTENDER RX x1pcs • USB Cable x1 • Power supply x2pcs • User manual ×1pcs • CD (Windows USB driver) x1pcs Installation Requirements 1. Source devices: PC or other devices with HDMI graphics card. 2. Display devices: With HDMI input port, SDTV, HDTV, and monitor. 3. Network cables: UTP/STP CAT5E/6 network cables, which following the standard of IEEE-568B. 4. Transmission length: CAT5: 80m/CAT5E: 100m/CAT6: 120m. Panel Introduction 1. HDMI EXTENDER TX (Transmitter) 1 Power indicator 2 USB connection indicator 3 LAN signal output 4 Reset button 5 Power input (DC5V) 6 HDMI signal input 7 USB port: to connect with PC 2. HDMI EXTENDER RX (Receiver) 1 Power indicator 2 USB connection indicator 3 LAN signal input 4 Reset button 5 Power input (DC5V) 6 HDMI signal output 7 USB port: to connect with keyboard/mouse Installation Procedures 1. How to make a CAT5E/6 network cable Follow the standard of IEEE-568B: 1- Orange/white 2- Orange 3- Green/white 4- Blue 5- Blue/white 6- Green 7- Brown/white 8- Brown 2. General Connection Diagram Transmission distance can be up to 120 meters for 1080p over one CAT6 HDMI Transmitter TX Receiver RX


NOTE: Point to multi-point connection via switch is supported too, but under point to multi-point configuration, it is strongly recommended to operate KVM function on one receiver only at the same time. 3. Over IP Connection Diagram

PC USB cable cable Switch Switch*N Switch Switch*N Switch Switch*N

NOTE: Transmission distance depends on type of network cable, CAT5: 80m, CAT5E: 100m, CAT6: 120m. Remark: Install driver Software Driver only needed if the USB keyboard mouse cannot be activated automatically in the first time connection. (Only Windows USB driver available) FAQ Q: Yellow light of LAN port is flashing but slowly? A: 1) Check whether HDMI Extender Transmitter and HDMI Extender Receiver is reversed; 2) Check whether HDMI source device output HDMI signal correctly; 3) Change the HDMI cable of Transmitter. Q: Yellow light of LAN port is flashing quickly but no display? HDMI Transmitter TX TV keyboard/mouse keyboard/mouse HDMI Receiver RX A: 1) If HDMI source is graphics card please set the resolution to be supported by display 2) Check whether HDMI cable of Receiver is well connected; 3) Change the HDMI cable of Receiver. Q: Yellow Led light of LAN port is not light? A: 1) Check connection of network cable; 2) Network cable is too long. Q: Abnormal color display or flashing after all the devices is well connected? A: 1) Please press reset button of HDMI extender. 2) Make sure the network cable is made according to the standard of IEEE-568B. Q: USB does not work? A: Install the USB driving software, check and make sure the USB cables are connected well, then reset Transmitter or Receiver. Specification Part No. DS-55202 Technical Transmitter-TX Receiver-RX Signal format HDMI 1.3 HDCP HDCP 1.2 HDMI connector Type A, 19 pin, Female Transmission distance CAT5/80 meters, CAT5e/100meters, CAT6/120 meters LAN connector RJ-45 Video bandwidth ≤ 70Mbps resistance 75Ω Video Latency 70 ms HDMI resolution supported 640*480@60Hz 800*600@60Hz 1024*768@60Hz 1280*720@60Hz 1360*768@60Hz 1440*900@60Hz 1400*1050@60Hz 1680*1050@60Hz 1920*1080@60Hz Audio support PCM (44.1KHz, 48KHz) KVM function (connect with PC, keyboard/ mouse) connect with PC connect with keyboard/mouse Switch Connection yes 1×HDMI 1XUSB (to connect with PC) 2xUSB (to connect with Input keyboard/mouse) 1×RJ45 Output 1×RJ45 1×HDMI Mechanical Transmitter-TX Receiver-RX Housing Metal enclosure Dimension 109.6 (L) x 89.5 (w) x 26.3 (H) mm Net weight 160g 170g Power supply DC5V 1A Power consumption < 3.5W < 3.5W Operation temperature 0-60°C Storage temperature -20-70°C Relative humidity 20-90% (no condensation) Hereby ASSMANN Electronic GmbH, declares that this device is in compliance with the requirements of Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC), Directive 2014/35/EU (LVD) and the Directive 2011/65/EU for RoHS compliance. The complete declaration of conformity can be requested by post under the below mentioned manufacturer address. Note: If wrongly installed or improperly used in the living area, the device can cause interference in radios and other electronic devices. Appropriate use is when the device, as far as feasible, is operated with shielded connection cables (with network products in addition to category 5 shielded cables and higher). The device has been tested and falls within the limits of class A computing equipment according to the requirements of EN 55032. Warning: This device conforms with test category A - it can cause radio interference in the living area; in this case the operator may demand that appropriate measures are implemented and arise for this reason. Declaration of conformity: The device fulfills the EMV requirements according to EN 55032 for ITE and EN 55024 class A. In this way, the fundamental protection requirements of the EMV-2014/30/EU guideline are fulfilled. assmann.com Assmann Electronic GmbH Auf dem Schüffel 3 58513 Lüdenscheid Germany







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