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****** Page 1 ****** General Specifications The Datamation Systems SyncCharge Mobile Device Manager Console (DS-MDM-SC-24U) is designed to provide storage, security and USB charging and syncing capabilities for multiple mobile devices. It is a standalone cabinet that can be placed on a counter or workstation. It consists of the following components: • A compact, durable steel enclosure with a pull out storage drawer. The drawer contains foam inserts and plastic dividers to help store the mobile devices while charging or syncing. The enclosure has an integrated key lock. • Cambrionix universal USB hubs (with 24 powered USB ports, one 8 and one 16 port hub) (up to 2.1A per port in charge mode) • A dual voltage power supply to provide sufficient power to the USB hubs • A power cord to connect to the local power source (wall outlet/main) • A sync and firmware update port mounted on the front panel of the storage drawer The electrical cord is not made for use in wet areas and is rated for indoor use at normal office temperatures. USB boards are gnwered by Cambrionix, a leader in USB charge-and-sync technologies Power supply: 275W, 45A, 5V5 115/230 VAC; built-in DC fan, UL/UV/CE approved; Level V efficiency meets Energy Star standards Weight (with power supply enclosed and cord): 55 pounds Dimensions: 19.25’W x 22.375″D x 10.625″H Use the manufacturer–provided USB cables or purchase an optional cable bundle accessory (tested cables) Proudly made in the USA USERS GUIDE FOR DATAMATION SYSTEMS MOBILE DEVICE MANAGER CONSOLE (24 SYNC-CHARGE) DS-MDM-SC-24U DC DATAMATION SYSTEMS 125 Louis Street South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Phone (201 )329-7200

****** Page 2 ****** USER’S GUIDE Congratulations on your purchase of the most durable and flexible sync-and-charge console enclosure for storing, protecting, syncing and charging multiple mobile devices. : the DS-MDM-SC-24U. It is designed to allow the simultaneous charging or syncing of up to 24 iPods and iPhones as well as certain other devices that can charge or sync using USB connections. This User’s Guide contains important information on the set-up and use of this device. Some of the instructions relate to Apple OS devices. For other devices, consult your equipment vendor and their technical support concerning methods to manage content on those devices. Please keep it in a safe place and make it available to any user. The DS-MDM-SC-24U is intended to allow mobile device users to provide a resource for syncing and charging either on a tabletop or counter. The DS-MDM-SC-24U should only be used for its intended purpose and in accordance with the safety and operational instructions in this Guide. Here are some pointers to get the best out of your DS-MDM-SC-24U: 1. Finding a suitable location for your DS-MDM-SC- 241.1: The DS-MDM-SC-24U is designed for use in a number of environments, allowing you to match the need for charging and syncing to the way you are using your devices. It can be used on a counter-top or desk, on or in an existing cart or cabinet or on a mobile stand. If you want to fasten it to a surface, you can bolt it to a tabletop or other surface. You can also use Velcro or some sort of suitable bracket (not provided). (Be very careful not to open or drill into the enclosure box or disturb the electronics boards or power supplies when mounting or handling the DS-MDM-SC-24U.) 2. Getting started: Providing 24 USB ports for charging and syncing, the DS-MDM-SC-24U has two USB hubs (one 8-port and one 16 port) connected to a suitable power supply. If the protective cover is opened, be careful not to touch the board’s components or drop anything onto the board, or touch any of the power supply connectors. Set-up consists of plugging the USB-A end of each iPod, iPhone or other device cable into a USB connector on the DS-MDM-SC-24U. You can then turn on the power supply with the lighted on-off switch and start to use the DS-MDM-SC-24U. The power supply and its ventilation fan is located inside the drawers enclosure cover. [Always use the cords (USB-to-Apple connector or other) provided by Apple, the device manufacturer or certified and tested equivalents. Many cords are not certified and can cause problems with recharging or syncing. An optional accessory set of cables may be available from Datamation Systems.] Any ventilation holes in the tray and enclosure must be left exposed when the DS-MDM-SC-24U is plugged in as the power supply fan is needed to disperse heat. The power supply fan will cycle on and off as needed. 3. Connecting the USB cords: Once the USB connectors are plugged into the board, plug the device connector of each cable into an iPod, iPhone or other mobile device. 4. Power cord: When you are ready to use your DS-MDM-SC-24U, plug the power exit cord into an available wall outlet/receptacle. Be sure there is enough power to support the power supplies. Do not use any kind of extension cord in addition to the exit power cord. Make sure the cord is safely placed to avoid any danger of tripping or damage to the cord. If the cord is damaged, do not use it. When the DS-MDM-SC-24U is powered up, it defaults to the “charge mode” and will start charging any devices plugged into the USB cables. It will charge devices at the optimum power required by the device, up to 2.1 A specified by Apple for iPads, with all devices connected to the DS-MDM-SC-24U provided with the optimum power. It does not require a host computer connected to the hub to charge compatible devices. 5. For Apple devices, configuring iTunes: You must set up your iPods or iPhones to sync to an iTunes account, in accordance with Apple’s instructions. To communicate with all 24 USB devices, iTunes should be installed in its current version on a Mac OS host equipped with a USB 2.0 port. Check for iTunes updates before connecting your iOS devices. We recommend de-selecting automatic updates in your iTunes preferences (to avoid interference with automatic syncing). Note that a Windows computer can be used to sync iOS devices through iTunes. It may be limited to the number of USB devices that can be recognized by the version of Windows you are using. Consult your IT department or online knowledge bases concerning this. Configuring iTunes is a one-time procedure for each device. iTunes will address each device plugged into one of the USB cables. Make sure each has been configured using the procedure provided in iTunes, making sure you do the following on each: • Name and register each iPhone or iPod. • In the options section of iTunes, enable “open iTunes when this is attached.” • Enable “sync only checked songs and videos.” • Disable “Manually manage music and videos” (so you dont have to drag content to each device). • Select the playlists and content categories you want to sync. • Click the sync or apply button. Again, do this for each device. Once this is set up, the devices will be recognized when you enter sync mode on the DS-MDM-SC-24U (#6 below). 6. Starting the Sync mode: Once your iOS devices have been configured and registered and your iTunes has been configured for content with the playlists organized for your intended use, make sure each device is connected to the USB cables. Connect your Mac to the USB port on the front of the MDM tray. This port is connected to the two USB boards. Launch iTunes. The DS-MDM-SC-24U will automatically enter sync- mode and iTunes will begin to recognize the devices, displaying the name of each one and starting the syncing process. This is entirely controlled by iTunes and works with each USB-connected device the same way it would if that device would be connected directly to the a host Mac. If you want to re-sync the devices, you can do this by unplugging your Mac from the USB connection and then re-attaching the USB cord to the Mac. You can eject each device separately or close iTunes to “eject” all at one time. You can re-enter the Charge Mode by removing the USB connection to the Mac. This changes the power supplied to each USB port to permit the same fast- charge provided by Apple with its power adapter but to all the devices connected to the DS-MDM-SC-24U. You can consult the Apple Knowledge base on-line for tips on how to handle syncing of your devices. With respect to syncing, the DS-MDM-SC-24U will behave like any USB hub connected to a host and will work with Apple’s Configurator.

****** Page 3 ****** Datamation Systems Warranty and Service If you have any questions or problems with your DS-MDM-SC-24U, please contact us directly for assistance at (201) 329-7200 or by e-mail: Our customer service staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. At our expense, we will send replacement parts by UPS, usually shipping the next business day. We will also provide written or telephone instructions for the replacement of defective parts. We reserve the right to issue a call tag to return defective parts to us for examination and testing. Customers should pack them adequately for UPS pick-up. Limited Warrant Datamation Systems, Inc. conveys the manufacturer’s limited warranty for this product (the metal enclosure, power supply and USB boards) to be free of physical defects in workmanship at the date of shipment. Any part of the DS-MDM-SC-24U that fails in normal use during a period of one (1 ) year from the date of purchase, which is found by Datamation Systems to be defective in materials or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced free of charge to the customer. This limited warranty is not applicable if any of the following conditions exist: Damage occurs after the product has been received free and clear with no exceptions noted; Damage results from an accident, negligence, misuse or fault on the part of a customer/user; Products were built to customer specifications (specials) ; Modification of product was made after acceptance; e Attachments were made to other manufacturers’ products; • Persons not approved or authorized by the manufacturer have modified, altered, adjusted, replaced or repaired the product; or • Abnormal use, damage caused by user’s failure to properly maintain or use the product, or use in an environment other than a normal indoor office or institutional setting, are not covered EXCEPT AS STATED ABOVE, THE MANUFACTURER MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES AS TO ANY PRODUCT, AND, IN PARTICULAR, MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE MANUFACTURER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE OBLIGATION UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS TO REPAIR OR REPLACE DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS OR, AT ITS OPTION, TO PAY THE REASONABLE COST OF REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OR ISSUE CREDIT. THE MANUFACTURER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR LOST PROFITS OR SALES OR DAMAGES FOR INJURIES TO PERSON OR PROPERTY.








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