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PDF Content Summary: QUICK INSTALL GUIDE DSL-2640B VERSION 1.0 Power WLAN Internet Status DSL 3 Wireless ADSL Router - 30 40 10 20 0 DSL-26408 D-Link BROADBAND D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide General Information The D-Link DSL-2640B is an ADSL2+ wireless router, that combines a DSL router and wireless solution in a single device. The DSL-2640B also has four addional 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports to connect non-wireless computers. This user manual provides you with a simple and easy-to-understand format to install and configure your router. Package Contents • ADSL2/2+ 4-Port Wireless Router • 12VDC, 1A DC CEC-compliant switching power adapter • RJ-11 telephone cable • RJ-45 Ethernet cable • Quick Install Guide • CD-ROM (User Manual + QIG) Note: Using a power supply with a different voltage rating than the one included with the DSL-2640B will cause damage and void the warranty for this product. If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. Important Safety Instructions • Place your router on a flat surface close to the cables in a location with sufficient ventilation. • To prevent overheating, do not obstruct the ventilation openings of this equipment. • Plug this equipment into a surge protector to reduce the risk of damage from power surges and lightning strikes. • Operate this equipment only from an electrical outlet with the correct power source as indicated on the adapter. • Do not open the cover of this equipment. Opening the cover will void any warranties on the equipment. • Unplug equipment first before cleaning. A damp cloth can be used to clean the equipment. Do not use liquid/aerosol cleaners or magnetic/static cleaning devices. D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide 4 D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Status LED A blinking light indicates traffic is passing through. Power LED A solid green light indicates the unit is powered up. DSL LED A Solid light indicates the DSL is synchronized. A flashing LED indicates the router is attempting to synchronize with the DSL provider. Front Panel View Local Network LED A solid light indicates a connection to an Ethernet-enabled computer. This LED blinks during data transmission. WLAN LED A solid green light indicates the wireless is operational. A flashing green light indicates wireless traffic is passing through the router. Internet LED A solid green light indicates that the router has an IP address and is connected to the internet. D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Power Receptor Receptor for the supplied power adapter. ON/OFF Press this button to turn the unit on or off. Reset Pressing the Reset button restores the router to its original factory default settings. Rear Panel View Console For use by D-Link service personnel for maintenance purposes only. LAN Ports Connect Ethernet devices such as computers, switches, and hubs. DSL Line Connect to an active telephone line (RJ-11). Installing the Router Connect the ADSL and Telephone Lines • Connect an RJ-11 cable between the wall phone jack and the line- end of the splitter (see diagram below). • Attach another RJ-11 phone cable to the router-end of the splitter and the ADSL port on the rear panel of the router. • The phone-end of the splitter will be connected to the telephone using a third RJ-11 phone cable. Note: See connections on the installation diagram. Connect the PC to the Router • To use the Ethernet connection, connect the Ethernet cable from the computer directly to the router. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port labeled LAN on the back of the router and attach the other end to the Ethernet port of your computer. • If your LAN has more than one computer, you can attach one end of an Ethernet cable to a hub or a switch and the other to the Ethernet port (labeled LAN) on the router. Note that either a crossover or straight-through Ethernet cable can be used. The router automatically recognizes the type of connection that is required. 6 D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Connect the Power Adapter • Complete the process by connecting the supplied 12VAC, 1A power adapter to the POWER connector on the back of the device and plug the adapter into a wall outlet or power strip. Then turn on and boot up your PC and any LAN devices, such as hubs or switches, and any computers connected to them. Note: For procedures on configuring your computer, please see “Configuring Your Computer” in the manual. Installation Diagram Log in to the Router This section will explain how to log in to your router using the following steps: 1. Launch your web browser. 2. Enter the URL in the address bar and press Enter. A login screen like the one below will be displayed after you connect to the user interface. Note: There are three account types, each requiring a different username and password. • The user account provides limited access to certain configurations (username / password: user / user). • The admin account can perform all functions (username / password: admin / admin). • The support account is for ISP technicians for maintenance purposes (username / password: support / support). Note: Passwords can be changed at any time. 3. Enter your user name and password, and then click OK to display the user interface. To quickly configure the router, please see the Wizard section in the manual. D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Notes D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Notes 10 D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Notes 11 D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide Technical Support D-Link’s website contains the latest user documentation and software updates for D-Link products. U.S. and Canadian customers can contact D-Link Technical Support through our website or by phone. United States Telephone (877) 453-5465 World Wide Web support.dlink.com Canada Telephone (800) 361-5265 World Wide Web support.dlink.ca Version 1.0 Revised 09/26/2006 Copyright © 006 D-Link Corporation/D-Link Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. D-Link and the D-Link logo are registered trademarks of D-Link Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead lower actual data throughput rate. Product specifications, size and shape are subject to change without notice, and actual product appearance may differ from that depicted on the packaging. Visit dlink.com for more details. 1 D-Link DSL- 640B Quick Install Guide







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