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PDF Content Summary: QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE – BLENDER To activate blender Press On/Off - The blender is in Standby mode To begin blending Turn dial to Speed 1. To change speeds Turn dial to desired speed To pulse In Standby mode turn dial to Pulse, then immediately release. Repeat as needed To crush ice In Standby mode pulse then blend on Speed 2 or until desired consistency is reached To stop blending (and deactivate blender) Turn dial to Stop position and then press On/Off button To stop blending Turn dial to Stop position SPEED SELECTION GUIDE Refer to this guide to choose the best blender speed for your desired result. Ingredient/Recipe Speed Result Reconstituting frozen juice concentrate 1 to 2 Smooth and full-bodied Mayonnaise 1 Thick and creamy Salad dressings 1 Completely blended and emulsified Nuts (shelled, 1⁄2 cup or less at a time) 2 Coarse to fine (20 to 30 sec.) Heavy or whipping cream 1 Thick, creamy topping (1 min.) b. Bread, cookies or crackers (add 1⁄2-inch pieces, 1 cup or less at a time) 2 Coarse to fine as desired (10 to 20 sec) c. Grating/chopping citrus zest (add 1 to 2 teaspoons sugar or salt from recipe) 1 to 2 Uniformly fine a. Smoothies, shakes, health drinks 1 to 4 Smooth, creamy and thick Baby food/fruit and vegetable purée 1 to 2 Smooth and creamy Frozen cocktails 1 to 4 Thick and slushy Hard cheeses Pulse first, then blend on 3 to 4 Coarse to fine Spices Pulse first, then blend on 2 to 3 Coarse to fine Ice Pulse then blend on 2 Coarse crush to snowy e. TEMPERATURE GUIDE d.High temperature High Sauté Bringing liquids to boil c.Medium Main Sauté temperature Perfect Simmer temperature Low Keep Warm Temperature Steeping QUICK ReFeReNCe GUIDe Blend and Cook Soupmaker SetUP Place the blender jar (c) on the collar and turn clockwise until tight. Note: Blades are sharp! Handle with care. Place lid (d) on jar and push until secure. Place measuring cup (e) in the lid opening and press into lid. SBC-1000 1. Place the collar with blade assembly (a) on a flat, sturdy surface. 2. Carefully place the rubber gasket (b) inside the collar. 3. 4. When base, on jar placing jar onto be sure arrow collar, located just below the handle, is aligned with arrow on base. Setup instructions continued on reverse side PG-27169A SetUP continued GettING to KNoW YoUR CoNtRoL PANeL 5.Place base, sure the making jar three onto interlocking pins on the underside of the collar (f) fit into the rectangular rubber connector on the base (g). 6. Note: If jar does not sit flush on base, do not force it! Remove jar and slightly turn the clutch (h) located in the center of the top of the base. 1. Power on/off Button – Press the button and the red LED light will flash; the unit is now in Standby mode. If the On/Off button is pressed while in Standby mode, the unit will turn off. 2. Cooking timer Control – Note: Timer must be set before temperature can be set. When the unit is in Standby mode, the cooking time can be set by pressing the + or – buttons. Time counts up or down in one- minute increments, up to 30 minutes. (Note: If – button is pressed first, 30-minutes will be displayed.) Hold but- ton down to scroll through minutes, or press and release to advance one minute at a time. 3. temperature Controls – Note: Cooking time must be selected before setting temperature. The unit will start its heating or cooking cycle when High, Medium or Low temperature is selected. The temperature can be changed at any time during the heating or cooking cycle. The heater can be manually turned off by pressing the Temperature control currently in use (this will be illuminated) or pressing the power On/Off button. If the power On/Off button is used to turn off the heater, the unit will power off and must be restarted for blending. Note: Blending and cooking cannot operate simultaneously. 4. Stir Button – The Stir function does just what it says, allowing you to stir ingredients at a low speed. It can be operated at any time during the cooking or blending cycle. It can also be operated in Standby mode when ingredients are being added to the glass jar. It is a manually operated function; it will stir only when pressed. Giving you complete control. 5. Blending Control – The Blending control has 4 speeds – 1 is the lowest setting, 4 is the highest. When in Standby mode, the Blending function is active and operable. Note: Blending and cooking cannot operate simultaneously. When blending hot items such as soups or sauces, only use speeds 1 through 3; cooking will be non- operational. 6. Pulse – The Pulse setting can only be used in Standby mode. This function creates a burst of power for quick blending. Rotate counterclockwise, release Blending control and repeat as desired. You determine the duration of each pulse. The Pulse IMPoRtANt Do not throw away. Read before operating your new function is best for breaking apart larger pieces of food. Note: Pulsing and cooking cannot operate Blend and Cook Soupmaker. Keep for future reference. simultaneously. These helpful hints are intended to be a supplement to the Instruction Booklet. In order to ensure safe operation and optimum performance, please read the entire Instruction Booklet. g. f. h. 1.5.6. 4.2. 3.







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