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PDF Content Summary:

****** Page 1 ****** User Manual Coziev9w paiiiiJ!fi Cozi&uoo.u’ for pet and fun Scan ! To find more surprise! Model Number: 2K0348 CW12L0349 Cozic%öcc

****** Page 2 ****** Cozie09w Dear Customer, Thank you for your purchase. COZIWOW is committed to providing affordable high-quality pet products worldwide. We take your pet’s needs and well-being as the greatest mission. We are proud to make a difference in thousands of pets’ life. When you receive the product, please make sure that all the parts are intact. Then please browse the entire installation manual before assembly. If problems occur unsatisfactorily as follows: a-The outer box is damaged. b.The product is damaged I bent I cracked while you open the box. c.The parts I accessories / assembly tools are missing. d.The product is hard to assemble. e.The instuctions are not clear and can not be referred to. f.The product has functional problems. g.Other aspects that you are not satisfied with. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the email for help (Be sure to mark the SKU Number, e.g., CW12R0371, and the TRACKING Number) Our COZIWOW team with factory direct after-sales service will reply within 24 hours and will do our best to resolve the problem for YOU. No matter which online platform you purchase (Amazon, Walmart, Chewy, eBay, or others), our services will be available at any time. Sincerely, COZIWOWTeam cozwow, for Pets and Fun! 1 You need O Tools required A Phillips head scre wdriver is required for the assembly of this product. (not included) Power tools should not be used to assemble this product Technical Specifications 02 persons are needed 2 Coziw9w O Take 30 minutes 30mins Brand COZIWOW

****** Page 3 ****** Cozie09w Hardware List 3.5×30 D BPCS O IPC 5 IPC PRODUCT ASSEMBLY Check the package contents before getting started ! 3.5<50 A 6PCS 3.ox30 3.5×40 B 20PCS 3.025 IPC IPC O IPC 2PCS 3.5×35 c 8PCS 3.ox14 STEP 1 3.5×40 B IPC 2PCS STEP 2 3.5×40 B 4PCS 5 IPC 1 6 09 12PCS IPC IPC IPC IPC 2PCS G 2PCS IPC 2PCS IPC 2PCS O IPC IPC IPC 7 2 B 5 B 4 3 03 O IPC IPC 2PCS 3 ****** Page 4 ****** PRODUCT ASSEMBLY STEP 3 3.5×40 PRODUCT ASSEMBLY B 09 2PCS 2PCS 6 IPC 15 STEP 4 3.5×40 B 15 4 STEP 5 3.5×50 A 3PCS STEP 6 3.5×40 B 2PCS O IPC @ IPC 2PCS IPC 3.ox14 G 2PCS Gx2 Cozieu9w 12 5 6 ****** Page 5 ****** Cozieuee. PRODUCT ASSEMBLY STEP 7 3.5×50 A 3PCS STEP 8 3.5×40 2PCS O IPC • nlli 10 -All PRODUCT ASSEMBLY STEP 9 3.5×35 IPC STEP 10 3.5×35 14 'ssøø%? _ eSi111E'l:: •iliiii ****** Page 6 ****** PRODUCT ASSEMBLY 2PCS 16 17 2PCS 18 PRODUCT ASSEMBLY STEP 11 3.ox30 12PCS 17 STEP 12 3.5×30 D 8PCS Cozie..9u.o IPC 2PCS 18 16 STEP 13 3.5×40 STEP 14 3.025 4PCS 11 O 10 IPC 13







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