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PDF Content Summary: HEATER PROOFERS IL2427 MODEL (E)9451-12CDCP, (E)9451-12SDCP, (E)9451-34CDCP, (E) 9451-34CDCP Installation, Operation & Parts Manual 2M-Z18494 Rev. - May 12, 2014 SAFETY SYMBOL These symbols are intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance instructions in the manual accompanying the appliance. CAUTION WARNING RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE NOTICE Using any part other than genuine Star factory supplied parts relieves the manufacturer of all liability. Star reserves the right to change specifications and product design without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions or replacements for previously purchased equipment. Due to periodic changes in designs, methods, procedures, policies and regulations, the specifications contained in this sheet are subject to change without notice. While Star International Holdings Inc., Company exercises good faith efforts to provide information that is accurate, we are not responsible for errors or omissions in information provided or conclusions reached as a result of using the specifications. By using the information provided, the user assumes all risks in connection with such use. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Contact your local authorized service agent for service or required maintenance. Please record the model number, serial number, voltage and purchase date in the area below and have it ready when you call to ensure a faster service. Authorized Service Agent Listing

Model No. Serial No. Voltage Purchase Date 2 Reference the listing provided with the unit or for an updated listing go to: Website: star-mfg.com E-mail Service@star-mfg.com 2 M - Z 1 8 Service Help Desk 4 9 4 Business 8:00 am to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time , H Hours: e a t e Telephone: (314) 678-6303 r P Fax: (314) 781-2714 r o o f e E-mail Parts@star-mfg.com r 9 4 Service@star-mfg.com 5 1 Warranty@star-mfg.com - S e r Website: star-mfg.com i e s Mailing Address: Star International Holdings Inc., Company 10 Sunnen Drive St. Louis, MO 63143 U.S.A 2

Height s e i r e Width Top Front 9451 HP SERIES SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS The Heater Proofer is an aluminum transport cabinet with heaters to function as a hot food holding cabinet, and/or as a proofing cabinet. The heater, or heat drawer, is slid into place on the floor of the cabinet. An electrical socket on the back of the drawer is provided to accept the supplied power cord, which is plugged into the drawer through an access hole in the back of the cabinet. The main power switch on the front of the drawer, when switched “ON”, will turn on the light in the switch and turn on the air circulating fan in the drawer. The circulating fan will operate continuously while the unit is “ON”. The thermostat control knobs are mounted to the left and right of the heat/proof switch. The left thermostat knob controls the heat in the cabinet from 1 (low heat: approximately 80°F) to 9 (high heat: approximately 185°F). The right thermostat knob controls the humidity from 1 (approximately 20% relative humidity) to 9 (in excess of 100% relative humidity). Average setting will be approx. 6 (approximately 85% relative humidity). Depth Side IL2431 SIZE SPECIFICATIONS Exterior Interior Weight Height Width Depth Height Width Depth Shipping

9451-12 30.3125” 22.8125” 33.3125” 15.625” 18.125” 27.5” 100lbs S - 1 5 9451-34 67.5625” 23.3125” 33.875” 51.75” 18.125” 27.5” 140lbs 4 9 r e f o o r P r e ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS t a e Model Volts Watts Phase Hz NEMA H , 4 9 9451-12CDCP 4 8 1 9451-12SDCP Z - M 9451-34CDCP 2

9451-34SDCP E9451-12CDCP E9451-12SDCP E9451-34CDCP E9451-34SDCP 120V 1.5 kW 1 50/60 Hz 5-20P


CAUTION WARNING This equipment is designed to hold food at a constant temperature, and supply humidity for proofing when the application applies, this is NOT a cooking appliance. This unit is sold for commercial use only by personnel trained and experienced in its operation and is not sold for consumer use in and around the home nor for use directly by the general public in food service locations. Before using your new equipment, read and understand all the instructions & labels associated with the unit prior to putting it into operation. Make sure all people associated with its use understand the units operation & safety before they use the unit. All shipping containers should be checked for freight damage both visible and concealed. This unit has been tested and carefully packaged to insure delivery of your unit in perfect condition. If equipment is received in damaged condition, either apparent or concealed, a claim must be made with the delivering carrier. Concealed damage or loss - if damage or loss is not apparent until after equipment is unpacked, a request for inspection of concealed damage must be made with carrier within 15 days. Be certain to retain all contents plus external and internal packaging materials for inspection. The carrier will make an inspection and will supply necessary claim forms. INSTALLATION This unit is equipped for the voltage indicated on the nameplate mounted the side of the unit. They will operate on alternating current (AC) only. The electrical connection must be made in accordance with local codes or in the absence of local codes with NFPA No.70 latest edition (in Canada use: CAS STD. C22.1). The electrical service is provided by a cord and plug. Each appliance requires a 120 volt grounded supply. Supply wires must be 14 gauge or larger to carry the load for one proofer. DO NOT CONNECT TO DIRECT CURRENT (DC). THIS APPLIANCE IS EQUIPPED WITH A 3-PRONG (GROUNDED) PLUG FOR YOUR PROTECTION AGAINST SHOCK HAZARD AND MUST BE PLUGGED DIRECTLY INTO A PROPERLY GROUNDED 3-PRONG RECEPTACLE. GENERAL OPERATING PROCEDURES Proofing Proofing is one of the most important and delicate stages in baking. About 50% of the product volume is created in the proofer. Proofing accelerates the fermentation of yeast in a warm moist environment causing the dough to rise. The proofer humidity should be between medium high and high. For optimum results, rolls should be removed from the hot proofer and transferred to the cold proofer at minimum 2 M proof. This will ensure that they can be held for 40 minutes without becoming over-proofed. - Z 1 8 4 9 4 , H e a t e r P r o o f e r 9 4 5 1 - S e r i e s

4 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Startup 1. Push ON/OFF rocker switch to “ON” position 2. Push HEAT/PROOF switch to HEAT for heating. 3. Turn HEAT thermostat knob fully clockwise for pre-heat. 4. Allow 45 minutes for pre-heating, then turn thermostat to desired setting. 5. For proofing, push HEAT/PROOF switch to PROOF. DO NOT RUN WATER PAN EMPTY. Note: While in proof mode only the element around the water pan is on. 6. Adjust the heat and humidity thermostat knobs to control desired temp and humidity. 45 min pre-heating. Note: The internal air circulation blower will operate continuously when the power switch is turned “ON”.


POWER HUMIDITY IL2823 Heat Knob (Heat Mode) The controlling range is 80° to 185°F ( 26° to 85°C) temperatures vary slightly between insulated and non-insulated units. The dial has setting from 1 to 9 that do not relate to any specific calibrated temperatures. Temperature settings must be obtained through familiarization with the unit. While in the heat mode this knob controls the two elements in the air stream, in the “OFF” position the elements are turned off. During the “Proof” mode one of these elements is not in use. Humidity Knob (Proof Mode) To control the humidity range from 30% to 100% humidity, settings must be obtained through familiarization with the unit. The dial has a range of 1 - 9 which determins the temperature of the water in the pan, if you have the knob in the “OFF” position it will turn the proofing element off. While in proof mode the unit will operate at a lower termperature. Allow 45 minutes to pre-heat in both heat & proof cycle. TROUBLESHOOTING s CAUTION: Before disassembling unit, electrical power must be disconnected by unplugging the unit. Failure to e i r unplug the unit prior to servicing may result in electrical shock. e S - Each unit is shipped with an instruction manual to be used as a reference guide for all service areas. The manual 1 5 4 shows a picture of the drawer, showing the location of electrical components and a description of each. If the unit 9 r e does not operate correctly, or malfunctions for any reason, the following checklist should provide a solution. f o o 1) Check to make sure cord set is firmly plugged into the power receptacle in the back of the cabinet and r P r into the wall outlet. e t a e 2) Check circuit breaker of wall outlet and reset if necessary. H , 4 3) Remove heat drawer from cabinet. Remove bottom cover of drawer. Visually inspect for: 9 4 8 a) Loose or disconnected wires 1 Z - b) Black marks or burning on any components M 2 c) Loose heating elements. 4) If any burn marks or discoloration of wires is note on any components along with all wires attached to damaged components must be replaced. 5) If heater element is loose, or if it has broken loose from mounting tabs, the wires will short out on the Metal, causing permanent damage. Both the element and main power switch (with wires on switch) must be replaced. 6) If temperature on “L.E.D. Thermometer” is not reading a constant temperature, it must be replaced. If temperature has exceeded 200°F (93°C) it must be lowered immediately to maximum temperature of

185°F (85°C). 5

1 3 2 4 6 5 See Detail A 7 8 11 9 10 2 M - Z 1 8 4 9 4 , H e a t e r P r o o f e r 9 4 5 1 - S e r i e s

Model: E9451 Heater / Proofer SK2778 Rev. - 5/09/2012


s e ir e S - 154 9 r e fo o 13 28 36 31 32 33 12 18 15 14 30 1617 192021 22 23 24 25 26 13 18 27 29

r P r e ta e H , 49481 Z- M2 34 35 Detail A 36 18 7

Model: E9451 Heater / Proofer SK2779 Rev. - 5/09/2014

7 PARTS LIST March 12, 2014, Rev. - Central Products: Heater / Proofer Model: E9451 & 9451 Fig No Part Number Qty Description Application 1 2R-4FM0705P 1 PULL,ALM DRWR,DIE CST,BUF 2 R2-AC1323 1 BAFFLE 9451-12CDCP, 9451-12SDCP, E9451-12CDCP, E9451-12SDCP R2-WH2006 9451-34CDCP, 9451-34SDCP, E9451-34CDCP, E9451-35SDCP 3 2C-1525 2 SCREW 1/4-20X1-1/4 RH ST


R2-WASSY003 ASSY,DOOR,SOLID,NHP-1836 9451-34SDCP, E9451-34SDCP 4 1 R2-WASSY022 ASSY,DOOR,RH,E9451-HP12CD 9451-12CDCP, E9451-12CDCP R2-WASSY057 ASSY,DOOR,RH, SOLID DOOR 9451-12SDCP, E9451-12SDCP 5 2I-4FMD345P 1 18.63X52.70 GSK, BLK, MAG E9451-34, 9451-34 2I-4FMD405P GASKET,BLK,MAG,18.63X16.5 E9451-12, 9451-12 6 2V-4FM0003P 2 HINGE,ASSY,2”,S/S 7 R2-TC0075 1 PAN ASSY. 8 2P-738ABK 4 CASTER,5x1.25,SWIVEL,POLY 9 2R-4FMBC01P 4 CORNER BUMPER J-J-B12 BLA 10 2C-Z15625 16 SCREW 10-32-1 FLT HD PHIL 11 R2-Z17184 1 CORD BRACKET 12 R2-WH2020 1 BOTTOM COVER 13 2I-6STRN05P 6 GROMMET,7/16X1/16X1/4X3/4 14 R2-WH2014 1 ELECT BULKHEAD 15 2U-WP-6FANS30P 1 6IN TRANSFLOW FAN 115V/60 16 2C-1493 7 SCREW 8-32X3/8 RHP STL NP 17 R2-WH2015 1 BULKHEAD, MOTOR 18 2C-8833 37 SCREW 8-18X1/2 HEX STL NP 19 2N-6FME755P 1 ELEMENT,120V,600W 20 2N-6WH0001P 1 ELEMENT,HTPRF 600W/120V 21 2N-6WH0002P 1 ELEMENT,HTPRF 900W 22 R2-WH2022 1 PROBE HOLDER TOP 23 R2-WH2023 1 PROBE HOLDER BOTTOM 24 2C-2582 7 NUT 1/4-20 HEX STL NP 25 2C-Z5557 7 WASHER 1/4 SPLIT SS 26 R2-AP2102 1 PROBE HOLDER 2 27 R2-WH2012 1 REAR COVER PLATE M - Z 28 2E-50-1382 1 OUTLET,NEMA 5-20R 1 8 4 29 2T-66-1150 1 DISC,SNAP,275*F 9 4 30 2T-66-1121 2 THERMOSTAT,85-180 DEG,MEC , H e 31 R2-AC2337 1 FRONT CONTROL PNL a t e 32 2M-Z18490 1 GRAPHIC, HEAT\PROOF r P r 33 2J-50-0029 2 LIGHT,PILOT,RED NEON,125V o o f e 34 2E-50-1355 1 SWITCH,ROCKER,SPST,ON-OFF Main Power Switch r 9 35 2R-50-0726 2 KNOB,TEMP.BOARD CONTROL 4 5 1 36 2E-50-1357 1 SWITCH,ROCKER,DPDT,ON-ON Heat / Proof Select Switch - S e 37 R2-TC0092 1 HP MODULE r i e s NI 2C-20304-02 1 NUT WING 1/4-20 STN STL NI 2E-6WH0040P 1 CORD,POWER,6’FT LONG H-10 NI 2C-Z15532 1 CABLE CLAMP NI R2-AC1330 1 SIDE, OUTER RIGHT 9451-12CDCP, 9451-12SDCP NI R2-AC1331 1 SIDE, OUTER LEFT 9451-12CDCP, 9451-12SDCP NI R2-AC2515 1 SIDE-O/D-LT 9451-34CDCP, 9451-35SDCP NI R2-AC2516-C 1 SIDE-O/D-RT 9451-35CDCP, 9451-34SDCP 8

1 3 8 1100W HEAT 7 600W HEAT WIRE GA COLOR 1 16 WHITE 2 16 WHITE 3 16 WHITE 4 16 WHITE 5 16 WHITE 6 16 WHITE 7 16 BLACK 8 16 BLACK 9 16 BLACK 10 16 BLACK 11 16 BLACK 12 16 BLACK

600W PROOF 14 14 4 9 BLOWER 14 14 BLACK & WHITE 15 14 BLACK & WHITE 16 14 GREEN

1 4 IND IND 6 9 14 14 8 11

2 5 5 s e i r e S - 1 5 4 9 r e f 11 12 12 15 11 12 15 12 12 11 12 2 15 15 10

o or 12 3 12 7 11 1 4 11

P r e ta 10 2 7 2 HEAT 5 3 5 6 2 3 5 16


SK2780 REV. - 5-09-14 9







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