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PDF Content Summary: Parlé™ TTM-X Microphone Installation & Operation Guide Installation & Operation Guide Parlé TTM-X Microphone and Network Box Parlé TTM-X - Table Microphone The Parlé TTM-X is an AVB low-profile table microphone for use in Tersira systems. Comprising a network box and a table microphone, each microphone includes Beamtracking™ technology with four 90-degree zones, providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. Each network box has its own digital signal processing module and is equipped with an additional RJ-45 connector to add an optional TTM-XEX. A maximum of two microphones are permitted per network box (one TTM-X with a TTM-XEX). Parlé TTM-XEX - Expansion Table Microphone The Parlé TTM-XEX is identical to the TTM-X microphone and is intended to be used as a second microphone in conjunction with the TTM-X. The TTM-XEX is not a standalone device. Setup and Use The Tesira software provides an intuitive interface for setup and programming of the Parlé TTM-X and TTM-XEX. The information provided by this manual relates to physical connections and device setup. For more details on software setup, please consult the Tesira Help File. Installation Install the unit away from heat sources, such as vents and radiators, and in rooms with adequate ventilation. Ensure the air can circulate freely around the unit. Do not exceed the maximum ambient operating temperature of 32°-104°F (0-40°C) for the microphones and 32°-113°F (0°-45°C) for the network box. Features • Low-profile circular tabletop microphone that measures 4.7 inches (120 mm) in diameter • Beamtracking technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations • Beamtracking works out-of-box without any lobe aiming or room mapping • LED mute status • Network box includes DSP for Beamtracking • Uses only one channel of AEC per microphone

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Network Box Front Panel Table Microphone

Figure 1 Parlé TTM-X Network Box Figure 2 Parlé TTM-X Microphone Front Panel and Connectors

1. Mic Two RJ-45 ports allow for connecting one TTM-X microphone and an additional TTM-XEX expander microphone. If using only one microphone, it must be connected to the Mic 1 port. Use of the second RJ-45 port is optional. 2. Power/System Status Indicator A multi-color LED provides information about the status of the device. Status LED Indicator No Power Off Boot/Self-test Red Solid Ready to receive configuration or updating firmware Yellow Solid Configured and ready to participate in the system Green Solid Unit is in Locate mode (triggered by software) Green Flashing Unit has Major Alarm condition Red Flashing Unit has Major Minor condition Yellow Flashing Unit has both a Major and Minor Alarm condition Red/Yellow Flashing 3. AVB/Control Facilitates connection to the Tesira AVB network for audio transmission and control. This RJ-45 port may either be connected directly to the Tesira AVB port (via a PoE+ injector) for a single device system, or via a PoE+ network switch or TesiraConnect device in a multi-device AVB system. 4. Cable Attachment Point Secures excess cable. 5. Mute Button Mutes the microphone when the button is pressed. If “Mute mics as a group” is enabled within the Tesira software, pressing the Mute button will mute all microphones attached to the same network box. 6. LED Indicator Three multi-color LEDs provide information about the status of the microphone. Default LED indication is shown in the table below. Default LED behavior may be changed through configuration of the system. Status LED Indicator No Power Off Configured and operating normally Green Solid Microphone is Muted Red Solid Unit has Major Alarm condition Red Flashing

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Mounting & Installation General Mounting and Installation Notes • The maximum distance between an Ethernet switch and a TTM-X network box is 330 feet (100 meters). • The maximum distance between a TTM-X microphone and network box is 33 feet (10 meters). The preattached cable length is 7 feet (2 meters), and can be extended an additional 26 feet (8 meters) using standard Cat5e cabling. • The distance range between microphones is 5 - 8 feet (1.5 - 2.5 meters). • The TTM-X and TTM-XEX microphones may be installed using the optional TTM-X Secure Mount (TTM-X-SM). This installation affixes the microphone directly to the table while keeping the microphone cabling out of sight. Installation Option - Network Box Mounting The TTM-X network box is designed to be installed to the underside of a tabletop with the included hardware. It can also be placed unattached on other surfaces to meet design or room requirements. Installation Option – Tabletop Mounting (no tools required) 1. Set the microphone on the table and route the cable over the table or through a wiring feed-through to the network box. 2. Attach the TTM-X microphone connector into the RJ-45 socket on the face of the network box. Figure 3 Network Box Installation Figure 4 Tabletop with Installation Option

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Installation Option – Tabletop Mounting with Grommet 1. Cut a 5/8 inch (16 mm) hole through the tabletop where the cable is to be routed. 2. Set the microphone on the table and run the cable through the hole. 3. Snap the two grommet pieces together around the cable and install in the hole. 4. Attach the microphone connector into the RJ-45 socket on the face of the network box. Figure 5 Grommet Installation Option – Through Tabletop with Secure Mount* 1. Cut a 5/8 inch (16 mm) hole through the tabletop where the table microphone is to be located. 2. Place the Secure Mount stem onto the bottom of the microphone making sure the slots are aligned and attach with the included screws. 3. Pull the microphone cord out of the slot on the microphone and push it into the opening on the stem of the Secure Mount. 4. Feed the cable through the hole in the table. 5. Install the stem throught the hole in the table. 6. Secure the microphone mount with the retaining hardware (slotted nut) on the underside of the table. 7. Attach the microphone connector into the RJ-45 socket on the face of the network box. * Sold separately TTM-X MICROPHONE DRILL 5/8” (16 MM) DIA. HOLE THROUGH SECURE MOUNT STEM TABLETOP SECURE MOUNT NUT ETHERNET CABLE

Figure 6 Tabletop with Grommet Installation Option Figure 7 Tabletop with Secure-Mount Installation Option CAUTION: If removing the grommet, use a punch or other appropriate tool and push the grommet out from beneath the table to avoid damaging the table surface. A: 9300 Gemini Drive, Beaverton, OR 97008 T: +1 877.242.6796 W: Parlé TTM-X Topology The following diagram shows a Tesira system with the maximum-allowed two microphones, including a TTM-X microphone and TTM-XEX. More microphones can be added to a system with additional network boxes. A: 9300 Gemini Drive, Beaverton, OR 97008 T: +1 877.242.6796 W:







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