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PDF Content Summary: L8542717 04/2011 R0 BOB2124 / BOB2124 E BOB3024 / BOB3024 E UNIONE NAZIONALE COSTRUTTORI AUTOMATISMI PER CANCELLI, PORTE SERRANDE ED AFFINI 1 Dimensioni Dimensions d’encombrement d’ingombro / / Dimensiones Overall dimensions exteriores / Abmessungen / Wymiary gabarytowe 796 62 107 132 47,5 270 Mettere a livello. Level. Nivellieren. Mettre de niveau. Nivelar. Ustawić na wysokości Interasse ancoraggi. Distance between axes of anchoring bolts. Die maximale Öffnung der Verankerungen. Corsa. Stroke. Hub. Entraxe ancrages. Distancia entre ejes ancrajes. Współośowość elementów mocujących. Course. Carrera. Posuw. 660 88 Lunghezza max. anta / Max. wing length / Max. Flügellänge Longueur max. porte / Longitud máx. hoja / Dł. max skrzydła bramy BOB2124 - BOB 2124 E BOB3024 - BOB 3024 E Lunghezza anta Peso anta Door leaf width Door leaf weight Flügellänge Türflügelgewicht Longueur porte Poids porte Longitud hoja Peso hoja Dł. skrzydła Ciężar skrzydła (m) (kg) 11,522,1-- Arresto in chiusura. Stop when closing. Endanschlag zur Schließung. Arrêt en fermeture. Tope de cierre. Chwytak blokujący podczas zamykania. Peso anta Lunghezza anta Door leaf weight Door leaf width Türflügelgewicht Flügellänge Poids porte Longueur porte Peso hoja Longitud hoja Ciężar skrzydła Dł. skrzydła (kg) (m) 300 1,0 400 250 1,5 350 215 2,0 300 200 2,5 250 -- 3,0 200 Arresto in apertura. Stop when opening. Endanschlag zur Öffnung. Arrêt en ouverture. Tope en apertura. Chwytak blokujący podczas otwierania. 3 4 23 Y Y K M Z P S M Fig.2 - A Apertura max Max Opening Max. Öffung Ouverture max Abiertura max. X Y Z K M* max. V B XX 90° 110° max P Tempo apertura Opening time Öffungszeit Temps d'ouverture Tiempo de abiertura Prędkość kątowa (90°) 110° 115 105 80 545 50 13" 100° 120 120 80 540 70 14" 90° 135 135 80 525 80 19" V B 4F CRosetta 10x30. Washer 10x30. Unterlegscheibe 10x30. Rondelle 10x30. Arandela 10x30. Grasso Podkładka 10x30. Grease Fett Graisse Grasa Smar 5 V P T D Saldare. Weld. Anschweißen. Souder. Soldar. Spawać P L SR V Mettere a livello. Level. Nivellieren. Mettre de niveau. Nivelar. Ustawić na wysokości Saldare. Weld. Anschweißen. Souder. Soldar. Spawać. Posizione 2 (PG11) Position 2 (PG11) Position 2 (PG11) Position 2 (PG11) Posición 2 (PG11) Pozycja 2 (PG11) Posizione 1 (PG13,5) Position 1 (PG13,5) Position 1 (PG13,5) Position 1 (PG13,5) Posición 1 (PG13,5) Pozycja 1 (PG13,5) 5 6 6 1 2 1 2 53 4 BOB 2124 / BOB 3024 BOB 2124 E / BOB 3024 E BOB 21M / BOB 30M 1 - Marcia motore - Motor gear - Motorgang - Marche moteur - Marcha motor - Bieg silnika 2 + Marcia motore + Motor gear + Motorgang + Marche moteur + Marcha motor + Bieg silnika BOB 21ME / BOB 30ME 1 - Marcia motore - Motor gear - Motorgang - Marche moteur - Marcha motor - Bieg silnika 2 + Marcia motore + Motor gear + Motorgang + Marche moteur + Marcha motor + Bieg silnika 3 Segnale ENCODER ENCODER signal ENCODER-Signal Signal ENCODEUR Señal ENCODER Sygnał ENKODERA 4 Positivo ENCODER ENCODER positive ENCODER Pluspol Positif ENCODEUR Positivo ENCODER Dodatni ENKODERA 5 Negativo ENCODER ENCODER negative ENCODER Minuspol Négatif ENCODER Negativo ENCODER Ujemny ENKODERA Collegamenti elettrici / Wire diagram / Elektrische Anschlüsse Branchements électriques / Conexiones eléctricas / Połączenia elektryczne 3 4 2 5 8 5G R1 2x(+23,5x÷04 ,5) 3x12,5 30mVain c 6 Tenere separati i cavi di potenza da quelli ausiliari. Per una lunghezza cavo inferiore a 5m utilizzare un cavo 2x2,5mm2. Per un lunghezza cavo da 5m fino a 10m utilizzare un cavo 2x4mm2. Collegamenti tra centrale e motore di lunghezza superiore ai 10m sono sconsigliati. The power cables must be kept separated from the auxiliary cables. For cable length lower than 5m, use a cable 2x2.5sqmm. For cable length from 5 to 10 m use a cable 2x4sqmm. Cables longer than 10m are not recommended to connect control unit and motor. Leistungskabel von Hilfskabeln getrennt halten. Bei einer Länge von weniger als 5 m muss ein Kabel 2x2,5mm2 verwendet werden. Bei einer Länge von 5 m bis 10 m muss ein Kabel 2x4mm2 verwendet werden. Anschlüsse zwischen Zentrale und Motor in einem größeren Abstand als 10 m sind nicht zu empfehlen. 5 ,1x21 x22x1 2x(+23,5x÷04 ,5) Legenda: 1 Motoriduttore 2 Fotocellule 3 Selettore a chiave (da esterno) o tastiera digitale 4 Lampeggiante 5 Antenna 6 Centrale elettronica. Legenda: 4x1 1 Motoreducer 2 Photo-electric cells 3 Key selector (external) or digital keyboard 4 Flash-light 5 Antenna 6 Electronic board. Zeichenerklärung: 1 Getriebemotor 2 Fotozelle 3 Schlüssel-Selektor (außenliegend) oder Digital-Tastatur 4 Blinker 5 Antenne 6 Elektroschrank. Légende: 1 Moteur-réducteur 2 Photocellule 3 Selecteur à clé (d’extérieur) ou clavier digital 4 Clignotant 5 Antenne 6 Centrale électronique. 1 2 Leyenda: 1 Motorreductor 2 Fotocélulas 3 Selectores a llave (de superficie). 4 Relampagueador. 5 Antena 6 Central electrónica. Objaśnienia: 1 Siłownik 2 Fotokomórki 3 Przełącznik kluczowy (zewnętrzny) lub panel z przyciskami 4 Światło migające 5 Antena 6 Centralka elektroniczna. Séparer les câbles de puissance des câbles auxiliaires. Pour un câble long moins de 5m utilisez un câble 2x2,5mm2. Pour un câble long de 5m jusqu’à 10m utilisez un câble 2xmm2. Raccordements entre centrale et moteur ayant longueur supérieur à 10m sont déconseillés. Tener separados los cables de potencia de los auxiliares. Para una longitud de cable menor que 5m utilizar un cable 2x2,5mm2. Para una longitud de cable entre 5m y 10m utilizar un cable 2x4mm2. Conexiones entre central y motor largas más de 10m están desaconsejadas. Należy trzymać w oddali przewody zasilania od przewodów pomocniczych. Przy długości przewodu mniejszej niż 5 m należy używać przewodu 2x2,5 mm2. Przy długości przewodu od 5 m do 10 m należy używać przewodu 2x4 mm2. Sugeruje się nie stosować połączenia silnika z centralką przewodami o długości większej od 10 m. 7 10 WARNING

The product shall not be used for purposes or in ways other than those for which the product is intended for and as described in this manual. Incorrect uses can damage the product and cause injuries and damages. The company shall not be deemed responsible for the non-compliance with a good manufacture technique of gates as well as for any deformation, which might occur during use. Keep this manual for further use. Qualified personnel, in compliance with regulations in force, shall install the system. Packaging must be kept out of reach of children, as it can be hazardous. For disposal, packaging must be divided the various types of waste (e.g. carton board, polystyrene) in compliance with regulations in force. The installer must supply all information on the automatic, manual and emergency operation of the automatic sys- tem and supply the end user with instructions for use. ÌAn contact must omnipolar be opening provided switch/section equal on the to, power or switch higher supply with than mains.. remote 3mm Make sure that before wiring an adequate differential switch and an overcurrent protection is provided. Pursuant to safety regulations in force, some types of in- stallation require that the gate connection be earthed. During installation, maintenance and repair, cut off power supply before accessing to live parts. Descriptions and figures in this manual are not binding. While leaving the essential characteristics of the product unchanged, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the same under the technical, design or commercial point of view without necessarily update this manual.

EC Declaration of Conformity Manufacturer: Automatismi Benincà SpA. Address: Via Capitello, 45 - 36066 Sandrigo (VI) - Italia Herewith declares that: the operator for hinged gates model BOB 2124 / BOB2124 E / BOB 3024 / BOB 3024 E is complying with provisions set forth by the following other EC Directive: - DIRECTIVE 2004/108/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 15 December 2004, on the harmonisation of the laws of Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility and which cancels Directive 89/336/EEC, according to the following harmonised regulations: EN 61000-6-2:2005, EN 61000-6-3:2007. Benincà Luigi, Legal responsible. Sandrigo, 10/03/2011. Introduction t Before installing the system, read the instruction herein. t It is mandatory not to use the BOB item for ap- plications different from those indicated in the in- structions herein. t Supply the end user with instructions for using this system. t The end user should receive special instruction manual. t All Benincà items are covered by an insurance pol- icy for damages and injuries caused by manufac- ture faults. It is however required that the machine bear the CE marking and original Benincà parts be used. General information To ensure a good operation of these automatic devices, the gate to be automated should meet the following requirements: - good strength and stiffness. - hinges should have a minimum backlash and al- low for smooth and regular manual operations. - when closed, the gate leaves should correctly overlap for their entire height. As the actuator is not supplied with electromagnetic limit switches, it is indispensable to provide mechani- cal stops on closing and opening on the gate that is to be automated (fig.1) Fitting the automatic system Stabilise the height of the automatic system above ground level (it should be as central as possible with respect to the gate and corresponding to a sturdy cross piece). Then weld the plate P respecting the distances in fig. 2.When the gate is closing, weld the bracket S respecting the distance in fig. 3, onto a cross piece of the gate or another suitably robust element; bear in mind that in this condition the actuator must not be completely at the end of travel. Remove the protective cover C unscrewing the screw F, then fix the actuator to the plate P with the screw T, the washer L and the nut D (fig. 3). Lastly block the actuator on the plate S with the screw V and the washer R. The holes in the actuator (fig.2A) help you respect the optimum installation distances. The adjustable fixing brackets, available on request, allow a wider possibility of adapting the actuator to the different installation conditions, also avoiding cutting and welding the brackets supplied. How to adjust the mechanical stoppers The actuator is provided with adjustable mechanical stoppers in the opening and closing phases. The sys- tem is adjusted by suitably positioning the “Open” and “Close” mechanical locks, as shown hereunder (Fig.2): 1) Unlock the automatic system by using the special release lever, as shown in the instructions for the user. 2) Close the door/gate leaf. 3) Loosen screws V1 and move the “Close” lock until it reaches the pivot P, then tighten screws V1. 4) Open the door/gate leaf. 5) Loosen screws V2 and move the “Open” lock until it reaches the pivot P, then tighten screws V2. 6) Reset the automatic operating mode. Connections The special plate P (Fig. 5) allows for using a link for sheath or cable gland PG11, or PG13,5. Once the type of cable gland is applied to the plate, fix the latter to the adaptor cover by means of screws V. WARNING The insurance policy, which covers any damages or injuries caused by manufacture faults, requires that the installation comply with regulations in force and Benincà original accessories be used. TECHNICAL DATA BOB2124 BOB2124 E BOB3024 BOB3024 E Power supply 24Vdc Absorbed current 5,5 A Thrust 1800 N Jogging Intensiv Protection degree IP44 Operating temperature -20°C / +50°C Useful stroke: - with 2 stoppers - without stoppers 270 mm 325 mm Noise level <70 dB Lubrication Permanent grease Weight 8,2 kg 8,3 kg 11 BOB User’s handbook Safety rules t Do not stand in the movement area of the gate. t Do not let children play with controls and near the gate. t Should operating faults occur, do not attempt to repair the fault but call a qualified technician. Manual and emergency manoeuvre In the event of a power cut or breakdown, proceed as follows to operate the wings manually (refer to figures A,B,C): t Open the protective door of the release mechanism (fig. A). t Insert the special release key supplied and turn it through 90No, as indicated in fig. B for a right actuator or as indicated in fig. C for a left actuator. t It is now possible to open/close the wing manually. t To restore automatic operation, return the release key to its initial position. t Remove the release lever and close the protective door. Maintenance t Every month check the good operation of the emergency manual release. t It is mandatory not to carry out extraordinary maintenance or repairs as accidents may be caused.These operations must be carried out by qualified personnel only. t The operator is maintenance free but it is necessary to check periodically if the safety devices and the other compo- nents of the automation system work properly. Wear and tear of some components could cause dangers. Waste disposal As indicated by the symbol shown, it is forbidden to dispose this product as normal urban waste as some parts might be harmful for environment and human health, if they are disposed of incorrectly. Therefore, the device should be disposed in special collection platforms or given back to the reseller if a new and similar device is purchased. An incorrect disposal of the device will result in fines applied to the user, as provided for by regulations in force. Warning All Benincá products are covered by insurance policy for any possible damages to objects and persons caused by con- struction faults under condition that the entire system be marked CE and only Benincá parts be used. Fig.A Fig.B Fig.C S L L 21 26 BOB Ref. BOB 2124 Code 3024E Code Note 1 9686868 9686868 9686769 9686769 2 9686869 9686869 9686869 9686869 3 9686766 9686766 9686766 9686766 4 9686871 9686871 9686871 9686871 5 9686872 9686872 9686872 9686872 6 9686873 9686873 9686816 9686816 7 9686881 9686767 9686881 9686767 8 9686765 9686765 9686765 9686765 9 9686876 9686876 9686876 9686876 10 9686877 9686877 9686877 9686877 11 9686883 9686883 9686883 9686883 1 9 10 8 6 2 7 11 11 5 4 3 BOB 2124 E Code BOB 3024 Code







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