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****** Page 1 ****** Oartscher GDP 260E-G A370037 Original-Gebrauchsanleitung VI-1/0818

****** Page 2 ****** 1.1 Key to symbols 1.2 Safety instructions . 1.3 Proper use. 2. General information 2.1 Liability and Warrantees 2.2 Copyright protection ….. ….. ….. ….. ………………………… 2.3 Declaration of conformity. 3. Transport, packaging and storage 3.1 Delivery check. 3.2 Packaging 3.3 Storage. 4. Technical data ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ……………………… 4.1 Overview of parts 4.2 Technical specification 5. Installation and operation 5.1 Installation . 5.2 Operation.. 6. Cleaning and maintenance GBIUK ENGLISH Table of contents 1 -Safety ….. ….. 26 Oartscher 18 18 19 23 24 24 24 24 25 25 25 25 26 27 28 28 29 31 7. Waste disposal 32 Bartscher GmbH Franz-Kleine-Str. 28 33154 Salzkotten Germany phone: +49 5258 971-0 fax: +49 5258 971-120 Service-Hotline: +49 5258 971-197

****** Page 3 ****** Oartscher Read this instruction manual before using and keep them available at all times! This instruction manual contains information about the installation, operation and maintenance of the device and should be consulted as an important source of information and reference guide. Awareness of the safety instructions and instructions for use in this manual will ensure the safe and correct use of the device. In addition to the information given here, you should comply with any local Health and safety Controls and generally applicable safety regulations. The instruction manual forms part of the product and should be kept near the device and easily accessible for anyone carrying out the installation, servicing, maintenance or cleaning. Please keep these instructions and give them to future owners of the device. 1 -Safety This device is designed in accordance with the presently applicable technological standards. However, the device can pose a danger if handled improperly and inappropriately. All persons using the device must follow the recommendations and instructions in this instruction manual. 1.1 Key to symbols In this manual, symbols are used to highlight important safety instructions and any advice relating to the device. The instructions should be followed very carefully to avoid any risk of accident, personal injury or material damage. DANGER! This symbol highlights hazards which could lead to injury. WARNING! This symbol highlights dangerous situations which could lead to injury or death. -18-

****** Page 4 ****** Oartscher HOT SURFACE! This symbol is a warning that the device surface is hot when in use. Ignoring this warning may result in burns! CAUTION! This symbol highlights dangerous situations which could lead to light injuries, or damage, malfunction, and/or destruction of the device. NOTE! This symbol highlights recommendations and information aimed for effective and trouble-free device operation. 1.2 Safety instructions The device is not intended for use by individuals (including children) with physical or mental disabilities, insufficient experience, and/or insufficient knowledge unless such persons are under the care of a person responsible for their safety or have received instructions regarding appropriate use of the device. Children should be observed to ensure that they are not playing with or starting the device. , Never leave the device unattended when in use. Only use the device indoors. The device is not adapted for use with an external timer or remote control. The device must be operated in correct and safe technical condition only. In case of operational problems disconnect the device from the power supply (pull the plug from the socket) and contact the service company. -19-

****** Page 5 ****** Oartscher Prevent access of children to the package materials like plastic bags and foamed polystyrene elements. Suffocation hazard! Only a qualified technician and using original spare parts and accessories should carry out repairs and maintenance of the device. Do not attempt to repair the device yourself. Do not use any accessory or spare parts that have not been recommended by the manufacturer. These can be dangerous for the user or lead to damages of the device or personal injury, and further, the warranty expires. , To prevent hazards and to ensure optimum efficiency, no modifications or alterations to the device that are not explicitly approved by the manufacturer may be undertaken. DANGER! Electric shock hazard! To avoid the hazard results please follow the safety instructions below. Never allow the power cable to come into contact with heat sources or sharp edges. The power cable should not hang over the side of the working surface. Ensure that no one can step on or trip over the cable. The power cable must not be folded, bent or tangled, and must always remain fully unrolled. Never place the device or other objects on the power cable. Do not cover the cable. Keep away the cable from operating range and do not immerse it into water. -20

****** Page 6 ****** Oartscher Check the power cord regularly for damage. Do not use the appliance if the power cord is damaged. If this cable is damaged, it must be replaced by customer service or a qualified electrician in order to avoid dangers. The supply cable must be disconnected from the socket only by pulling the plug Never carry or lift the device by the supply cable. In any case do not open the device housing. In case of electrical or mechanical modifications the electric shock hazard will occur. Do not use any acid agents and make sure no water ingresses the device. Never operate the device with moist hands or standing on wet floor. Disconnect the device from the electric power supply. when the device is not used, in case of anomalies during operation, before cleaning. HOT SURFACE! Burn hazard! Follow the safety instructions listed in order to avoid the hazard: The surfaces of the device become very hot during operation. The temperature of the device remains high for some time after the device has been switched off. Do not touch the roasting surface or any other surfaces of the device. -21-

****** Page 7 ****** Oartscher You can transport or clean the device only when it has cooled down completely. WARNING! Fire or explosion hazard! Follow the safety instructions listed in order to avoid the hazard. The food on the grill may ignite. Flammable objects in the vicinity of the device may ignite. , Do not place the device directly next to walls or other objects made from flammable materials. The device should be supervised. , Do not use the device in the immediate vicinity of the heat source and hot surfaces. • Do not place the flammable or inflammable objects on the hot roasting surface or on the device. Do not cover the device for example with aluminium foil or towels. Clean the roasting surface regularly to prevent risk of fire. • Do not add cold water or flammable liquids onto the hot roasting surface. In case of fire and before taking relevant fire extinguishing action, disconnect the device from the electric power supply (unplug!). Caution: Never use water for fire extinguishing when the device is connected to the power supply. Electric shock hazard! When the fire has been extinguished ensure sufficient fresh air inflow. – 22 –

****** Page 8 ****** Oartscher 1.3 Proper use CAUTION! The device has been designed and built for commercial use and should be operated only by qualified personnel in kitchen facilities. The operational safety of the device is assured only in case of proper use, according to the operation manual. All technical activities like installation and maintenance must be performed by the qualified service personnel only. The griddle plate is designed only for grilling and heating appropriate food products. CAUTION! Any use going beyond the intended purpose and/or any different use of the device is forbidden and is not considered as conventional. Any claims against the manufacturer or his authorized representative as a consequence of experiencing damages resulting from unconventional use are impossible. The operator is liable for all damages resulting from inappropriate use. -23-

****** Page 9 ****** Oartscher 2. General information 2.1 Liability and Warrantees All the information and instructions in this manual take into account standard safety regulations, current levels of technical engineering as well as the expertise and experience we have developed over the years. The instruction manual was translated with all due care and attention. However, we do not accept liability for any translation errors. The German version of this instruction manual is definitive. If the delivery consists of a special model, the actual scope of delivery may differ from the descriptions and illustrations in this manual. This is also the case for special orders or when the device has been modified in line with new technology. CAUTION! Read this manual carefully and thoroughly before any operation of the device, and especially before turning it on! Manufacturer is not liable for any damages or faults caused by: violation of advice concerning operation and cleaning; use other than designed, alterations made by user; use of inadequate spare parts. We reserve the right to make technical changes for purposes of developing and improving the useful properties. 2.2 Copyright protection The instruction manual including any texts, drawings, images or other illustrations is copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted or used in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the manufacturer. Any person who commits any unauthorized act in relation to this publication shall be liable to claims for damages. All rights reserved. NOTE! The contents, texts, drawings, pictures and any other illustrations are copyright and subject to other protection rights. Any person unlawfully using this publication is liable to criminal prosecution. 2.3 Declaration of conformity The device complies with the current standards and directives of the EU. We certify this in the EC declaration of conformity. If required we will be glad to send you the according declaration of conformity. – 24 –

****** Page 10 ****** Oartscher 3. Transport, packaging and storage 3.1 Delivery check Please check the delivery upon completeness and transport damage immediately after receipt. In case of visible damage do not accept or accept the delivery with reservation only. Note the extent of damage on the carrier’s bill of delivery. Trigger off the complaint. Hidden damages should be reclaimed immediately after notice, as claims for damages can only be asserted within the effective period for complaints. 3.2 Packaging Please do not throw away the covering carton of your device as it might be useful for storage purposes, when moving or, in case of damages, when the device must be sent back to a repair center. The outer and inner packing material should be removed completely from the device before installation. If you liked to dispose the packing, consider the regulations applicable in your country. Supply re-usable packing materials to the recycling. Please inspect the device upon completeness. In case any part is missing please contact our customer service center immediately. 3.3 Storage Keep the package closed until installation and under consideration of the outside indicated positioning- and storage markings. Packages should be stored under consideration of the following: do not store outdoors, keep it dry and dust-free, do not expose it to aggressive media, do not expose it to direct sunlight, avoid mechanical shocks and vibration, in case of longer storage (> 3 months) make sure you check the state of the packaging and the parts regularly, if required refresh or renew. -25-

****** Page 11 ****** Oartscher 4. Technical data 4.1 Overview of parts 11 10 9 8 -26- 6 7 5 4 1 12 I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Smooth roasting surface Grease collection tank Body Temperature control knob Heating control lamp (orange) Operational control lamp (green) ON/OFF switch Height adjustable plastic feet (4) Ventilation slots Backsplash Guard Cleaning scraper

****** Page 12 ****** Oartscher 4.2 Technical specification Description Code-No.: Material: Model: Power: Temperature range: Dimensions: Roasting surface size: Includes: Weight: Griddle plate GDP 260E-G A370037 Stainless steel body, roasting surface: steel • Type: table-top unit The connection of the device: ready to connect • Operating mode: Electric Roasting surface: Smooth Heating zones: 1 Control lamps: Stand-by, heating-up Safety thermostat: • Features: – Grease collection tank Backsplash welded on 1.2 kW / 230 V 50/60 Hz 500C – 300 oc W 285 x D 335 x H 185 mm W 260 x D 230 mm 1 scraper for cleaning the smooth roasting surface 8.8 kg We reserve the right to make technical changes! -27-

****** Page 13 ****** Oartscher 5. Installation and operation 5.1 Installation CAUTION! Any installation, connection and maintenance work related to the device must be performed by the qualified and certified technician in accordance with the applicable international, national and local regulations. Positioning Unpack the device and discard the entire packaging material according to the regulations valid in the country of installation. Place the device in a well ventilated room or under the ventilating hood to efficiently remove vapours produced when cooking dishes. Place the device on an even, stable, dry and waterproof and heat-resistent surface. Never place the device on an inflammable surface. Never place the device in wet or damp locations. Never place the device at the edge of a table to avoid tilting or falling. Place the device so that it is easily accessible, leaving enough space to freely service the device and ensure appropriate air circulation. Never place the device directly against walls, low walls, furniture or other objects which are made of flammable material. Keep a distance of at least 10 cm at the sides and at the rear from walls and other objects. Take into account the applicable fire protection regulations. If keeping the above mentioned distance is impossible, apply appropriate safety measures (e.g. heat-resistant foil), which will ensure keeping the wall’s temperature within the safe range. Before the first use, remove the protective foil from the device. Remove the foil slowly not to leave glue residues. Remove possible glue residues with appropriate solvent. CAUTION! Never remove the type plate and warning signs from the device. -28-

****** Page 14 ****** Oartscher Connection DANGER! Electric shock hazard! The device can cause injuries due to improper installation! Before installation and connecting the local power grid specification should be compared with that of the device (see rating plate). Connect the device only in case of compliance! The power supply circuit with the socket must be protected by the fuse of at least 16A. Connect the device directly to a single grounded socket. Do not use any power bar or multiple socket. 5.2 Operation Before the first use Make sure that there are no packaging materials or other objects left on the roasting surface. The device should be thoroughly cleaned before the first use. Follow instructions in section 6 “Cleaning and maintenance”. CAUTION! Use the device only with the grease collection tank (2) attached to prevent the device damage or soiling. At the front of the device there is the grease collection tank (2) that captures the grease and liquids escaping during grilling. After cleaning, attach the grease collection tank (2) to the device. Grilling • Plug into a single grounded socket. • Turn on the ON/OFF switch (7) to “l” comes on. The green operational control lamp (6) -29-

****** Page 15 ****** Oartscher The device is provided with the temperature control knob (4). The temperature may be set in the range from 50 oc to 300 oc. It is recommended to maintain the operating temperature between 200 oc and 250 oc. Turn the temperature control knob (4) to a desired temperature. The orange heating control lamp (5) is on and the device is heating up. The heating-up time is approx. 20 minutes until the temperature reaches 250 oc. As soon as the set temperature is reached, the orange heating control lamp (5) is off. When the temperature falls down by approx. 10 OCY the heating is turned on again and the orange heating control light (5) comes on again. Depending on the product to be grilled, the roasting surface (1) should be greased with a small amount of edible oil to prevent product burning. Place the product to be grilled. Do not use any hard or sharp objects to prevent damage to the roasting surface (1). Watch the product during grilling until the grilling process is finished. HOT SURFACE! Risk of burns! During the operation the body of the device and roasting surface become very hot. Do not touch any surfaces of the device. When the grilling process has been finished turn the temperature control knob (4) anti-clockwise to “O” (OFF). Remove the finished grilled product from the roasting surface (1) During grilling the grease residues from roasting flow to the grease collection tank (2). Regularly monitor the grease collection tank (2). Consider the fact that during operation and some time afterwards it is very hot. Risk of burns! Wait for the device to cool down. Using the handle carefully remove the grease collection tank (2) from the device and empty it. -30

****** Page 16 ****** Oartscher When the device is no longer used, turn the temperature control knob (4) to “O” (OFF) and the ON/OFF switch (7) to “0”. Unplug the device. 6. Cleaning and maintenance WARNING Before cleaning the device, turn the device off with ON/OFF switch and disconnect it from the power supply. Let the device to cool down. Never clean he device with any kind of pressure water jets! Make sure that no water gets into the device. Cleaning o o o Clean it with a soft cloth only and never use any abrasive cleaning agents that could cause damage to the surfaces of the device. Remove the residues from the roasting surface using the supplied cleaning scraper or a sponge. Clean the roasting surface with a soft cloth and neutral cleaning agent. Wipe with a cloth and clean water. Remove the grease collection tank from the device, empty it and clean it using a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth, sponge or cleaning brush. Rinse with clean water and dry the grease collection tank before attaching it to the device. Wipe the body and control elements of the device with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and mild cleaning agent. Dry all cleaned surfaces thoroughly afterwards. Maintenance o We recommend to order the maintenance of the device in the professional service company at least once a year. Any works interfering in the device must be performed by the professional and qualified personnel. -31-

****** Page 17 ****** Oartscher Storage o If the device is not used for any lengthy period, clean it according to the aforemen- tioned description and store it in dry, clean place protected against cold, sun and children. Do not place any have objects on the device. 7. Waste disposal Old devices The electric devices are marked with this symbol. You must not dispose of electric devices with household waste. When the device may not be longer used each consumer is obliged to dispose of the device at the dedicated local collection point, separately from household waste. NOTE! Electric devices should be used and disposed of properly to prevent the impact on the environment. • Disconnect the device from the power supply and remove the power cord from the device. Bartscher GmbH Franz-Kleine-Str. 28 33154 Salzkotten Germany – 32 – phone: +49 5258 971-0 fax: +49 5258 971-120 Service-Hotline: +49 5258 971-197








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