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PDF Content Summary: rev. 10/23/2018 How To: Replace Sette Gearbox Sette 30, Sette 270, Sette 270W, Sette 270Wi Time: 10-15 minutes Difficulty: easy-medium Tools/Supplies: flathead screwdriver, hex key (included in kit). [Optional: pliers, vise] Parts: S913 (Gearbox Assembly – includes separate hex key, 2 Torx screws, 2 washers) Additional Resources: Gearbox Removal Video: Case Removal Guide: Removal.pdf *** Unplug the grinder from power supply *** PLEASE READ THESE NOTES BEFORE YOU BEGIN: • Some parts of this assembly come pre-lubricated with a food-safe lubricant. Take care not to get these parts dirty. • This kit comes with one new metal washer on the side, but if this washer is bent in shipping, save the old washers when disassembling and use them in the new assembly. DO NOT USE BENT WASHERS. • Baratza recommends removing one shim from under the Sette cone burr after performing this repair. This is because the new 2018 Sette gearbox seats the ring burr lower, and closer to the cone burr. See step 13 in this guide. 1. Remove motor/gearbox assembly from grinder. Please follow this video for assistance in removing the motor/gearbox (S056/S057): 2. Once the assembly is out of the grinder, start by removing the top screw connecting the gearbox to the motor mounting plate shown below. There are only two screws holding the gearbox to the motor. The top screw is easy to access, so you may use a Torx bit or the included hex key. rev. 10/23/2018 3. Next remove the bottom screw. This screw is more challenging to access. Start by using the hex key. If you are unable to remove it with a hex key, you may need to use pliers to loosen the screw and remove it. 4. Gently pry open each of the four clips holding the gearbox onto the motor mount. Put opposing pressure on the gearbox to help pull it away from the motor. It is easiest to do this with the motor clamped gently in a vise (wrap with a towel to avoid damage to the motor). Because the bottom two clips are more difficult to access, it is easier to open those first: APPLY PRESSURE TO CREATE GAP rev. 10/23/2018 Then pry open the top two clips while pulling the gearbox away from the motor (to prevent clips from locking again). It is easiest to open the clips by placing the screwdriver straight down and simply rotating the screwdriver: 5. Once all four clips are free, the gearbox will slide off of the motor. The planet carrier assembly will still be on the motor mount (as shown below). There will be a thin metal washer between the gearbox and the planet carrier (shown below). Remove the washer and pull the planet carrier off the motor mount. 1st metal washer (remove and discard) Planet Carrier assembly rev. 10/23/2018 6. Remove the old planet carrier. There will be a second thin metal washer between the planet carrier and the motor mount. If the metal washer does not come out with the planet carrier, it will be nestled next to the motor. Discard the old planet carrier and the metal washer. 7. Place the new thin metal washer onto the motor mount: 8. The new planet carrier will be tucked inside the new gearbox. Pull the planet carrier out of the new gearbox. It will be very greasy (this is food-safe lubricant). Take care not to get these parts dirty! Take care to keep these parts clean! It might be helpful to use a clean glove or paper towel for this next step: 2nd metal washer (remove and discard) New gearbox New planet carrier rev. 10/23/2018 9. There should be a metal washer on the planet carrier (as shown in fig.1 below). Put the large end of the planet carrier (with the three little planet gears) into the motor mount so that the three planet gears engage securely with the teeth on the motor mount (fig. 2). This may take some wiggling and adjusting of the individual planet gears to get them all aligned properly. When aligned, all gears will be flush with each other. 10. Now you are ready to attach the new gearbox onto the motor. It is easiest to do this with the motor in the vise (wrapped in a towel). Properly align the gearbox with the motor mount and press them together until all four clips click into locked position. 11. Use the hex key (or a Torx bit) to screw in the two Torx-head screws included in the kit. 12. Put the motor/gearbox assembly back into the grinder. If you need assistance, follow this video guide. 13. Remove one shim from under the Sette cone burr. For reference on how to do this, please see our shim removal video guide: If you find that your grind is too coarse after removing a shim, replace the shim. New metal washer Align teeth







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