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PDF Content Summary: 9002-9516 Installation Instructions (Auto Dimming/Comp/Temp Video Display Mirror) IMPORTANT: Read before installing. For the latest full color instructions please visit Mirror Mounting - This mirror has a Wedge/ D-tab style mounting base. Please check our application guide to ensure sure it is compatible with your vehcile (adapters are available for specific applications separately). Slide the mirror onto the tab. Torque for the mirror screw that attaches to the windshield tab is 1.8 Nm (16 lb-in) and cannot exceed 2.2 Nm (19.5 lb-in). Camera requirements - The camera signal must be strong enough for the mirror to detect signal when reverse is engaged. We recommend that the camera be connected to mirror prior to installation to confirm compatiblity. Best results are on cameras that have a .8- 1.6 VDC coming out of video composite lead (commonly a yellow RCA jack). Depending on camera output it may require reverse to be supplied by a 12V switched ignition rather than reverse feed. To test this use a multimeter set to DC and connect the (-) lead to the camera RCA shield and the (+) lead to the camera RCA tip with the camera powered ON. Powering up the camera - The mirror stays ON for over 1 second when reverse is disengaged and if the camera is connected to the reverse tail lamp then the screen will flash Blue. If the camera does not power up instantly when the vehicle is shifted into reverse the screen will not detect the camera and will not display an image. For these reasons we recommend that the camera be connected to Ignition (+). Install Temperature Probe (9002-6008): Mount Temperature Probe behind grille in a well ventilated area making sure that it is not close to the radiator for best temperature reading. Route the supplied cable through the firewall (RECOMMENDED: Use an exisitng grommet OR drill a new hole as a pass- thorugh and apply a small dab of silicone caulk to the cable to prevent the exposed metal from cutting the cable). Next, route the supplied cable up the A- pillar to the 16 pin connector. Located on the bottom side of the mirror connector is a rectangular white tab (see Figure 1). This tab must first be released A small flathead watch repair screw driver works best. The tab will only lift about 1/10th of an inch. Figure 1 9516 Instructions 9-27-12 Tel 734-619-1250 1 of 3 Toll Free 877-276-6456 Fax 480-247-5999 White dot identifies cavity 1 Insert the Red lead of the Temperature Probe into cavity 6 and the Black lead into cavity 7. Mirror Harness Pinout* PIN WIRE COLOR FUNCTION 1 White Video + 2 Brown Video - 3 - 4 N/A N/A 5 N/A N/A 6 Red Temp Probe + 7 Black Temp Probe - 8 Black Ground 9 Green Reverse Signal 12V+ 10 N/A N/A 11 † Varies OnStar Keypad Signal 12 † Varies OnStar Keypad Supply Voltage 13 Red Ignition Controlled 12V+ 14 † Varies OnStar Keypad Green LED Signal 15 † Varies OnStar Keypad Red LED Signal 16 N/A N/A *These instructions only pertain to functions on the supplied mirror and do not support other vehicle features. †These pins may be populated in vehicles equipped with OnStar and/or exterior auto dimming mirrors. Wiring the Mirror: Red - Ignition controlled power 12v+ when key is turned ON & 14.4 or better when vehicle is running. Black - Chassis ground Green - Connect to Reverse + power (reverse lamp) RCA - Connect to camera video output (See camera requirements above) Note 1: *5 Orange & *16 White are outside mirror dimming leads which will work on most vehicles with this function already existing and can purchased separately at Brandmotion under kit number 6014. To maintian outside mirror dimming function, see separate instructions included in the 6014 kit. Note 2: If installing on a Ford Motor Company vehicle with a separate display on the IP for the compass AND it displays “- -“ after the OE mirror is removed, further steps are necessary in in order for it to function again. You must supply two 9’ 20-gauge wires (one red and one one yellow recommended) and splice them to the location from which you removed the vehicle’s mirror connector and to the vehicle’s mirror connector that you will move. For more details, refer to Section 6 of the 1008-9520 instructions at 9516 Instructions 9-27-12 Tel 734-619-1250 2 of 3 Toll Free 877-276-6456 Fax 480-247-5999 9002-9516 Operating Instructions (Auto Dimming/Comp/Temp Video Display Mirror) Temporary Monitor Manual Shut Down: If while in reverse you require to turn OFF the camera monitor simply press and release the POWER button on the mirror. (Note: once reverse is disengaged the mirror will go back to normal operation and will turn ON next time reverse is engaged). Temperature and Compass Set up, Calibration and Testing (if equipped) Your mirror maybe equipped with a screen which displays the current temperature as well as the current orientation of the vehicle. Once the mirror is installed it is necessary to calibrate and test the function of these features. Temperature settings: The temperature may require approximately 20 -30 minutes after installation in order to achieve proper temperature reading. The mirror can display either Fahrenheit or Celsius. In order to select either mode simply press and hold the POWER button for 4 seconds until F or C appear, press POWER button to toggle between each mode and once correct reading is set wait 4 seconds and it will be stored on the mirror. Compass Calibration: In some cases CAL will be displayed on the LED read out. If this not being displayed simply press and hold the POWER button for 12 seconds to initiate calibration mode. 1) Identify the appropriate zone from the chart below and then press and the POWER button until Z plus the current zone is displayed on the LCD. 2) Press and release the power button to toggle through the available zones until the appropriate zone is displayed. 3) After the LED displays the selected zone wait 4 seconds and the zone will be stored into the mirror. 4) Locate an open area in which the vehicle can be driven at 5MPH or less in circles approximately 2-3 times. Once the system calibrates the CAL message will disappear from the LED display. 9516 Instructions 9-27-12 Tel 734-619-1250 3 of 3 Toll Free 877-276-6456 Fax 480-247-5999







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