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PDF Content Summary: Read all instructions BEFORE assembly and USE of product. KEEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE USE. Model # 3635, WK37 TREND WALKER Instruction Manual Convenience through innovation and thoughtful design 08.10

WARNINGS WARNING: Please read all instructions before assembly and use of the walker. Keep instructions for future use. WARNING: NEVER LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED. ALWAYS KEEP CHILD IN VIEW WHILE IN WALKER. WARNING: NEVER USE NEAR STAIRS, STEPS, AND THRESHOLDS. USE ONLY ON FLAT SURFACES FREE OF OBJECTS THAT COULD CAUSE THE WALKER TO TIP OVER. WARNING: TO REDUCE CHANCE OF CHILD SLIPPING OUT OF THE SEAT, CHECK THAT BOTH FEET OF THE CHILD TOUCH THE FLOOR. NEVER CARRY WALKER WITH THE CHILD IN IT, AS THE CHILD MAY GET HURT OR SLIP OUT. WARNING: TO AVOID BURNS, KEEP THE CHILD AWAY FROM HOT LIQUIDS, RANGES, RADIATORS, SPACE HEATERS, FIREPLACES, ETC. WARNING: STAIR HAZARD - AVOID SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, BLOCK STAIRS / STEPS SECURELY BEFORE USING WALKER, EVEN WHEN USING PARKING BRAKE. * This walker is to be used only by infants, who are old enough to sit upright on their own and are ready to learn to walk (about 6 months old). Do not use until baby can sit up by itself. * Discontinue using the walker when the child can walk unassisted, reaches 30 lbs. in weight, or reaches 32 inches in height. * Do not adjust tray height with the baby in walker. * Periodically inspect seat pad plastic tabs to be sure they are secured in the body. Do not use the walker if it is damaged or broken. Discontinue using should any part become damaged. Please contact our customer service at 1-800-328-7363 to order replacement parts or arrange for repairs. * Clean rubber inserts on walker base regularly to maintain stopping performance. To clean the seat pad, use only mild household soap and warm water with a sponge or cloth. DO NOT MACHINE WASH. For metal and plastic parts, use only lukewarm water and mild soap. Please: If you experience any difficulty with the use of our product or have a question regarding these instructions, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-328-7363 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time or visit us at Please do not return to the store as once it is returned it cannot be resold and the materials and energy used to make it are wasted.

Baby Trend, Inc. 1607 S. Campus Ave. Ontario, CA. 91761 Parts Hotline: 1-800-328-7363 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time 1

PARTS front rear Wheels Seat Toy Bar Base ASSEMBLY 1. Unpack all contents and please check that all parts are present before starting assembly. Please see PARTS. 2. To open the baby walker raise the tray to the middle position as shown in Fig. 1 figure 1. 3. Insert the plastic pins on the front of the seat into the holes, then click the pins into position by pushing them downwards shown in figure 2. 4. Locate the straps with plastic buckles on back of seat and corresponding slots on tray. Insert each strap into corresponding slot. From underside of tray pull each strap completely through each slot and pivot plastic buckle to lay flat against underside of tray. As shown in figure 3 and 3A. Fig. 2 5. Place walker on a solid flat surface with bottom of base facing upward. Insert the pins of the wheels into their housing, pressing them until they snap into position. Please check that wheels are locked into place as shown in figure 4 and 5. 6. Thread the end of the support strap through the loop on the seat bottom and then through the slot at the end of the height adjustment bracket found under the tray as shown in figure 6. Next thread the support strap through the opening in the rectangular ring and pull snug as shown in figure 7. Fig. 3 Fig. 3A Fig. 7 Fig. 6 Fig. 5 Fig. 4 REAR FRONT 2

7. To attach the toy bar, clip the hooks on both sides of the toy bar to the walker tray as shown in figure 8. Do not use the toy bar if it has been damaged or broken. 8. To fold the walker, turn the button to unlock and push it to release as shown in figure 9. PLACING YOUR CHILD IN THE WALKER Fig. 8 clip-on 1. Always check the walker prior to each use to ensure that the seat is snapped in place and that the walker has no loose or broken parts. Do Not use the walker if it is damaged or broken or missing parts. 2. Before placing your child in the walker, please determine that your child is developmentally ready for this type of product. Generally, your child must be able to sit upright unassisted and have adequate neck strength to exhibit very good control of his or her head. Typically, a child should be at least 6 months of age to use this product. Infants develop at different rates and you Fig. 9 should discuss the use of a walker with your pediatrician to ensure that your infant is ready. 3. Adjust the seat height of the walker to the lowest setting. Place your child in the walker and check that both feet touch the floor. The child should have only part of their weight on their feet when their legs are straight. Adjust the walker height as needed as your child grows. Do not adjust height with child in the walker. Discontinue using the walker if your child attempts to climb out, reaches 30 pounds in weight or 32 inches in height, Fig. 10 or when your child is able to walk unassisted. 4. The baby walker can be used for 3 different heights. To adjust height, remove baby from walker. Turn the safety button lengthwise and press the safety button until the mechanism is released. Adjust to desired height as shown in figure 10. WARNING: TO REDUCE CHANCE OF CHILD SLIPPING OUT OF THE SEAT, CHECK THAT BOTH FEET OF THE CHILD TOUCH Fig. 11 THE FLOOR. 5. When the position has been selected, check that the safety button turned through 90 degrees to prevent the accidental release of the mechanism as shown in figure 11. Always follow this procedure. Never use the baby walker if the button is not in the sideways position. Important: Never change the height when the baby is in the walker. COMPLETED WALKER IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY DIFFICULTY IN USING THIS PRODUCT PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT AT (800) 328-7363 BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8:00AM AND 4:30PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT BABYTREND.COM FOR ASSISTANCE. 3







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