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****** Page 1 ****** Owner’s Manual Hwy 836, U.S.A. APK-2500 APK-3500 APK-4500 APK-5500 SOUND QUALITY DIGITAL MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIER

****** Page 2 ****** INTRODUCTION Congratulations and thank you for purchasing Audiopipe amplifier, the logical choice in mobile audio amplification. Audiopipe products have been designed and engineered with the highest quality components and top of the line workmanship to help you reach the superior sound you are after. To achieve optimal performance of your system, please take a few moments to read over this manual if needed before starting your installation. DESIGN FEATURES I ohm stable Highly efficient and powerful digital monoblock. Strappable 2 mono block amps to 2 ohm High purity copper trace circuit boards. O gauge power / ground terminals Hand-wound high grade power supply 24dB low pass and subsonic filter The most safe protection circuits are applied to protect the amplifiers and audio systems. * Thermal protection * DC offset * Speaker short protection * Low & High battery voltage protection circuit SPECIFICATIONS I ohm stable digital monoblock amplifiers Two amplifiers strappable to 20hm Frequency response : IOHz 270Hz Signal to Noise Ratio : 95dB Damping Factor : 200 O INPUT Output master / input slave connection makes 2 amplifiers strapped to 20hm Set Output master / input slave switch to output master position for Master amp which is connected to headunit. Set Output master / input slave switch to input slave position for Slave amplifier Connect RCA cable from master amplifier to slave amplifier. Output master / input slave connection impedance is 20hrn. 2

****** Page 4 ****** O o +12V Power POWER GNO POWER REM +12V o SPEAKER o GND o O o O O Connect the +12V terminal of the amplifier to the + terminal of the battery’ using the same diameter as the ground cable, making sure you install in-line fuse holder, approximately 300 or 400 mm. From the + terminal of battery, making sure that there is no fuse in the battery holder All audio pipe amplifiers should use external fuses and fuse holder. Connect one end of fuse holder to the power cable going into the amplifier and the other end of fuse holder to the positive battery. This fuse location will protect the system and the vehicle against the possibility of a short circuit in the power cable. Be sure to use fuses and fuse holder adequate for the application. REMOTE Run a remote turn on cable ( at least 18ga ) from the switched +121/ source. This may be a toggle switch, a relay, source unit’s remote trigger cables, or power antenna trigger cable. Connect the remote turn on cable to The REM ( remote ) terminal. +12V, REMOTE & GROUND CONNECTION +12V SOURCE Remote Turn on O WORKING BATTERY VOLTAGE GROUND Disconnect the battery and connect the GND (ground) terminal to the cars chassis. Keep this cable as short as possible (not longer than 20 inches l. Making sure that the connection with the chassis is rust free and clear of paint or grime. e o +12V 3 e BATTERY o APK-3500 • 8,5V 18volts APK.4500 : 8.5V 18Volts APK-2500 : 8.5V – APK-5500 : 8.5V – 16Volts 18Volts GND Ground All Grounds are common to prevent any noises

****** Page 5 ****** SPEAKER CONNECTION This terminal connects amplifiers to the speakers . Minimum speaker cable should be 12 gauge or larger. Connect the subwoofer speakers by checking the impedance I ohm for single unit or 2 ohm for strappable connection. SPEAKER Iohm LINK CONNECTION INPUT CONNECTION SPEAKER e e 8 20hm 8 20hm Step I . Connect the master amplifier to the head-unit and set its output master / input slave switch to output master. Step 2. Set slave amplifier output master / input slave switch to slave input. Step 3. Connect RCA cable from the master to slave amplifier as shown in the diagram. +12V SOURCE MASTER AMPLIFIER R L O INPUT O O OUTPUT SUBSONC SLAVE AMPLIFIER SUBSOMC 4 O o Fully adjusted is transferred from master to slove amp vio Rca coble O o

****** Page 6 ****** POWER & SPEAKER CONNECTION ; Step l. Connect speaker cable ( + ) on master amp to subwoofer ( + ) Step 2. Connect speaker cable ( + ) on slave amp to subwoofer (—) Step 3. Connect speaker cable (—) on master amp to speaker cable (—) on slave amp +12V SOURCE MASTER AMPLIFIER e e Positive terminal on master amp to positive terminal on subwoofer Strapped impedance is 20hm O GND Negative ( — ) terminals on master amp and slave amp connected each other GND Positive terminal on slave amp to negative terminal on subwoofer SLAVE AMPLIFIER

****** Page 7 ****** TROUBLE SHOOTING NO SOUND ( NO OUTPUT ) Please check all connections, cables’ rounting, short & voltage Please check the fuses , If they are blown, please replace with new one. Please check whether speakers work well, you can test speakers by connecting to another amplifier PROTECTION Please check overload, overheat ( thermal ) , short and voltage, DC offset. Minimum working impedance is I ohm for all amplifiers as single unit. and 2 ohm stable for strapped operation. If amplifiers are shut down due to heat, they will be on some minutes later after cooling down. Please make better airflow and no obstruction around amplifiers for thermal protection APK-2500 working voltage is 8.5V 1 6V. APK-3500, APK-4500 AND APK-5000’s working voltage is 8.5V 18V When over 4V DC comes into amplifiers, then, they will be DC protected. Check whether amplifiers work after removing RCA-lnput. If amplifiers work, then check DC by checking RCA-input When DC is over 4V at input, try by replacing +12V source unit . DISTORTION & NOISE Readjust input level and check the speaker quality at another amplifier Replace poor quality speakers with good quality ones Check amplifiers and headunitts ground contact. all grounds should be common. Check Rca Jack, then repalce with new one or reroute Rca Jack. Engine noise is caused by poor grounding of amplifiers, headunit, other components, battery or alternator, so please check all grounding connection. POOR BASS RESPONSE Please check speaker cables and reverse polarity. 6

****** Page 8 ****** A tlldiopipe U.S.A.








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