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****** Page 1 ****** Audiocodes C448HD IP Phones Quick Guide 1. Before Installing Congratulations on purchasing your AudioCodes C448HD IP Phone! Before installing your phone, make sure the following items are included in the shipped box: 2. C448HD IP Phone AC power adapter (optional) Cat 5e Ethernet cable Handset Handset cord Desktop stand all mount Physical Description Navigation Control Back Key Volume Keys Mute Key Headset Key Speakerphone Key CQ..Jdiocodes Microsoft Teams to M•crosctt Tearns•• A Alphanumerical Keypad ell Touch Screen MENU Key VOICEMAIL Key CONTACTS Key REDIAL Key TRANSFER Key HOLD Key Microphone Caudiocodes

****** Page 2 ****** 3. Cabling the Phone Warning: Prior to connecting power, refer to the Compliancy and Regulatory Information document at To cable the phone: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. [Refer to the illustration below] Connect the short, straight end of the phone cord to the handset and the longer straight end of the cord to the handset jack on the phone. (Optional) Connect a headset to the RJ-9 headset por orto the USB port Connect the RJ-45 LAN por to your LAN network (LAN port or LAN switch/router) with a CAT 5 / 5e Ethernet cable. Connect the RJ-45 PC port to a computer with a CAT 5 / 5e straight-through Ethernet cable. Connect the connector tip of the AC power adapter to the phone’s DC 12V power socket and connect the two-prong AC adapter directly to the electrical wall outlet. When the phone powers up, all the LEDs momentarily light up. o e 12

****** Page 3 ****** 4. Mounting the Phone on a Desktop or Wall Desktop: Slide the L-shaped stand’s short or long edge Wall: Slide the all mount fitting onto these rails. Desk Mount To mount the phone on a wall: lot onto hese rails. Wall Mount Using the mounting platers two screw holes as a template, mark the locations on the wall where you want to mount the phone. The horizontal distance between the screw holes is 4 7/8 inches (123.8 mm). This Side Up Drill a hole in the wall at the two marked locations. Insert an anchor (not supplied) in each hole for the 3.9mm screws. Insert two screws (not supplied) into the two masonary anchors. It’s recommended to use tapp 3.9 x 32mm (DIN 7981 C) self-tapping pan Phillips-head screws. Leave about 3/16 inch or 5 mm between the screw head and the wall. On the rear of the phone, detach the base used for desktop mounting. e 13

****** Page 4 ****** Hang the plate on the screws. Attach the phone to the plate. e 14

****** Page 5 ****** 5. Signing In To sign in with your username and password: 1. 2. 3. After connecting to the network, touch the Sign In button. Enter your username (e.g., Enter your password (the same as your Microsoft Exchange password). Sign in to emergency c*l. Microsoft Teams Welcome to Microsoft Teams! A happier place for teams to work togethec Sign in Portal Microsoft Teams Microsoft Sign in ttnail Ot Oltone e 15

****** Page 6 ****** To sign in from another device: 1. 2. 3. Touch the Sign In button, and then select the Sign in from another device option. In the Web browser, navigate to In the Microsoft Web page, enter the code shown on the C448HD screen, and then complete the process by entering your username and password. Sign into nmake an emergency call, Microsoft Teams Welcome to Microsoft Teams! A happier place for teams to work together. Sign in Microsoft Enter code the COde displayed on your app Ot device. V ode company Microsoft Teams Microsoft Sign in email or phone Cant access your account’ Sign in device Company Portal Microsoft Teams Microsoft Sign in GO to ond enter code to DGXP679AK e 16

****** Page 7 ****** 6. Basic Phone Operations 1. 2. To make a call: Enter a phone number, and then touch the DIAL menu. To call a phone contact, touch the DIRECTORY menu, select the directory contact, and then touch the DIAL menu. To redial a number: Press the REDIAL key, select a dialed number, and then touch the DIAL menu. To answer a call: Pick up the handset, or press the speaker or headset key. To put a call on hold and make another call: Press the HOLD key on the phone, touch the CALL MENU and then select New Call. Enter a phone number, and then press DIAL. To return to the held call, navigate to the held call, and then uncheck the HOLD touch menu. To mute yourself: Press the mute key. To unmute yourself, press the mute key again. To transfer a call: During a call, press the TRANSFER key on the phone, enter a number in the Transfer to… field, and then press the TRANSFER touch menu. To forward incoming calls to another phone: When the phone is idle, touch the FORWARD menu, and then touch Forward to a number. Enter the number to which you want to forward the calls, and then touch the START menu. To deactivate call forwarding, touch the FORWARD menu, and then select Do not forward calls. e 17

****** Page 8 ****** Notice Information Information contained in this document is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of printing. However, due to ongoing product improvements and revisions, AudioCodes cannot guarantee accuracy of printed material after the Date Published nor can it accept responsibility for errors or omissions. Updates to this document can be downloaded from This document is subject to change without notice. Date Published: September-01-2020 Document LTRT-13252 ataudiocodes e 18








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