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****** Page 1 ****** 2019 TT I TTS I TT RS Quick Questions & Answers Introduction to Your TT Automatic Climate Control Driver Assistance Navigation MMI Controls Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 2 ****** 10 4 9 Optional equipment shown 11 1 7 2 6 3 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Engine Start/Stop With key fob in vehicle, depress the brake and press this button to start the engine. Pressing this button when the vehicle is in Park shuts the engine off M MI’ Controls and Touchpad The control knob/touchpad with integrated joystick allows you to browse menus, zoom in and out of map views and select items by pressing the knob. Control and function buttons allow you to select and 6. 7. 8. personalize settings. The MMI touchpad allows you to input information by writing letters or characters. Infotainment Control Knob Turns the Infotainment system on/off and controls 9. volume. Tilting the knob to right or left will move through tracks or preset radio stations. A brief press mutes audio. Press and hold the knob to turn system off. Electromechanical Parking Brake Pulling up on the switch engages the parking brake. To release, depress the brake pedal and push the switch down. USB Ports USB ports located in the storage area allow for connections via the MMI, Audi smartphone interface and for device charging. Media Select the MEDIA function to access available media from connected sources (e.g., Bluetooth audio, USB and more). Steering Wheel Controls Assist with navigating through a variety of vehicle functions. To select a menu item, press the thumbwheel. Voice Recog nition Press the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel to activate voice recognition in the MML A short press of the Voice Recognition button will activate the MMI voice recognition, A long press will activate voice recognition with a paired phone. Climate Control Set preferences for temperature, airflow distribution and recirculation. Use in AUTO or manual mode. 10. Audi Virtual Cockpit (Instrument Cluster) Displays vehicle system and function informatiom Menu selections can be accessed using either the MMI control knob or the multifunction steering wheel controls- 11. Cruise Control The stalk allows you to set a preferred speed to be maintained above 15 mph. Introduction to Your TT Automatic Climate Control Driver Assistance Navigation MMI Controls Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 3 ****** Automatic Climate Control AUTO Setting The AUTO setting of your climate control system will help the cabin maintain your selected temperature by regulating the temperature, fan speed and airflow. When AUTO is selected, A/C will come on automatically to condition and dehumidify the air. Changing the air distribution or fan speed will turn off the AUTO function. System Controls The three combination knob/vents control fan speed, temperature, air distribution and airflow. I. 2. 3. 4. Temperature and AUTO Select an appropriate temperature by turning the knob left for cold and right for warm, Then, press the AUTO button to activate automatic temperature control. Fan and A/C Turn the knob left or right to adjust fan speed. Turning the knob all the way to the left will turn off the fan. Press the center button to turn A/C on or off.* Air Distribution and Recirculation Turn the knob for windshield, footwell or panel vent distribution. Arrows in the button display will indicate distribution of airflow. Press the button to recirculate air in the cabin and prevent outside air from entering. Airflow Turn the outer ring of the vents to adjust directiom Move the lever below the vent left or right to adjust airflow intensity. To shut off airflow, move the lever all the way to the left. Defrost 5. 6. MAX Defrost Clears the windshield of fog or frost as quickly as possible. Air will be directed to the windshield vents, and the temperature is regulated automatically. Once clear, select AUTO or manually adjust the settings. Rear Defrost Activates an electric heater embedded in the glass. The heater will turn off automatically within 10-20 minutes, depending on the outside temperature. Seat Heating To warm up quickly on a cool morning, turn on your heated seats. Press the knob for high, medium or low seat 7. heating or to off. This knob also adjusts the optional neck-level heating system on the TT Roadster, turn the knob to set the level from low, medium, high orto off. • When A/C is off, the air is neither cooled nor dehumidified, and windows may fog as o result Roadster Climate Setting with Convertible Top Open/Closed When you turn the climate control system on, it automatically detects whether the top is open or closed. It will then revert to the last saved setting in that position. Warni ngs: Climate Control System See Climate Control System inyour Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings, Automatic Climate Control Driver Assistance Navigation MMI Controls Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 4 ****** Cruise Control Activate To activate, pull the control stalk toward you to put it in the ON position. Set Cruising Speed At your desired speed, press the SET button at the end of the stalk. The set speed and the illuminated CRUISE indicator light are shown in the Audi virtual cockpit. Changing Speed There are several ways to change your speed: Accelerate or decelerate, then press the SET button again. SPEED Push the stalk up or down one detent to increase/decrease speed in 1 mph increments. Push the stalk up or down to the second detent and release to increase/decrease speed in 5 mph increments. Hold the stalk up or down to increase/decrease speed; release when desired speed is reached. Cancel/Resume I. To cancel, press the brake pedal or push the stalk slightly away from you to the CANCEL position. 2. The CRUISE light will goof 3. To resume, pull the stalk toward you; you will return to your set speed. Your most recently set speed remains in memory until you turn cruise con trol or your Audi offl Audi Active Lane Assist Applies to vehicles with oudi active side assist, Within the limits of the system, lane guidance* can provide corrective steering to assist the driver with keeping the vehicle in the center ofthe lane. Press the button on the turn signal lever to switch lane guidance on or off. Lane guidance is off when the indicator light is white . Some conditions may deactivate lane guidance, such as no lane lines, lane too narrow or wide, etc, Driver Assistance features ore not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner Is Manual for further details, ond important limitations, Audi Side Assist Side assist helps you monitor your blind spot and the traffic behind your vehicle. Within the limits of the system, it warns you about vehicles that are coming closer or that are traveling with you within sensor range. If a lane change is classified as critical, the display in the exterior mirror will tun on. Turning the system on or off and adjusting the brightness can be found in the Infotainment system. To adjust or turn on/off, press the MENIJ button select Vehicle left Control button Driver assistance Audi side assist. Warnings: Driver Assistance Vehicle: Driver assistance Audi side assist See Cruise Control System and Driver Assistance in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed informotion ond for important safety warnings. Driver Assistance Navigation MMI Controls Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 5 ****** Audi Navigation Setting a Destination Your MMI Navigation system has extraordinary capabilities to enhance your drive with user-definable views, routing selections and more. Cet started with setting destinations and discover more as you become familiar with the interface. Navigation enter destination ?.lWhere you like to drive to? address I. 2. 3. 4. Toggle the NAV/MAP switch to open the Destination entry input screen. Use the touchpad to write the address or Point of Interest name, Or shift the control knob forward to open the speller and enter information by manually selecting letters and numbers. Press the BACK button to return to writing mode. Available addresses will appear as information is entered, filtering to show only addresses meeting the currently entered information. Select appropriate address, then select Start route guidance. Additional destination features can be seen by pressing the left control buttom To cancel route guidance, select the right control button and select Cancel route guidance from menu. Alternative Routes The navigation system can display additional alternative routes based on speed, economy and traffic congestion. When this feature is enabled, alternative routes will always be displayed when route guidance is active. To enable alternative routes: Select the NAV/MAP function. 1. 2. Press the right control button and choose Navigation settings. 3. Select Show alternative routes to place a check mark in the box to enable this feature- To select alternative routes while route guidance is active: 1. Press the right control button choose Show alternative routes. 2. If available, up to three route suggestions will be displayed and can be selected via the control knob (Route type: fast 0, fast alternative economic route O) Add itional Settings Additional settings can be configured within the Options menu using the right control button. Map settings include display settings to change between Standard and Google Earth view as well as 2D and 3D modes. Route criteria allows you to set the mode of travel to include or avoid roads such as HOV lanes, toll roads and more. Voice guidance allows you to configure responses from Complete to Shortened, along with voice guidance volume. Points of Interest: Online Destination Search You can also perform an online Point of Interest search using Google Voice'” Local Search. 2•.28 e, 1. 2. 3. 4. Press the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheeL After tone, say “Google Search” or “Online destinations” followed by a keyword such as “Coffee shop” (e.g., bookstore, museum, pizza, etc.). Make your selection from the displayed list: By speaking the line number. Or saying “Next page” to view additional results. enter search tenm (at location) S.tarb•.xks 1 After tone, say “Start route guidance” to begin navigation to your destination, or say “Call,” which will call the location. Warnings: Navigation See Navigation jn your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings, Navigation MMI Controls Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 6 ****** MMI@ Controls The Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) can be controlled from the center console as well as the steering wheel controls. There are input redundancies to allow you to access MM! functions in the way that best suits you. I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. MMI Control Knob/Touchpad The control knob/ touchpad allows you to browse menus and zoom in and out of map views by rotating the knob, and select items by pressing the knob. En ter alphanumeric information by writing with your finger on the touchpad. The MMI will display your entry. To enter a space, swipe left-to-right. To delete a character, swipe right-to-left. The knob can also be shifted in four directions: Up: Opens the speller to enter alphanumeric information (e.g., navigation address). Down: Moves down through a menu. Left/Right: Opens Selection and Options menus, same as control buttons. Control Buttons Left: The left control button opens the Selection menu to call up further functions for individual menu items (e.g., Radio). Right: The right control button opens the Options menu to select and confirm specific functions for individual menu items. NAV/MAP/TEL Function NAV/MAP: Toggle up repeatedly on the NAV/MAP to switch the display between navigation input mode and map mode. TEL: Toggle down to enter the Telephone menu to access the Contact directory. MENU Button Opens the Selection menu in a given function (e.g. RADIO, TEL, NAV etc.). RADIO/MEDIA Function RADIO: The RADIO menu allows you to select or manage radio options, including presets and equalizatiom Toggle up repeatedly to move through radio bands (AM, FM, SAT). MEDIA: Allows you to select auxiliary devices and manage music and video content in folders, playlists and tracks. Toggle down repeatedly to move through the available media sources (Bluetooth, SD, DVD, etc.). BACK Button Moves back through the menu hierarchy in reverse order of your recent selections. When entering text, pressing BACK will delete a character. Pressing and holding the BACK button will remove all characters on a line. Steering Wheel Controls Preset Buttons 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. Voice Recognition Press to activate voice recognition. Speak available command after confirmation tone. Press and hold to cancel voice recognition. Telephone Press to answer or end a phone call. Press to display call list when there is no active call. Programmable Button * Allows selection ofa custom command defined by the user. To change function, select left control button Vehicle settings Steering wheel button. Advance/Replay 2 6 3 5 4 Pressing the forward arrow advances to the next track or radio station. Back arrow returns to the previous track or station. Pressing and holding the arrows will either fast forward or rewind an audio track. Thumbwheel Turn volume up or down. Press to mute or pause. Press again to unmute or play. While route guidance is active, pressing this button will repeat the last navigation cue. Virtual Instrument Cluster Controls 7. 8. 9. Tab Arrows Switch between available functions in the Audi virtual cockpit. Control Buttons Left/right control buttons operate the same as the left/right control buttons in the MMI console. Thumbwheel Use to move through menus in the Audi virtual cockpit. Press thumbwheel to make your selection. Also zooms map in NAV view. VIEW 8 9 1.1 10. VIEW VIEW Switches between Classic and Expanded view in Audi virtual cockpit. II. Back Arrow Button Operates the same as the BACK button in the MMI console. Warnings: Multi Media Interface See Multi Media Interface in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings MMI Controls Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 7 ****** Audi Smartphone Interface Connecting You can connect your iPhone’ or Android'” phone to the MMI system. Certain content on your phone will be adapted to the Infotainment system display while driving and can be operated through the MMI controls.• This gives you the benefit of the familiarity with your phone’s system combined with the MMI display. To connect: Navigation Map Audi connect Audi smartphone interface Settings I. 2. 3. 4. 5. The vehicle must be stationary with the ignition on. Connect your smartphone with a manufacturer-approved cable”* to either USB port. Before using Android AutoZ you must download the Android Auto app from the Google Play'” Store. You must have an active Google'” account and internet connection. Ensure your iPhone is unlocked prior to connecting. You will see a connection prompt in the MMI. Using the control knob, select to activate the device. Respond to prompts as necessary from both the MMI, as well as the smartphone. *Always pay careful uttention to the road, and do not drive while distracted Not all features are available on all operating systems. Message ond dato usoge rates opply. These features require compatible device, operating system ond mobile opps. See mobile device and opp providers for terms ond privacy. Apple CarPloy• is a trademark of Apple inc. “Non-certified cables may not support data transfer or mointoin a reliable connection. Apple CarPlay@ Operation If a Bluetooth connection is active when Apple CarPlay is activated, it will disconnect Bluetooth and use Apple CarPlay exclusively for telephone connectivity. MMI control knob: Turn the knob and press to open selected apps and control functions within that app. Shift the knob down or up to change levels to access apps more Pleone Music Now Playing Audi MYI V aps Podcasts wssoaes AIKIiobooks quickly. Shift the control knob continuously to the right to advance to the next screen. Press and hold the BACK button to return to the active app menu or to the main Apple CarPlay screen. When connected: Talk to Siri with a long press of the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel. Make and receive calls- Send and receive text messages. Short access to Apple CarPlay after accessing MMI: Set reminders. Cet turn-by-turn navigati on. See recent places. Listen to music apps. Select the TEL function select Switch to Apple CarPlay option from screen. Some MMI functions may not be ovoilable when Apple CarPlcy is active. Refer to additional information. Android AutoTF Operation If you have not previously paired your phone with Bluetooth, it will be paired automatically with the MMI system. * MMI control knob: Shifting the knob down will change usage from within an open app to allow you to select another app. Turning the knob and pressing will open the selected app. Shifting left or right within an active app will open additional 15 mi Stay on CA-I North In the Beginning Claptone Jonathan Lee features or settings. For example, shifting to the right will activate Talk to Google. When connected: Talk to Google with a long press of the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel. Make and receive calls. Send and receive text messages. Set remi nders. Cet turn-by-turn navigation. See recent places. Listen to music apps. “Always pay careful attention to the rood ond do not drive while distracted. Not all features are available on all operotihg systems. Message ond data usage rates apply. These features require compatible device, operating system and mobile apps- See mobile device and app providers for terms ond privocy. Android, Android Auto, Google Ploy, ond other marks ore trademarks of Google Inc. Some MMI functions may not be ovonoble when Android Auto is active. Refer to additional information, Access to Apple CarPlay@ and Android Auto If you have an active Apple CarPIay or Android Auto session and have accessed another MMI function and wish to return: I. Select the MMI MENU function button. 2. Scroll using the MMI control knob to select Apple CarPlay or Android Auto from the Menu. Connection Manager If your device is presently using MMI Media as the source and you wish to activate Apple CarPIay or Android Auto instead: 1. 2. 3. Select the MMI MENU function button. Scroll using the MMI control knob to select Audi smartphone interface. This will open the Connection manager. To activate, scroll to Audi smartphone and press the control knob, and place a check in the box for your device. Remove the check to deactivate from the Audi smartphone interface, Settivgs Seana Oat.a Not OT •udic pLas•er: Not Not p l.arv, srn The Connection manager can also be accessed by selecting Menu Settings Connection manager. Always pay careful attention to the road. and do not drive while distracted, Audi smartphone interface features require compatible device, operating systems and mobile app. Standard text and data usage rates apply See mobile app provider for terms and privacy, Androidt”i Android and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC, Apple CarPIay@ is a trademark of Apple Inc. Warni ngs: Audi Smartphone Interface See Audi Smartphone Interface in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings, Audi Smartphone Interface Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 8 ****** Bluetooth@ Pairing Pairing a Compatible Device Bluetooth pairing is a one-time procedure. Once paired, your phone will automatically connect when you start your vehicle. • Your contact list will automatically synchronize, allowing you to access contacts and make and receive calls through the Infotainment system. For information regarding phone compatibility, visit Tel 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Switch ignition to Accessories mode. Activate your phone’s Bluetooth and set to pairing or discovery mode, In the list of available devices, select the Audi MMI listing for the vehicle. When the prompt appears in the MMI, select Accept using the control knob. Confirm the PIN matches and select Yes in response to the prompt. Select Pair on your device, *Some phones may require on oddjtiono! response to prompts to allow full connectivity. Two active phones can be connected simultaneously to receive calls through the MMI, giving you primary and secondary devices. To change the order of devices: Select the TEL function. 1. 2. Press the right control buttom 3. Select Switch main and Additional phone. 4. This will also make the contact list from the new primary phone active- If the primary phone is in use, the secondary phone will only receive calls from the phone, not the MMI system. Voice Recognition Call by Name When using voice recognition, speak in a normal voice, facing forward. Keep cabin noise to a minimum. 1. 2. 3. Press the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel. A beep will sound. Say “Call” (e.g., “Call John Smith”). After system response, confirm request by saying “Yes”. The number will be dialed. You may also say “Cancel” to cancel the call. ‘fid. Enter If multiple numbers are stored for a given contact, the system will ask which you wish to dial. To avoid this, indicate it in your initial request (e.g., “Call John Smith, mobile”). Refer to your Owner’s Monucl for additional commands. Voice Recognition Address Entry 1. 2. 3. 4. Press the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel and wait for the confirmation tone. Say “Enter Address”. (See Owner’s Manual for complete list of commands.) After the tone, speak the address. For example “Two zero two four Main Street, Los Angeles”. (Speak single digits.) If your destination is in another state, say “Change State” when prompted to enter address, Navigation Enter address HO rtft• thin me to 8859 ire find •Gas Station* / •Restaurant•• The system will repeat the address for confirmation and ask if you would like to start route guidance, After the tone, say “Yes” and guidance will begin. There are three ways to cancel voice recognition address entry: Say “Cancel” at any voice prompt. Press any button on MMI controls. Press and hold the Voice Recognition button on steering wheel until you hear “Cancel”. No navigation prompts or traffic announcements ore given when a dialog is running. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for additional voice recognition commands. Wi-Fi Configuration Audi connect can provide you with Google Earth’@, Google Voice'” Local Search, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Online Services (fuel prices, weather information, travel information, personalized feeds and more) and myAudi Destinations.* t 002, 1 access tss101 Password Visible to others I. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select the TEL function. Select the right control button. Select Wi-Fi Settings; ensure that Wi-Fi mode is on. Select Network key and enter an eight character long password or use the default password. Use the touchpad to enter characters or shift the control knob forward to open the speller. When password has been entered, press any button to save password and exit the screen. •ro use Wi-Fi, you must hove on active subscription in myAudiconnectcom Some féotures ore only ovoiloble when vehicle is paired to c registered nyAudi account ond the Audi MM! connect app installed on a compatible device in the vehicle. Warnings: Bluetooth@ Audio Player See Bluetooth Audio Player in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information ond for important safety warnings. A Warnings: Voice Recognition System See Voice Recognition System in your Owner’S Manual for more detailed information ond for important safety warnings. Warnings: Wi-Fi Hotspot See Wi-Fi Hotspot in your Owner’s Manual for more detailed information and for important safety warnings. Bluetooth@, Voice Recognition & Wi-Fi

****** Page 9 ****** Indicator Lights For add itional information on indicator lights refer to your veh Owner’s Ma nual. BRAKE PARK O o Brake system Electromechanical parking lyake Cooling system Engine oil pressure Alternator Engine stop while driving Safety belt Electromechanical steering Steering lock Central indicator lig ht Engine start system Transmission Ifunction Rear spoiler Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) ABS BRAKE WEAR TPMS Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Safety systems Brake pads Electromechanical parking brake Ti re Pressu re Monitoring System Ti re Pressu re Monitoring System Eng ine control Emissions control system Eng ine speed limitation Eng ine oil level Eng ine oil sensor Battery charge Tank system Washer fluid level Windshield wipers Remote control key Battery in remote control key Bulbfailure indicator Hea dli ht range contro system Adaptive light Light/rain sensor Transmission qeering lock Engine start system Central indicator light Electromechanical steering Active dampers Rear spoiler Turn signa Is Rear safety belt CR UISE C D MY19-TT-01 Cruise control system Active lane assist Convenience key Electromechanical parking brake Active lane assist Audi side assist Transmission Electromechanical parking brake Rear safety belt Rear safety belt Speed warning system High beams TEXT 2019TT to 38981 Learn more about feature operation within your Audi. A Iwoys pay careful a ttention to the rood, and do no t drive while distracted. Message ond dato rates apply. Call your Audi Technologistto learn more. 1-855-750-TECH (8324) to You can have Audi feature information on demand with the myAudi IQ app, which delivers video demos for your Audi. Download the iOS app* now and put Audi knowledge in your pocket. *Requires iOS 7 .O or IG ter ond avoidable on iPad”‘ only. Audi Customer Support (800) 822-2834 The information within this guide must be used in conjunction with the information in the Audi Owner’s Manual. Refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for all information and warnings. By using this guide, you acknowledge that you are aware of and have read the warnings and information provided in the Owner’s Manual on the topics in this guide and will use this information to augment that material. 0 2018 Audi of America, Inc. All rights reserved.








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