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****** Page 1 ****** Quick Start Camera lens SIM card tray Micro USB port 35 mm headset jack BC Earpiece On back: • Power/lock key • Volume keys • Camera lens Speaker AT&T Ready2Go Ready2Go helps you configure Wi-Fi’ email, and social networks when initially setting up your device. O When your phone first starts up, you’ll see the AT&T Ready2Go wizard. Tap get started. @ Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Tap next. O Set up your GmailTM account and tap next. Or, tap Create a New GoogleTM Account. @ Set up additional email addresses if desired. Tap next. O Set up your social networks if desired. Tap next. O Choose whether you’d like to import contacts. Tap next. O Follow any additional on-screen instructions to finish setup. You will be taken to your home screen. AT&T Ready2Go Let’S set up your device! Add •rvou:. Set up get star tee Ready2Go Setup complete! next e e e Customize Your Phone Home Screen O Press and hold an empty spot on a home screen and choose a category: Apps: Add shortcuts from the app tray. • Widgets: Add dynamically updating widgets. • Wallpapers: Change your wallpaper. @ To move an item, press and hold it and drag it to a new location. To delete it, drag it to Remove. Your Sounds From the home screen, press and tap All settings > Sound. You can change your ringtones, set notification sounds, and adjust your touch feedback options. Sound SOUNO PROFILE AdW vibrate fry touch C h ar•g sr•r Text Messaging RINGTONES VIBRATIONS Phone ringtone in ttOiSy Transfer Music and Pictures O Connect your G2 to your computer with a USB cable. Steps may vary depending on your operating system. @ You may be prompted to install PC programs. Tap 0K > Media sync (MTP). O On your PC, choose Open device to view files using Windows Explorer. O Your phone will appear as another hard drive on your computer. Click on the drive to view it. O Drag and drop your files* into the corresponding folders, such as Music, Movies, or Pictures. You can also transfer files from your PC to your phone. O When you’re finished, return to the USB connection type screen and choose Charge Phone, You may now unplug your device. Note: To skip the wizard, tap Remind Later > exit. To return to the wizard from the home screen, tap > g:. Calls and Voicemail Make a Call O From the home screen, tap C @ Enter a phone number or spell the name ofa contact. Tap the contact and then tap Access Voicemail O From the home screen, taps > a. @ Follow voice prompts to listen to messages. Access Call Logs O From the home screen, tap g > Call logs. @ Tap an entry to view it. O Tap to call or to send a text. Tap O to update a contact or create a new one, Ann Jones conracts O From the home screen, tap g > g. @ In the To field, enter a number ortapgto select a name from your contact list. You can enter several names to send your message to multiple people. O Enter your message. @ Tap to attach a file. O Tap Send to send the message. Touch Screen KnockON O KnockON is enabled at default, To turn it on or off, from the home screen, press and tap All settings > General > Gestures > Screen on/off. @ With KnockON enabled and the phone locked, quickly double-tap the screen to wake the phone. O Double-tap the screen again to lock the phone. Notifications Panel Swipe down on the top of the screen to open the Notifications Panel. • To respond toa notification, tap it. • To remove a notification, swipe it left or right. • To remove all notifications, tap Clear. • Adjust the Quick Settings by tapping them (i.e., Sound). • Tapa next to Clear to access the Settings menu. Email O From the home screen, tap o , @ Tap an account type. Steps may vary from this point. Enter your email address and password and tap Next. @ Follow additional on-screen instructions to complete setup and tap Done. Camera and Video Dual Camera and Dual Recording O From the home screen, tapø > MODE > Dual camera. @ Tap the inset box to toggle front and rear camera views. You can also move and resize the box. O Tap o to takea picture. @ To use Dual Recording, tap > MODE > Dual recording. O To stop recording tap@. Shot & Clear O From the home screen, tapo > MODE > Shot & Clear. @ Tap o to takea picture. O Objects that can be removed from the photo are highlighted in blue. Tap a highlighted area to remove the unwanted portion of the image in your photo. Tap to save. Browse the web with ease with the 4.5′ touch screen and enable the Browser Bar for access to Facebook@, related apps, and more. O From the home screen, tap Q. @ Tap the address bar at the top of the page and enter an address. You may need to scroll to the top of the page. O Tap Go on the keyboard. Use the Browser Bar O To reveal the Browser Bar, swipe up from A at the bottom of the browser screen. @ To add a button, tap Add More and select a choice or create one of your own. O Tap Settings g > Toolbar to remove the Browser Bar. 121 q. “l • Select connection m Mecha sync Send images (PTPj am phore Am What are you Olis weekend? Attach Take photo Video Record video Audio Record voice Contact Select Micr«ott Exchange Gmail Ernail a(Wress lgvtrajn Password Show password Manual setup @ gmail.catn T he Ewe-OW’u•ng. Total TV +Add o My II e Please don’t text and drive. Messaging rates apply. d More Wet:oage LG Electronics US A-List ii’.•Wfi IMDb Wikipedia ‘Ihe Facebook Wii.’ new• Like *Files must be Digital Rights Management (DRM) free. Note: Contact your IT administrator to help set up your corporate Microsoft@ Exchange account. P/N MBM64036301Q.2) H

****** Page 2 ****** Input Language Change Device and Input Language O From the home screen, press and tap All settings > General > Language & input @ To change the device language, tap Language. O To change the keyboard input language, tap next to the desired keyboard. @ Tap Input languages. O To add input languages, uncheck Use system language and tap to select. You can change languages by tapping when you have a keyboard open, for instance while typing a text message. A Language input En gash tnctjon.ary *LYIUOANO Default Google voice tWng 0 Input languages use system INPUT uguian Voice Mate Use your voice to perform phone functions, such as calling contacts. O From the home screen, tap O @ Read and accept the EULA and privacy policy. O If desired, view the tutorial. Otherwise tap Skip. @ Wait for the beep and then speak your command, such as “Call [contact name].” O If prompted, confirm your command. Access from Lock Screen O From the home screen, tapO> — Settings > Voice launch on Lock screen. @ When the lock screen is displayed, say “LG Mobile” to unlock the phone and launch Voice Mate. Network Indicators Your 4G LTE wireless device will indicate which of the AT&T wireless networks you are connected to, A network indicator does not necessarily mean that you will experience any particular upload or download data speeds. 4G LTE: Connected to the AT&T 4G LTE network. 4G: Connected to the AT&T HSPA+ network. The AT&T HSPA+ network is capable of delivering 4G speeds when combined with enhanced backhaul. 4G availability is increasing with ongoing backhaul deployment. E: Connected to the AT&T EDGE/2G network. Actual data upload and download speeds depend on various factors, including the device, network utilization, file characteristics, terrain, etc. Learn more at: wireless., your AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement, Section 32 “Where and How Does AT&T Service Work?” The AT&T HSPA+ network can deliver 4G speeds when combined with enhanced backhaul. Your wireless device can’t distinguish between HSPA+ cell sites with enhanced backhaul and those without. Enhanced backhaul not available everywhere. Learn more at Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. 4G speeds delivered by L T E, or HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul, where available. Deployment ongoing Compatible device and data plan required. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. QSlide 2.0TM From any screen, bring up a notepad, calendar, and more as a window inside your screen. O From any screen, swipe down from the top of the screen to bring down the Notifications Panel. @ Tap one of the QSlide apps. The app will appear as a resizable, moveable window on the screen. O Drag the corner to enlarge the window and drag the top barto move it. Tap to make the QSlide app full size. Tap to make the app smaller again. Use the slider to adjust the transparency of the window. @ To exit QSlide 2.0, tap X . Google PlayTM Store Once you have set up your Google account, you can download apps from the Play Store. You may want to download apps over Wi-Fi to save on your data plan usage. O From the home screen, tap O > @ Tap a category to browse selections, or tap to search for an item. O Tap an app and follow the on-screen installation instructions. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, you will see a notification in the Notifications Bar. O To open the app, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the notification. You can also find the app in 121•. Slide Aside Use a three-finger swipe to save running apps to the left or bring them back to the display*. O From the home screen, press and tap All settings > General. @ Tap (QED to turn on Slide Aside. O Press and open an app. O Place three fingers on the screen and drag the app off the screen to the left. O To bring the app back, drag three fingers to the right. *Some apps may restart when brought back later. AT&T Services AT&T offers a multitude of apps designed to make your everyday life easier. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth@ Connect to Wi-Fi O From the home screen, press and tap All settings > Networks > Wi-Fi. @ If desired, take the tutorial to set up Wi-Fi. Otherwise, tap €7) to turn on Wi-Fi. O Tap a network name, Enter a password if required and then tap Connect. Use Bluetooth O From the home screen, press and tap All settings > Networks > Bluetooth. @ If Bluetooth is off, tap to enable it. O G2 will automatically search for devices. Tap a device to pair. See the Bluetooth device’s user manual for more information on pairing Bluetooth e q nor Alito NErwoaxs Netwcgk Guest offer devices O RBS730 Search for devices Keep 3. Browser • 31, Google Drive GOOGLE • ’96K. Rate & review What’ s new myAT&T: Track your usage, review and pay your bill, and update your data plan services. AT&T Code Scanner: Reads UPC, OR, and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on products, in ads, or online. AT&T Locker T”: Safely store and share all your photos, videos, and documents with up to 5 GB of free storage. AT&T Navigator@: Get voice-guided, turn-by-turn driving directions and traffic updates. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi: Maximize your battery performance and data plan, simplify access to AT&T Hot Spots and Wi-Fi networks, automate your Wi-Fi connections, and track your data usage, Messages: Manage your text messages, call history, voicemail, and more, all in one convenient place. Mobile Hotspot: Share your mobile network data connection with other Wi-Fi devices. Mobile TV: Watch LIVE, on-demand, and downloadable mobile TV. Note: To purchase a paid app, you will need to set up a payment method with Google Wallet”‘. Data rates may apply. Mobile TV and AT&T Navigator require a separate subscription. Mobile TV requires mobile broadband service. Service not available in all areas. Programming subject to blackout restrictions. Download and watch capability available for select content, requires Wi-Fi connection, and is available for viewing for limited time periods. AT&T DriveModeTM When your vehicle is in motion, automatically respond to incoming calls, texts, and emails. O From the home screen, tap > @ Review and accept the terms of service. Tap Continue. O Set your AutoReply message and tap Next. @ Choose which features you want to set for AutoReply and tap Next. O If desired, add contacts to your Allow List and tap Next. O If GPS is off, you will be prompted to turn it on. Follow on-screen instructions. O Choose to enable or disable Automatic Mode and tap Finish > Continue. AT&T DriveMode is free to AT&T customers. Standard data and messaging rates apply to auto-reply messages. Find More Information On The Web: • Find tutorials at • Find device specifications, user manuals, troubleshooting and user forums at • Manage your wireless account, including suspending service if your phone is stolen, at Apps on Your Phone: • Access how-to videos for G2 at Apps > Device Help. • Access your account at Apps > myAT&T. Give Us a Call: Call AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 from any AT&T mobile phone for assistance with your service or device. Find Accessories Accessories for your smartphone are available at or visit your local AT&T store. I-GF LG Life’s Good, and the LG logo are registered trademarks of LG Corp. 0 2013 AT&T Intellectual Property, All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Printed in Korea








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