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****** Page 1 ****** ATLAS METAL Subsidiary of Mercury Aircraft, Inc. 1135 N.W. 159th DR., MIAMI, FL 33169 PHONE (305) 625-2451 , (800) 762-7565, FAX (305) 623-0475, E-mail: PARTS LIST REFRIGERATED PAN WITH BLOWER & TIMER WCMBT SERIES 7 ITEM NUMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 II 12 13 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 8 6 PART NUMBER s80103-o 7002-0+M0de1 7020-0 2060-1 1003-0 1069-1 2029-1 2029-2 S11855-o S81857-o 2014-5 S81443-o 2013-0 S11857-o S81862-o 2119-3 2119-1 22-1399 20-3010 111-1080 111-1071 2026-0 1150 2025-0 1 10 2 3 4 5 WCMBT-5 SHOWN DESCRIPTION Separator Channel Vin I Bead Gasket N Ion S acer Condensin Water Eva orator Power Cord with Plug Switch with Light 1/4 H.P. Com ressor WCMBT-3 1/3 H.P. Com ressor WCMBT-4, 5, 6 Blower Housin Assembl WCMBT-3 Blower Housing Assembl WCMBT-4, 5, 6 Fan Blade (Not Shown) Fan Guard Fan Motor (Not Shown Drain Pan WCMBT-3 (Not Shown) Drain Pan WCMBT-4, 5, 6 (Not Shown) Evaporator Coil WCMBT-3 (Not Shown) Eva orator Coil WCMBT-4, ot Shown) Defrost Thermostat (Not Shown) Timer ot shown) Heating Element WCMBT-3 (Not Shown) Heating Element WCMBT-4, 5, 6 (Not Shown) 0.042 Ca Tube ot Shown Harness (Not Shown) Drier ot Shown Thermostat (Not Shown) REFRIGERATED PAN WITH EVAPORATOR

****** Page 2 ****** BLOWER & TIMER WCMBT SERIES INSTALLATION Provide the correct counter cut-out opening (see chart below) and drop in. The vinyl gasket assures complete seating. A non-toxic silicone seal may be used between the gasket and counter top (not required). NOTE: Units are supplied with the nipple PVC and pipe connected to condensing evaporator. MODEL NUMBER WCMBT-3 WCMBT-4 WCMBT-5 WCMBT-6 CUT-OUT SIZE 22 1/4 x 41 3/4 22 1/4 x 55 1/2 22 1/4 x 69 1/4 22 1/4 x 83 The unit should be level for draining purposes. When installing unit in a counter, it is recommended that the operator side of the counter be completely open for air circulation. When this is not possible, such as in an island counter, it is recommended that two grill openings are provided approximately 18″ x 18″ of free air for intake and exhaust at the opposite ends of the counter. The unit is supplied with a power cord and NEMA plug. Refer to the data plate on the compressor housing for the amperage and voltage information. Use a licensed electrician when installing power source. OPERATION The unit should be turned on one hour before serving and turned off after completing the serving period. Ifthe compressor does not start immediately there is a chance the unit is in a defrost mode. A timer is installed to shut down the compressor for defrosting every 8 hour for 15 minutes. For maximum efficiency, empty food pans or covers must be in the openings until unit is ready for product. Do not block discharge or intake openings inside the unit. The thermostat has an off position and numbers from #1 through #7 (number 7 is the coldest). The unit should be turned off every day after used. Note: The unit should not operate 24/7. MAINTENANCE NEVER CLEAN PANS WITH A CHLORIDE BASED PRODUCT. CHLORIDES OR IMPROPER CLEANING COULD SCAR, MARK AND/OR CORRODE PANS. DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL OR ABRASIVE PRODUCTS. TO CLEAN USE SOAPY WARM WATER, RINSE THOROUGHLY TO REMOVE ALL RESIDUES. FAILURE rro MEET TIIESE CONDITIONS ‘€VILL VOID WARRANTY. CLEAN CONDENSER COIL REGULARLY.








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