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****** Page 1 ****** Berkshire 100 Thank you for choosing a Berkshire 100 telephone. You have selected a carefully designed telephone that incorporates the very latest technology, offering a stylish instrument and providing many years of excellent service. This booklet will ensure you obtain the best use of your telephone. User Guide

****** Page 2 ****** Preparing to use your Berkshire 100 INITIAL CHECK Our telephones are checked, tested and leave us in perfect condition. If yours is damaged, please return it to your supplier with proof of purchase, for a replacement. TELEPHONE NUMBER LABEL The telephone incorporates a label underneath the handset for recording frequently used telephone numbers. To remove the plastic cover, operate the release clip with your thumb nail and hinge upward. CONNECTION The Berkshire 100 telephone can be connected either to a Direct Exchange Line, or as an extension to a compatible company exchange (PABX). HANDSET CORD This cord will require connection between the telephone and handset. Take any end of the handset cord, locate the port marked ‘HANDSET’ on the left hand side of the Berkshire 100 and simply push to locate. Connect the other end to the base of the handset to complete. LINECORD The Berkshire 100 arrives with a linecord for connection to a standard BS6312 BT-socket. The rear of the telephone has a port marked ‘LINE’, plug your selected linecord into this port first and the other end to your telephone line termination point. RJ45 & RJII linecords are available as an option, ask your supplier for details. WALLAND DESK MOUNTING KITS A wall or desk mounting kit is available as an option, please contact your supplier for further information. Receiving calls Incoming calls will be announced by the audible ringer and flashing LED. To answer the call, simply lift the handset. Making calls • Pick up the handset and listen for dial tone • Dial the required telephone number (Note: making external calls from a company exchange (PABX) requires the number to be prefixed by an access digit, normally 9′) Features and Facilities TRANSFER KEY (RECALL) Berkshire 100 telephones are provided with a ‘TRANSFER’ key, required by modern public and private exchanges, in order to gain access to various features such as ‘transferring a call’. For this, the 2 position selector switch at the rear of the telephone, must be set to the ‘T’ (Time Break Recall) or ‘E’ (Earth Leg Recall) position, to suit your system requirements. REDIAL KEY If you wish to redial the last number you dialled, you can do so by lifting the handset and pressing the ‘REDIAL’ button. MUTE KEY The microphone in the handset can be turned off (mute) in order for you to refer to a colleague without your caller hearing you. • Pressing the ‘MUTE’ button turns off the microphone and gives visual LED indication within the ‘MUTE’ button. • Pressing the ‘MUTE’ button again turns the microphone back on and the LED is turned off.

****** Page 3 ****** HANDSET VOLUME KEY The handset volume on your Berkshire 100 can be increased by a fixed level by pressing the ‘VOLUME’ button. This is particularly useful on a poor line, or if a caller has a quiet voice. To return to normal volume, press the ‘VOLUME’ button a second time. Note: The handset volume is NOT set back to the lower level when the handset is replaced. RINGER VOLUME AND PITCH The ringer volume and pitch are selected via the keypad using the following sequence: LIFT HANDSET Mute Enter Digit 0-9 Volume Low Med. High Low Med. High Low Med. High OFF Digit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 o Mute Pitch Slow Med. Fast None HEARING AID COMPATIBILITY For hearing aid users, an inductive coupler has been installed in the handset of the Berkshire 100, to improve audible efficiency. Help If the telephone appears to be faulty when first connected, a few simple checks may help to identify some possible problems, as listed below: NO DIAL TONE • Check that the telephone plug is fully inserted in the socket. • If it is, try connecting the telephone into another socket, if available. If dial tone is now heard, the original socket is faulty. • Alternatively, try connecting another telephone into your socket. If this telephone gives dial tone, then your new telephone is probably faulty. ALL OPERATIONS SEEM SATISFACTORY EXCEPT THE TRANSFER BUTTON • Change the recall selector switch setting (TIE). If the transfer operation is now satisfactory, the problem is resolved ALL OPERATIONS SEEM SATISFACTORY EXCEPT THE VOLUME BUTTON • Disconnect the linecord from the telephone socket for at least 10 minutes. • Re-connect the linecord to the telephone socket. Ensure that you raise and replace the handset within 1 minute of re-connecting the line cord to the telephone socket. For help with call divert and call pickup please contact your Telecom Team/Provider as this will vary depending upon what switchboard you are connected to. Further concerns may also be addressed by calling our Technical Support Department on 0845 421 0730 or visiting our website, atltelecom.comlsupport.

****** Page 4 ****** Compliance Notes The Berkshire 100 may be connected to the following types of installation: 1. Direct Exchange Lines (DEL) 2. Compatible Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABX). Please contact the supplier of your Berkshire 100 to confirm compatibility with your PABX. Whilst the Berkshire 100 is compliant as an extension to a compatible PABX system, it cannot be guaranteed to operate under all possible conditions of connection. Any case of difficulty should be referred in the first instance to the supplier of your telephone. Guarantee Your Berkshire 100 telephone is designed and manufactured to exacting quality standards. This enables ATL Telecom Limited to offer a 10 year guarantee from the date of purchase. This guarantee protects against faulty material or workmanship, applies to the UK only and is not transferable. The terms and conditions under which the guarantee will be valid are as set out below. Manufacturer’s Declaration ATL Telecom Limited declares that this product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC’ Note: A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available upon request from ATL Telecom Limited. ATL Telecom Limited, Lakeside, Fountain Lane, St Mellons, Cardiff CF3 OFB Telephone: 0330 333 8250 Facsimile: 0330 333 8251 1/345/003/610 Issue 04 June 2010 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Misuse or any modification carried out to the telephone, or operation other than in accordance with the instructions supplied, will invalidate the guarantee. Damage arising from incorrect installation, accidental damage or consequential loss, are not covered under the guarantee. In the event of a fault developing during the period of the guarantee, the complete telephone should be returned to your supplier, adequately and safely packed, together with proof of date of purchase. The liability of ATL Telecom Limited will be limited to the cost of repair or complete replacement of the same defective instrument, at the discretion of the company. In the event that the same item is not available, a suitable alternate will be offered. The terms of this guarantee do not affect your statutory rights.








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