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****** Page 1 ****** A1-TUSCNTM Enterprise Solutions by ATEN 11 12 13 14 KL9108/KL9116 Unit (Rear View) Hardware Installation 2 I. (Optional) Connect the external console’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the console ports on the rear panel of the KVM switch. 2. Using a KVM cable set, plug the custom SPHD connector into any available KVM port on the switch. 3. At the other end of the cable, plug the keyboard, mouse and video cables into their respective ports on the computer. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any additional computers you are installing. 4. Plug the LAN, WAN or cable into the KL9108 / KL9116s RJ45 socket. 5. Connect the power cord to the switch and to an AC power source appropriate for the KL9108 / KL9116. 6. Power on the switch. 7. After the switch is powered on, power on the computers. Note: Although the KL9116 is pictured in the diagram, the installation process is the same for the KL9108. O O O Administrator Setup Once the KL9108 / KL9116 has been installed, the next step that the Administrator needs to perform is to set up the unit for user operation. The most convenient way to do this for the first time is from the local console. After the KL9108 / KL9116 turned on, a login prompt appears on the console monitor: Since this is the first time you are logging in, use the default Username: administrator; and the default Password: password. AS11SLogin Username: Password Login After you successfully log in, the Local Console OSD appears: “‘116 Main Main Cmfiguration Administration Log g [011 ATEN Intl. 1 [021 Wlndovvs 2K AS g [031 ATEN Intl. 2 g [041 ATEN Intl. 3 g [051 Mail Server I [061 Mail Server 2 g Web Server I , [091 Web Server 2 9 [121 RED 1 g [131 The OSD consists of four pages, each with a specific set of functions: Main, Configuration, Administration, and Log. l. The Main page governs port access. Selecting a port and double-clicking it switches you to the device on that port. 2. The Configuration Page sets the operating parameters for each user. 3. The Log Page brings up the contents of the log file. 4. The Administration Page: When you click the Administration tab, the Administration page comes up. Each of the administrative functions is represented by an icon at the left of the page. The General Page presents four items of information: Device Name, General MAC Address, Firmware Ver, Last IP from DHCP Server. The User Management dialog box is used to create, delete and manage User Management user profiles. Up to 64 user profiles can be established. Access Port As a security measure, if a firewall is being used, the Administrator can specify the port numbers that the firewall will allow, and set the firewall accordingly. Users must specify the port number when they log in to the KL9108 / Service Configuration KL9108 Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch Quick Start Guide KL9116 Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch Quick Start Guide @ Copyright 2011 ATEN* International Co., Ltd- Altusen and the Altusen logo are trademarks of ATEN International Co., Ltd- All rights reserved- All other trademarks are the propeny of their respective owners. This product is RoHS compliant PAPE-1214-R00G Printing Date: 06/2011 Patent No. US 7142721 us 740522B us us 741422 us CNZLOZ12U4.7 CNZ’UZIW7QZ’Z5.O CNZLZCC&OOIZAUI CNZLZü100071EE.4 CNZLZÆd10145Z1.a Online Registration International: • http North America: • http H’M’,w.atan-usa. comlproduct_registration Technical Phone Support International: • 886-2-8682-6859 China: • 86-10-5255-0110 Japan: • 81-3-5615-5811 Korea: • 82-2-467-678g North America: • 1-888-egg-ATEN Ext 4988 United Kingdom: • 44-8-4481-58823 Network RADIUS Security Customization Date/Time KL9116. If an invalid port number (or no port number) is specified, the KL9108 be found. Log Server In this panel, you specify the MAC address and a port number for the computer that the Log Server resides on. The Network dialog is used to specify the KL9108 / KL9116’s network environment. IP Address The KL9108 / KL9116 can either have its IP address assigned dynamically (DHCP), or it can be given a fixed IP address. DNS Server You can set the KL9108 / KL9116 to automatically obtain the DNS server address, or you can specify the primary and alternate DNS servers’ addresses. If you are using a RADIUS server, RADIUS Configuration allows you to set up its parameters. The Security page controls access to the KL9108 / KL9116. The Customization dialog box is arranged in four major sections: Login Failures, Working Mode, 1/0, and Miscellaneous. The Date/Time dialog box lets the Administrator set up the KL9108 /’KL9116’s time parameters: All information, documentation, and specifications contained in this media are subject to change without prior notification by the manufacturer. Please visit our website to find the most up to date version. Package Contents The KL9108 / KL9116 package consists of: 1 KL9108 or KL9116 Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch with Standard Rack Mount Kit 2 Custom KVM Cable Sets I Power Cord I User Manual I Quick Start Guide Optional Equipment Depending on any optional equipment that you may have purchased, one of the following may be included in your package: • Standard Rack Mount Kit – Long • Easy Installation Rack Mount Kit – Short • Easy Installation Rack Mount Kit – Long Requirements External Console • A VGA, SVGA, or multisync monitor capable of displaying the highest resolution provided by any computer in the installation • PS/2 keyboard and mouse Computers The following equipment must be installed on each computer: • A VGA, SVGA or multisync video graphics card with an HDB-15 port • PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports (6Tin Mini-DIN) Remote Computers • For best results, computers that remotely access the KL9108 / KL9116 should have at least a P III I GHz processor, with their screen resolution set to 1024 x 768. • Users who want to access the KL9108 / KL9116 with the Windows Client must have DirectX 7.0 or higher installed. • If you don’t already have it, DirectX is available for free download from Microsoffs web site: • Users who want to access the KL9108 / KL9116 with the Java Client must have Sun’s Java 2 (l .4.2 or higher) runtime environment installed. Java is available for free download from the Sun Java • Browsers must support 128-bit SSL encryption. • For best results, a network transfer speed of at least 128 Kbps is recommended. Cables Use ATEN’s high-quality, custom cables to ensure reliable switching among computers and daisy chained switches. KL9108/KL9116 Unit (Front View) l. Power Socket 2. Power Switch 3. PON Port 4. KVM Ports (CPU POIts) 5. External Console Section 6. LAN Polt Note: For the sake of brevity only the KL9116 is pictured here. The front and rear panel views are similar for the KL9108. 3 4 5 6 Hardware Installation 1 Standard Rack Mounting A standard rack mounting kit is provided with your KL9108/KL9116. The kit enables the switch to be mounted in rack with a depth of 42 – 77 cm. Note: l. It takes two people to mount the switch: one to hold it in place; the other to screw it in. 2.0ptional mounting kits – including single person Easy Installation kits — are available with a separate purchase. 3. The standard rack mounting kit does not include screws or cage nuts. If you need additional screws or cage nuts, contact your rack dealer l. Packing material has been inserted to protect the KL9108/KL9116 during shipping. Slide the LCD module out until the packing material is visible. Remove the packing material before installing the unit, as shown in the diagram below. 2. While one person positions the switch in the rack and holds it in place, the second person loosely screws the front brackets to the rack. 3.While the first person still holds the switch in place, the second person slides the L brackets into the switch’s side mounting brackets, from the rear until the bracket flanges contact the rack, then screws the L brackets to the rack. 4. After the L brackets have been secured, tighten the front bracket screws. Operation An On Screen Display (OSD) interface governs KL9108 / KL9116 computer control and switching o erations. The OSD can be accessed remotely with a Windows-based client or a Java-based client. ou must log in via an Internet browser to connect to the KL9108 / KL9116 and to invoke the OSD. To log in from an Internet browser: l. Open the browser and specify the IP address of the KL9108 / KL9116 in the URL bar. Note: If you don’t know the IP address, get it from the KL9108 / KL9116 administrator. 2. When the Security Alert dialog box appears, accept the certificate. 3. A login page appears Kt.M166 Login Username: Password: 4. Provide a valid Username and Password (set up by the KL9108 / KL9116 administrator), then Click Login to continue. After you have successfully loved in, the KL9108 / KL9116 Main Webpage appears with the General dialog box displayed. ou can click the Windows Client button (or Java Client button) to activate the browser-based Windows Client OSD (or Java Client OSD). Mouse Setup The following mouse setting procedures should be performed on each computer connected to the KL9108/KL9116. Windows Systems: Note: You must use the generic mouse driver supplied with Windows. * XP / Server 2003 — middle position; Enhance pointer precision: off * 2000 / ME — Mouse motion: middle position; Acceleration: off * NT / 98 / 95 Mouse speed: slowest Sun / Linux Systems: O en a tenninal session and issue the following command: un: xsetm I * Linux: xset m 0 Specifications Computer Connections Console Connections Port Selection Connectors Switches LEDs Emulation Video Scan Interval LIP Ratin Power Consum Environment Physical Properties Function Direct NIax. Local Remote Ke board External Video Console Port Mouse KVM External Mouse Power LAN PON Reset Port Selection Power LCD Power LCM Ad ‘ustment On Line Selected Power Num Lock Ca s Lock Scroll Lock Ke board/Mouse 17” LCD Remote tion eratin Tem Stora e Tem Humidi Housin Wei ht Dimensions L x W x H 64 KL9108 8 via Cascade 1 1 KL9116 16 128 via Cascade OSD Hotke Pushbutton 1 x 6- in Mini-DIN Female 1 x HDB-15Fema1e lue 1 x 6- in Mini-DIN Female Green 8 x SPHD-15 Female Yellow 16 x SPHD-15 Female Yellow 1 x 6- in Mini-DIN Female Green 1 x 3- ron AC Socket 1 x RJ-45 Female Black 1 x DB-9Ma1e lack 1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton 2 x Pushbutton 1 x Rocker 1 x Pushbutton 4 x Pushbutton General Main Configuration Device Name: O MACAddree: Firmware Ver: 8 8 Green Oran e Log 16 Green 16 Oran e 1 Blue 1 Green 1 Green 1 Green 1 Green l. Upper Handle 2. LCD Display 3. LCD Controls 4. Port LEDs 5. Keyboard 6. Keyboard Release Catch 7. Touchpad 8. Lower Handle 9. Rack Mounting Tabs 10. LCD Release Catch 11. LCD On/Off Button 12. Lock LEDs 13. External Mouse Polt 14. Port Selection Area 15. Reset Switch 16. Power LED Last IP from DHCP server: KNSIIB .10 .74 .18 .44 1 Oran e/Green PS/2 1280 x 1024@75Hz• DDC2B 1600 x 1200@60Hz• DDC2B 1—255 Seconds 100-240V ACL 50/60 IA 120V/31W• 230V/39W 0—400C -20-600C 0-80% RH Non-condensin Metal 17.10k 70.50 x 48.20 x 4.40 cm 17.30k All specifications are subject to change without notice.








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