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****** Page 1 ****** ATDEC Infinite Mounting Possibilities Component Checklist Locking Block (x2) Installation Instructions TH-2050-UFL Small-Medium TV Articulated Arm Hardware Coach Screw (x3) Top cap (Q) Nylon Anchor (x3) Tools Required: power drill 4mm Allen Key Washer (x3) Multiwasher (x4) M4xl 6mm M5xI 6mm M6xl 6mm/25mm M8x16mm/25mm Display Mounting Screws (x4 each) Arm/Wall Mount • 4.5mm (0.18″) drill bit • 10.5mm (0.41 masonry drill bit Phillips head screw driver I Omm (0.39″) socket wrench or shifter End Cap (x2) End Cap Screw (x4) 13mm (0.5″) socket wrench or shifter IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ! IMPORTANT – Install 2050 Small-Medium TV Articulated Arm per Installation Instructions. This product supports a maximum load of 25kg (551bs). This product supports VESA mounting hole configurations 200mm wide xl 00mm high to 400mm wide x 400mm high The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for incorrect installation. Step 1. Check Components Check you have received all parts against the Component Checklist and Hardware above. Step 2. Install Arm/WaIl Mount to the Wall Masonry Wall Drilled Hole Nylon Anchor Washer Coach Screw End Cap Screw Timber Stud Wall Drilled Hole Washer Coach Screw OR End Cap Screw End Cap End Cap Drill three 10.5mm (0.41 “) diameter holes, 58mm (2.3″) deep. Secure the mounting plate to the wall using the Coach Screws and Nylon Anchors supplied. Drill three 4.5mm (0.18″) diameter holes, 58mm (2.3”) deep. Secure the mounting plate to the wall using the Coach Screws supplied. NOTE: Use a stud finder to accurately locate the centre of the stud. Ensure that all screws fix securely into stud. Step 3. Attach Top Caps to the installed Arm/WaII Mount SLIDE SLI Top Cap SLIDE c

****** Page 2 ****** Step 4. Attaching Mounting Brackets to Display The mounting brackets support hole configurations from 200x100mm to 400x400mm. TOP Back of Display Display Mounting Screw Multiwasher Mounting Bracket Step 5. Attaching/Detaching Display to the installed Arm (2 people required) ALL O HOO O PUSH DOWN LOCK O HOOK Hook the Display to the Arm/Wall Mount. 0 @ PUSH DOWN Push down Display into catch. Step 6. Attach Locking Blocks to fully secure the Display ack of Display o @PULL DOWN o Pull down both Spring Lock Ties to open catch. o RELEASE@ Release Spring Lock Ties to secure Display. NOTE: Ensure that Spring Lock is fully engaged. Locking Blocks

****** Page 3 ****** Step 7. Adiust Arm movement if necessary ±900 WALL ±1800 4mm Allen Key Step 8. Adjust tilt and roll if necessary +150 -50 ±900 O LOOSEN TIGHTEN Position your display to the desired viewing angle, using the angular movement allowed by the double ball mount. Depending on the weight of the Display, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the double ball mount. If the display does not hold its position, or is too resistant, adjust the tension plate located at the rear of the double ball mount. To adjust the tension plate, apply half a turn at a time to each nut. ENSURE NUTS ARE ADJUSTED EVENLY. CHECK THE DISPLAY, and then adjust again if necessary. Ste Back of Display 9. Cable Management Socket Wrench ± 50 O Back of Display Installation Complete No portion of this document or any artwork contained herein should be reproduced in any way without the express written consent Atdec Pty Ltd. Due to continuing product development, the manufacturer reserves the right to alter specifications without noticed. Published 26.04.12 0








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