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****** Page 1 ****** ATARI! Owner’s Manual C0248191001ÄEVjA ATARI? A Warrier Communications Company P.O. Box 6165T Sunnyvalej California 94086 1984 ATARI/ INC.,AII Riåhis nesérved Printed . in U.S.AY

****** Page 2 ****** Table of Contents ou AT RI 7 OO ros ste nstalljn the TVI ame SW tch ox etting th Co sol nse ing a G me artridg sin th 78 Po-Li eTM on roll rs. . o Sart lay . etu ning yo r T Set OT levi ion rog am ieWing ai tain ng our TA 1 7800 oSyste ro le ootng he klis …. .12 .12 .12

****** Page 3 ****** Congrat lations n your urc ase of ope the most exciting video game sy tern’ available. This state- of-the-a system eatütes: • Superior g aph cs and c alle ing game play u Free Pole-Posit!onl game A full line f adva ed oftware • onv€nieot pause ontrol¯ Modern, sleek åesiån Pro-Line precisi n game con Ollerk H me co puter ex an abili y our T R178001prosyste pl” all ATARI 2600TM artridge?__ wit out p separa e a apt r. J st 7800 ProSyst m •Isol ts ou se II contrbller it the ATOR1200 CS ole W suggest Irea hi Owner’ Gui e thoroåghly be ore se “ingu your AR ‘System. When yqu remo e your ATAR 80CProSystenf omthebox, yo will find 78W ProSystem Co sol Tyvo Pro-Line dame Control ers TY/Game Switfh BUX u Ppweq Adapte TY Connegor Cable rrahty ard norjnte Takå a fill outyour printed warranty purchasg card and registeryouruni with Atari. ote: The metallifJabel on yo r ATARI 7800 iS covereé with a rc ectioexbating@re Wth lastic, s mply pe I it ff. CIZOQCIC]

****** Page 4 ****** Installing the TV/Game Switch Box 0M deoyamept? bac by simp y slidinla switch. e witchbpx IS eas o nstå Fin the picture that 100k the mos I thébatko your et and foll w those instructi ns. ou need is screwdriver “our Televlslon Has Four crews Only: -D sconnect the in-lead wir frpmyour telev Sion and atta h it tp the ENNA screw Ferm nals 1 .ESwit . C nn ctt e twin-I t e TV/GÅME Swifctm t the VH antenna terminals Nyourtelevisjon set. ant nna wir , you m y n ed ran for 01 no inal n ster Byattac Box o e T 17 oom=E y be mp da er” (als cal ed ‘ ‘b sa o avala ea a ost from your 10 al o st res g ;IGA e wit ch Felev Sion in ur lun u ele Slider o a Silde witch: A.Move the sh pe slider t twee two s rews. O , pu h the sl de ihes de rk d s itc o m” or ” 00 ou av a r un an enn c ble: Dis onnpctt e c ble ro yo levisj u Scr€w the cable I to he tra Sfor er. matching transfo mertto the A ENNAs€ on he TV/G M Sw tch ox. r yo ave a lea antenna wi e: Dis onnect i! from the tel vi- sioh and attach i to ANTENNA sge termina s on the iV/GAM Switch ox. nnfct the short pwin-lea eTV/GAMESwitc iref B” t the VHF antennå ter v your y em fro room ramTV/GAM Wit Boxes urc seå separate y. UHF VHF ourteteVi UHF V F e O PHM

****** Page 5 ****** Installing the TV/Game Switch Box If Your Televlslon Has a hor Round Cable: .Attactp the television’s short connector nex to i on you televisio B. If you have a round antenna cable: Disconnect the cablefrom your televisipn. • Screw the cableinto th impedance-matching transformer • Attacmt eimpe anc matching transforme to the ANTENNAQreWterminal on fhe TV/GAM$ Switch Box. Or, vifyowhaveaftat twin- lead antenna wire: isennect&fromthe televi- Sion and attach it to the ANTENNA serew terminals on the TV/GAME Switch Box. C. Connect the twin-lead wire from the TV/GAME SwitchBox to the VHÉ antenna terminals on yourtelevisionset. UHF VHF If Your elevlslon Is Connected to Cabl TV Discbnnect the C ble Antenna rom yourTVanctc06necVjVt the TV/dAME SWitch Box sing thefrnetho&äppropriatet you application. Once properly con- nectedyourTV/GAMESwitch Box can remain i your antenna system. Note: Your cable TV compan may have already supplied you withan impedance-matching transformer. C 40 Plu the GameC ble frorwthe Iback of your ATARI 7ÅOO Prc system into@eTV/GAME Switch Box at the GAM connector. he TV/GAME Switch Box can re- main attachedto you/television -Antenna without bothering yo r elevision program -receptio The LTV/&AME Switch Box can be attached permanently tothe back of your television set. n Pee off the rotective paper on the back fthe IGAME Switch Box. Press the exposed stickysur face onto any clear area on theoback of your teleyision, neak the antenn terminals. UHF VHF

****** Page 6 ****** Setting Up the Console . C eck the harpnel selector switc on-theback f th sole t be Sure it is ettbt osition. ESetyourteleviyo selectpr to Channel 3. I Chan- Yi’bråadcåstingim area, set toe television cPan el selectbr-switcnto and change the channe selector p sitjqn. . Pl g the P we Ad pte cable ef Rxpnn o a the bac of he c ns le. 4. Plug the Ppwe Ad pte int onv ni el ctri al all utle mportant. dapter packed vyith ou AT RI up ‘lyc uldda ge he on le. . AFta TV on ect Ca let9 eand TV/GamewS itch Box. set the volyme con rol to a om- ablele . P ss e POWER OYOFF button frot?tqefqsidq€thec sole tp ON, A red light (LED) . If ou tel visi n se ha an un %ntrpl, o t rn it off nd an all fin i H we er, f y r tflevj ion et iffnevreceivqcotp ess auto tic ine- uning is on, eåve FFwh n t e g me no in se. 7

****** Page 7 ****** Inserting a Game Cartridge TITurn-the power to the console OFF when inserting or remov- ing a cartridge. ‘2. Hold the game cartridge so th name on the label face? away from you and the game title reads right-side-up. The ATARI 7800 ProSystem in- cludes two advanced controllers designed for Comfortableünd responsive gameplay. These con- trollers provide eight directions of control. Their function for each game IS €xplalnedin the manua for theoarticular game you are playing. Plug the controllers into the jacks at the front of the console. Use the left jackforone-playergames, use both jacks for two-player games. Each jack ‘isdesjgned to fit 3. Insert the game cartridge into the slot at the center of the Con- sole. Be sure the cartridge fits firmly in the slot but DO NOT FORCE IT IN. 4. Turn the console POWER ON. An ATARI logo, playfield or title creen will appear nyour television Set. he sontroller onyooew?Y. B suret the connection is firm, but do +notfrytomforce ivirv acmcontrollerhastwofjre& t- tons: For most games, the right gnd4eft fire puttons perform the same functions, and you can use Whichever is most comfortable. or more realistic play in some ames, however, these buttons are capable of indepepdent func- tionsxonsuteyourgamemanual for instructions on how to use the controllers and fire büttonS forthe particular game you are playin

****** Page 8 ****** To Start Play fter inserting a am ca ridge, urn theconsole80WER- N iew the game an ostxartridg , yea (ample o/ garhe play. Press any fire émontheleffjoy*ticklt he game at e current game o ange “turrenegame ption while the title reen is up, ÄiSF!+éj09StiCkj Irectlon gry icated belo or ress SELECT On ouk contole o di play the menu. hiJe the4ne j’ displayed;pu Jo stick Ri ht: bifficult Joystick Left: Decrease Diffi<ulty • J ystj k IJ : In rea e N mb r of ayet • Joystick Down De rea mb€rofPla e ote: This joystic techni ue p- lie to ATARI 7800 P osy9tem arpesa ntroller I thgrs, c ns It the m nua for he yo eplay• co sol Olil€thé menujs displayed t otateth oug the ga o ion . Pre th fire bu on n y ur n- rollero ore sR sole to *art ga e ith he ispay -se ing ame la , pr ss RESE to Dur sta a n w gam . Pr ss SELE to dis a t e enu Pre PA SE nt ec nsoet so A RI V ga es se n RIG T-DIFFI ULTY he E swi hes When difficul switch ft;thega becomes more difficuli. So e to a ft O inu es,te ree Wi' go press PA!JSE gai to esu e ****** Page 9 ****** Viewing • Press the c nsole POWER switctp OF Change the TV/GameSwitch on the Switch Box to TV. • Turn on the automatic fine- tuninu if you turned if off. Malntalnlng Your ATARI 7800 ProSystem Your ATARI 7goo Pro ystem Wii 'bringyoå manyyears of enjoy- ment. T keep it iO good working conditio mplease emember the .following: •4iways turn-the-POWERswit OFF when your ATIARI roSystem isnotjn use. Do not for e a garpe ca ridge off€cartridge-sl • Do not n our on- sole, cartridges or ontroller onoélift yo 08"nso 7800 controlle by the Connect- •ngwiresooutould-be cr@p wire an break t e tern Län ulat u Be careful not to drop t e con- sole, cpntr Ilers,or game ca – tridgeS. u Do not expose the fonsole, gon- trollersror gamecartridges tf— extreme heat. u -Do not disassemble or alter the console, controllers, or r- ridges. Thereare no user- serviceable parts fo your A ARI 78TProSystem. Do not use any other powe adapter other than the power Aaapter packed withyour ATARI 7800 ProSystem. You could amage the electrical eom pbnents jn the console. • -Upplug thefowermAda te fr m the e ectncal utle when n tjn use. • Dp not use any TV switch box ChertharftheTV/GameSWit BOX packed with your ATARI 800MPiöSystem. Ou cou dåmage the electronic com- p nents in the on oles cOnsole with a soft and 'slightly The followinå lis is supplied t helpyo troubleshoot possi ble brob emsün setting ATARI-7800. Blvvåys discoone the Power Adapter before check- ting 'ånvlect ical Connection . Symptom • Game picture and playfield re fuzzyprt esound are distorted. Probable Cause and Remedy TV/Game Switch Box -not cor rectly ennected to televisio antenna. Television set not fine-tuned for the best picture—Makesure the automatic fine-tuning is off 9nd manuållyffine-tuneforthe best picture However, i! your televi- iorveceivescoloronl/whe the fine-tuning s on, leave it on. -Channer . Change console channel selec- orswitchäto¯• wandkhänge television han el selector te 2. Fymptom •No-game-sounds. Probable Cause and Remedy Turn up the volume on you television'et—Tunemchan eL2 ( 3) roperly. Symptom u•tlescreemor play ield image dbes not appear o the screen. Probable Cause and Cbnsole POWER s itch not ON. • Game cable not pluåged into TV/Game witch BOX. Powe{jaclf no co nect d t thecopsol • TY/Game Switch Box not cor- ectly€onnected •toele ision antenna. •Same cartridg not properl inserted. • Power Ad?Pte no 'Wlugge into wall dutleé Interference or) Channe 3. Change channelselecto switc té e Fnd 'change television elselect rt ymptom ö re u a televisi pr gra viewin robable Cause and Remedy a-Tflevisiompntenna otsorrectly conne ed to TVIG me Switch bx. • IGame Switch B x se to METChåhg to ****** Page 10 ****** ngi ee dt eli ina ep osp or ur pla ield and! sco e di its +ny ur teleyisio"crfe We uggest oweve/, these eca tio s: r owr;th •co s our te evis on Set. -T TAR 8 0 F n tin use. Compliance wit FC egulatlons campl ywjt de FCC) TA 1 78m ProS ste frogl i n earby teievistxn sets, lea e syrv%he-ft u Don ins all longer ntenna be rom the Fame w tch B x t the ant nna con ection on yo r televis on Fet. The Wit th gttÜhatxo%plieSAMj {cn{gulatlons connect the antenna output cable on yogr TV/Game Switc OF directly toan televis on antenna or Cable —outlet •Dp nbt attach loos wires t your television antenna ter- mjnals whenyou are using the ATARI 7800. requency energ , an if it iS not nstall ro rl itna ause interferenc to r dio nd televis n re eptiop, It has be n ty e esteå and oun to comply with he limits or a ass cooputingdevce In accor an with the specification' in Subpa J of are'S rovi<e against soch his equipment dp c; es use interference o adiopr tel visionæception whifh ca be eterTine by tyrning the equipment nd pn.t , to correct the interference y nonor f theltöTöWing-meth0d Reorien the receivi g antenn Rel eje receiver EPIugth ter cadiffe so, that he computer an recei'er a e on Iterg mcjr f necessa coryult toe dealer oran e – erienced radio/television teghnician fo ad- itionaIGÖ0gestions. You may find the (OJ- owing booklet prepared by the Federal mtTUhiCÅtiofComrpTssiomhetpfu . o l$ntify ånd Resolve Radio-TV Inter- -ference+roblemi:• this pooklek is available from the vernment Printing OfficeeWashingt .C. 20402, Sto No. 004-000-00345-4. arnlng: This equipment has been certified o comply with the limits for a Class B com- •utingdevice.oursuant to Subpart"Jnf Pa anangaaannaaaaaaanaaæ 1 5 of FCC Rules. Only peripherals (computer input/output devicesv -terminals, printersetc. 'certified to comply with the Class B limits may eattacheå tuthjscomputer; Operationw• non-certified peripherals is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception." Élf a cable attached to the expansion inter- face connector, it must be a shielded cable Atari part pumber C025465-C)Ol ) !norder to 'insure FCC compliance, use of a non-shielded kablewilIN0id F C certification.








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