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****** Page 1 ****** ULTRA X 3011 ULTRA X 3011D Moisture analyser To determine the moisture content in almost all liquid, solid and paste-like materials. The principle is: drying with simultaneous Suitable for use in operations directly in production facilities and laboratories. instruments O. Almost 70 years of experience with modern technology forms the basis for the ULTRA X moisture analyser. Precision weighing technology, simple operation, good functionality and design and a robust structure are combined in a practice-oriented manner. Operating C” 45 c.:.i.l. : 7.8 Weigh the sample, pivot the radiator above it, the measurement starts automatically and ends when the weight is constant. All of the parameters can be changed in the menu using three buttons. The menu is shown in the LC display. The radiation temperature can be set. In addition to the moisture and solid material, additional measurement parameters can also optionally be displayed. The moisture content can be deter- mined using a timer or the automatic cut-out. Three criteria are individually set for the automatic cut-out depending on the product properties: query start, weight reduction and query interval. The measurement result remains on the display until the device is next used. CIPR/ X jC!/j ocoti The reusable stainless steel sample dishes mean an ongoing cost saving. ULTRA X 3011D moisture analyser The ULTRA X 3011 can optionally be delivered with or without a built-in printer. The printout of all data is carried out in line with GLP. Intermediate values can be printed out at selectable intervals as needed. All of the data are also output via the serial RS 232 interface and USB. The printer can be switched off. a&p instruments, Albert-Schweitzer-Str. 16, D-32758 Detmold, Tel. 05232/97780, E-Mail:

****** Page 2 ****** Technical Data ULTRA X 3011 / ULTRA X 3011D Balance: weighing range resolution sample volume drying bowl 210 g 0.001 g max. 95 cm3 110 mm diameter For Moisture measuring: sample weight power of heater automatic timer temperarture measured values measuring accuracy device identification menu lock Communication: any, recommended minimum 4 g 250 watts automatic drying until weight constant selectable in 3 different modes: start measuring, measuring in intervals, weight loss/ measured during intervals. 1 – 180 minutes selectable from 40 oc up to 180 oc % moisture % dry mass % moisture ad actual sample weight g solids per kg 0.01% 4-digit ID for identifying the device the menu to prevent accidantal changes to drying parameters cal function is further available. data output data signals interface V24 RS 232 all weight and measuring data in GLP-format with start time and variable interval print out selectable date, time, total measuring time, type of sample with Software ULTRA X DataChannel to transfer on PC as .xls data to Microsoft Excel, .html date, .xml date and .txt date. For using: power supply power consump. dimensions weight Accessories: 230 v 20%/ + 15 0/0 48 63 Hz 275 VA approx. 1 385 x w 275 x h 420 mm over all approx. 8.5 kg stainless-steel drying tray tray tongs power cable calibtion weight Fl 200 g aluminium foils 130 mm x 0.01 mm aluminium foils 130 mm x 0.03 mm foil press Consumables: paper for printer 58 mm Part no: 1000282 1000230 1000190 1000403 1000016 1000017 1000062 1000234 durable 10 years, according to manufacturer infrared heater 1000130 & p instruments Using: sample tongs (2 sets supplied with the device) for lifting the tray (supplied with the device) power supply (supplied with the device) for claibrating the balance for lining the drying tray for lining the drying tray for shaping the aluminium foil for integrated printer sparepart subject to technical modification a & p instruments e.K. Inh. Peter Ukena Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 16, D-32758 Detmold, Tel. +49 (0)5232 9778-0, Fax +49 (0)5232 9778-20 Internet:, Email:








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