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PDF Content Summary: Marine Remote Commander System MC10 • Operating Instructions Please read before using this equipment.

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Operating Instructions WARNING WARNING This symbol means important instructions. Failure to heed them can result in serious injury or death. DO NOT OPERATE ANY FUNCTION THAT TAKES YOUR ATTENTION AWAY FROM SAFELY DRIVING YOUR BOAT. Any function that requires your prolonged attention should only be performed after coming to a complete stop. Always stop the boat in a safe location before performing these functions. Failure to do so may result in an accident. KEEP THE VOLUME AT LEVEL WHERE YOU CAN STILL HEAR OUTSIDE NOISES WHILE DRIVING. Excessive volume levels that obscure sounds such as emergency vessel sirens or approaching vessels can be dangerous and may result in an accident. LISTENING AT LOUD VOLUME LEVELS IN A BOAT MAY ALSO CAUSE HEARING DAMAGE. MINIMIZE DISPLAY VIEWING WHILE DRIVING. Viewing the display may distract the driver from looking ahead of the boat and cause an accident. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE OR ALTER. Doing so may result in an accident, fire or electric shock. DO NOT CONNECT A POWER SUPPLY OTHER THAN A DC 12V NEGATIVE GROUND TYPE. Failure to do so may result in accident or fire. KEEP SMALL OBJECTS SUCH AS BOLTS OR SCREWS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Swallowing them may result in serious injury. If swallowed, consult a physician immediately. USE THE CORRECT AMPERE RATING WHEN REPLACING FUSES. Failure to do so may result in fire or electric shock. USE THIS PRODUCT FOR MOBILE 12V APPLICATIONS. Use for other than its designed application may result in fire, electric shock or other injury. CAUTION This symbol means important instructions. Failure to heed them can result in injury or material property damage. HALT USE IMMEDIATELY IF A PROBLEM APPEARS. Failure to do so may cause personal injury or damage to the product. Return it to your authorized Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Center for replacing. PRECAUTIONS Product Cleaning Use a soft dry cloth for periodic cleaning of the product. For more severe stains, please dampen the cloth with water only. Anything else has the chance of dissolving the paint or damaging the plastic. Temperature Be sure the temperature inside boat is between +60°C (+140°F) and -10°C (+14°F) before turning your unit on. Maintenance If you have problems, do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Return it to your Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Station for servicing. 2

Basic Operation Installation MC10 Display Unit 2.4GHz Wireless Optional Add-on Commander Optional RUE-M1RF 333MHz Wireless GND +12V BLACK : connect to Ground (GND) MC1 GND +12V GND +12V 2.4GHz Wireless To 10P Sub Display Connector MC10 Transceiver Unit To Steering Wheel Jack BLACK : connect to Ground (GND) YELLOW : connect to 12V(+): ACC (switched) OR IDA-X100M GND +12V RED : connect to 12V(+): ACC (switched) CDA-9886M


Program Menu Enter Program Mode Program Menu Options 1. ID NUMBER This is the serial number of the display unit. * Range of serial numbers: 00001 to 99999 MC10 Display unit

2. RF STRENGTH Signal strength between a display unit and the closest display or transceiver unit in the MC10 wireless system * Range of strength: [ to ] 3. SIGNAL STATUS Wireless signal connection status between a display unit and the transceiver unit * Values: [CONNECTED, NO CONNECT] 4. MESH NET When set to ON, turns a display unit into a signal repeater for communicating with MC1 add-on commander units that are installed outside the MC10 system communication range * Values: [OFF, ON] 5. CONTRAST Sets brightness or dimness of LCD display characters * Values: [5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0] 6. BL DISPLAY Turns LCD backlighting ON or OFF 7. BL KEYPAD Turns keypad button backlighting ON or OFF 8. TEMPERATURE Sets temperature scale to degrees F or degrees C 9. RESET MC1 Menu selection for pairing or re-pairing any MC1 or MC10 display units with any existing MC10 system. RESET MC1 also restores factory default setting * Note: Bold indicates default menu selection for this program menu option 4

Program Mode Example1. Enter Program Mode 2. Press VOL + or VOL – until CONTRAST shows on top line of display 3. Press ENT to program new CONTRAST value 4. Press VOL + or VOL – to adjust the current CONTRAST value 5. Press ENT to save new CONTRAST value 6. Press ESC to exit Program Mode

5 MC1 Add-on Commander Pairing Procedure 1. Power on existing MC10 system 2. Connect power and ground wires of MC1 add-on commander (see Installation) 3. MC1 add-on commander display will turn on and automatically go to the pairing screen in the program menu with ADD MC1 showing on the display ADD MC1 MC1 Paring Screen 4. On marine radio, select FM Tuner as source (make sure that tuner seek mode is DX or LOCAL , not MANUAL) 5. Found Radio will appear on the display below ADD MC1 when add-on commander is ready to pair with MC10 system * ADD MC1 Found Radio 6. On marine radio, press SEEK UP ( ) once 7. PRESS ENTER will appear below ADD MC1 on the display ADD MC1 PRESS ENTER 8. Press ENT to finish pairing operation and save new settings 9. Press ESC to exit Program Menu 10. Turn off the existing MC10 system, then turn it back on. Pairing procedure is now completed. *If Found Radio does not appear on the display, MC1 location may be out of MC10 system range (typical ~ 40 feet/12 m) - See Mesh Network Operation section on page 8. 6

Mesh Network Operation Mesh Network OFF Transceiver APN Marine Head Unit 2.4GHz Wireless

MC10 Marine Commander System Mesh Network OFF

APN Marine Head Unit Transceiver 2.4GHz Wireless 2.4GHz Wireless MC1 Add on

MC10 Marine Commander System with MC1 Add on Commander 7 Mesh Network Operation To install an MC1 Add-on Commander in a new location that is outside the MC10 system range: 1. Go to the MC10 system display unit that is closest to the new location 2. Turn Mesh Network ON in the program menu, then exit program menu 3. Follow the MC1 Add-on Commander Pairing Procedure on page 6 to complete the new installation * When MESH NET is turned ON in the program menu of a display unit, it becomes a signal repeater for extending the

Mesh Network ON MC10 system range. Transceiver 2.4GHz Wireless Mesh Network OFF MC10 MC1 Add on 2.4GHz Wireless

APN Marine Head Unit MC10 Marine Commander System MC10 Display Unit Re-Pairing Procedure * If for some reason you want to pair an MC10 display unit with a different MC10 system than the one it was purchased with (just like adding an MC1 Commander) follow the instructions below: 1. Power on the MC10 system that you want to add the additional MC10 display unit to 2. Connect power and ground wires of new MC10 display unit 3. Wait at least 20 seconds, then enter the Program Menu (see Program Menu Example) 4. Go to the RESET MC1 option, then press ENT button 5. MC10 display unit will reset itself (including factory default settings) and display will show ADD MC1 like in step 3 of the previous section (MC1 Add-on Commander Pairing Procedure) 6. Follow the remaining steps of the previous section to complete this operation 8







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