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****** Page 1 ****** ACCURIST LONDON Instruction Guide and 2 year Guarantee IA05 Service and Re airs Your ACCURIST watch is guaranteed against defects in and workrænshlp for a panad of 2 years from the date of purchase. During this pericd, we will exchange or repair, at our discretion, any defective components free of charge. IMPORTANT – Not covered by Guarantee 1. aateries, straps and bracelets. 2. Damage caused b}’ accident, misuse or lack of care. 3. Water penetrations except in watches marked as ‘”updater Resistant’. SERVICING ANO REPAIRS UNDER GUARANTEE messe post your watch, together with the Retailers Salas Receipt or proof of purchase, the completed Guarantee slip, and 8 brief nate ta explain the nature of the fault, by Registered Post or Recarded Delivery to the address shown. 00 not send the vesentatlffi box as this will NOT be returned. SERVICING ANO REPAIRS OUTSIDE OF GUARANTEE Available at a reasonable charge ater an estimate has been sent by T P. (1.1K) Ltd. Send your watch ta us by R3Jisterad Past or Recorded Delivery to the address shown. Important Note It is important to identify your watch correctly. If, after reading this Instruction you have any further questions regarding the use, operation or adjustment of your watch, please call us during office hours CM16 288 2500. TP. (LIK) Ltd:ÅJexander H0L&, Chartwell Drive, Wigston, Leicester LE18 2EZ United Kingdonm Water Resistance If put watch is resistant, it will clearly state “Water Resistant* ar have a static water .-essure indication (e.g. “30/50/100/200 rnetres”) on the dial and/or case back. If it not marked as watar raistant, it should not be allowed to come into contact wfth watar or be worn in conditions that could expose it to moisture leg. washing, heaw,’ rain etc.) Censin chemicals in water may damage the watch seals. To maintain watar raistance, we recommend that your watch IS sewicad and re-sealed at least every 12 months byT.P. (1.1K) Ltd. IMPORTANT Buttons must not be operated while in contact with water. WATER RESISTANT or RESISTANT TO 30 METRES Suitable for normal everyday use and will resist exposure to splashes and rain; it is NOT designed ta be I-Ead whilst bathing or swimming. WATER RESISTANT TO 50 METRES As 30 metres plus bathing or swimming WATER RESISTANT TO 100 METRES As SO metres plus pcol side diving and snorkelling: but not high board or scuba diving. WATER RESISTANT TO 200 METRES As 100 metres plus scuba diving: but not high board diving System Settings Time/Date Settings sys D c D c Di ital Instructions Using the backlight feature 1. Press ‘A button to activate the backlight for 3 seconds. System Settings: Using the night feature 1. Hold down ‘C’ and press ‘B’ to enter system settings mode. 2. Press ‘O’ to select “NGE onoff When “NGE is on the backlight will activate when any button is pressed Setting the time schedule Before setting the time please check correct time schedule is selected. To select the time schedule press the buttons in the following sequence. 1. Hold down ‘C’ button and press ‘3’ to enter system settings mode 2. Press C to cycle through time zones and press ‘O’ to select either “STD” standard time or “DST” daylight saving time. 3. Press ‘B’ to set selection and retum to real time mode. Di ital Instructions Setting the time 1. Hold down ‘3 to enter time setting mode. 2. When whole display is lashing press to select the chime hourly function on/off, then press ‘C’ 3. When the time zone display is lashing press ‘D’ to cycle through time zones, then press C 4. When the seconds display IS flashing press ‘O’ to reset to zero, then press C 5. When the minute display is flashing press ‘O’ to increase the value or hold ‘O’ to increase quickly: then press ‘C. 6. When the hour display is flashing repeat step 5. Setting the date Continuing on from setting the time: press the buttons in the following sequence to set the date. 1. When the month display is lashing press to cycle through the values, then press C 2. When the day display is lashing press to cycle through the values, then press C 3. Repeat step 2 to set the year Selecting 12/24h format Continuing on from setting the date, when the display is flashing press ‘O’ to select either 12h or 24h format Press ‘B’ to return to real time mode. * Instructions continued overleaf. GUARANTEE PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS NAME ADDRESS POST COOE DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER IMPORTANT This guarantee slip should be retained by the owner of the product and should be sent to Timeproducts (UKI Ltd. together with the product and E12 to cover the handling and postage when service under Guarantee is required.

****** Page 2 ****** GUARANTEE World Time Zone Reference Table DATE OF PURCHASE: Retailers stamp if required or full name and address: Alarm settings mode Stopwatch mode D c C Di ital Instructions Setting the alarm feature 1. Press ‘3 to enter settings mode and press to cycle through and select the time zone. 2. Hold down ‘3 for 2 seconds to enter the alarm settings made. 3. Press ‘O’ to select alarm ordofi, then press ‘C’. 4. Press or hold ‘O’ to set the hour value, then press 5. Repeat step 4 to set the minute value, then press to set the alarm and retum to settings mode. There are 3 alarms, each can be set for different times in different time zones independanty. Press •a to cycle between the alarms and follow the sequence above to set the alarms. Using the stopwatch feature 1. Press ‘3 until display shows ‘CHRV mcde. *Stopwatch measurement can tme up to 40 hours. Standard measurement: 1. Press ‘O’ to start the counter: then press again to stop. 2. Press ‘C’ and together to reset the counter Accumulated elapsed time measurement: 1. Press ‘O’ to start the counter: then press again to stop. 2. Restart the counter by pressing ‘D’ as many times as required. 3. Press ‘O’ to stop the counter, then press C and ‘O’ together to reset. Di ital Instructions Using the stopwatch feature continued Split time measurement: 1. Press ‘O’ to start the counter: then press to split the timing. 2. Press ‘O’ to stop and restart the counter *The stopwatch can record up to SO LAPS. Ifthe counter is stilj runnmg aftertbe 40 LAPS have been recorded, any additional elapsed time Wffl be added to the itnal LAP time. *Once the counter has been stopped and no further timing is required, press C to cycle through and vyew the recorded LAP times. *Ifthe mode is changed by pressmg whilst the counter is running, timng wrfi’ confinue in the background until the counter is stopped Using the countdown feature 1. Press ‘3 until display shows “TMR” then press to enter the countdown timer settings mode. 2. Press or hold ‘O’ to increase the timer duration Press C to tum onfoff the repeat countdown function. *Maximum duration is IBO minutes. The repeat countdown function wiff automatically restaff the same countdown once the timer reaches zero. 3. Press ‘3 to set the countdown time, then press ‘O’ to start and stop the timer. *The countdown timer wrfi’ automatically set if no button pressed after 1 minute. Di ital Instructions Using the countdown feature continued 4. To restart the timer press ‘C’ to enterthe countdown timer settings made, then press ‘3’ to retum to the start. *Before restatting: the countdown fimer must be stopped. During the countdown a tone will sound for every 10 seconds elapsed. During the last 10 seconds of the countdown a tone WII sound for every second elapsed. Once the countdown is complete an alarm tone will sound until any button is pressed. Countdown timer settings mode D c Anal Setting the time ue Instructions City nated Llriversal London oscow bai Karachi New Oelhi aka Bangkok ngap«e ang Kong okyo dne•j’ umes Wand Honolulu horage Angela Denver ago aw York Rio da Janeiro Country Time Difference A. 1. Pull the crown out to position 2. 2. Turn the crown until the hands show the correct time. UTC LON MOW OEL SIN HKG 70 SYD NOU HNL OEN CHI ccs RIO UTC 3. Return the crown to position 1. 1 2 Please attach the receipt or proof of purchase; failure to attach these may invalidate this Guarantee. This Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. IA05’05-2015 rance taly pt LESIS istan ndia gladash hailand hina stralis aw Zealand revela +01:OO UTC +01:OO UTC +0200 UTC +0300 UTC +04:OO UTC +05:OO UTC +05:30 UTC UTC +07:OO UTC UTC +0-a:oo UTC +og:oo UTC +10:OO UTC +11:OOUTC +1200 UTC – O•nUTC -09 UTC UTC -07 -Cen UTC -05 n UTC UTC -03:00 UTC








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