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****** Page 1 ****** Red lines are for Die Cut and folding reference… do NOT Print Red Lines. FRONT acc im 14943 COLOSSUS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing this quality clock. Please read these instructions carefully and save them Back for future reference. HIGH O O FEATURES: I. Super large 3″ LED time display 2. Repeating snooze alarm 3. Hi-Low alarm sound controls TIMESH • • • LCü O O CAUTION Dangers from leakage or malfunction are possible if the batteries are incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type of battery. Please refer to the engraved battery marks inside the battery compartment for the correct battery polarity (+) and (-). SAFETY This electric clock may represent a hazard for young children. Keep this clock out of reach of small children to avoid risk of shock or possible choking hazard from small parts or batteries. YOUR GUARANTEE Your clock is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any faults arising from defective materials or manufacture. Damage caused through careless handling, misuse or in transit is expressly excluded. Should this dock fail within 12 months please return it in the first instance to your retailer. If you have any queries, problems or do not understand any part of these instructions please contact: Customer Help Line Locall 0845 120/208 or (01908) 449208 Mon • Fri – 4.30pm email for service: or visit ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Disposal of electrical and electronic equipment Do not dispose of this product with household waste. For the proper treatment, recovery and recycling please take this product to the appropriate collection point. If you are unsure of where this is contact your local authority. Improper disposal maybe harmful tothe environment. v.l 4. AC(Electric) Powered (external adaptor , included) 5. Optional Battery Back up (requires 2 x AAA battery, not included) 6. Ascending Alarm CONTROL LOCATIONS: I. Hour Button 2. Minute Button 3. Time Set /Alarm Set/Lock Switch 4. Alarm High/Low/OffSwitch 5. Snooze Button 6. ACInput GETTING STARTED Connect one end of external adaptor to AC INPUT (6) of the clock. Plug in the external adaptor to a standard household outlet. Ifthe clock is getting power the time will appear on the display. It’s now ready for setting time. SETTINGTHETIME • Turn the Time Set /Alarm Set/Lock Switch(3) to Time Set position. Press the Hour Button(l) until the correct hour time is reached. Then press the Minute Button(2) until the correct minute time is reached. Turn the Time Set /Alarm Set/Lock Switch(3) to Lock position, then the clock is ready to run. Be sure your time is set in the correct AM or PM time. PM indicator in the upper left corner of the time display lights up for PM time. SETTING THE ALARM Turn the Time Set/Alarm Set/Lock Switch(3) to Alarm Set position. Press the Hour Button(l ) until the desired hour time is reached. Then press the Minute Button(2) until the desired minute time is reached. Turn the Time Set ‘Alarm Set/L0(k Switch(3) to Lock position, then your desired alarm time is set. Be sure your alarm time is set in the correct AM or PM time. PM indicator in the upper left corner of the time display lights up for PM time. USINGTHE ALARM Once the alarm time is set to the desired wake-up timer slide the ALARM HIGH-LOW-OFF Switch (4) to the HIGH position for loud alarm sound or LOW position for low alarm sound. When the alarm time is reached, the alarm will sound for about 60 seconds at the selected time. To stop the alarm, slide the ALARM HIGH-LOW-OFF Switch(4) to the OFF position. USING THE SNOOZE FEATURE When the alarm is sounding, you may press the SNOOZE button(5) to activate the SNOOZE feature. The alarm will stop and sound again after 8 to 9 minutes. This may be repeated for up to one hour. To stop the snooze function, slide the ALARM HIGH-LOW-OFF SWITCH(4) to the OFF position. OPTIONAL BATTERY BACK UP This clock has an optional battery back up feature, designed to retain the time and alarm settings in the event of a power failure. To use the battery back up, insert two “AAA’ battery (1.5 Volt) into the battery compartment at the back of the clock. If the power fails, the battery back up will automatically continue running the clock and maintain the time and alarm settings. The time display will not function under battery power but the time and alarm will operate normally. If using the battery back up feature, it is recommended to change the battery annually. MAINTENANCE The batteries should be replaced if the display or alarm becomes weak or dysfunctional. Store the clock without batteries when not in use. A soft cloth or a paper towel maybe used to clean your clock. Do not use any corrosive cleanser or chemical solutions on the clock. Keep the clock clean and dryto avoid any problems.








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