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****** Page 1 ****** REMOTE PANEL User Guide Installation and Operating Instructions ACDOD DECLARATION All rights reserved. No part of this User Guide may be reproduced or Unit: mm transmitted in any form or by any means, electrical or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. @ 2017 ABB oy, ALL rights Reserved The manufacturer accepts no liability for any consequences resulting from inappropriate, negligent or incorrect installation, or adjustment of the optional operating parameters of the drive or from mismatching of the drive to the motor. The contents of this User Guide are believed to be correct at the time of printing. In the interests of a commitment to a policy of continuous improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification of the product or its performance or the contents of the SAFETY The REMOTE PANEL is designed to be used in conjunction with the ACS255 variable speed drive. It is intended for professional Incorporation into complete equipment or systems. The ACS255 must be installed correctly to prevent a safety hazard. The ACS255 uses high voltages and currents, carries a high level of stored electrical energy, and is used to control mechanical plant that may cause injury. Close attention is required to system design and electrical installation to avoid hazards in either normal operation or in the event of equipment malfunction. System design, installation, commissioning and maintenance must be carried out only by personnel who have the necessary training and experience. They must read carefully this safety information and the Instructions in this and the ACS255 user Guides and follow all information regarding transport, storage, installation and use, including MECHANICAL INSTALLATION WARNING When installing the REMOTE PANEL, all ACS255 drives should be disconnected and ISOLATED before attempting any work. High voltages are present at the terminals and within the drive for up to 10 minutes after disconnection of the electrical supply. The ACS255 should be installed by qualified electrical persons and in accordance with local and national regulations and codes of practice. • Refer to ACS255 manual for further details. CAUTION • Carefully inspect the REMOTE PANEL before installation to ensure it is undamaged. • Store the REMOTE PANEL in its box until required. Storage should be clean and dry. Temperature range -400C to +600C. • Install the REMOTE PANEL on a flat, flame-resistant vibration-free the specified environmental limitations. Please read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION all Warning and Caution boxes elsewhere. SAFETY NOTICES below, and surface. • Flammable material should not be placed close to DIMENSION the REMOTE 81 21 65 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Electrical Interface The REMOTE PANEL uses a standard RJ45 6-Way connector as its electrical interface, which provides a simple solution for the user to setup their system using a standard RJ45 6-Way data cable. The signal layout of the connector is as follows: NC ov +24V RS485 RS485 + NC RJ45 Intefface Signal Layout Cable Requirements If the data cable is made up on site, ensure that the connection pin out is correct: Pin 1 to Pin 1, Pin 6 to Pin 6 etc. 1 1 6-way ribbon cable with leader CAUTION Incorrect cable connection may damage the drive. Extra care should be taken when using third party cable. System Setup The ACS255 provides the power supply to the REMOTE PANEL via the RJ45 connection. Once the physical connection has been setup, WARNING is given where there is a hazard that could lead to injury or death of personnel. CAUTION is given where there is a hazard that could lead to damage to equipment. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Safety of machinery, and safety-critical applications The level of integrity offered by the REMOTE PANEL/ ACS255 control functions — for example stop/start, forward/reverse and maximum speed, is not sufficient for use in safety-critical applications without Independent means of protection. All applications where malfunction could cause injury or loss of life must be subject to a risk assessment and further protection provided where needed. Within the European Union, all machinery in which this product is used must comply with Directive 89/392/EEC, Safety of Machinery. In particular, the electrical equipment should comply with EN60204-1 CONFORMITY WITH STANDARDS FOR ACS255 CE-marked for Low Voltage Directive. EN61000-4 EMC Generic Emissions Standard, Industrial Level. EN61000-2 EMC Generic Immunity Standard, Industrial Level. Enclosure ingress protection, EN60529, NEMA 250 Flammability rating according to UL 94. GENERAL SPECIFICATION Compatible Drives: ACS255 66 55 the system is ready to operate. See picture blow: oeo 3 ACS255 RJ45 Port THROUGH PANEL MOUNT The panel on to which the REMOTE PANEL is to be mounted should be cut out in accordance with the diagram below. User Guide without notice. ABB oy AC Drives P.O.Box 184 Fl.00381 HELSINKI FINLAND Part No. Model No. Manual Part No. Document Part No. Literature Fulfilment number. 70 Unit: Cut Out 55 mm Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) The ACS255 is designed to high standards of EMC. EMC data is provided in a separate EMC Data Sheet, available on request. Under extreme conditions, the product might cause or suffer disturbance due to electromagnetic interaction with other equipment. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the equipment or system into which the product IS incorporated complies with the EMC legislation of the country of use. Within the European Union, equipment into which this product is incorporated must comply with 89/336/EEC, Electromagnetic Compatibility. When installed as recommended in this User Guide, the radiated emissions levels of all ACS255’s are less than those defined in the Generic radiated emissions standard EN61000-6-4. The conducted emission levels are less than those defined in the Generic radiated emissions standard EN61000-6-4 (class A) for the specified motor cable lengths. 3AUAOOOOl 99890 RCRP-02 82-REM-PAN-ABB V2 3AXD1000070681S ACS255-PNMU05U-EN REVA Signal Interface: Supply Input: RS485 signal: Environmental: Protection rating Max cable length: Standard 6-way RJ45 connector IOV … 36V DC, 30mA industry standard 2-wire +5V differential Operational Storage o 50 oc -40 oc . . 60 oc Relative Humidity lsec to enter ‘Short/ Long Parameter group selection mode- PAr S Use to select Short ” Long ” parameters group Used to display real-time information, to access and exit edit mode and to store parameter changes Used to increase speed in real-time mode or to increase values in parameter edit mode DOWN: ss to exit *Short/Long Parameter group selection and save selection “Pararneter mode” 9902 (End number flashing) 1. Go to Parameter 1603 (Long Parameter group) and enter in your chosen parameter access code. 2. Press the Navigate button to exit and parameter 1603 will then be hidden and all parameters will be “Read only” (except for Parameter 1602 which will remain “Read Write”). 3. Access to parameters via the REMOTE PANEL will now be prevented. Operational information (e.g. speed, current, power etc) can still be accessed as normal and the drive can still be controlled from the keypad Un-Locking access to the parameters 1. Enter into parameter 1602 the same value as 1603 (as chosen above) 2. To disable the feature set parameter 1603 to zero and then parameter 1602 to zero. Pre-setting target speed in keypad mode Setting parameter 1603 to a value of 1 enables keypad mode with forward direction only, whilst a value of 2 enables keypad mode with forward and reverse rotation. Set parameter 1100 to 1 or 3 to enable the drive to start from the preset speed Whilst the drive is stopped, press the STOP key. The value of the digital potentiometer will be displayed, indicating the target speed. Use the up and DOWN keys to select the required target speed. Press the STOP key to return to the real time display showing “StoP” or the START key to start the drive ramping up to the target speed. To vary the speed in real time in keypad control mode Press the START key. The drive will ramp up to the preset speed set in the digital potentiometer (assuming parameter 1100=1 Press the UP button to increase speed. The drive will run forward, increasing speed until the UP button is released. The maximum speed is the speed set in parameter 2008. Press DOWN to decrease speed. The drive will decrease speed until the STOP button is released. The minimum speed is the speed set in parameter 2007. Press the STOP to stop the drive. The drive will decelerate to stop at the selected deceleration ramp. The display will finally show “StoP” at which point the drive is disabled. Pressing the START key once more results in the drive running back up to the speed at which it was previously running (assuming 1100 =1) To reverse direction of rotation with Parameter 1103=2 Press the START key. The drive ramps up to the preset speed as set in the digital potentiometer (assuming Parameter 1100 = 1) Press Up or DOWN to Increase or decrease the speed Press the START key again. The motor will reverse its direction of rotation. Press the STOP key to decelerate the motor to standstill. Whenever the drive is started, it will start with a positive speed unless the direction is negated by the digital inputs on the user terminals. Message P-dEF FOOD J h 0-1 FOO B FOO N FOO n FOO?? REF— Explanation Default parameters have been loaded Over current on drive output to motor Drive overload tri Hardware Over-current/lnternal wer sta e fault Over voltage on DC bus Under voltage on DC bus Heatsink over tem erature Under tem rature Faulty thermistor on heatsink. Extemal trip on digital Input Comms loss trip In ut hase loss tri S in start failed Internal memory fault. Parameters not saved, defaults reloaded. Analo in ut current out of ran e Auto-tune failed error with error code Used to decrease speed in real-time mode or to decrease parameter values in parameter edit mode RESET / STOP: When drive is in trip mode, this button is used to reset a tripped drive. In normal application, when in Keypad mode, this button is used to stop a running drive. START: When in keypad mode, the button is used to start a stopped drive or to reverse the direction of rotation if bi-directional keypad mode is enabled (See drive user guide for more information). SYSTEM SETUP Depending on the requirement of the application, the REMOTE PANEL can be used in the following four different ways: One REMOTE PANEL with one ACS255. One REMOTE PANEL with up to 63 ACS255’s. Two REMOTE PANELS with one ACS255. Two REMOTE PANEL with up to 63 ACS255’s. Different drive models can be used on the same REMOTE PANEL network providing a unique communications address is assigned to each UNDERSTANDING THE DISPLAY MESSAGES The REMOTE PANEL uses various display messages to indicate different working status. See the following table for more information. Messa e Ex lanation SCAN.. LOAD.. Err-SC Adr-XX Port-X The REMOTE PANEL is searching for the drive in the network. The REMOTE PANEL has found the drive in the network and is loading the initialisation information from the drive. The REMOTE PANEL has lost the communication link to the drive. Indicates the REMOTE PANEL address, where This message shows the REMOTE PANEL device number x-i or 2 S tom ‘Adr-XX’ displayed after ‘SCAN..’ message Display ‘Err-id’ on power up Display ‘Err-id’ during normal operation Display ‘Err-SC’ Once the communication has been established between and REMOTE PANEL, the user can control the ACS255 control buttons on the front panel of the REMOTE PANEL. To monitor or change a parameter value the ACS255 by using the TROUBLESHOOTING Ex lanation REMOTE PANEL failed to find the drive with the specified address in the network. Check that the RJ45 data cable connection is correct. Check that the drive with address XX is available in the network. If 1 and only one REMOTE PANEL is connected, then check the REMOTE PANEL device number, make sure the number is 1. This normally occurs when there are two REMOTE PANEL units in the same drive network and both of them have the same device number. Check and change the device number of one REMOTE PANEL This normally occurs when the user plugs a second REMOTE PANEL into the drive network. Change the device number of one of the REMOTE PANEL units. Check the electrical connection, and make sure the cable is connected correctly between the REMOTE PANEL and the drive. Press ‘STOP’ button to enable the REMOTE PANEL to search for the drive a ain. Press and hold the NAVIGATE key for more than Is when the drive is displaying StoP”. The display changes to Pl-01, indicating parameter 01 in parameter group 1. Press and release the NAVIGATE key to display the value of this parameter. Change to the required value using the UP and DOWN keys. Press and release the NAVIGATE key once more to store the change. Press and hold the NAVIGATE key for more than Is to return to real-time mode. The display shows “StoP” if the drive is stopped or the real-time information (e.g. speed, current or power) if the drive is running. ABB Drives Ltd adopts a policy of continuous improvement and whilst every effort has been made to provide accurate and up to date information, the information contained in this brochure should be used for guidance purposes only and does not form the part of any contract 82-REM-PAN-ABB v2








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