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****** Page 1 ****** Figure 1: Slide components into the LevelMaster casing Figure 5: Wiring (2018546-001 boards) 3 Legend: # 1 2 3 Name Oil float Water float Top of LevelMaster oo Jll EARTH J12 Legend: # 1 2 3 a POVÆR 09 Mew electronic 104836-001) Name EARTH J12 1 9 POIA€R 09 New electronic 2104836001) 2 Figure 2: Local connection cable for 2018546-001 boards 1 Legend: # 1 2 3 4 5 2 9V Batt 5 Name Connect to computer with serial or USB (using additional adapter) RS-232/RS-485 converter, P/N 2100241-005 Cable Adapter, P/N 2100250-002 Connect to Level Master board, P/N 2104836-001 See the Notice below 3 4 To flow computer/remote controller or through barrier First sensor Last sensor Figure 6: Wiring (Mixed board types) Single port legacy board (2018546-005) on left. Separate port new board (2104836-001) on right. To host controller and power source: I) Direct connection or 2) Through barrier z NOTICE — Equipment damage. Disconnect the red wire connector on the battery assembly when power to the LevelMaster is turned off. Failure to do so will result in a constant battery drain. RS-485 termination (2018546-005 boards only) O es Legacy electronic board (2018546-005b 2 o o 1 Jil 1 EARTH 3 J12 JPI POVÆR 09 New electronic board 2104836-001) Figure 3: Intermediate sensor O Jl osesos o JPI Figure 4: Last or only sensor O osesos o JPI Last sensor on RS485 bus Contact us ABB Inc., Measurement & Analytics Quotes: Orders: Training: Intermediate sensor on RS485 bus Support: +1 800 442 3097 (opt. 2) 2105836MNAA Copyright@ 2019 ABB all rights reserved ABB MEASUREMENT & ANALYTICS LevelMaster 7100 Quick Start with batteryless floats Safety and compliance information is included with the device in the shipping packaging. We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this document without prior notice. Regarding purchase orders, the agreed upon shall prevail. ABB does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors or possible lack of information in this document. Additional information Scan the code below for product publications: LevelMaster 7100 2105836-001 (AB)I LEVELMASTER 7100 | 8/2019

****** Page 2 ****** locations) EARTH 3 COMM CONNECTION INTRINSICALLY SFE CONNECTIONS Figure 7: Totalflow CSA-certified barrier board (hazardous 12 EARTH 4 eæ,xo DANGER — Bodily injury: Configure the LevelMaster before inserting into the tank. Follow your company policies and safety guidelines to complete installation. Install LevelMaster components With the sensor positioned and supported horizontally: 3. 4. 5. 6. El Click Setup LevelMaster. When prompted to add the LevelMaster to the list, click Yes. When prompted for the LevelMaster name, type a unique name of up to 15 characters and click 0K. Observe the messages displayed on the monitor screen. Verify that communication is successful (100% success). Set up unit with generic configuration z z o PCWER CONNECTION + UJ o UJ o UJ o 1. 2. 3. Wrap Teflon@ tape, or another sealing material, around cord connector and tank port bushing threads. Slide the components into the bottom of the LevelMaster in the following order: Cord connector, tank port bushing, floats. If using two floats, slide the oil float on first (see Figure 1.) Slide and tighten the float clamp at 1 inch above the bottom of the casing. Assemble local communication cable MasterLink 2.0 includes generic configuration files for different sensor lengths. To load one of these files to the LevelMaster: o W z z o 1 EARTH 2 W z z x o 2 W z z x o 3 z z 1 o 4 o Connect the converter cable and adapters based on board type and ports available on the laptop (see Figure 2.) 1. 2. Connect the RS-485 cable adapter to the RS-485-to-RS-232 converter cable. If using a laptop without RS-232 ports, connect the RS-485-to- RS-232 converter cable to the RS-232-to-USB converter. Connect to the LevelMaster IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure MasterLink 2.0 is already installed in the PC or laptop. MasterLink has context-sensitive online help. Click Help on the screen of interest for details. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. LevelMaster 7100 Quick Start This guide includes basic steps for a new general-purpose installation and setup in an unclassified area. For hazardous location installations refer to online publications. IMPORTANT NOTE: Installations may involve single or multiple interconnected units and mixed board types. For multi-unit installations, determine intermediate and last units in the connecting bus to terminate the RS-485 bus correctly. Setup requirements Table 1: Requirements per board type below. To configure the LevelMaster, connect to the electronic board: Click the Upload/ Download tab. Under Send data to the LevelMaster, click Browse In the browser, navigate to the applicable default files folder. For example, C:Program Files (x86)ABBMasterLinkDefaultDat7.0 Head board. Locate the file for the correct length of sensor and click Open. For example, for a 20 ft sensor, select the file. Click Download Data to LevelMaster. Click 0K when the download is complete. Click the Setup tab. Type a unique ID in the New LevelMaster ID field and click Set New ID. Configure the baud rate for communications. Baud rates for all connecting units, including the controller, must match. Configure termination if the LevelMaster is the only unit installed or is the last unit on an RS-485 bus. Leave intermediate units with factory default configuration. Configure RS-485 bus termination 1. 2. Remove cover from the electronic enclosure and pull the electronic board up gently without disconnecting it from the sensor assembly. With a small slotted screw driver, remove the connectors from the onboard communication and power terminals. Save these connectors for wiring. Perform this procedure only for boards with part number 2104836-001. For legacy boards, set termination jumpers onboard (see Figure 3.) Board number RS-485 termination Float types MasterLink version 2104836-001 Through software All types including batteryless floats (kit 2018392-017) 2.0 (required for batteryless floats) 2018546-005 Through onboard termination pins All types except batteryless floats 2.0 or earlier 2100250-001 2100241-002 Use the local communication cable to connect the laptop to the electronic board. Insert the red wire connector to the cable assembly battery. 1. 2. Start MasterLink on the laptop. 3. At the main screen, add a location for the new unit: For setup (not for permanent connection) RS-485 cable adapter 2100250-002 RS-485-to-RS-232 2100241-005 a. b. c. d. Right-click inside the screen (white area) and select Add New Location. Enter up to 25 characters for a location name. Click 0K to save the name. Verify that the location displays. Select the new location (ensure it is highlighted). Digi@ Edgeport/l USB Converter RS-232-to-USB for laptops without RS-232 ports. Software drivers converter are required (1801382-001). 4. Click the Comm. Port drop-down list. 5. Select the laptop communication port used. 6. Leave the Baud Rate at 9600 (factory default). Verify communication 1. Click Setup LevelMaster. The New LevelMaster Setup window displays. 2. Select I have only one LevelMaster connected to communication port and I want to set it up. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. Click the Monitor tab and select the Add Advanced Setup tabs. Additional tabs display. Click the More items tab. Select Show memory map. Scroll down, locate, and double-click the 844-memory address or “RS-485 bus termination”. The default value is 0. When the edit box displays, change the value to 1. Click Send New Value. Install the LevelMaster into the tank Remove the local connection cable from the board. Position the board inside the enclosure. Reinstall and secure the enclosure cover. Slide components to the bottom. Lift and insert the LevelMaster into the tank. Wire the LevelMaster electronic board Refer to Figure 4 or Figure 5 for wiring. Remove enclosure cover to expose the board again for wiring Wire units and controller for communication and power. Insert wired connectors on units, reinstall, and secure cover. 2105836-001 (AB)I LEVELMASTER 7100 | 8/2019








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