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****** Page 1 ****** 1 GEH3434 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS For Type TED Circuit Breaker Three Coil Shunt Trip Device NOTE: U/L listing is voided when the circuit breaker is modified to add an accessory. The U/L label must be destroyed VOLTAGE RATING 208-600 VAC Figure 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION : The three-coil shunt tip is designed for the molded case circuit breaker in applications with current limiting fuses. The accessory prevents single- phasing on a three phase system when a single fuse blows. Each coil of the shunt trip is wired across a fuse so that the voltage across an open fuse will trip the breaker. When a coil is energized, the solenoid core releases the spring biased latch, allowing the slide to rotate the breaker trip bar to trip breaker. The fuse must be re-placed, and the breaker reset, before it can be reclosed. If the breaker is closed on an open fuse, the shunt trip will reopen immediately. Industrial Solutions CAUTION: When installing accessories. the breaker must be completely deenergized and disconnected from the electrical circuit. This is mandatory because breaker must be “ON” during certain stages of installation and testing INSTALLATION Removing Breaker Cover Open breaker contacts by moving handle to the breaker “OFF” position. Remove breakercover by removing mounting screws as shown in figure 2. Remove and save insulating tubes and plastic handle, shown in figure 3. Tar must be removedto gain access to screwshown below. FOUR COVER SCREWS Figure 2 HANDLE PUSH TO INSULATING TUBES Figure 3 INSULATING TUBES by ABB

****** Page 2 ****** INSTALLING SHUNT TRIP DEVICE With breaker in open or tripped condition, install device in breaker base as shown in figure 4. Pin plugs into positioning hole shown, hook drips over trip bar. Pre-position leads to line up, with notch in breaker cover as shown in figure 5. HOOK TRIP BAR POSITIONING PLUG Figure4 OFF 2.3 .200 2.6 Figure 5 ON Position insulating tubes and handle as shown in figure 3.1nstall breaker cover with cover mounting screws. PERFORMANCE CHECK Close breaker contacts and apply 208 volts to accessory leads for a time not to exceed 1 sec. as check of mechanical and electrical operation. Breaker must trip. 2-POLE SINGLE-PHASE APPLICATION Three-Coil Shunt Trip CIRCUIT BREAKER LOAD END Leads must be connected exactly as shown. shunt trip device may not operate correctly if phase sequence is changed. 3-POLE THREE-PHASE APPLICATION Three-coil Shunt Trip CIRCUIT BREAKER LOAD END *Formerly Green These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment nor to provide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation operation or maintenance. Should further information be desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s purposes, the matter should be referred to the ABB Company. ABB Inc. 305 Gregson Drive Cary, NC 27511. GE is a trademark of GE. Manufactured by ABB Inc. under license from GE. We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this document without prior notice. With regard to purchase orders, the agreed particulars shall prevail. ABB Inc. does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors or possible lack of information in this document. We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject matter and illustrations contained therein. Any reproduction or utilization of its contents — in whole or in parts — is forbidden without prior written consent of ABB Inc. CopyrightO 2019 ABB All rights reserved








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