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****** Page 1 ****** Pre-instruction Literature On Receipt thoroug ly delivery of all orders. This product shipment has been Visible Loss or Damage If any of the goods called for on the bill of lading or express receipt are damaged or the quantity is short, do not accept them until the freight or express delivery agent makes an appropriate notation on your freight bill or receipt. Concealed Loss or Damage When a shipment has been delivered to you in apparent ood condition, but upon opening the packaging if any loss or damage has taken p ace while in transit, inform the carrier’s agent / A. O. Smith representative immediately. About this manual This manual is a guide to good prac•tice for operating and periodic maintenance of the A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier. This does not contain the full servicing procedures necessary for continued successful operation of this roduct. The services of A. O. Smith Company Authorised Service Technician must employedrriodically on the same. Do not operate before reading manual supplied with this pro uct. Please follow instructions in this manual to ensure personal safety and proper operation of this product. A. O. Smith assumes no liabili for installation or servicing performed by any unauthorised personnel. Alwa s insta I, operate, inspect and maintain this product in accordance with all app icable standards. Please store this user manual carefully for any future reference. Disposal of this Product (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) This marking on the product, accessories or User Manual indicates that the product and its electronic accessories (e.g. Remote, batteries and other replaceable electronic accessories) should not be disposed of with other household waste at the end of their working life. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate these items from other types of waste and recycle them responsibly to promote the sustainable re-use of material resources. Household users should contact their local government office, for details of where and how they can take these items for environmentally safe recycling. This product and its electromc accessories should not be mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal. Benefits of A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier General Instructions Safety Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is paramount to us. There are several safety related messages in this manual, which have been provided during various steps such as the installation, operation and maintenance of your A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier. These messages point out potential hazards and also educate on how to reduce any potential risks. Please always read and follow all safety messages as provided in this user manual. Csmith Innovation has a name. Water Purifier Invi-U1 A DANGER A WARNING A CAUTION This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can hurt you and others. All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “DANGER” or “WARNING”. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury or property damage. IMPORTANT These instructions have been written as a guide for the proper installation and operation of your A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier. A. O. Smith will not accept any liability where these instructions have not been followed. However, for your safety and to avoid damage caused by improper installation, it is recommended that Water Purifier must be installed by A. O. Smith Company Authorised Service Technician only. Before proceeding with the installation instructions: I. 2. Inspect the A. O. Smith Invi-UI Water Purifier and its com nent parts for possible damage. Do Not install or attempt to repair any damage%mponent parts. If you detect any damage in the A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier, please contact the dealer where the Water Purifier was purchased or call A. O. Smith Customer Care Centre. Verify that the voltage being supplied corres onds to that which is mentioned in the A. O. Smith Invi-UI Water Purifier manua . 2 Csmith Innovation has a name. Product colour and image may vary frorn the actual product. Part No. : 335300-038_A Installation Overview Figure 1 Double Protection with UV+SAPC Technology User Manual Inlet Solenoid valve High Pressure switch 1 Healthy and safe water with double protection of UV + SAPC technology. Silver Activated Post Carbon (SAPC) is an additional stage of purification to inhibit any potential secondary microbial contamination post UV purification. Retains Natural taste with essential minerals. Fits seamlessly with your modern modular kitchen decor with its Sleek and compact design. Purified water with 5 stage purification. Convenient to use with under the counter placement and goose-neck faucet design. 3 Introduction UV is a proven disinfection technol used in water purification which delivers micro- biologically safe water. The germicida lamp inside the UV emits ultraviolet energy that has the capacity to alter the nucleic acid (DNA) of viruses and bacteria so they cannot reproduce and are thereby considered inactivated. The A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier incorporating UV purification technology produces germ-free potable water for drinking. How does the A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier work? A. O. Smith Invi-UI Water Purifier has 5 stages of purificationatstem, wherein the water ssed through the various stages and rogressively filte toget purified water w ich is stored in the in-built storage tan Stage 1 -Sediment filter The Sediment filter is used to remove fine and coarse physical contaminants present in the water. This improves the life of the SCB filtere. Stage 2 and Stage 3— SCB filterØ This is a dual filter (Sediment and Carbon Block) where Sediment filter first removes fine and coarse physical contaminants present in the water. Then water is passed through Carbon Block, which reduces harmful chemicals like pesticides, volatile organic compounds, residual chlorine etc. It also adsorbs bad taste and odour causing organic compounds from water. Stage 4 — UV lamp In this stage water is passed through UV housing wherein UV rays disinfects the water by eliminating water-borne disease causing micro-organisms like bac•teria and virus making it healthy for drinking. Stage 5 — Silver Activated Post Carbon This is an additional stage of purification to inhibit any potential secondary microbial contamination post UV purification. 4 Part 1 2 3 Date. 16-09-2020 O O To drain Part 4 5 6 Water flow Figure 2 Tap water Inlet water 3-way joint Goose Neck Faucet O Description Normal water supply Hot water supply Ball valve Description Invi-U1 Water Purifier Power plug Goose-neck faucet Pump SCB filter 24 VDC HPS GND 6 UV lamp Ball Sediment filter valve Electrical diagram Silver Activated Post Carbon Figure 3 2301/ Supply Power Adapter Pump Inlet sv Ballast Note: The Ball valve and Goose-neck faucet comes along with the product as standard accessories. 5 Front Side Size: 420 mm (W) x 297 mm (H) Red Line Mark are for Folding. Not to be Printed

****** Page 2 ****** Safety Precautions Electrical Safety Even though this product is designed keepin highest safety standards in mind, there are certain Do’s and Dont’s which need to be?ollowed while using this product. Do not connect hot water supply to the purifier. Make sure that the inlet water temperature to the purifier should be between 50C to 450C. Figure 8 CAUTION O Hot water supply How to use I. Turn ON the water connection through the ball valve. Figure 10 ON 8 Do not place any chemicals, thinner, soap or any other cleaning items on the purifier. Figure 9 CAUTION 2. Switch ON the power supply. Figure II 3. Turn the faucet knob in anti-clockwise direction to dispense water from the storage tank. Figure 12 Faucet Knob Note: • Discard the first cycle of pure water, before you start using it for consumption. •Do not to drink water, if Buzzer beeps continuously. Switch OFF the Water Purifier and call Customer Care Centre. Troubleshooting Your A. O. Smith Invi-U1 Water Purifier may not function at its desired capability if used incorrectly. This may not necessarily mean that the roduct is fault . For instances like these, please follow the steps given below to troubtshoot the pro lem without the help from a certified technician. If the problem still persists, please call Customer Care Problems Buzzer beeps continuously and unit is functioning. Note: Call Customer Care No. Possible Cause(s) UV lamp failure or disconnected. Solution Switch OFF the Water Purifier and call Customer Care Centre. Power plug must be used with a grounded 230 V outlet. It is recommended to connect the product to the power supply only with the plug that is provided with the purifier. Figure 4 230V CAUTION Make sure that the feed water is tested before installation. Do not install the product if the TDS and Hardness are more than that rescribed in the recommended feelwater conditions (Refer Page 12). Figure 6 888 @ TDS METER Product should be installed only by A. O. Smith Company Authorised Service Technician. Do not open the purifier for cleaning the filters or for any part replacements. This must be done only by A. O. Smith Company Authorised Service Technician. Figure 5 CAUTION Install the product away from direct sunlight. Figure 7 Technical Specifications Model Product Dimensions (H x D x W) Net Weight Gross Weight Purification technology 5 Stage Purifying Technology Material of construction for plastic parts Input Voltage Power rating (Max) UV lamp Power Rating Pressure Rating* Input water temperature A. O. Smith Invi-U1 324 mm x 230 mm x 236 mm 5.1 kgs (approx.) 6.5 kgs (approx.) UV+SAPC Sediment filter + SCB filter@ + UV lamp + Silver Activated Post Carbon Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics 50 Hz 36 Watts 1 1 Watts 5 psi to 30 psi 50C to 450C Centre immediately. Problems Change in water taste Decreased flow of purified water Less / No purified water. Possible Cause(s) Filters may require replacement. Has the raw water quality changed? Check whether the tap/ ball valve is closed. Filters may be clogged or damaged. Check whether there is water supply in the tap. Check whether tap/ball valve is closed None of the above. 9 Solution Call Customer Care Centre for Filters replacement. Call Customer Care Centre. Open the tap/ball valve. Call Customer Care Centre for Filters replacement. If not, take the help of a plumber to set it right. Open the tap/ball valve. Call Customer Care Centre. Recommended input Feed water quality for the optimum performance of your product Recommended Feed Water Quality Parameter Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Total hardness Turbidity Iron Feed water pressure Feed water temperature Limits Up to 200 ppm Up to 120 ppm Up to 5 NTU 0.3 ppm (max.) 5 psi to 30 psi 50C to 450C Warranty Terms and Conditions Product Warranty A. O. Smith India Water Products Private Limited (“A. O. Smith or Company”) warrants this Water Purifier (“product”) against the defects arising from faulty design, workmanship and material subject to the following terms and conditions: It is mandatory to provide the original bill/invoice copy along with duly 7. stamped warranty card at the time of any repair work being done by authorised representative. Date of original purchase is determined by the date of the original bill/invoice copy. However, if invoice/bill is not found with customer, customer data with the Company records will be used to determine the date of original purchase and will be treated as final. If details are not found from the Company records, manufacturing warranty as per the product serial number will be used as date of original purchase. While A. O. Smith will make reasonable efforts to carry out repairs/replacement of 8. parts under warranty within reasonable time, it is expressly made clear that A. O. Smith shall not be responsible to complete the said services within any specified period of time. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, and spares are not being available, 9. the A. O. Smith’s prevailing depreciation rules will be binding on customer to accept as commercial solution in lieu of repairs. 10. If an identical model is no longer available due to a change in law, re ulation,or standard, A. O. Smith will replace the product with one having a simi ar capacity and input. In these instances, the customer will have the option of paying the difference between what was paid for the original model and the new model with the additional features, or receiving a refund of the portion of the purchase price on a pro-rata basis allocable to the unexpired portion of the warranty. Company’s decision will be final on repair, replacement or refund as aforesaid and Clause I I and binding on the custom I I. Warranty is valid within Company Service Network coverage only. In case the customer moves to a non-coverage area, customer needs to bring the product to nearby services network location, Company shall not be responsible for providing services to non-service network area. Notwithstanding anythin contained in this warranty terms, the Company shall 12. not be liable in case of faiPure to provide services under this warranty in case of any force majeure event, i.e., due or attributable to any act of God, orders, restrictions or regulation of Government, Central or State, war working conditions, hostilities, riots, civil commotion, strike, lockout, labour trouble, explosion, insects, rodents or any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond the control of A. O. Smith. 13. The customer will have no claim under this warranty in respect of any personal injury, sickness, illness, death, property damage or consequential damages, arised either directly or indirectly due to utilisation of product. 14. A. O. Smith reserves the right to make design and product changes or change the specification at anytime without any obligation to prospective buyers or customers or owners of products previously sold. 15. Warranty does not cover to any accessories provided by dealer or purchased by customer. Warranty does not cover; 16. • Plastic, cosmetic parts and exterior finish. Consumable parts such as filters. • If defect or fault is caused or occurred due to improper installation by the customer or not installed as per A. O. Smith guidelines specified in product user manual. • If failure or damage due to plumbing or other arrangements like, usage of pressure pump, extension of power supply board, non-compatible power socket 12 etc. connected to product. With regard to repairing the existing worn-out/ defective part(s) or replacing the same and ascertaining the presence of above circumstances, the decision of A. O. Smith shall be final. In any such event, A. O. Smith will submit a prior estimate for approval or bill for the work to be carried out at the rate prevailing at that time. • If product is repaired by unauthorised personnel and usage of non recommended parts or consumables. • If product serial number is missing or altered. • If damage is caused by pest infestation. • If the input water emits pungent smell. • If the input water is discoloured. • If product is used for commercial purpose. • It is recommended to keep the surroundings of the Water Purifier free from dust and other foreign objects (like insects, cockroaches, ants and other pests),as any damage occurring due to the ingress of these foreign objects will not be covered under warranty. 17. All implied warranties and conditions under law, trade, custom or otherwise are excluded and the warranty and remedies as provided herein-above are in lieu of all other warranties and remedies to the extent permissible under 18. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING ELSE TO THE CONTRARY, THIS IS CUSTOMERS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING A WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. A. O. SMITH SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL PUNITIVE OR OTHER INDIRECT DAMAGES. TOTAL LIABILITY ARISING AT ANYTIME SHALL NOT EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, STRICT LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY 19. The warranty is issued at Bangalore, and courts at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty. 20. Calls which are site related to e.g. plumbing, tap leakage, electricity (within warran period), etc. which is not related to do with product functionality, will be charg to customer as per rate card*. *Refer rate card Post Warranty ‘E If input pressure exceeds 30 psi, a pressure reducing valve needs to be installed at the feed line. Ifthe pressure is lower than 5 psi, a booster pump needs to be installed. Ensureyou buy them from A O. Smith Company Authorised Service Technician. 10 4. If, during such service, it is necessary for the Company or Authorised service provider to replace or repair defective components or parts, the customer shall be required to pay for the same as per the Company’s prevailing price list. ** VISit for more details on PHCP (Product Health Care Plan). Jurisdiction The courts of com ent jurisdiction at Kanakapura, Karnataka shall have exclusive jurisdiction over a I matters arising out of any disputes in relation to the product. Expert Company Service – Power of 1 1. Different models have different service delivery levels. 2. Service level mentioned for particular models are applicable for metros and ‘A’ Class cities, e.g. Delhi and NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Cochin, Chennai, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. 3. Service level deliverables are valid up to city municipal limit only. 4. Service level may differ in case of public holidays and unavoidable conditions due to natural calamities, any political and regional regulations. 5. Power of I valid service is applicable for calls registered at A. O. Smith Call Centre before 4 p.m. only. I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. All electrical, functional parts and UV lamp are warranted for one (I) year from the date of original purchase. UV lamp will be covered for any material damage and malfunctioning, if TDS < 200 ppm and Hardness < 120 ppm. The customer shall notify the Company promptly about any defects noticed and give the Company or its representative adequate opportunity to inspect, test and rectify. Customer shall handover the product, if necessary, with the Company office/Authorised service provider along with invoice in the city where it was purchased. The customer shall notify the company if there is no pure water from the faucet. The Company or its representative will inspect and recommend if any filters need to be replaced. The Company or its representative will be entitled to retain any defective parts replaced under warranty on free of charge basis. The Company's liability under the warranty will be limited only to the product and its defects which occur under conditions of normal operations, under proper usage and maintenance. It excludes defects occurring due to abuse, faulty care, maintenance, repair or alteration to the product or to its parts by unauthorised personnel. The Company's liability under this warranty shall be limited to the first purchaser/ end user and will not apply to subsequent sale by original purchaser/end user. However, repaired part(s) will be warranted for the remaining period of original warranty term. 11 POWER OF HOUR RESPONSE# DAY RESOLUTION TIME FIX I. 2. 3. The customer may be offered a yearly Service Contract (PHCP**) at the prevailing Company rates and terms. In case the customer does not wish to enter the Service Contract, customer has the option of calling our Authorised service provider and get A. O. Smith Water Purifier unit serviced on actual basis i.e. by paying the Labour Cost and Spares needed to attend to that Service or Service Call at the prevailing Company rates. Such service will be rendered by the Company in towns or places where the Company has its Authorised service providers. In case of product repair after warranty by Authorised service provider, all expenses of transporting the goods to and from the Authorised service provider shall be borne by the customer directly. 13 Front Side Size: 420 mm (W) x 297 mm (H) 14 Red Line Mark are for Folding. Not to be Printed








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