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****** Page 1 ****** To setup the IP addresses on your PC, open the Windows Control Panel > Network Connections and right click on your Local Area Connection (primary network connection). Select Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window, set up your PC IP address and Subnet mask as shown below. Control Panel Edit Fgvortes I Search C) Folders 5. Access the radio terminals via Ethernet 1. Confirm that your PC has the following software installed: Java VM e Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser If necessary, install this software from the CD supplied. IMPORTANT In order to communicate via Ethernet, each piece of equipment must have compatible IP addresses on the same subnet. The radio terminals are pre-configured with one of the IP addresses and the subnet shown below. To connect to the radio terminal, set the subnet mask on your PC to and select a compatible IP address e.g. Subnet 255 . 255 , 254 169 169 169 254 254 254 50 50 50 20 10 IP: Subnet: IP addresses IP: Subnet: IP: Subnet: 2. Using the Ethernet cable, connect the PCs Ethernet port to one of the radio terminal’s Ethernet ports. 1 3 C«trol Palel Control See Also Network Connections Accessibility Oisplay Keyboard Add Hardware Folder Options Add or Remov.,. Fonts Mouse Administrative Tools Game Controllers Network Connections Automatic Updates Graphics… Phone ond Modem Edit Favorites T.nls Advanced Search Folders Connectxms j IAN High-Speed Go Oate and TWne Internet Options Power Configure . 3. Start your web browser and in the address field, enter the radio terminals IP address. Eile Edit !iew History Zooknarks Lools Help The following screen should open from which you can login to the radio terminal. Network Tasks Create anew connectu:m Change Windows Firewal settings C’isablethis network device Repair this Rename this connectom View of this Change settings of connectx:m Other Places Cnntrd Panel My Network Places MY Oounents G4RF SUPERVISW Aprisaü . Area Connectmx•v -L Local Area Connection Properties General Authentication Advanced Connect using: This connection uses the Items @ Client for Microsoft Netnorks a File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks Internet. Protocol [TCP/IP) Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties My Cornputer Details Local Area LAN or Pgopertie:$ ratac:cl, The default s carnrnunc:atlon nected ted or no connectivity Cancel wet3SERVER You can get IP settings assigned aztrnatically if your netwok supports this cap±iliiy Otherwise. you need ask your network adrrnsttator for the apguogw•ate IP settings. O Obtain IP automatic•y • Use the fc&v0ing IP address IP address: Subnet mask: gateway 255 255 O (D Übtain server address awomatically @ Use the fc&v0ing DNS server addresses: Ereferred ONS server: Alternate ONS server: o Adyanced.. You are now ready to start configuring your radio link. Please refer to the Aprisa LE User Manual (supplied on the CD) for details on how to change settings and optomise the performance of your Aprisa LE link. If the above screen does not open, refer to the Aprisa LE User Manual and follow the steps in the ‘Managing the Terminal’ section titled ‘Changing the Terminal’s IP Address’. Aprisaa Quick Start Guide Contents Follow these steps to install and access your Aprisa LE radio link: 1. Check the box contents 2. Verify you have all the required tools 3. Install the radio terminals 4. Apply power to the radio terminals 5. Access the radio terminals via Ethernet Aprisa LE Quick Start Guide I. 1.1 02012 4RF Limited. All rights reserved, This document is protected by copyright belonging to 4RF Limited and may not be reproduced or republished in whole or part in any form without the prior written permission of 4RF Limited. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this literature, 4RF Limited assumes no liability or errors and omissions, or from any damages resulting from use of this informatiom The contents and any product specifications within it are subject to revision due to ongoing product improvements and may change without notice.Aprisa and the 4RF logo are trademarks of 4RF Limited.AII other marks are the property of their respective owners.

****** Page 2 ****** 1 . Check the box contents Each Aprisa LE radio is shipped to you in a single box containing the following items: 3. Install the radio terminals Fasten the mounting brackets to the radio terminal and mount it in the rack 00 c ooo 0 4) Confirm that your antenna, feeder cable, weatherproofing, earthing and Aprisa LE Radio [XII Information and setup CD [XII including the following: Accessory kit [XII containing the following: g) 4) lightning protection are correctly installed. Antenna feeder cable and connectors Clips & cleats Antenna • Radio Terminal software Mozilla Firefox web browser Microsoft@ Internet Explorer web browser 4RF Surveyor path propagation calculator JavaTM VM software TFTP server software Aprisa LE Datasheet, Product Description and User Manual Brochures, Case Studies, White Papers, Software Release Notes Adobe@ Reader@ software (for viewing the PDF files on the CD) • • Rack mount bracket [x21 Bracket fastening screw lx41 (countersink PZD2) Nylon washer [x61 100 mm cable tie [x201 Setup cable with RJ45 to DB-9 adaptor Ethernet cable spare [XII Power cable [xl] 1 2 VDC, 24/48 VDC or AC M6 caged nut [x4] M6 x 8 (PZD3) [x6] M2 Allen key [xl] (for fascia and lid screws) 2. Connect the radio terminal’s earth stud to the rack with the Earth cable using the 8 mm spanner Configuration Sheet [xl] 3. 4. Equipment shelter Lightning protector Equipment Lightning protection To extemal equipment/site Earth kit Wall gland AC/DC power Commissioning Form [xl] 12 24/48 AC Connect the flexible coaxial jumper cable between the lightning protector and radio antenna connector. Flexible jumper 2. Verify you have the required tools You will need the following additional equipment: Personal computer (PC) with the following minimum requirements: 800 MHz Intel@ Pentium Ill processor 200 MB of free hard disk space CD ROM drive Either a COM port or USB port (with the DB-9 serial to USB adaptor) Ethernet interface Microsoft Windows@ 2000, XP or later JavaTM VM software vl .6 or later Microsoft@ Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browser A pozidrive screwdriver (PZD2) A pozidrive screwdriver (PZD3) A Philips (size 2) OR flat-blade screwdriver (5 mm)) An 8 mm spanner A DB-9 serial to USB adaptor This adaptor will only be required if you wish to connect to the Aprisa LE SETUP port and the PC does not have a serial COM port (DB-9). 4. Apply power to the radio terminals 1. Connect the external power supply to the radio terminal using the terminated power cable as illustrated below. 12 VDC Red + positive 24/48 VDC Red Positive AC Black – Negative Black – Negative Green/Yellow Earth Brown Phase Blue Neutral 2. For DC power supplies, switch on the external power supply. For AC power supplies, turn the radio power switch on.








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