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****** Page 1 ****** USER GUIDE Jetpak Slim 8000mAh Power Bank Fully charge JetPak for at least 5 hours through a wall outlet before first use (see step O). To recharge JetPak Insert the supplied USB 2.0 cable (micro USB end G)) into JetPak’s 5V input port Insert USB end of cable@into the IJSB 2.0 port of gour wall adaptor, laptop or PC 3sxr Important Safety Information PLEASE READ BEFORE OPERATION o O To recharge your device O O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B 11 Before recharging UetPak through a wall outlet make sure wall outlet voltage is 5V. Make sure to use a standard LISB 20 Charge Cable With the appropriate specifications – other cables mag damage gaur smartphone or tablet Do not drop, knack, disassemble or attempt to repair JetPal€ Do nat immerse or put JetPak in water and keep JetPßk in a dru place. Do not expose JetPak to excessvve heat including sunlight and fire Do not use JetPak near explosive gases or flammable materials. Do not burn or inanerate JetPak. Do nat expose JetPak to harsh chemicals Keep UetPak away from uaung children. Putting anuthing in JetPak’s input or output ports, ather than e standard 20 charging cable or gour devices charging cable will cause damage ar short out .JetPak To extend UetPakis chargng life, do a complete recharge an JetPak everu four months Insert your device’s charging cable (USB 20 end @) into one of JetPalCs SV OUtPUt ports@ Insert the connector end of gaur device’s cable into the charging port of your device@ It may be necessary to press the power button@to start recharging. Lights The indicator the approximate capacity of the JetPak Slim at time of charging/recharging: @ 25% (NIL) @ (251 @ 100% (751 o o o o When charging JetPak Slim with a wall charger or PC, the first indicator light (Dwill flash to indicate charging, As JetPak Slim continues to charge, the indicator lights (1-4) will slowly turn on and remain solid until all lights are illuminated and solid. Jetpack Slim is naw charged and ready to charge your device. As gou charge gour device with JetPak Slim, the lights will slowly turn off, indicating how much capacity is left, You may have to press the power button@to see this as JetpaWs lights may turn off while charging gour device. You can check how much capacity JetPak Slim has at anytime bu pressing the power button@cnce and he indicator lights 11-4) will illuminate to indicate the amount of charge remaining Tech Spec Capacitu aatteru type Smartphone charges Tablet charges Input Output Recharge time Charging cycle protection Material Dimensions Weight 8000mAh Lithium PDIumer 4 x •100% full charges* x full charge an IPad Air [using 2 IA output) n x DC50±O SV/2100mAh n x DC5020 SV/1COO-nAh LIP to 7 hours using AC wall outlet SOO Over Current Pratecton. Over Surge Protection, Over Voltage Protection Alumnum 150 x 74 x 12mm gs-ngrs4








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